Pioneer S-SLW500 Passive 100W Subwoofer – Great value item!

Easy on the eye, easy on the pocket. I bought 2 of these passive subwoofers and will explain why later in the review. We have to get it out of the way early. This is a passive subwoofer – so it has no amplifier in it. For this reason you will have to connect it by speaker wire to speakers terminals on your amplifier or receiver. Often an amplifier will have speaker terminals marked a and b. Presumably you already have some speakers and this will be an additon. So it will probably end up being connected to the b terminals. Then you can switch it in and out as desired. I didn’t know whether to connect the woofer to the left or right channel.

The bass from this is very good, rich, deep low frequencies, it’s not massively loud obviously but it doesn’t matter it adds so much and for £20. It’s a great buy, will be buying another soon.

I purchased this subwoofer from richer sounds for the princely sum of. It’s a special offer and was brand new and sealed. I wanted the sub to replace the one supplied with a sony home cinema (bdve2100), which looked as though it was made at 4. It sounded ok but the finish should have been an embarrassment to such a large company. The pioneer prooves to be an easy load to drive and i have the ability to adjust the output via the sony, so it jells very well into the system. Sound wise, it performs very well as a passive unit with little overhang with the sony speakers and doesn’t overpower.

The reason for this is when you turn your amps volume up the active subs volume goes up because you have 2 amps driving the same. I have 2 active subwoofers mordaunt short alumni 9’s. I find that active subwoofers can’t handle the power they state they do – especially when connected to a pre amp / subwoofer output . The reason for this is when you turn your amps volume up the active subs volume goes up because you have 2 amps driving the same speaker (not recommended)the best way of connecting an active subwoofer to an amplifier is via a record loop. Anyway i have 2 of these babies connected to my denon pma720 ae & am really impressed by the sound quality & the build quality is very good aswell. Please be aware that these speakers are 4 ohms ” not 8. Ohms ” so if you want 2 of these in you set up ?. You will need a seperate power amplifier or 2 stereo amplifiers. As the majority of stereo amplifiers can only drive 1 pair of 4. Ohm speakers a bargain subwoofer for peanuts .

  • Easy on the Eye, easy on the pocket
  • Great value item!

Pioneer S-SLW500 Passive 100W Subwoofer – Black

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