Panasonic SC-ALL6EB-K 40 W Powerful Multi-Room Speaker- : Wireless speaker system

I have the older version of these speakers (all-3) and like them a lot. These new ones add so many new features, it makes them hard to fault. They look quite nice, have very good sound quality especially at this price – clear with good bass. They support several music streaming services directly so tell it which spotify playlist you want and they play directly. You can group several speakers together and even set two as left and right channels if you want. The latest features mean you can now connect to one speaker via bluetooth and re-stream that sound through all of the connected/grouped speakers (even the older ones). Apparently (not tested it yet) the speaker will also re-stream for the line-in via the rear port, this basically means that you can use any sound source and stream it through your home – have amazon or apple music now it’s no problem. Finally, there’s a couple more buttons on the top of the unit which allows you to preset 2 internet radio stations so no app is needed to listen to them. All of these features make these speakers hard not to recommend. I have 3x all-3, 2x all-6 (this one) and an all-1.

I had high expectations of this speaker given that panasonic have a long and impressive history of mid-fi kit and that they were asking over two hundred for each unit. Unfortunately this just hasn’t delivered on promise and i won’t be investing in a set of them to scatter round my home. Firstly there is the insurmountable problem of the bluetooth streaming format. This certainly isn’t panasonic’s fault but even the latest incarnations of the codec are lossy. Bluetooth was never conceived as a hifi link and if you have experience of either cabled or pcm streamed audio you will notice the artefacts of compression. It’s not a problem if you have bought one of the many £40-£80 rechargeable bluetooth speakers where you can only be impressed by the punch they pack but for a mains powered unit of well over £200 it just seems limiting. The app didn’t wow me either and i found it just as effective to pair my devices directly and use other apps on them already. Once connected, the stepping of the volume control isn’t very fine either – it’s hard to achieve a quiet ambient sound as they go from zero to moderately loud in one jump. I freely admit that using one unit doesn’t give me the flavour of the integrated system but equally i doubt it could be much more than the sum of its parts. On the positive side, these are clearly well made, stable and robust.

This is my second wireless sound device, my first being a sonos (which i’ve since had to connect via ethernet so no longer wireless). I’ve heard that the panasonic wireless systems can be difficult to set up so i was a little anxious. It was a bit of a faff compared to my sonos setup but once i’d gotten my head around it, everything was plain sailing. The app is installed on my phone and i was disappointed to not be able to get it on the amazon app store for my kindle fire – hopefully this will be available in the future. The app layout is a little clunky compared to my sonos system but after a few days playing with it, i’m starting to get used to it. I must admit to preferring the sonos interface though. Sound quality is very good and i’ve tried a range of genres as i have eclectic taste in music. The all6 coped well with pop, rock, jazz, classical, country, easy listening and latin to make a few. From doris day’s dulcet tones, to fleet foxes beautiful harmonies, through ella fitzgerald smoky jazz, gloria estevan’s fun latin, to dolly parton’s soaring sweet vocals all the way to the at times dark, brooding lord of the rings soundtracks and the light, playful harry potter themes. This little box of wonders did everything it should and performed admirably.

This is a review for the sc-all6this hefty speaker weighs in at around 8lbs it fills a space roughly 10” x 5” x 6”, so it’s also quite compact. The controls are a series of touch sensitive, labelled areas on a strip along the front top. Some of them even have tiny leds hidden under the speaker fabric to let you know something is happening. They are so well hidden i found them difficult to make out. The speaker top, sides, and back are covered with a ‘leatherette’ type material; and the front by speaker fabric. The ends are finished with a brushed aluminium trim. There are innocuous rubber feet on the bottom and on one end so the speaker can be stood vertically as well as horizontally. It would make a good resident for the end of a bookshelf. The controls, from left to right, are ‘1’ & ‘2’ for preset stations (i used tunein), volume up and volume down, something called rear mode, aux (used in conjunction with the aux in 3. 5mm socket at the back of the speaker), bluetooth on/off, net (used in conjunction with ethernet port at rear of speaker), and an on/off switch.

