Pyle PL1590BL 15 inch 1400W DVC Subwoofer :

Got this speaker today and its insane, wired it all up and wow. I had it playing whiles sat in the box it came in and it shook the box apart, cant wait to put it in a proper box. Very impressed with this product :).

This driver is better built than most pa drivers and has managed to kick ass for 4 weeks in a 500w in to 8 ohm cabinet in a venue that thrashes the hell out of it. Strong build and good quality results. I wired the two voice could in series and brought it up to 8 ohms its had 500 watts banging away at it for weeks and it could take a lot more. Not brilliantly efficient but you have the choice of the two voice coils to make it a 2 ohm or 8 ohm or bi amped driver just make sure you wire it up right or it will get a bit hot.

Key specs for Pyle PL1590BL 15 inch 1400W DVC Subwoofer:

  • – Blue Injection Molded Cone – Non-Fatiguing Big Rubber Suspension
  • Blue Chrome Plated Steel Basket Bumped Vented Extended Pole Piece
  • Silver Plated Terminal Flat Progressive Spider New Wave