Philips Fidelio B5 Soundbar – Amazing soundbar that provides wireless 4.1 channel surround on demand without messy wires!

So glad i made the purchase.

Not “perfect”, but perfectly suited to what it is designed for. A fantastic way to add some serious depth to tv sound and some convenient music – all in a very simple and easy to use way. . A great addition to the family room: the kids love the music (either via bluetooth or spotify on the tivo box). And we get to enjoy surround sound in the evenings without the hassle of wires, etc. Sound separation in the “simulated” 5. 1 mode isn’t as good as a kef 5. 1 speakers and receiver setup i have in the lounge, but then this is a fraction of the cost and a lot more family friendly. Installation with my philips f8007 tv, popcornhour, tivo and philips bluray has been seamless and popping the speakers out to setup surround sound each evening couldn’t be easieredit: and i’ve now enabled the hdmi arc and i’m using the correct port on the soundbar, so my tv and soundbar have their volumes in sync (and the sound bar powers on in sync with the tv). The volume can all be controlled from any device that can control the tv sound (soundbar remote, tv remote, tivo remote, logitech one, mobile phone, etc).

Amazing soundbar that provides wireless 4. 1 channel surround on demand without messy wires. Let me start by saying this is my first amazon review. I am blown away by the ingenuity of this product. It’s no surprise that the b5 has won a ces 2015 award for design and innovation. If you want surround sound to watch with your favourite movies without annoying your better half with the millions of cables normally required then this is definitely the way to go. The only thing that surprises me is how rubbish philips are at actually marketing this product. This has been on sale in europe since last september and when i contacted philips regarding uk availibilty they had absolutely no clue when it would be launched. I supect that it is still not officially available as my soundbar was delivered from milan. Bravo amazon for stepping up and selling this to the uk market. 00) was an absolute steal compared the rrp of £800. If you think about this it’s insanely cheap that wouldn’t even by you a single sonos soundbar on its own and to build a surround sound setup would easily cost 3 times that much. Yet with the sonos there is only an optical input provided compared with the b5 that has 2 hdmi pass through ports and an hdmi arc and a digital coaxial and toslink connection plus nfc plus etc etc you catch my drift. Things to beware are that it only comes with 2 eurpean power cables (yet more evidence this isn’t officially available in the uk yet) this wasn’t advertised and so amazon very quickly refunded the price of the 2 uk figure of 8 power cables that i had to purchase separately. Very easy to setup, everything seemed to connect wirelessly without any effort and to switch to surround sound was as simple as unplugging the left and right speakers off the main soundbar.

A sensible wireless surround solution that works. Well i searched long and hard for this product away from amazon simply to find a cheaper more competitive price. Believe me it is impossible to find anywhere else in the uk and even the early amazon reviews suggest their unit was posted from germany hence the european plugs. Having watched the price and suddenly seen it fall to 580 pounds i decided to buy it for my xmas gift for myself. I am glad i did and thoroughly recommend it. I have been considering a surround sound set up but the wires put me off and so compromised with a yamaha soundbar. This gives a faux surround sound and though not great was not bad. But no sound from behind at all. The b5 takes about 5 mins to set up using hdmi arc i connected to my tv and then my amazon box and my sky box, simples.

  • Amazing soundbar that provides wireless 4.1 channel surround on demand without messy wires!
  • The concept is very good indeed, but I have had a lot of
  • A sensible wireless surround solution that works
  • Simply Stunning!!!!!
  • Incredible Just incredible
  • Not “perfect”, but perfectly suited to what it is designed for!

Philips Fidelio B5 Soundbar with Detachable Speakers – Black

  • Surround on Demand
  • Detachable wireless surround speakers
  • Bluetooth (aptX and AAC) for wireless music streaming
  • Dolby Digital
  • Connect to HDMI x 2 for great picture and sound quality

Pound for pound you will struggle to find a better soundbar on the market. Awesome sound quality wireless surround sound that works faultlessly. I also have 2 b&w zeppelin air’s, which i have always liked the sound of, but i have sat down and just played a youtube video from ultra 2015 (axwell & ingrosso or martin garrix) separated the surround speakers, turned it right up, and sat there thinking wow. Yes when the surround speakers are detached the sound drops out for a second while it all connect wirelessly, but it is just a second.If you need any more proof the b5’s predecessor (htl9100) won soundbar of the year from whathifi.

The concept is very good indeed, but i have had a lot of. The concept is very good indeed, but i have had a lot of problems with mine. The volume does not want to remain stable and jumps all over the place?. The hdmi arc input wont accept a digital signal from my tv(panasonic plasma) via my sky box, so i’am forced to use the optical connection for dolby/dts. When i change tv channels it switches back to arc hdmi so the sound goes back to pcm or goes dead?(only sometimes?) philips have a download firmware fix on their website which did fix the volume for about 2 days but now the problem is back?. The fact that they have a firmware(bug fix) on a new product does not bode well. Also when you fast forword any programme there is a very annoying lag before the sound kicks in again, meaning you miss any dialogue at the start of the programme. The remote control looks nice, but is a little plasticky for a product in this price bracket, plus at times is very slow to respond(but again only at times?)i phoned philips and was told that if the firmware upgrade did not work then i should return it to amazon(thanks). Also be aware that it ships with euro two pin mains plugs(figure 8 ends) x2, really annoying if you don’t have spares to hand and no other leads at all(hdmi,optical etc) the voice button to enhance dialogue works at times, but sometimes requires the volume at max to work. On a positive note when it works its not bad at all, playing a blue ray through hdmi one with the speakers detached and calibrated it did a reasonable job for a product of this type, much better than other soundbars i’ve heard and at least you have actual speakers behind you.

Fantastic sound quality and the detachable speakers are very handy in our odd shaped lounge.

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  1. This review is from : Philips Fidelio B5 Soundbar with Detachable Speakers – Black

    As with all philps products, there is a very high quality feel and look to the system. Normally you sacrifice looks for performance. However, thia is not the case here. It is without question the best and most versatile home cinema that i have ever purchased. Over the years i have purchased a lot of expensive units and this was the first sound bar i bought, and to be honest i wasn’t expecting much. I never expected the clarity of sound. Incrediblely easy set up, amazing rich sound with great amount of scope to tune to your liking. No lip syncing lag, as i thought there would be. I wall mounted unit, which also came with a self adhesive template.
    • Good design but one major floor. Good looking design and sounds nice so no issue there. Great idea with the detachable speakers. If you do not mind several remote controls then there is no problem and i would recommend this soundbar. We do mind though and hence the rating. Our previous set up: samsung ue55es6800 tv, virgin tivio box and soundbar from a competitor. We control all this with one remote control. The virgin tivio box remote. Set up now: as per above but replaced the soundbar with philips’ b5. Connected it to the tv using the hdmi arc sockets on both the soundbar and the tv using an hdmi cable that is arc compatible. I can control the volume via the cable box remote and the soundbar turns off when i turn off the tv. But the soundbar does not turn on when i switch on the tv.
  2. This review is from : Philips Fidelio B5 Soundbar with Detachable Speakers – Black

    Very good soundbar, loving it. . Very good sound system, always can’t wait to turn it back on again. Sounds fantastic with movies, i’ve tried it many times with my favourite film ( transformers 2) & sounds great. The subwoofer is quite heavy on the bass too, i’ve left it at +1 & it goes up to +6 for how high you want the bass to go up to. Love playing music from it also using the speakers around the house. Can use one of each speaker with bluetooth or use the whole soundbar & spread the speakers around everywhere. Only downside is how much the price is without a sale.

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