Panasonic SC-ALL05EB-W Powerful Multi Room Portable and Waterproof Speaker, this item is great

This device has really grown on me to the point that i recommend it. I tend to use it for 2 key purposes:1) as a ‘put it anywhere’ (within wi-fi range) radio. It gives great quality radio without having to mess about with an aerial. It does take up to a minute to fire up from ‘off’ and sometimes i have to change radio channels back and forth to finally get the one i want to work?.The allplay radio app is a bit flakey, but you only need it to set up the 6 pre-sets (which i’ve not changed since setting them). 2) as an extra speaker for my panasonic hc-1020 which is compact but lacks a bit of oomph. Together this gives good stereo music quality for a small footprint. The panasonic app is nothing special but does everything i need. Had a few issues getting both devices onto the wi-fi network – not sure it would be so great on a 2. 4ghz only network (i had to force it onto 5ghz to get it to stream from my nas).

Although i didn’t make my final purchase on amazon (wouldn’t arrive on time for xmas), i thought i’d leave a review since there’s none for the all05 model. Overall found this to be a brilliant speaker and exactly what we wanted it for. Works great directly from spotify and really good quality. Chose this over the sonos play 1 as it had touch buttons for the radio. Once the radio is set up the touch buttons are very useful and definitely worth it. It always seems to stay connected and reconnects after switching off. No problems at all yet but will update if there are. Setup – really easy, plugged in, downloaded the app and started playing. Just pressed the wps button on the router so there was no issue getting connected. Sound – i’m no expert so i can’t talk technically but it plays music and it sounds great.

Well built & they sound great. The battery life however is woeful. They discharge on standby within 8 hours. As for playtime you will be lucky to get 4 hours of musc. There are better value units out there. If you want portability then look else where.

Key specs for Panasonic SC-ALL05EB-W Powerful Multi Room Portable and Waterproof Speaker:

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  • Portable ALL Connected Multi-Room Speaker with 20W output power
  • Play Music from almost any source all controlled from the Panasonic Music Streaming App
  • Waterproof (IPX7 rated) listen to your favourite music even in the Bathroom

Comments from buyers

, Great value
, Great little speaker

I like this a lot the way i use it, which nowadays is just as a bluetooth speaker. After having had it a year, i still use it regularly. It has good, clear, loud sound. Bluetooth connectivity is reliable, and the fact it is waterproof is a nice addition. I like the touchscreen buttons on the top, which are smooth and neat. You can’t really use it with wet hands though- the touchscreen doesn’t respond properly. However i haven’t much used it for its internet-connected functions. If you want to use it as the hub for an interconnected set of smart speakers, it’s probably great. But if you aren’t into that, it is much less impressive.

It’s the second one i’ve bought. Great sound for a little speaker. Can feel bit expensive but they really do sound great. I guess it depends if you want great sound or cheap sound. You can use spotify deezer or because of the bluetooth feature if you are an amazon prime customer you can stream from amazon music also. Would recommend great value.

I already have this speaker in black purchased this white one for bathroom to complete multi room set up. These speakers are great if you have the panasonic all system, i daresay that there are better performing speakers if you want to lump out great sums of money, but these sound and work seamlessly together, being able to change them to left and right channel stereo channels is easy via panasonic app. When used in the same room as panasonic sc-hc1020 the room filling crystal clear sound is amazing. When used as a stand alone speaker it is very capable of filling room with rich sound. My only negative comment about the all05 speaker would be that when you use this speaker as portable on battery power alone you will lose power output from 20 watts (10 per channel) down to 8 watts (4 per channel)overall would recommend this product due to its versatility.

The labyrinthine panasonic app/wifi set-up instructions are not especially user-friendlyto a technophobe like myself but mrs wolf lent a hand and things went swimmingly,although to be honest pairing my mac airbook and spotify premium by bluetooth isreally the only way i’ll be using it. It has a 10m bluetooth range and placing the devicein the kitchen and the mac in the lounge (about 5m away) achieved a good connection. The bass response is earthy and stereo separation adequate. (we have a bose soundlink mini ii in the boudoir whose sound quality is considerably better). The ‘waterproof’ claim will doubtless be useful to those who might use it in the bathroom. The build seems pretty solid and makes it less likely that tigs the curious cat will tip it over. Overall a decent product but i’m not quite as excited about it as i had hoped to be.

