Panasonic ALL8 Wireless Speaker System : Wonderful quality and sound.

Appears to be and appears alright but not liking the interface. Owning browse the tales about problems actively playing new music i was fearful about whether or not this would get the job done for me. I adopted the basic directions and managed to participate in one particular track but then when i tried a next it explained to me that wasn’t attainable so i had to fiddle with the interface to play much more. I only have the basic spotify so i have not experimented with that out but the audio from the speakers is good when compared to my a lot more essential techniques. It is a simple white design and style with silver metallic trim and despite the fact that it won’t get main structure awards it seems to be great on the light wooden device in my lounge. I am nevertheless learning what it will do but so significantly i have been unhappy in the versatility and relieve of usage. I hear to audio textbooks from audible and puzzled if they would participate in [i can participate in them by means of my effortless to use bluetooth pleasant speaker but i can’t work it out if that is possible at the moment. Will update when i have tried it with other devices. ]

The all8 system is panasonic’s answer to the omni-current and nicely-regarded sonos wireless speaker system, and i’m impressed by this impressive base unit. It was a little bit fiddly to get established up, and did not straight away link to my telephone, though the simple benefit of a wi-fi-centered system is that it’s capable to stream bigger files than present bluetooth programs. As a consequence, the audio from the speaker is excellent, and it goes much louder than any self-respecting hearing-lover has any proper to care for. The wi-fi connectivity implies you can engage in significant-resolution audio documents, way too, which i believe is the only system that, at the time of creating, supports this. If you have been to pair this to another speaker – or 3 or four – you would have a substantial high quality stereo system that could participate in just about any observe you treatment to throw at it. It really is magnificent in this regard. The components feels good and designed to past, with a clean up minimalist seem and very well-hidden touch-sensitive buttons on the prime. It gives you the solution to enjoy tunes through the 3.

Amazing top quality and seem. . Unquestionably love this speaker. Arrives in a suitably sized box which is effortless to open. Contains brief setup guidebook, wall correcting kit, electricity offer lead and the speaker itself. Swap it on, wait around for the wifi gentle on the speaker to end flashing, then search out there networks on you cellular gadget (in my situation, an iphone) choose the speaker from the list of accessible networks and join. You will then be instructed to link the speaker alone to your house network. After it is connected, then you need to down load the panasonic app to your system and run it. My speaker at this level instructed me that a firmware update was offered so i followed the instructions and current. This took about two minutes. After set up, you have to pull out the energy offer cable and depart the device switched off for 3 minutes. Immediately after this, plug it back in, switch on and then run the panasonic application on your unit once more. Find the new music you want to engage in and absent you go through the application, you can control the volume and there is also a simple graphic equaliser (bass / treble). Awesome prosperous bass with no distortion at higher quantity levels.

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“Superb sound BUT tricky setup, annoying limitations (and only Spotify Premium works reliably), Superb – As Long as You Use a PC or Tablet., Amazing quality for the price, A decent speaker with completely pointless wireless technology, Sound quality equal to SONOS but a dodgy app, Tricky set up and not as compatible with other devices as we hoped”

Good hardware hopefully the application will increase in time. My assessment is heading to echo a large amount of the other individuals right here, but i believed i would commence with the fruits of a tiny investigation i did. Whilst panasonic is supplying the components here, the underlying community technological know-how (‘allplay’) is from qualcomm. Qualcomm is a professional in wireless networking, and allplay appears to be their try to generate a form of ‘open platform’ in the new music streaming earth. In this analogy, allplay would be android, and sonos would be apple/ios. The concept is that distinctive makers will undertake allplay into their units (as panasonic have performed below) and application builders will exploit this, thereby making it possible for their applications to access a lot of unique manufacturers’ products. Nevertheless, and below is the rub, while this solution can finally be good (and if prosperous turn into dominant and the de-facto common), in the early days it can be slender pickings for a consumer when in contrast to a proprietary ‘walled garden’ like sonos. In this scenario, obtaining downloaded the panasonic streaming app, i can accessibility spotify (good, but you actually need to have a high quality account, so unless of course you presently have just one, that feels like having to pay 2 times) and a couple of internet radio apps. I don’t have a nas, so are unable to critique how uncomplicated it is to obtain stored tunes from there (though other reviewers have).

Remarkable audio, weak interface. Possessing read through a handful of opinions on how fiddly this speaker was to established up i was alternatively dreading a struggle with technology. Nonetheless, i was pleasantly shocked. The guidance for established up total to a single a5 sheet with diagrams but it was okay. The speaker picked up my wifi instantaneously. It did choose two goes right before the panasonic app downloaded absolutely on my cellphone (which triggered a bit of consternation). Equivalent to wii u’s, nintendo ds’s, playstations and the like you have to make it possible for the application to disable any further protection or firewalls you have in spot in purchase to obtain it. I really don’t notably like the application, you can’t appear to be to make playlists and it appears to basic and not an intuitive interface- it would seem the worst point about the speaker. The panasonic web site suggests the application is opensource so ought to do the job with allplay etc but i have not experienced time to examine this more still. The seem from this speaker even though is awesome – you could fill a tiny concert hall.

