Polk Audio TSX110B 2 Way Speaker – Great speakers for a great price!

Great speakers for a great price. I only have these a day now but, i’m really impressed with them. I have them hooked up to a teac tn300 turntable and i’m using a really cheap lepy amp and the sound is amazing. There is a lovely warm sound from them with nice bass and treble. I mainly listen to rock and metal. So it’s been a bit of iron maiden and some mastodon i’ve listened to so far and all sounds great through these speakers. I’ve also listened to mellon collie and the infinite sadness because there is so much variety on that album. Everything from soft acoustic ballads, electronic, hard rock and metal sound great. I’ve read that it takes a while for these speakers to burn in but, i don’t think they’re going to sound any better as time goes by. There is too much crap talk in the audiophile world in my opinionthese sound terrific and that’s all you need to know.

At first i was a little hesitant that due to the rather small size of these speakers the quality would not be that good, but i am glad i was wrong as they do sound amazing and have more than enough bass for the size and price. I have them hooked up to my pioneer sx-434 receiver and pl-12d turntable. One minor annoyance,but it might be just me, the title of the item says 2 “way speaker”,so i assumed i need to order two of these, but what i got was 4 speakers. Again, it might just be me being stupid :).

A smart looking cabinet these for rhe money with curved sides. A smart looking cabinet these for rhe money with curved sides to help reduce resonances and decent binding posts. The grills detach easily, the drive units look very smart with a silver 12cm bass/mid and matching fabric tweeter. I found tgat these speaker’s need a good week to run in and sound their best. After this they sound fairly clear with good mid range resolution and a sparkly if somewhat rolled off treble, good for budget electronics. The bass is is full some for their size and quite articulate, although not very extended. But these are budget bookshelf’s not £1500 floorstanders. They do lack some refinement at times and give the impression that they are perhaps trying too hard to sound like a bigger speaker. Their efficiency is very high with decent volumes available for very little input, turn up the volume too much and the sound soon looses cohesion however. For this kind of money though you will do well indeed to find anything better.

  • A smart looking cabinet these for rhe money with curved sides
  • Great speakers for a great price!

Polk Audio TSX110B 2 Way Speaker with 5 1/4 inch Driver – Cherry

  • Bi-laminate composite driver cones tuned perfectly with Dynamic Balance
  • Silk/polymer dome tweeters
  • Gold-plated, professional-style 5-way binding posts
  • Unique new curved enclosure design in non-resonant MDF
  • High performance crossover