Philips BM50B izzy Multiroom Flat Music System : Great product! So easy to set up and create multiroom speakers

I like the idea of multi – room speakers and these are a decent entry into the market with their own unique selling point – izzylink, which means that if you use more than one they work on their own wireless network connected to the phone/tablet/laptop/pc by bluetooth. This makes them very versatile as they don’t have to rely on the home or office wifi network. Another plus point is that they are not tied to any one provider so you can play music from any streaming service or from your own library. The first speaker you connect to is a master and each additional speaker is a slave, however you can change which speaker is the master at any time, depending on which room you want to control the music from, but, although they’re wireless they’re not wire – less, they have to be plugged into the mains. The stereo sound is good, but a little limited. It’s very clear and precise and detailed but to my ears seems to lack a little warmth. The speakers have a bass port which gives them a fuller sound but you can only change the level of the bass and treble through your playing device’s equaliser, although you can alter the volume either through your device or on each individual speaker. They’re easy enough to connect to using bluetooth; i’ve played music through a kindle and a laptop and although both took a little time to discover the master speaker when they did the connection was very good and their own wireless connection seems to be flawless and i couldn’t detect any lag between the two i tested. However this brings me to my main criticism; there is at least a 3 second lag between both the devices and the speakers, which can be quite annoying at times. These are definitely not aimed at the audiophile and they’ll come a very poor second to a dedicated hifi set up and one on its own would struggle to fill a large room and i’d say you’d wouldn’t want to be more than ten feet away to get the best sound from these.

I love the styling of the speaker and that it comes with wall brackets to hang up. It is well built, sturdy and really easy to set up. The sound quality is good in relation to the price that you are paying and i like the pre-set sounds settings that you can choose. The cd, radio and usb are good extra function but i mainly use it with my phone via bluetooth and i have had no connection problems at all. The connection to the bluetooth device can be lost if you move about 2 rooms away. The izzy link is brilliant i have two bm5b speaks which i can link it up to with a press off a button it couldn’t be any easier to group and ungroup the speakers.

Philips BM50B izzy Multiroom Flat Music System (CD, Bluetooth, Multipair, Wall Mounting) – Black

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  • Music from smartphones, CD/USB and radio stations will play simultaneously to any Izzy speaker in any room
  • Group up to five Philips multirooms with Izzy link for multiroom enjoyment
  • 40 W RMS output power with digital sound control for optimised music style settings
  • One tap to set up Izzy link, no router, password or apps required
  • Included in the box: Philips BM50 multi-room wireless music speaker, FM antenna, remote control, world wide warranty leaflet, quick install guide, AC/DC adapter

These speakers are black, squat and compact. They don’t take up much space physically, but they fill the room musically. The sound is a good mix of bass and treble, though you are unable to change this via the speakers if you’re not happy with the balance. It is simplicity itself to connect the speaker to my phone or ipad via bluetooth. This is something i’ve struggled with in the past, but this speaker has renewed my faith in bluetooth. It’s also straightforward to get the second speaker working in tandem. The multi-room experience is great. I love being able to have my sounds playing simultaneously in different rooms. The volume switch is great, situated in the centre on the top of the speaker. It’s illuminated by an attractive-looking light.

I am really pleased with this sound system. I also bought a couple of speakers which connect by bluetooth so music can be played around the house. Great communication from seller and a fast efficient service.

It’s a good size and the music quality comes out well. I haven’t bought a second one yet, wanting to test it out, but will definitely get more.

Philips BM50B izzy Multiroom Flat Music System (CD, Bluetooth, Multipair, Wall Mounting) – Black : We are not a family of audiophiles by any stretch, but from a total lay and perspective, i can say that we absolutely love these little gems. First and foremost, they are so easy to set up. As in, plug them in and off you go. Linking up to them takes less than a minute. It is definitely worth having a few of these peppered around the house. Volume is independently controlled so you can have it low or off in one part of the house and blaring in another. The sound itself is good though not amazing. It more than gets the job done, though if you are after absolute crystal clarity, these may not be what you’re after. Lightweight, inexpensive, easily moved – for my money these are the perfect portable incidental speakers.