Heavier than i thought it would be, but it is not a a big issue. I am not brilliant with new technology, so had a a whizz of a family member to help me set this up. Having said that, seeing how simple it was, i could have done it myself. Connected via bluetooth and it is ready to use. Sound quality is good and good capacity too, with up to 9 hours playback time. Useful to have rechargeable battery facilities too. I was particularly attracted to it as it is waterproof and this will be mainly for bathroom us – makes having a bath very indulgent.

This item is great as it has a radio and can be come wireless so you can use it in the garden.

The panasonic sc-all05eb-k is a bluetooth waterproof speaker that packs a lot of punch. First of all the sound quality is incredible no matter what was played. Unfortunately i couldn’t just play sound from my podcast app directly, it was required that i select it via the companion app; this also prevents it from being used for phone calls and adds an unnecessary process i feel that users will dislike. When i played music i enabled the ‘voice’ button on top of the device, this brought vocals forward and dropped surrounding instruments, i feel that this feature would be incredibly useful when listening to sport commentary. I successfully tested the bluetooth and decided to connect my device to my home network (initially created using my home pc). When i firsted tested this feature i was able to stream music from my home network, but once i attempted to connect a second time the device was unable to connect at all. It was frustrating that i was unable to connect to my network but worse that the speaker doesn’t include an aux or usb connection. The app can be difficult to use at first but does help users with useful tips which do come in handy when using this speaker. I previously read a review which stated that the user was unable to download the companion app using their kindle “despite being an android app”, but kindle doesn’t run android; certainly not a reason to degrade this product. Overall i feel that the panasonic sc-all05eb-k is an incredible sounding device but unfortunately falls due to it’s lack of user experience.

More and more frequently i find myself using my phone for listening to music and ignoring purpose built fruit-themed devices that i have purchased for playing music. Usually this is done with the use of headphones, but sometimes i want to share what i am listening to with others and often this means relying on the speaker built into my phone which sadly is not the best way to experience music. A small, portable but powerful speaker is what i wanted and this is exactly what i gotbluetooth connection is easy and seems reliable. I’ve not had any problems with my phone connecting but i’ve yet to try other devices (e. My laptop or pc) so i can’t tell you that it will work perfectly for you. But being able to listen to whatever music service i want is brilliant. The speaker is rechargeable and the battery seems to last a decent time. It’s probably a touch heavier than i would like, but that’s something i am willing to compromise on for the quality of the sound. It’s apparently waterproof although i have yet to test this myself. But it gives me the confidence to take it out in the british summer without having to panic if we get a sudden downpour.

Really pleased with this speaker, sounds great and the wireless option is very convenient. Also if you have other compatible panasonic speakers the link up is really good. Instructions for setting up could be clearer for those of us who aren’t very ‘techie’ but the panasonic customer services were very helpful. One thing to be aware of is that whether switched on or off the battery is in use as it’s connected to the network (apparently), so you must keep it on charge when not using the battery as it will be drained when you come to use it as i found out the hard way.

This functions as our speaker for the kitchen – and is much liked by my wife (who uses it mostly for the radio) and my children (who use it mostly for bluetoothing their devices to for music when they are cooking). It gives out pretty good sound – both in volume and quality. It seems sufficiently well made too, which is great given that it is meant to be portable. Although for us it stays mostly plugged in, but i like the fact that it is rechargeable and we can take it outside, where the odd drop of rain won’t harm it – due to its waterproof design. The radio function is great, and the app allows you to pull internet radio stations from all over the world. Yet we tend to keep with the 6 presets that i’ve programmed. So what are the negatives?- it frustrated the life out of me setting it up. – it requires you to use its own app for playing music to it other than by bluetooth. I had been hoping to use it over the network. – the apps are clunky to use.

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