Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker, Needs Spotify Premium, What’s The Point?

Demands spotify top quality, what’s the issue?. Naturally i assumed that this could be used as a standalone speaker dock as perfectly as having integration with spotify. Unfortunately that assumption was mistaken and you should have a spotify high quality account in get to use this speaker normally it merely will not likely do the job. That is quite disappointing and definitely it would have been improved if you could use it with any variety of music as properly as spotify’s absolutely free approach. In get to use the speaker unit you need to have to obtain an app but it is really pretty basic to use thereafter. It utilises wi-fi for it is connection method, so no bluetooth or airplay and it will not allow you to simply connect a phone or pill to stream tunes from your unit. It will not likely do the job with a free spotify account which is a main draw back in my view as there are significantly far more totally free users than there are compensated consumers. Soundwise it does a pretty first rate career, i have read better for a ton a lot less money but it’s enough. There is no dock, so you can not dock a smartphone to charge or to participate in songs. I’ve provided the unit three stars and even that is a tad generous.

Straightforward set up i now need a lot more.

Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker with Spotify Connect

  • Spotify premium required for this speaker
  • Music streams directly on speakers, save mobile battery
  • Users can also play the same song on multiple speakers
  • Switch instantly from mobile or tablet to speaker
  • Four drivers to deliver 20W powerful room-filling sound

Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker with Spotify Connect :

One thought on “Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker, Needs Spotify Premium, What’s The Point?

  1. This review is from : Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker with Spotify Connect

    Excellent speakers for spotify. I bought my husband one of these speakers as we always use spotify for music. It is so good that we bought another one.
    • Seems to have come down in price. Maybe due to its limitations to only play from spotify.
  2. This review is from : Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker with Spotify Connect

    I could never justify spending that kind of money on speakers as i wanted a good few. My dream was to have sonas wifi speakers throughout my home. I could never justify spending that kind of money on speakers as i wanted a good few. I bought 2 just to see if they were any good. Omg bought another 2 immediately. So easy set, & most importantly the sound is absolutely out of this world. Already had premium spotify, which is such great value, most providers offer it an add on to your current plan for €5 per month as opposed to going directly with spotify for €10 per month. I will buy another 2 in the new year.
  3. This review is from : Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker with Spotify Connect

    It may be a one-trick-pony but it does that trick very well indeed.
    • Terrific output, but crisp and clear. As a long-term subscriber to spotify premium, this is a superb addition to my home audio setup. Terrific output, but crisp and clear. Couple with that the great price-point (circa £40) then it really is awesome value. The only way i could build upon my 5-star rating would be for it to play songs from my phone library.
      • I brought a 750 and a 700; one for the kitchen and one for our bedroom. I can’t really fault either. The 750 is quite large, but as we use it in a largish room it’s fine. The 700 is a more manageable size. They were incredibly easy to get up and running and sound really nice. For anyone who has a premium account with spotify then these seem ideal to allow you to use it throughout the house.
  4. Understand the product to manage your expectations. If you understand the limitations and are happy with spotify then this is a cracking piece of kit @£50.
    • A great product for spotify premium customers. A great product for spotify premium customers. It sounds great but i did have to set the bass down and treble up on the supporting app from the google play store. I listen to allot more music now it’s so easy.
  5. This review is from : Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker with Spotify Connect

