Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard – Brilliant Speakerboard

I could not believe that the change in sound quality this merchandise obtained. I had to have my grandson assemble it as at 76yrs these points look really complex. Why really don’t they set a video on their web page of the merchandise staying unpacked and assembled. It would make lifestyle so significantly a lot easier. The sound quality is superb and you can even perform music by means of your laptop.

It has a much better foundation and a extra comprehensive seem for the television. This panasonic sc-hte80eb-k wireless speakerboard with bluetooth has replaced a panasonic sound bar. It has a significantly far better foundation and a a lot more full sound for the tv and performing off my daughters ipad. Fantastic value for the value (£160).

This replaces my phillips audio bar i purchased early last 12 months. It is so much superior in that the tv set goes on top rated and allows distinct access to the controls. The sound quality is superb giving warmth and depth to my tv set audio and producing looking at a more pleasing working experience. I endorse this as it is cheaper than the bose product and however provides outstanding sound quality.

  • A very competent piece of kit to improve the sound quality of modern flat Tv’s.
  • Brilliant Speakerboard
  • Good value for money.
  • Panasonic soundbox
  • Decent sound – nightmare to set up with Sky AND dvd player
  • The sound is brilliant when you eventually get it to work

Ordered to improve sound quality of my 32′ viera panasonic as comfortable passages of dialogue have been complicated to realize and spoilt the viewing experience. Box gives good vary of sounds for several varieties of programmes so need to come across anything to suit. No link prospects offered but understandable as a number of methods of connection accessible.

A really skilled piece of package to enhance the sound quality of modern flat tv’s. . Right after a great deal of analysis i made the decision to buy the panasonic soundbase as the value was pretty appealing and the evaluations are superior. It is a incredibly properly constructed piece of package, robust and compact. The connections include things like hdmi arc which usually means a really fastinstallation if your television set has an arc hdmi ( most modern day ones do ). So in a matter of a pair of minutes we are up and running. Voulme is managed from my sony bravia remote – no fuss at all and you can even bluetooth your audio if you need. Neglect aout the deficiency of ‘on-screen’ menus as you don’t require it. The recommendations are quite uncomplicated and adjustments are very easily manufactured to match your personal preferences. The sound is quite outstanding for this kind of a little device and i can even experience some of the bass when i am up the stairs – so fairly ample for my demands as i really don’t want a growth box. Dialogue is a lot clearer and i was stunned to truly hear the footsteps as the contestants manufactured their way to the ‘mastermind’ chair i would advocate this device to everyone as you you should not realise in fact how poor flat television set indigenous sound is until eventually you change back and forth and really observe that there is a important variance.

Features of Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard with Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Black

  • Integrated Subwoofer x 2
  • Aero Stream Port x 2
  • 460mm wide, 60mm height, Compact and Slim body
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • HDMI Terminal

Just obtained mine functioning so a little bit early to comment on the general performance but desired to permit any person know about the arc hdmi connectivity just in case. As there is no hdmi cable in the box, make confident you purchase an arc enabled cable which i identified out following previous failed makes an attempt. The cable need to be listed as v1. four or higher than as my authentic one explained ‘high speed’ but was really v1. Without this cable my lg tv set would not ‘talk to’ this panasonic speakerboard but now performs fine & the lg tv set remote even controls the speakerboard quantity.

I assumed the sound quality from my panasonic viera 3d tv was excellent but when i related this device to it wow. Switching on the tv set the audio starts off with the tv set then the sound unit kicks in. I believed i read somewhere that it was encompass audio which was good as i failed to want speakers and wires all about the put. Even so the sound quality is incredibly fantastic. If you are a sound buff the remote regulate lets straightforward configuration of appears to your choice.