  • Works really well
  • Great Value for Money
  • Awesome speaker

Panasonic SC-ALL6EB-K 40 W Powerful Multi-Room Speaker- Black

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  • Play music from almost any source all controlled from the Panasonic music streaming App
  • Distortion-free and clear sound from two woofers and two tweeters
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Send music from Smartphone/tablet to other all connected speakers

Like how good it sounds and that it doesnt take up much room. The app for me works well for playing music but still getting to grips with it. The con to it is my mate has taken over my speaker via the app 50 miles away. Not sure how but did not know you could do that. If you like the chance of some random music picked by your mate deffo buy.

The panasonic range of allplay speakers has come good with this second generation version of the all3. I have a couple of those plus an all1 and although i liked them (especially once i had set up the pair of all3’s to play separate stereo channels – which absolutely changes the sound from slightly muddled boom box to beautifully constructed sound stage), i have to admit they were a bit limited and temperamental to use. I was alerted to the all6 via the update to the panasonic music streaming app, (which was an awful piece of work in its first incarnation), when it suddenly included bluetooth (re)streaming. I was keen to get my hands on an all6 for that purpose – but couldn’t really justify the cost until i got one for just over a hundred quid from amazon warehouse. I had intended to replace one of the all3 with an all6, but panasonic in their wisdom have changed the design so that the front of the speaker is now cloth covered rather than metal mesh. The sound is the same – so it still works well as half of the stereo pair but it looks a little different. Initial set up was problematic –the android app makes it simpler than the first version – but i had to do a re-set before it accepted the router password. Since that small hiccup it has behaved flawlessly. My current set up now includes 5 allplay speakers which play perfectly in sync. I have a large open plan space and can now fill it with music from all directionsthe bluetooth works well and you can set it in favour of increased range or fidelity.

This isn’t my first panasonic speaker but it’s not as good as the one i ordered before it. I recently got a yamaha system and i much prefer their wireless speakers as not only is the acoustic quality far superior but also they look and work better. This takes its time connecting to the network and also doesn’t turn off (i mean fully, not standby) instead turning itself back on from time to time unless i remember to switch it off at the mains. It doesn’t seem to have caught up with the advances in technology since the last panasonic speaker release and in fact has degraded.

I am reviewing the panasonic sc-all6eb-k 40 w powerful multi-room speaker- black. Here are my thoughts:^^ the main thing i wanted this for was so i could connect this panasonic speaker to my alexa, and i am pleased to say that works really well. Just go to the alexa app to set up the connection, or press the bluetooth button on the speaker so it’s in search mode and ask alexa to connect for you. Having alexa connect means now i can keep the speaker in the kitchen and listen to music there without bothering anyone else in the room where alexa sits (in my case the living room). However, she does turn off (to save power) if not used for a while, which can be a bit annoying for alexa users. She also grabs the audio output when it connects, so if i connect to another bluetooth device she will disconnect from the previous device. ^^ the above point leads me on nicely to the fact that the panasonic does have allplay streaming abilities, meaning it can connect to this and also re-stream to other allplay enabled devices. So if you’ve got money to spend you can buy another sc-all6 speaker, or choose a different one (the top of the range sc-all9) and then you will be able to play the same music the same time in different rooms. ^^ this speaker includes a touch area with preset internet radio channels, volume control, rear mode (for rear surround sound), aux, bluetooth and standby on and off switch. ^^ in addition to bluetooth, this also has the ability to connect to your home network (the net button) by entering your wps pairing code.

My initial impression upon opening the box was that this is a very nicely designed speaker:- good build quality- works over ethernet, wifi and bluetooth which is nice- feather touch buttons (volume, wifi, etc)- can be placed horizontally or vertically- i need to confirm but looks like it has a screw fixing for stand/wall mounting- setting up was okay – the instructions could be improved; it took a couple of minutes using an iphone app to get it working- iphone application design is fine although a bit fiddly at times- internet radio was easy to set up but needed a separate application; i would have thought that 1 application for everything would be tidier- can be used as part of a set to form a surround speaker system- sound quality good. If we compare against sonos play:1:- sonos doesn’t have bluetooth- play 1 can only be placed vertically- play 1 sounds better- sonos application is easier to use- play 1 has better integration to music streaming services. And if we compare against bose soundtouch:- bose more expensive- bose sounds better- bose connectivity isn’t as good (to streaming services, etc). Overall as a standalone speaker i thought this product was good. But if you’re looking for something more multi-room/flexible then sonos is a better option.