    Great room filling speaker for music. The sw750m is a great speaker for music provided by spotify premium. I like to have music around me when i’m home and for this purpose it is a fantastic speaker system. The sw750m gives a very good music quality and is really room filling, loud and soft , even in a room of 85 m2. I tried all kinds of music, classic concerts, relaxing back-ground music, pop and even hard rock. The installation on the wifi network is very easy and in connection with the app on the iphone, very easy to handle. Choice of music and volume is all done on your phone, or tabletit is however a pity, that the sw750m only works with spotify premium. When you want to listen to radio, you have to go back to other systems, or a simple blue-tooth speaker. Another critical point, is that it has not a rechargeable battery, so in fact you have to install the sw750m on a fixed place near an electricity outlet, and is not easy to take it to another room in the house.
    • Fantastic sound and great value for money – but a few niggles with the connect function. Picked this speaker for myself as a christmas present already knowing about the lack of inputs apart from running spotify connect – so i am not taking a star off for it. If you like playing music from a number of different sources then this is definitely not the speaker for you but if – like me, you use spotify as your sole source and in my case use it as if it was supplying oxygen then you are in for a treatconnectivity – as i mentioned before this speaker can only be used with a spotify premium account and works in conjunction with the app on your phone or tablet and now if you download the latest beta version of the desktop client available on their forum it can be controlled from your computer as well. The one slight downside of the connect system is that play queues do not work sound – this is where this speaker really begins to shine with (in my opinion) an incredible sound and some beautiful tones. It has a very open, roomy tone which makes acoustic guitar and softer songs incredibly immersing. At the other end of the scale it kicks out metal/rock songs with some seriously punchy mids balance and clarity even in the heaviest of guitar parts. For me the sound quality really rises to its best when played above around half volume with an amazingly room-filling sound for an all-in-one speaker although still very pleasant at late-night listening volume. The in-built 2-band eq is basic but effective with an audible change in tone even over small adjustments – adds to the speakers versatility as you can boost the bass for dance mixs. I found that my preferred settings for acoustic, blues and rock are +1 on both treble and base as it boosts the range of tones without becoming overwhelmed or loosing clarity. Build quality – only had for less than a month but so far no reliability issues and the unit has a quality, well built feel to it.
      • If you want a wi-fi only spotify premium speaker then this one has decent sound reproduction. . I like the philips sw750m/05 speaker in spite of the very obvious limitations. I am sure by now you know that the speaker only works with a premium spotify account, but that’s not what i consider a deadly serious limitation. What bothers me is that the speaker is wi-fi only. There are no physical inputs on it at all. If your wi-fi craps out on you, or if the reception is a bit flaky, your music drops out. Not the kind of thing you want to happen during a party, so if only for the kind of security of reception you get from being wired up i would have liked to have seen an ethernet port on the speaker at least. But no, it really is wi-fi only. I received both the sw750m/05 and the smaller sw700m/05 from amazon for review. The smaller speaker is just okay at best in sound quality due to the small size of the speakers inside it.
  6. No idea why you would pick this over the competition. In summary, philips have painted themselves into a corner here. I don’t see the point of having a device that limits what you can play through it when there are plenty of other devices out there for the same amount of money that give you the freedom to connect without using spotify. Stubbornly, i managed to connect the speaker up to my windows network by pressing the button on the back, and my wps button on the router, and then guessing the ip address. However even though i then managed to configure everything, when selecting the output source through media player it would just not stream music to the device so there must be some built in firmware that prohibits music from sources other than spotify. I gave this to a friend to review instead – there is simply no way to get this to work through windows even if it is recognised. Had a go at getting the speaker working 3 times over christmas with no luck, managed to get it connected through the app but couldn’t get it to play anything. Turns out that when you’re in spotify you need to bring up the track you’re listening to and select the speaker icon in the bottom left of the phones screen (same place on apple and android devices) you can then select a speaker you want to play through. Sound quality is very good, with good bass and little distortion.
  7. This review is from : Philips SW750M/05 Multiroom Speaker with Spotify Connect

    I like this speaker, and the quality of the sound. If i had to buy it however i would be put off by the fact i need to sign up for spotify premium to use it. For this review i signed up for the month free and found the service very good but have enough bills already. I feel this will now just sit around gathering dust.
    • Great for spotify users only. Out of the box, philips’ multiroom speaker looks great and would be a classy and subtle addition to any room. It’s pretty simple to set up straight out of the packaging, and requires only that you download an app from philips to get it all connected to your smartphone and home wifi network. You will also have to have a spotify premium account before you can use it – so if you’re not already a subscriber, do consider the £9. 99 monthly fee to sign up to the service. Without spotify premium, this speaker will not produce any sound. The sound itself is pretty good, but would almost certainly benefit from adding additional speakers from the philips multiroom range to give it proper depth. It lacks a bit of bass, but this could be addressed simply enough with another smaller speaker or two to ‘fill out’ the sound a little more. Streaming higher quality tracks from spotify also helps, but eats into your download allowance pretty quickly. You can also activate a function that allows music to ‘follow’ you around the house of you’ve attached extra units to your network of speakers.

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