Panasonic SC-PMX82EB-K True High Resolution : Better sound than expected for mid-range price.

A bit bigger then any compact stereo but totally worth it, the sound is amazing.

Great panasonic stereo with cd player, bluetooth and dab.

Panasonic SC-PMX82EB-K True High Resolution , 120 W 2 CH Micro Wireless Hi-Fi

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  • Rich sound from hi-res sources
  • Clear distortion free sound
  • Wireless Audio with Bluetooth, control your music using the Panasonic Music Streaming App
  • USB Playback

Very good performance excellent reproduction my only gripe is the usb does not every thing on my usb sticks.

Great system for the price with a nice rich sound, bass heads will be surprised how much of a punch this little system has. Looks greatsounds greatfuture proof -does everything including streaming from phone over bluetooth.

Good sound quality but really short speaker wires.

Panasonic SC-PMX82EB-K True High Resolution , 120 W 2 CH Micro Wireless Hi-Fi : Nice little stereo with plenty of functions, and a very good sound for the money. I had to turn the bass down 2 steps to remove the booming which greatly improved the sound. Very pleased to be able to play flac files from the usb port as i still prefer to play from memory sticks, though also have tried bluetooth and dab radio, both sounding very good. Output appears to be around 15-20w rms, certainly lower than my denon d-m40 which is a 30wpc rms,so best to ignore the claim of this being a 120w amplifier, that being said, it still sounds a lot better and has more power than most portable bluetooth speakers for around the same price, and not that far behind the denon d-m40 in terms of sound quality and functions. For a main listening source i would suggest spending the extra on a more musical system, but for a kitchen, bedroom etc, it is about as good as you’ll get for the money. Nice looking unit, easy to use remote, nice imaging and soundstage, deep bass and sweet but not shrill tweeter, making most music sound enjoyable.

Good quality for price, great micro system for listening music in the kitchen or living room. But i do not recommend for audiophiles.

I installed this in my kitchen and was not disappointed. The size of the base cones in the speakers are bigger than the average for this price range, hence producing a richer bass. With this coupled with the dyna bass option that can be activated, there is no shortage of low frequencies being richly belted out. As for the higher frequencies, well the speakers have an additional tweeter (to the standard one) to help with these, so you get the satisfying crispiness of the high hat notes too. I would recommend not to turn on the surround sound effect option as this makes the music sound less punchier and more tinnier, with an annoying echo effect. Definitely an excellent system with sound quality a bit better than i expected. When i let a friend hear it, he said it was “too good to waste in a kitchen”.

Nice and neat, with a great sound.

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Panasonic SC-PMX82EB-K True High Resolution , 120 W 2 CH Micro Wireless Hi-Fi
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