This is a well made and robust speaker. Stylish and reassuringly hefty. Its about 10in long and 6 in tall. Instructions are relatively clear but i did struggle a little in getting it up and operating. I found it all a little confusing. The more technically minded should have no problems. I did get it operating after re-reading the instructions. Operation is quite easy once you have it up and running. The app could be better designed but it is functional. Sound is excellent, probably the best i have heard from any speaker.

There’s been a spate of ‘wireless’ (ie wifi or bluetooth streaming) speakers in recent years giving users the opportunity to immerse their home with music from room to room as a whole or play different in isolation as long as you’ve bought into the same system. Sonos is the market leader, but panasonic have tried very hard to compete with their ‘all’ collection of which the all 6 is a multifunctional part. This is not a portable bluetooth speaker, if that’s what your looking for, this is not it, if you want something a bit more, then consider giving panasonic a go. Opening the box you get a sense of minimalist style, this speaker in white has a streamlined touch but with sleek curves, pressure pads instead of buttons (bar the two preset radio stations) and a sense of ‘solidity’ it’s a hefty piece of equipment in size but doesn’t scream so in appearance. I prefer this soft look in white, in black it may have come across more strongly, perhaps even a bit hal. The one thing you must be aware of here is that this is a mains powered system, which means wherever you are planning to use it, it will need a dedicated power source. This may be a change for those used to portable bluetooth systems, this is a serious bit of kit intending on revolutionising the standard hifi not a handy reasonably resilient speaker for casual loitering say in the garden or to sing along in the shower, of which there are some great choices, but this is not one. Plus the lead is really short so be careful to plan for it living near a plug. Indeed this is not really a bluetooth speaker, even though it has that capacity. The intent with the system is to connect it to your wifi and use that (a better and stronger source) to play your music from phones, tablets, computers, or through the all hifi (or dongle like attachment to existing wired kit) or films via the all-sound bar.

The panasonic all6 comes nicely packaged with a full information booklet as well as a handy quick start guide which made the “box to music” process really straightforward. The unit is well put together and feels of good quality. The connectivity is mostly (more on that in a moment) excellent with options for wifi/bluetooth and aux connections. The bluetooth connection was smooth and a handy way to connect music or podcasts to test the sound quality of the all6. In that regard, i was extremely impressed – the sound knocks the socks off my previous (similarly sized but certainly a budget model) speaker i was using up to very recently. The sound is rich and pops out of the speaker in a really impressive way. I first tested “chelsea dagger”, which sounded excellent, before moving on to a mix of classic rock songs that were equally impressive. The set up guide prompts the downloading of an app on your ios or android smart phone. The app itself is fine, if a little clunky in places, but my (slight) disappointment with the unit as a whole relates to the connectivity that i was initially so impressed with. The spec states that the all6 is compatible with spotify and “other music services” but there is, sadly, no way that i could find to stream across my network to the specified speaker directly from deezer using the full functionality that the system is designed in mind with.

This was easy to set up, with clear ,concise instructions provided in the box. The wifi connection has been stable ( a huge advantage of bluetooth) and when i got the hang of the app i found it a breeze to use. Sound quality is excellent, crystal clear even when turned up high. The speaker supports all major streaming services but having a pretty large collection of good old fashioned cd’s which i have transferred on to my various devices i have mainly being these- very successfully. The look is simple and uncluttered enabling the speaker to blend into the background when not in use. I have a couple of other panasonic speakers and was able to add this to the network easily, giving me the chance to have music around the house.

