Philips DS8900/10 M1X tooth DJ Sound System – Fancy being a DJ? may just have the answer and blow the cobwebs away

Djaying to the max with a complete novice. . This review is from the perspective of one middle-aged technofobe and one djaying complete novice. It also hopes to answer the question “is this system suitable for the complete beginner in djaying?”my sixteen year old son has aspirations galore and his latest one is djaying to a huge crowd in the national dj awards. This will be no mean feat as the nearest thing he has come to djaying is listening to eminem on different technological products and at an array of volumes from loud to extremely loud. After much convincing but hardly understood techno babble, my son managed to convince me that he actually knew what he was talking about. I agreed to let him test the ‘philips ds8900 dj sound system’. So how did he fair?he managed with a little huffing and puffing to remove the system from its box (it being a very tight fit). You can either plug the unit directly to the mains or for portability insert 8 x 1. 5v batteries (these are not included).

And the deliveiried was really fast.

Philips may just have the answer and blow the cobwebs away. The mix-dj speaker and control unit is one of the first speaker/control desk combos i’ve seen. The speaker unit is substantial in its weight and construction. I’m not so sure about the white finish – maybe black would have been a better option?. The control deck is adorned by faders, knobs, buttons and sockets. The mini turntables complete the package. The controls are tactile but i doubt they’ll endure much punishment that djs inflict on equipment. The unit can be powered by the mains (highly recommended) or by a set of eight `d’ size batteries but this will only last for a couple of hours depending on the volume and use. You can connect a bluetooth enabled device to stream music to the unit but then that’s not the point of the mix-dj – it’s there to create your mixes.

  • Loud, Portable and Brilliant Quality
  • Disappointing sound for the money
  • Cracking DJ Sound System
  • A DJ kit in a box
  • Fancy being a DJ? Philips may just have the answer and blow the cobwebs away
  • Be the center of every party!

Philips DS8900/10 M1X Bluetooth DJ Sound System

  • Bluetooth streaming for unsurpassed sound clarity
  • Reversible control panel for protection during travel
  • Runs on AC as well as D cell batteries
  • Top quality scratch wheels and cross faders
  • Hook up to external speakers & amplifiers with an audio out

Philips comes up with the oddest creations, but sometimes they are genuinely innovative. This is one of these innovations, but with a couple of very big caveats: you must have an iphone or ipad with a thunderbolt connection, and you must have the djay2 app. If you are an android user, this dj kit is not for you. There are two parts to m1x-dj: an integrated amp and speakers, and a dj deck. The speakers come in a fairly large white box with a concentric stereo speaker pair (that’s tweeters in the centre of two mid/bass speakers, arrances about 18″ apart for stereo), with a large cavity that develops a decent reflex bass sound. It is not by any means a hi-fi: this music for parties, and it gives out a decent volume and plenty of bass for use in home or small venues. You can power it using batteries (8 x d cells should last around four hours) or using mains. The dj deck fits onto the top of the speaker box. It is reversible, so that when carrying it on the tube or in the back of your car the controls are all protected.

Disappointing sound for the money. This product basically combines a speaker system for the iphone or ipad with a controller for algoriddim’s djay 2 application, with the intention being to produce an all-in-one solution for djing and mixing. Given the price of this device, i was a bit disappointed that there was no copy of djay 2 included – you really need to run it on an ipad, and at present it costs the best part of a tenner. I assume philips assume that anyone buying one of these will already own a copy, but a voucher for a free download would have been a nice gesture. The physical controls mostly copy the on-screen controls in djay 2, with the addition of a set of tone controls (low, mid and high) for each channel. The decks move smoothly to the touch, but the crossfader (which will see a lot of use) feels very flimsy and undamped, and i’m not convinced that it’ll stand up to heavy use – this is one component which is designed to be easily replaceable on professional dj rigs, so this is not a great sign. The overall feel is rather plastic-y and insubstantial – the controls don’t feel as if they are about to fall to bits, but they also don’t feel as if they will last for years. The speaker system consists of two active bass drivers and a passive bass radiator.

Loud, portable and brilliant quality. I’m not sure about the negative rating below but i can’t rate this unit highly enough. I use it with the djay 2 software on my ipad and then i use my spotify account through that. I found the physical decks easy to use, navigate and mix on. They react instantly and every button i require is there. The huge shock came when testing the volume quality and volume levels. Prior to ordering this unit i was planning on using the built in speakers as ‘monitors’ and connecting external speakers for the audience but i was very wrong. House parties and even smaller venues will not require any external speakers, this is so loud with a really nice sound – the bass is brilliant. Overall i can’t fault this piece of kit.

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  1. This review is from : Philips DS8900/10 M1X Bluetooth DJ Sound System

    Not too heavy and carry-strap is effective. The controls are laid out logically and easy to operate with limited experience of mixing desks. You need to download the djay app but this is readily available from the apple app store; this allows you to connect your iphone to the unit and use it to mix and queue tracks easily. The only downside with this, is the units connector lead comes with a “lightning” plug on the end and therefore won’t connect to devices that have the old style 30 pin plug/sockets (e. I believe you can get around this by purchasing a lightning-to-30 pin adaptor. The iphone charges whilst its connected to the mixing desk, so no danger of it running out of battery.
    • Top quality from philips and a lot of fun. , mix whatever type of music you have and become a djay. . Okay , once it’s been set up , we are using it on bluetooth on the ipad 2 , took a bit of setting up , it’s great fun and can be very loud , we will be downloading more tracks from itunes we don’t have spotify , it’s easy to use once set up , we mixed a few tracks that we had downloaded to itunes. There are websites and youtube videos to help you along if you need any help , but it’s great for party’s and discos , you can be your very own djay , which is pretty cool. Build quality is good and should last a long while and a few discos along the way , highly recommended for the youngens , even though i’ve had a lot of fun with it. Top quality as always from good old philips , great musical add on for your apple device.
  2. This review is from : Philips DS8900/10 M1X Bluetooth DJ Sound System

    Be the center of every party. This philips dj sound system is freakin’ awesome. Ok it is pricey, but it is a fantastic piece of kit. Basically i’d see this being useful for anyone who fancies themselves a budding dj and enjoys throwing a good house party. In its simplest form its a very powerful set of speakers with deep punching bass and top volume loud enough for a good party. The construction of the unit box is pretty solid and with the turntables turned down i wouldn’t be worried about it getting a few knocks. Turn the turntables up and plug in a iphone/ipad and ipod and then the fun really starts. The turntables and buttons light up and once you’ve opened the dj app you’re good to go. You can try it out with the free djay le but you’ll really need djay 2 (£1.

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