I completely understand what philips have tried to do with this multi-room speaker, but i wonder if there are just too many compromises for some. The principle is simplicity. Although the speakers are wifi enabled, that is completely invisible to the user. They set up their own point to point 2. 11n network in addition to any other network you may have in your house. Doing this means that the user is not required to provide the password for their existing wifi network, and philips doesn’t need to provide any form of interface to the speakers to allow the user to input the password. Simplicity gained at the expense of an extra wifi signal fighting for spectrum in your house. Another consequence of the invisibility of the wifi network is that bluetooth is the only way to stream music to the speakers. They cannot natively access the internet for spotify or deezer or even firmware updates. There is a usb port on the back of the speakers for the latter. This obviously makes the software running on the speakers much more simple and cheap. No need to update it for each new music service or feature. I agree with this approach as my experience is that speaker manufacturers are not good at software and rarely update it anyway. Leave the software to run on some other better supported device (phone, tablet, pc) and let the speakers focus on reproduction.

I bought this speaker to go with a number of the other speakers i had. It was so easy to set up, within 10 minutes i had it connected and playing. It looks great and is very stylish and simple. The radio is fantastic and a great addition, it is so easy to use and the remote makes it simple to change between radio, cd and bluetooth. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, it is such good value and has not compromised on sound quality.

I want this at home beceause ido.

Easy to set up with good quality crisp sound.

I’ve been looking for an alternative to a sonos wireless hifi that was more in my price range for a while, and when i eventually found this one i was over the moon. It was exactly what i pictured going in my room for now and would be able to take with me to uni. I saw other similar speakers but they only connected via airplay or spotify, and i wanted something that anyone with any phone could connect to and play music. The sound quality is gorgeous, i love the minimalist design, and overall i am very impressed by this speaker.

Love these, bought the two on offer. These connect seamlessly with all our devices in the house (laptop, iphone, htc, kindles etc. )so long as your item has bluetooth this receiver will probably connect to it. Can be paired easily enough, but with more than one person wishing to connect to the central one in the kitchen i didn’t bother keeping it paired.

Received this item through the courtesy of vine. Haven’t had any time to evaluate it, till this week. I don’t think there is any point in posting the same praise as the other 5 star reviews, it’s a stunning piece of audio kit. Looks great, set up in seconds and the sound output is amazinghighly recommend it.

Just bought this and feel like ordering another one. I was worried about the sound quality but its great with the right amount of bass. Would reccomend as a alternative to the leading multiroom speakers company.

A great new concept made under licence from philips, this is a multiroom system without all the fussi was provided with 2 units to review, and within less than 5 minutes of opening the package i had a mini network connected using both my units, it really is a case of pressing buttons on both units to pair them, then paring a bluetooth connection via a 3rd press. The units create a hidden wifi network as you can imagine, but seem to be careful to avoid existing frequencies. 5w rms x 2 drivers are compact but powerful, as is typical of these kinds of design using (almost certainly) class d amplifiers. This results in a clean sound with long battery life, although it would be hard to give an estimate of real-world, mid-life battery longevity at this early stage. Whilst at the very high end of the market traditionally installed, fully wired multi room systems abound complete with eye-watering component costs, for us mere mortals, a system like this coupled with a £129 tesco hudl is seriously starting to compete on looks and performance, especially with online music libraries such as amazon’s own. In short, great performance for the money and very, very easy to use.

