Philips BT3900P EverPlay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof – Good

A fantastic sounding device with the sole caveat that simpler music sounds better. To my ears classical music is reproduced better than my seventies jazz rock stuff. Not unreasonably it’s a bit bass light but the bass it does reproduce is controlled, indicating the device is not attempting to do more than it can.

As usual for philips it looks a quality product but some of the design features will possibly drive you mad. Now i have overcome the problems below and just enjoy the sound it is forgiven the frustration. Prossound quality to me sounded as good as my similar b & o bluetooth speaker costing a lot more with identical features. Not black and glossy which i don’t like but a very comfortable matt rubber type finish. Carrying handle is also the charging cable which initiallly seemed a good idea but read on. Clearly labelled prominent buttons. Very easy bluetooth connectivity probably the easiest thing i have paired. 3 hour charge and a claimed 8 hours use on the box ( or 15 hrs on the paperwork inside)consthe combined carry strap and charging cable has to be a tight click fit but my cable was so tight that depressing the clips to release the cable was impossible. A number of people tried but it would not release. I eventually released it with pliers and a screwdriver but it is now scratched and damaged.

It’s good fast bluetooth connection an good sound system. Here are the specifications for the Philips BT3900P EverPlay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Strong wireless Bluetooth connection up to 30 m
  • Durable build – shockproof, dustproof and waterproof (IP57)
  • Battery indicator to easily view power level
  • Included: BT3900P; USB cable for PC charging, quick starting guide

Battety life about 8h plus, sound guality is good,easy connectivity sound + and – is not so easy to use in darkness.

What a fantastic blurtooth speaker this is. This bluetooth speaker is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. It has a battery indicator so you can see when it needs charging. It looks the business, but above all else the sound is luxurious. It works from a really good distance to. I have had a few bluetooth speakers, but boy this surpasses them all.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • it sounds a little better than I thought it would but it won’t blow
  • Very good and portable for the price
  • I especially like how it vibrates when the beat goes

Amazing for the money, just some bassey songs distort at loud volumes.

I especially like how it vibrates when the beat goes.

Lovely piece of kit, bit weak on bass but very good overall.

It’s a great product, works perfectly.

Great sound from a thin portable speaker. Add in the water proofing and you have a great little portable music box. Its not major loud but clean clear sound.

Quick one:its a decent speaker for the price, it sounds a little better than i thought it would but it won’t blow you away too much. It goes plenty loud when it needs to and the distortion isn’t too bad. However when turning it down, and this might just be with my phone, it goes from average level to very quiet in volume. I was using it in a small office [think 4 people max and wanted it quiet-ish but annoyingly it doesn’t have that sort of a level, its either too quiet or just a tad too loud. [edit: my phone is a sony xz]the recharge cable being a part of the strap is neat and unlike the other review on here i had no issues getting it out and putting it back in. All in all its a good product, perfect for what i want it for: outdoor and indoor speaker to just keep in my bag for whenever. ]

I have bought this item to use in a 15 year old car which can only play cds and had no auxiliary input or bluetooth to directly connect the phone. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as i though it might so it become a home accessory. Overall it can fill a small room without distortion (at reasonably civilised sound levels) but suffers from not being stereo and not being able to daisy chain with other phillips products so that one can expand to get stereo effects.

Very light handy and portable.

Bought this for my son’s birthday. Fantastic sound and he takes it everywhere with him. It’s great in the car too.

This unit is a great combination of features and sounds better than any other this size, (i am an audio engineer.

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