Not top of the range sound, in comparison to hi-fi separates and floor standing speakers, but for the cost and ease of use with a phone (for the kids) these are ideal. Decent bass, mid and top range. Surprisingly ‘fills’ the living room with sound. No problem in a smaller room. Not as tinny as other, smaller portable speakers. I would highly recommend as value for money. Never had issues with wifi or bluetooth connectivity. Not the easiest of apps to learn but reliable and got up and running with music from unpacking to listening via a bluetooth phone in 30 minutes. So good the kids each have one.

Compact, solid and relatively heavy for its size, this panasonic mains powered wireless speaker certainly delivers. There is more volume available than one would require for normal listening in an average size room, and the sound quality is good. Speech is clear and understandable, while music is punchy with surprisingly good base (and not boomy) considering the speakers size. Compared to my existing creative soundblaster roar bluetooth speaker this is far better. Set up is easy, even if it does seem a little confusing at the time. By that i mean that during the set up process it did not appear to be going according to plan, but when completed and i pressed the bluetooth button to connect all was okay. Once connected it is easy to play from whatever you want on your device or chosen music streaming service (says its compatible with several music services) through the speakers, it would appear so whether or not you connect through the panasonic app (free download), and unlike some of bluetooth speakers you are not restricted to a single source such as spotify. It will also continue to play from your selected source even when you move to another app, for example if you are playing music from youtube and then open your web browser you tube will continue to play rather than cut out. It will also connect to internet radio when using internet radio app (i have not tried this). It can also connect to a compatible panasonic home theatre audio system, using two units as rear surround speakers (again not tried).

Ok, it isn’t the market leader but overall i do like the sound quality of the panasonic and it does link in with spotify for great results. The temptation with speakers is to accept the quality of the alexa mono speaker or pay big bucks for the sonos. The panasonic does have the range to blast out the music through the room or house without noticeable distortion and is certainly not a wallflower. Looks stylish enough, the app that panasonic support the speaker with has thankfully changed from woeful to ok so you can group speakers together. Worth hunting out but they are getting rarer to find – good option.

This is a wireless speaker system from panasonicyou can stream music from wifi and bluetooth with wireless technology around the housepanasonic has a music streaming app to help you connect easilyyou can stream any music from bluetooth wireless technology throughout the house and enjoy your music library and online music services wirelesslythe speaker is white in colour with silver accentswe have connected via bluetooth on iphone/ipod and the sound is great listening to our music around the house.

Every home should have five.

I’ve already owned the all-8 and i’m a great fan of the panasonic home range of speakers. The sound quality is brilliant for the bottom line of the product, and the flexibility of how you can extend the system. It’s so straightforward to set up with the panasonic app. I use android nougat and had no issues with stepping through the setup process. The speaker appears to be on constant standby, as when you try to output to it from spotify even when i thought it was off, it turned itself back on. For me this is fine, but the power-conscious of those amongst you may therefore want to remember to turn this off at the wallit’s a good-looking unit and doesn’t take up too much space on the sideboard. A brilliant addition to your home media setup.

All round, great sound and quality for what it cost.

I brought 2 of these to add to my panasonic all70 sound bar, they connected easily to my sound bar with bluetooth and act as surround speakers. The improvement to my sound bar is amazing full surround effect. They are also very good as a bluetooth speaker connecting to my iphone sound is amazing good bass and volume from such a small speaker the panasonic music app isnt very good for streaming though.

The panasonic sc-all6 is mains-only a wireless and bluetooth speaker with an absolutely fantastic sound. It’s worth pointing out this is mains only as a lot of speakers are marketed as ‘party’ speakers which can be used at your bbq or picnic. I have two of the older versions of the sc speakers, a larger all8 and the forerunner of this model the all3. The main physical difference between the old and new versions is the build quality. Whilst the old models were still well made, it seems panasonic have really gone to town on the build quality of their new generation of speakers. A lovely two-tone scheme of black with brushed stainless steel trim add a real quality touch. Even my wife doesn’t mind this version being on the shelf. She was never a fan of the previous white model. The changes aren’t just on the outside either. The all6 now has bluetooth built in, a definite plus over the all3, plus most importantly adding the speaker to your network is very easy and straightforward.

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