Project Connect It Phono RCA CC Turntable Cable – EXCELLENT UPGRADE.

Excellent upgrade phono interconnect for my pro-ject carbon debut turntable. I spoke to 2 different turntable experts before upgrading. Both highly recommending this phono interconnect. Be patient though it will take around 40 hours of use to really convince a listener that it really is worthwhile. It adds a deeper a wider soundstage to allmost all recordings. The instruments are clearer and more refined. It makes the the instruments playing better defined and you hear all the musicians clearly in the mix. I listened to a wide range of bands and singers from led zeppelin to gordon lightfoot , suzanne vega to creedence clearwater revival to name a few and everyone has that big upgrade in depth and scale. Its not cheap but it will add a huge boost too any serious music listeners enjoyment.


Project Connect It Phono RCA CC Turntable Cable (1.23 Metres)

  • Key Features – Turntable Interconnect cable with earthing wire. – 2 x RCA to 2 x RCA phono plugs. – Available length: 20.5, 41, 82, 123, 185, 246 and 492cm