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Don’t hesitate to buy these speakers they are fantastic at the price. Don’t hesitate to buy these speakers they are fantastic at the price. Bought to beef up my front surround sound (7. 1 system using sonystrdn850 av amp) i now listen to music through as well as tv and films. Forced to getrid of proper hi fi including a pair of epos speakers costing £600. The q acoustics are a good substitute for a fraction of the cost. Clear bright vocals with a good sound stage and a surprising amount of bass. My wife even noticed a difference and that’s saying some thing. 99 and fast delivery from sevenoaks hifi.

Excellent speakers good value and great sound.

Speakers give a good bass sound with very clear higher frequency sounds. They are small but give the performance of much larger speakers. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone looking for performance with a small footprint. Here are the specifications for the Q Acoustics 2020i Graph:

  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Bi-wireable
  • Other Colours

Keep the grill on and close your eyes. Very well finished speaker delivers a clean natural sound but lacks the wow factor with a dull cone construction.

Due to lack of space i was forced to get rid of my beloved mordaunt short floorstanders, and consider a more compact speaker. I did a lot of research and got it down to the dali zensor 1’s or the q acoustics 2020i’s. Opted for the latter on a free next day delivery option, and they duly arrived this morning. On unpacking them i was struck by the solidity and quality of the finish, together with the attention to detail. The bi-wireable speaker connections are on the underside so you don’t have to have cables trailing down the back. Connected them up to my denon amp, and grabbed the nearest cd to hand, ‘tango in the night’ by fleetwood mac. As soon as the opening bars of ‘big love’ started i knew i had made a good decision. I had no idea it was possible to get sound this good out of speakers this size. I have a pair of roth oli20’s upstairs, and i have always been pleased with them, but the 2020i’s are on a different level.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic sound!!
  • Reserving judgement on the bass
  • For the price 5 Star
  • Fantastic sound especially the bass
  • Superb speakers and great service!
  • Great sound, great looks, great speakers!

Superb speakers and great service. Superb speakers and great service these speaker are really first class and punch way beyond their low price. Very rich and detailed sound with a warmth that really comes into it’s when i play vinyl. They can cope with silky smoothness or punchy bass without batting an eyelid – thoroughly recommended.

Beautiful sounding speakers.

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  1. I would be surprised if you can get better speakers for £120, they compare favourably with more expensive speakers and are a good size match for a bedsit/bedroom or later re-purposing as rears in a large living-room. Currently fed by 4 solid strands (audioquest f-18) per terminal, i will bi-wire them in due course, adding good quality multi-strand to feed the other 2 terminals.
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    Fantastic value for money. . Wanted to give some rest to my vintage kef reference 102 which were starting to sound tired. Like many, didn’t want to spend much money at this point so took a plunge on these after carefully considering my listening needs and most importantly the size of my current listening space. After close to 20 years buying hi-fi gear, this is probably the best value for money i ever had on a hi-fi purchase.
    • Gteat value speakers with a great sound. Bought these as i just bought a new marantz c610 and these speakers were rated one of the best in hifi sites. I was not disappointed and would recommend these to anyone.
      • If you love music and love urself. If you love music and love urself. Feel the life with these speakers. I am writing this comment for you to feel the life. Too good bass, clarity of music is awsome.
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    I bought these to go with an sa-50 bought here on amazon. They are for monitoring the sound during video production. I could not believe the sound these babies make, they are so clear and the bass response isincredible for such a small speaker. If you aint got loads of cash, and you want something you won’t regret buying, then these arethe answer.
    • After a couple of visits to richer sounds and a listen to the qacoustic speakers i made my choice for the qacoustic speakers. The speakers are part of my pc 7. I do not have much space so wanted the speakers to be on the small size. For a bookshelf type setup the 2020i just about right. . Read full reviewhttps://sites. Com/site/soundsokok/qacoustics2020i.
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    Aesthetically pleasing with high build quality. Sound very impressive which improves with use. Base response is not the same as a good floorstasnder but this is only noticeable on a head to head comparison. Nothing really compares at the price.
    • Reserving judgement on the bass. Bought these because of great reports and award winners. So far my only gripe is the bass seems a bit soft but i need to test on some better source material. They are also very deep as i suppose you expect with a quality speaker, so don’t seriously expect to wall hang or put on a bookshelf. There are rear horn type woofers so they need to stand at least 20cm away from a rear wall.
      • Why didn’t i buy these ages ago. Always thought my old jvc speakers were doing a good job. Not compared to these they weren’t. Beautiful and rounded sound.
  5. The speakers sound excellent. Crisp treble and tight well defined bass. Arrived safely, on-time and well packaged. The speakers sound excellent. Crisp treble and tight well defined bass.
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    Sounds great for what are small bookshelf speakers – plenty of bass and reasonably natural soundstage.

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