Philips HTL2100/12 Soundbar Speaker 40W : Nice sound quality

The difference in sound is spectacular. It seems to be superior and was straightforward to set up, you need to have an optical in lead or a coaxial cable, but you put optical lead in the sq. gap and it really is a spherical input?.It connects to a set prime box if you use just one, then you need a coaxial cable to connect the blu ray/dvd player and if you have anything at all else you use the aux hole. You have to turn the tv set right down so all of the seem arrives by way of the speaker.

Much better even than we predicted. We weren’t absolutely sure if this would be the perfect point for the space we preferred to use it but my husband obtaining examined it at home where by the seem was way too loud, feel it will be ideal for surroundings wherever it is prepared to made use of.

This is excellent good quality for the dollars. It has reworked the seem on the movies we are watching, despite the fact that the encompass seem solution took a little bit of acquiring applied to. It has improved the quality of the movies and has designed them additional pleasurable as we experienced realised how much was lost in the track record applying the television set audio by yourself.

Key specs for Philips HTL2100/12 Soundbar Speaker 40W with Integrated Subwoofer (New for 2013) (discontinued by manufacturer):

  • Low-rise profile + Ultra-compact soundbar
  • 40 W RMS power
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Dolby Digital
  • Audio in

Comments from buyers

“Philips Sound Speaker, Philips soundbar, Philips HTL2100/12 Soundbar – great value and great sound, Slightly richer sound than my TV but not as rich as I had hoped., Nice sound quality, Good Product – wish I’d used a different supplier”

I did not realise how much i was lacking prior to i acquired the soundbar. Neat and natty but not ostentatious.

My hubby and i were a little bit apprehensive about purchasing a soundbar, but went for this design. We are delighted with it as we from time to time cant decide up conversations in movies and on television but now we can hear everthing clearly and the new music is greatonly grumble is we had to purchase the relationship after seeking to get the job done out which 1 we needed before we could use it. Couldnt the connections be incorporated with the equipment when ordered, even if they regulate the rate accordingly. We dont know any one who has one particular but we are pleased with the high-quality.

Wonderful benefit for the revenue suitable obtaining a developed in sub woofer fantastic excellent sound but the encompass audio echo is not up to incredibly significantly, but total fantastic benefit for the money.

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  1. Very good, the sound is amazing and the price was. Very good,the sound is amazing and the price was even better.
  2. This review is from : Philips HTL2100/12 Soundbar Speaker 40W with Integrated Subwoofer (New for 2013) (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Good sound once i got it set up. Good sound once i got it set up, saw on another review that i needed an optical cable so i brought on £13 { cheep one ) then found out my tv does not have an optical port so that was no good then brought twin red white audio cable tv to sound bar , did not work so in desperation i used on of thease cables and pluged it in to coaxial in / out tv to sound bar and it worked dont know if i have the full sound of the sound bar ??. So i could have saved myself £24 and just used a simple male to male jack plug . Note if you can avoid the big electrical shops curries ect by going to tesco asda electrical dept all leads are much cheaper and they do the same job .Overall just glad to get it working much better sound than the tv.
  3. This review is from : Philips HTL2100/12 Soundbar Speaker 40W with Integrated Subwoofer (New for 2013) (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Great piece of kit, i bought this for my home cinema set up along with a projector and xbox, the only downfall is no visual aid on the volume and the euro-uk adapted power cable was pretty temperamental, bought a new figure of 8 lead for it and its much better. Sound quality is very good for such an inexpensive piece of kit.
    • Better than expected for price. Makes tv so easy to hear, much clearer to hear without needing to turn it up loud, as i would have had to with the tv. Turn bass up higher on tv, then just use bar for volume, excellent, much better than expected.
  4. This review is from : Philips HTL2100/12 Soundbar Speaker 40W with Integrated Subwoofer (New for 2013) (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Easy to use and sounds better than expected. Easy to use and sounds better than expected.
    • Brought new telly sound was terrible brought sound what a diffrencegood price arrived on time will use company again.
      • Was below my expectations, remote is extremely user unfreindly, there is no onscreen display to check settings by.
  5. This review is from : Philips HTL2100/12 Soundbar Speaker 40W with Integrated Subwoofer (New for 2013) (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Philips htl2100/12 soundbar – great value and great sound. I have read all the reviews before buying this soundbar, including the negative ones and have to say i am quite impressed with it. I like the look of it, the fabric speaker front and the unit sits perfectly under the tv on the glass cabinet. It is very easy to set up although there is no digital optical cable supplied, which adds to the cost and delayed the digital set up. That said, the cost for the cable is not a huge expense and having read an article that you should never spend more than 10% of the cost of the unit on a cable, i went for a fusal pro install digital optical cable. I am fully aware of the arguments around cheaper cables v the more expensive range but having read extensive reviews on soundbars, somebody had a poor experience with the very cheap cables and recommend fusal. I have to say i am impressed with the cable, although i having nothing else to compare it to, the sound has improved immensely it is very clear, sharp and quite crisp, i was also pleased with music playback and clarity of sound. The soundbar is recommended for tv’s up to 37″ and the sound is a considerable improvement from my samsung 37″ tv speakers. The soundbar projects its sound and is forward facing. I find the quality of sound from the soundbar to be really good and it fills the room, that said i do not have the biggest front room, so if you had a huge or double room then i would imagine some of the sound quality would be lost.

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