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  1. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard with Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Black

    We were really surprised with how rich & deep it made the sound on our tv. The clarity is such that i need not have the subtitles on all the time & we have even had to turn the bass downas my first foray into tv sound enhancement it has been a good experience. Excellent value for money, however, i would have preferred to pay the extra for the necessary hdmi cable to be supplied with the unit.
    • In order to save you some time i thought i would start with my verdict first. This is a great sound bar and improves the watching of television and films 100% i have been looking for some kind of speaker to improve the sound of my tv. I mainly watch films via sky amazon and blu-ray. I find it frustrating when you go from action to a quieter dialogue scene and having to turn it up and down constantly. You will still need to do this with the sound base but not as frequently. The panasonic speaker is approximately the size of a cd player but slightly thinner. As long as your television is standing on something like a piece of furniture it will fit perfectly underneath the base of the television. My tv is standing directly on top of it as this is what it is designed to do or you could place it on the shelf below. It has a very handy and simple display which tells you which source you are listening to as well as a simple menu to allow adjustment of the audio features.
  2. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard with Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Black

    Good solid kit, nice sound and plenty loud. Bluetooth hookup is very straightforward – no 3. 5mm input though, which would have been nice.
    • Great item at a sensible price. Great item at a sensible price. Improved the sound quality on my panasonic tv no end. The dialogue enhancement settings are very useful on films where the dialogue is drowned out by the background sounds, and the four levels of subwoofer / bass and treble, plus mega-bass, are more than adequate for my needs. Very compact and neat looking as well. Great piece of kit at a great price.
      • Front display is useful, you have to play around to get suitable. Front display is useful,you have to play around to get suitable settings to meet your requirements.
  3. The sound clarity is amazing in comparison. Just received and connected this speakerboard. What a difference, big improvement on my lg tv internal speakers. The sound clarity is amazing in comparison.
    • I have one and so i have really tested this little beauty , so i treated my s-i-law for xmas they have a sony bravia tv with 10 watt rear facing speakers so i unpacked the panasonic soundbase , connected it via an tos link optical audio cable and away it went out of the box. So in cinema mode , we watched that film with mr r crowe esq in ” master and commander “. Sea warfare as of old and let it rip. S-i-l sharply ducked as the angry french cannonball whizzed over his head and out through the lounge window into his garden. Just an incredulous spacial sound from such a tidy unit. Knocking out the sony tv sound for good. Make sure tv sound is off and use the sound base only or else you could receive an electronic sound echo. Plenty of options for you with the tidy handset control for subwoofer, dialogue. 3d, agc ,base, volume controls and you can experiment. News, standard ,stereo, music , cinema and stadium the later which puts you there at the match. You can turn it off seperately and hear the ordinary telly sound if you wish. Plenty of advice on the internet to give customers preferred setting options as well. Check the weight of your tv first though if it is really big and heavy ,,check the size of your tv stand.
  4. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard with Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Black

    Sent it back and bought the denon one instead – much better all. Average sound but it would not pair with the bluetooth on my projector. Sent it back and bought the denon one instead – much better all round.
    • Excellent product for the price i paid. Excellent product for the price i paid. Easy to set up with my panasonic t v using a hdmi cable to the arc supporting hdmi port. Sound and design unrivalled in my opinion at this price point.
      • Just about the best for normal tv viewing. . Many modern tvs have rear facing, small, speakers. My tv was reputed to have very poor sound. Normally, i had no problem with it but many tv productions have under modulated dialog with loud music and effects. This unit has some forward facing speakers and several modes to suit different programmes. The ones i use most are news, standard and stereo, which i suspect is an enhanced stereo. There is a very good agc (automatic gain control) which reduces the level of the loud sounds like music. There are also various settings of what they call dialog mode. This enhances the low level speech. Personally, i would have liked a proper graphic equaliser but the modes provided are quite good.
  5. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard with Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Black

    A good improvement in sound. Viera link works well – bass could be more ‘solid’.
    • I bought this as wanted a system with sub woofers but wanted them integrated with the unit. The sound is full and adds real oomph to watching tv. Very happy with this purchase.
      • Great bargain with good sound. Bought this in the last few day based on size and price. Absolute bargain, nearly bought one a year, 18mth ago for over 250quid. Sound is not bad, not excellent but a massive improvement over our new lg tv speakers which are crap. Easy to set up, syncs with tv remote. If yr tv has an hdmi (arc) port even better to set up. Bluetooth my phones mp3s to it, sounds good. Pretty good sound from a small box. Note width of unit is 460mm. A good buy well worth the money.

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