I’ve just set up two of these speakers in my house. The first thing that strikes you is that they are very stylish, small although not particularly light as they have a metal base. Each is a stereo bluetooth speaker, including a bass unit (you only need one, if multi-room isn’t your thing). The second thing is that they are very easy to set up, you don’t even need to read the instructions, but they are very easy to follow. Plug the speaker in and it automatically starts searching for your phone or other bluetooth device within a 10 metre range. You then just pair the speaker on your phone and hey presto it works. To add a second speaker like i did, its a good idea to refer to the ‘easy set up guide’, but all you do is go to the first speaker and hold the group button down for a few seconds and then do the same on the second and that’s it, both speakers play the same music without any delay. 5w which is ok, but isn’t going to set the world on fire. Verdict: the main selling feature of this product is its multi-room capability, playing music via bluetooth.

Yes i am very pleased with this product, it takes one button to turn it on , it picks up your bluetooth in about ten seconds, then press the play button. Then hey presto it’s playing your music from your phone. It’s good quality sound what you can adjust on the speaker. The only thing that’s missing is the skipping songs, there’s no way of doing it through the speakers. But you just use your phone to change it, so that’s the only criticism.

I received two of these that i’ve set up in adjacent rooms. The good news is that all connections are quick and straightforward – you group the various speakers via a couple of button pushes and pairing a device to a speaker is also very quick (compared to some bluetooth accessories). Another strong point is that you don’t need to link the units to your wifi, they link to each other in their own network). The only slight issue is when you have more than one speaker in range and you want to pair to a specific one, the only solution is to note their ids somewhere and look them up. The effect of having your music already waiting for you as you wander about your home is great (if not a bit hotel-like). You no longer need to blast it out of one room so that it can be heard in another. It’s just there, waiting for you to arrive. The volume of each unit can be adjusted individually and the overall playback volume can be adjusted on your phone (or whatever else you’re playing music on). So the sound in each room can be exactly the way you want it to be. Sound quality is good – well, that is, for a bluetooth speaker.

First thing i noticed about the izzylink speaker was how sleek it looks but yet unobtrusive (i have the black speakers). The speaker its self is 17cmx17cmx11cm. A nice size for putting on a shelf. I love the volume dial its feels and look good. The first thing i did was download the ‘phillips speakerset multiroom manager” for iphone. The box contains a short mini manual bit of your want there is also a full user manual which you can also download from there website. I found the set up really easy. If you are just using one speaker the set up is really simple. Switch on, wait for the bluetooth and use phone or tablet to connect. For multi room one of the speakers is the master and the rest as just basic speakers.

This is a really good quality speaker which will tidy up the look of your room as it does not requires any wires. And the set-up is really easy, no complicated menus or router set-ups. And it is a fairly powerful output speaker which will keep even large rooms well covered.

Connection and use could not be easier, sound reproduction is first class and the volume achievable without distortion more than satisfactory. I’ve not purchased a second or third unit as the volume and clarity is such that this one is perfectly capable of filling the ground floor with music, so i’m unable to comment on the benefits of linking several units. That said, everything about the one unit is so good that i’d not hesitate to buy a second or third, with every faith that performance would be equally splendid.

It may be because our last sound system was a 30x30x45cm brick but this – on 20 minutes testing – is a massive improvement. Ability to play via bluetooth excellent (though i am now going to be subjected to my daughter’s music.

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One thought on “Philips BM50B izzy Multiroom Flat Music System : Great product! So easy to set up and create multiroom speakers

  1. We have been looking for this type of stereo system for years. . Absolutely brilliant & so easy to use.
    • We have been looking for this type of stereo system for years. . Absolutely brilliant & so easy to use.
  2. Had it 3weeks already gone wrong,ate my best cd,hope they replace it.
  3. This review is from : Philips BM50B izzy Multiroom Flat Music System (CD, Bluetooth, Multipair, Wall Mounting) – Black

    Had it 3weeks already gone wrong,ate my best cd,hope they replace it.
  4. This review is from : Philips BM50B izzy Multiroom Flat Music System (CD, Bluetooth, Multipair, Wall Mounting) – Black

    I got this for my birthday and it’s excellent. Really easy to use, sounds great, doesn’t take up much space and i can use it anywhere. Haven’t tried to add speakers yet so can’t comment on that but overall, really pleased with this.

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