Panasonic SC-HTB20EB-K 240w Soundbar – Does what it promises to do

Quality 2. 1 theatre system. . Wanted an affordble speaker system to enhance the sound of my sony 37″ bravia flatscreen which like most tv’s these days was rather tinny and weak. Delivery time typically efficent (1 day delivery). The main reason i opted for this system over similar priced models was that it was possible to have the speakers divided either side rather than as one soundbar. They look really good and have a similar look to my t. I have connected the system via the hdmi(arc)which allows my sky box,dvd blueray and tv volume to be controlled via one remote control(sky). The system also switches off via my sky remote control which i find really handy. The remote control which the unit came with is smaller than most and will have to be used when diffrent settings need to be selected e.

Have just connected this ( one hour) to my 2 year old 50inch plasma viera and the difference in sound quality is really amazing. Why not 5 stars then?because i have a black tv, black sound bar, black woofer, black tv stand and — wait for it — white cables from sound bar to woofer . Unbelievablethat aside, this is a system to be recommended.

Great product for the money. Regarding amazon i was a little scared about the general condition because i bought it from the warehouse deals and the description was reporting little scratches on the surface, instead the product arrive in perfect condition with his own box and all manuals included. The product confirms all the other reviews: it works perfectly with my panasonic tv (model of the year 2010), the sound is good and the voices are more clear, the only annoy thing i notice so far is that is not possible to tweak the audio other than the 3 basic configurations. Overall for the money i spent it’s a great product.

Amazing bit of kit for the money but definitely not perfect. Over the last few weeks i’ve grown sick of the tinny speakers inside of my tv, they just didn’t provide the experience i was looking for so i decided, why spend so much money on blu-ray movies, music and games to not be able to enjoy them to their full potential?. This is where the panasonic comes ini went for this product for a couple of reasons, the main ones would be price, flexibility and audio quality. At nearly £170 for a quality system you certainly can’t grumble, especially when there are others that cost £200 upwards and provide inferior flexibility and audio performance, so its definitely value for money.By flexibility i mean of course that you can use the panasonic in two ways, either as a soundbar and subwoofer or a 2. 1 separate speaker system (my preference), this was a major selling point for me as i love having the option of both and its so easy to change between the two making it a brilliant idea. Especially if you’re like me and don’t necessarily have a lot of under the tv space or like other who have reviewed if it blocks the remote controls receiver just simply use it as two separate speakers. Audio performance was the last reason i chose this product, out of all the under £200 soundbars and 2. 1 systems the panasonic kept flagging up as having great sound quality as seen in other reviews so i was confident it was going to be great.Now that i’ve had it a few days i can say that the quality is excellent now, i’m no audiophile or pro audio technician, i’m just a normal person and to me, the performance of this product exceeds what the price tag suggests.

  • well balanced sound
  • Booming sub-woofer! Susanna Reid is a bit hissy though
  • Amazing bit of kit for the money but definitely not perfect!
  • Good but not perfect
  • Does what it promises to do

Panasonic SC-HTB20EB-K 240w Soundbar (Discontinued by Manfacturer)

  • Multi Positional Speakers
  • Downfiring subwoofer
  • Viera Link

Susanna reid is a bit hissy though. I have a samsung 32″ tv, which has a great picture, but disappointing sound, especially in the dialogue range. I bought this product after reading the positive reviews on amazon and which. It was hard to find a soundbar that fits under a smaller tv and doesn’t stick out the sides. I got this one as it can be separated in the middle to allow you to set it up in various arrangements. In the end i kept it as a single bar and placed it under the tv on the sticky pads provided (the legs provided make it a little high and it blocks the remote receiver, as other reveiwers reported). In this setup the bar looks great, perfect for a 32″ tv, looking as if it was made for it. The sub-woofer is bigger than i was expecting (yes i could have looked at the measurements. ), but sits beside the tv stand quite nicely.

Purchase of this soundbar has not enhanced the clarity of. Purchase of this soundbar has not enhanced the clarity of the speach output to the extent that i thought it would.

This is good product to considerably enhance the sound of the tinny basic speakers which come with most tvs. It is not the same as having a proper surround system but avoids wires trailing round the room and speakers everywhere. The improvement is very noticeable in the lower registers , the sub woofer is surprisingly large and powerful. G with the war horse dvd the sound of the horses thundering across the ground was very impressiveyou can either have the speakers separately either side of the tv or as i have joined together as a soundbar. The soundbar has small stylish stands to sit on or can rest on rubber feet which you stick on. Unfortunately even though i have a panasonic tv and this is a panasonic soundbar the stands raise the soundbar to a level where it blocks the remote control receiver on the front of the tv. So mine sits on the rubber feet which is fine but it would have been nicer to have it slightly raisedset up is very easy and only took me about 20 min. Having a panasonic tv and blu ray player makes the set up pretty much automatic through the viera link once you have connected everything up. I think you can play with the sttings to enhance the sound further as suggested on technical review sites but i have not tried this yetall in all i am very pleased with this soundbar and the delivery process was excellent.

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    Improve the adjustment method. . The improvement to the sound is excellent, however the adjustment provision for dialogue levels seems marginal. The subwoofer adjustments based on small flashing green lights is not in my view the best system, as an alternative a horizontal illuminated bar would give a quicker and visibly easier reading.
  2. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB20EB-K 240w Soundbar (Discontinued by Manfacturer)

    . Just purchased this soundbar after returning two, 1st one a goodmans and 2nd a sony 260 that kepted disconnecting to the wireless sub. After a lot of research i decided to go for the panasonic has it is connected to the sub and the reviews where good. I have to say for a smallish soundbar in my large living room it sure does pack a punch compared to the large sony soundbar that i returned and was more expensive. Set up very easy through hdmi arc on my sony kdl50. This has brought my tv to life with its lovely clear sound. Absolute steel at the price, a 5 star from me.
    • This sytem provide without doubt some excellent sounds while watching a 32 inch tv. This sytem provide without doubt some excellent sounds while watching a 32 inch tv. With this connected to my tv i am able to fully enjoy live classical concerts (on a french channel),you can distinguish all the different instruments on low to hight volume,if it is not the most powerfull system, the sound quality deserve 5* as it is very well balanced,crisp and syncronised(that a classical musican speaking)and it is more than sufficient for a relatively small lounge. It is fantastic as well to listen to pop-rock as the systeme offer deep rounded bass,and with the movies. Well your lounge become like a little cinema, even the news sounds like you are in the studio. You can select with the remote control various bass/treble option for:movie,classical,pop-rock,news,depending on your tastes as well. These options are only visible with small but clearly visible green lights displayed on the top front of the subwoofer,but it take only a couple of days to get acustomised to them. Estheticaly the soundbar blend very well with my lg tv: they both have similar lengh,it does not affect the fonctionning of my tv remote control. The subwoofer is beautifull and shiny. The white audio cables provided to connect the soundbar to the subwoofer are easily well hidden under the base of the tv,not a problem at all.
      • Excellent value and performance. . Bought this as a christmas present for my son and we both installed it at his place and it is astounding. His x-box and tv have been transformed.

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