Panasonic SC-HTB527EB-S 2 – Had many problems

Prompt service, delighted with the product, bought as a replacement for surround sound speakers, the sound bar has fullfilled the task.

This item was listed at £179. 99 just a minute before the lightning deal and the £200 and something when it began with an %18 discount. You pay more now than before.

It says in the description of this sound bar that it has bluetooth, but somehow i’m not so sure this model has.

Features of Panasonic SC-HTB527EB-S 2.1 Channel Home Cinema Sound Bar

  • Simple, Flexible Layout
  • Powerful Bass Sound
  • Easy operation with a single remote control
  • Crisp Dialogue from the Centre of the Screen
  • Wall Mountable Speaker

One thought on “Panasonic SC-HTB527EB-S 2 – Had many problems

  1. Works seemlessly with my panasonic tv, setting the different. Works seemlessly with my panasonic tv, setting the different sound options is a bit tricky the first time, other than that, the sub woofer is 100%.
    • Viera tv and viera hard drive may reduce your options. I have the best set up for this piece of equipment according to the instructions, being both a viera tv and a viera hard drive/recorder, which means that i didn’t have to use the remote that came with this unit. However it also means that i apparently cannot alter the sound levels of the sub woofer supplied. Apart from that one gripe it works perfectly with improved sound performance.
  2. Home theater audio system moael no sc-htb570 is very good. The sound was very good the sound would beat of tv great for films on the tv along with thesubwoofer and its wireless.
  3. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB527EB-S 2.1 Channel Home Cinema Sound Bar

    “roomfilling” sound and high specification. We actually ended up with a sc-htb570ebs 2. 1 unit,and are happy with its performance and versatility. Sonic direct (the seller) have proved to be forthright,helpful and quick. Our order and questions/request for assistance were dealt with in a most efficient and friendly manner. . We would purchase equipment from them again .
    • This product l highly recommend. The product is truly exceptional for the price, easily installed and l am mo audio expert. The quality with the wi-fi subwoofer is amazing.
  4. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB527EB-S 2.1 Channel Home Cinema Sound Bar

    The system was easy to set up,i have always brought panasonic tv / dvdhyperfi the supple of the sound system first clas.
  5. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB527EB-S 2.1 Channel Home Cinema Sound Bar

    Attached this to our samsung tv with an hdmi cable to the arc output on the tv. The soundbar itself produces a lovely deep rich sound which really brings the tv to life, because we don’t have a panasonic tv when we switch on our tv doesn’t seem to trigger the soundbar. However just switching the tv speaker settings to tv speakers, and then back to receiver, does the trick. Having a wireless sub woofer makes it really easy to place in the room. Lovely sound for a pretty reasonable price. This happens to be a which best buy, and its well deserved.
    • Wow makes such a massive difference instead of just using the televisions sounds. I don’t think i ever watch tele without the soundbar on.
  6. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB527EB-S 2.1 Channel Home Cinema Sound Bar

    I purchased this because i am hard of hearing. I used to have to turn the tv volume up for speech and down for music. Speech is now greatly improved, and the sub woofer renders deep sounds that i never knew were there .It is intelligent – adjusts volume with the tv remote control, and switches off when you switch off the tv. It detects dolby sound when you play dvds although i have not noticed any real “surround sound” effect.
    • This unit is a perfect complement to a panasonic tv with viera link (hdavi control 5) as it is then possible to use the main tv remote to select the tv or sound bar for sound output and change sound volume. My panasonic predates this and has q-link, which is incompatible with the htb527 so it is necessary for me to use the small remote that comes with the kit to alter sound settings, and i have to silence the tv with it’s own remote. A bit more cumbersome but not too much of a burden. I would recommend looking at panasonic’s own website to get a full description of this kit, and an idea of the recommended price. The soundbar is deemed suitable for tv’s in the 47-55 inch range. As it happens i am using it on the built in stand that comes with my 42 inch th 42px60b panasonic and it is an exact fit as the tv is a vintage one with wider bezel (and much better sound) than modern day sleek designs. Connection is simple enough with hdmi from the unit to the tv (or optical). My panasonic dvd recorder which previously also connected to the tv by hdmi now connects into the soundbar through the hdmi socket provided in a daisy chain arrangement. Even with the soundbar turned off the hdmi signal from the dvd recorder to the tv is kept live so it is possible to play dvds and recordings as previously using just one hdmi connection into the tv.

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