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    Large unit ok for price but don’t buy unless you have a 46″+ tv. Unit is really too large and sound quality is only marginally better than my panasonic tv. For programs that are mainly speech eg. Positive does integrate well with a panasonic vierra tv and can be controlled from tv remote.
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    Definitely one of my better purchases. Bought primarily as a bluetooth speaker for use in the kitchen. It sits discreetly on top of the wall units, at a slight angle yet comfortably rests grounded on its rubber feet provided. The sound recreated via bluetooth connectivity with my experia is reassuringly clear and crisp with a complementary mid range and a balanced bass all of which can be adjusted via the unit itself or with an equaliser on my device. If you are wanting a little more than most bluetooth dedicated speakers can offer. Then for a few extra pounds this unit at 120w gave me exactly what i was looking for and i’m sure is capable of filling any room of the house with the quality sound i’ve come to expect from a panasonic system.
  3. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB170 – sound bar

    This has to be the best soundbar in terms of value for money. With many of the entry-level soundbars coming with the barest minimum of features this represents excellent value. It has 2 hdmi ports (1 arc and hdmi input for a bluray/dvd/pc) and digital input and comes with a remote. Had a chance to try it out this weekend and the sound quality blows my mind. With 120w (60w speaker + 60w subwoofer) of power, the sound is vastly improved than what i’m used to from my tv. All in all, a good purchase and i would like to thank electric empire for the excellent service and excellent price (65 pounds refurbished). I ordered the item last wednesday and received the item the following day in excellent condition. If you are thinking of getting a quality soundbar at a good price, you can’t go wrong with the panasonic sc-htb170.
    • A previous post mentioned that you have to isolate it from the power and re-connect it to turn it on, and this is true. I got in touch with panasonic and they told me to take it back to its factory settings (which i had done several times already) and they suggested taking my panasonic smart tv back to its factory setting also (which i have no intentions of doing as i have tweaked it to perfection). Do not buy this pile of trashupdate. ~ i have since updated the firmware for this soundbar and its working fine. Downloaded it from panasonic site to a usb flash drive. Full instructions were given.
  4. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB170 – sound bar

    Poor design of wall bracket but excellent sound. The only down side to this sound bar is the wall bracket. If you have a cavity wall forget it. You only get one shot at fitting it to the wall ,there is no flexibility or allowance ,once you have drilled your holes thats it. They suggest using screws that have a 33kg tolerance,why i am not sure as its only supposed to weigh 4kg. Adding to that i searched high and low looking in the box for the wall brackets. Turned out i had then in my hands already. They are so small they really don’t look up to the job and how you are supposed to find screws to fit that will screw it to a cavity wall are beyond me. Adding to that the very precise no tolerance fitting to the wall ,if you have a cavity wall ,may i suggest looking else where ,shame as the rest of it is very good. You can down load the manual on line ,i would suggest doing so before buying.
  5. This review is from : Panasonic SC-HTB170 – sound bar

    I bought this unit to complement a matching panasonic led tv. Plenty of options to mount the unit or stand on a table. I wall mounted it under the tv using the cleverly made fixings that are rock solid and very discreet. It sits off the wall and is exactly aligned with the tv; left, right and front elevation. Whilst the sound is not earth shattering by any means, it is plenty loud enough for my purposes. It connects via a dedicated arc compatible hdmi lead (not included) and operates via the tv remote as a result. I bought an hdmi lead that had a 90 for the tv end and straight for the sound bar. Do check that your 90 is facing the right way before buying. Various options for different soundscapes are programmed in to the unit and a row of tiny led’s indicate selection, these also double as a flashing sequence to show you are raising or lowering the volume.

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