Superior excellent seem but minimal decision of playback resources. Out the box – the contents had been wonderful and easy, the device by itself, a electricity cable, some small mounting brackets and a few bits of paper. The quick get started manual was nice and basic. The process was a bit of a discomfort – it would not recognise my router specifics but right after a several restarts i was away. I’m a spotify quality subscriber so connecting with spotify was tremendous simple. I was incredibly impressed with the sound high quality- truly abundant and fills the place. I’ve been applying a moveable bose wireless speaker that i really like but this surpasses the high-quality. Have attempted out a several genres – from ryan adams to andy c and all appears sweet. The unit is not the most attractive point and it is pretty large, but it is not unattractive – won’t stand out way too a lot. Owning experimented with spotify i attempted to participate in from other audio resources i use.

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    Excellent sound qualityit is not until you listen to the music through this speaker that you appreciate how lacking the sound is from many of the smaller speakers available. This is a lovely product that will stream music from your phone using the home wifi network. The app for the phone works well. The music that comes out of the speaker is full and with a nice amount of bass. It is also possible to plug a radio output or similar direct into the aux input, again with a lovely improvement of sound. This is a nice good looking and easy to use product.
    • The app renders it useless; you may as well buy a grey brick. It only offers spotify and youll need spotify premium to stream music. Yes, but not via the app and i find it disingenuous of panasonic to fail to specify that thy mean access to itunes via a pc. Compared to the market leader, its a very poor second and if it were not for the sound quality, i’d have rated it one star. Unless you have spotify premium, don’t bother. As for the promises about app updates, theyve never materialised in the 10 months since i bought this and i sincerely doubt they ever will.
      • Tricky set up and not as compatible with other devices as we hoped. This speaker took longer to set up that anticipated, due to the software it uses being quite unhelpful, as the instructions were not in good detail. These are simply a single sheet, and the process outlined on them does not lead through to being connected as simply as it states you will be. Through a process of manually entering ip addresses and selecting settings, we have been able to get it to connect in the end. Once set up you can use spotify premium, or other similar apps such as napster, through the specific panasonic app which connects to the speaker. You can also access files which are on the same network, so those shared from your pc, which you have made available. Overall it is a complex system, without the functionality you would hope for. If you bought a bluetooth speaker, you would easily be able to play the contents of your phone or tablet without all of the set up requirements here. This is good, if a bit of a convoluted system, for those who subscribe to spotify and will be using this service to stream from, but if you are just looking for a simple way to play music on one of your devices, then there are easier and better ways, which would also be cheaper. The box does state you can get spotify premium free for 6 months, with this product, but obviously this is a short term offer and so you end up playing out more again in the long run.
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    The panasonic all8 is a big beast of a wireless speaker. It’s a heavy, sturdy thing and packs a real punch. You can get it up to a pretty decent volume without a hint of distortion. I used the thing for a birthday party disco in a village hall and it sounded great. There was a surprising amount of volume and in particular bass when it was turned up to its full volume setting. The wireless aspect works ok. There is a panasonic app which you can download to play your music from – but annoyingly (if you are a bit of a geek about these things) it works independently of itunes, so doesn’t record the number of plays for the tracks. I use an imac, and you can’t get the speaker to work wirelessly without buying an additional apple tv accessory (which is the fault of apple, not panasonic). This is frustrating, but working through an audio cable it works just fine.
  3. This review is from : Panasonic ALL8 Wireless Speaker System (White)

    Great sound and easy setup. . This speaker is so easy to set up, as long as you have a modern smart phone. The sound is great, this is especially true at high volumes. I have tried many types of music from modern pop, rock to jazz and classical. Spotify premium is the perfect partner to these and in my opinion they look better than the lg, samsung and even the sonos options. I now have two all8’s and two all3’s setup around the house and recently bought a new vdsl modem/router to replace my talktalk/bt setup and it was just as easy to reconfigure all the speakers to work on my new 5ghz wireless network.
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    Excellent sound quality, easy to set up with android tablet, and a great thing for anyone using digital music resources. The panasonic app is a bit clunky and not especially versatile. Spotify needs a premium subscription to work with this, but other free radio resources such as aupeo and allradio are compatible.
  5. This review is from : Panasonic ALL8 Wireless Speaker System (White)

    4. 5 stars – a credible and impressive alternative to a sonos setup. . I have been an audiophile for over 20 years. Like many others, of course, since i found a taste for high quality music reproduction, i’ve had children, and delicate, expensive audio equipment that takes up lots of space is not very compatible with a young family. And i rarely get the time to really enjoy my music like i used to either. Furthermore, technology has moved on a lot since the first cd players, and i’m not absolutely sure my trusty old turntable is superior to my new cd player. It was certainly a warmer sound and a larger soundstage than my old cd player. But life has moved on, as it always does. And so, my requirements have changed too. I’ve been on the lookout for a wireless speaker that won’t disappoint me with its sound quality, but also be versatile enough to allow me to add to it if i go down the multi-room route, and yet easy enough to use that my wife can enjoy her music too while i’m not at home. So, when i was offered the chance to try out the all8 speaker through the vine programme, i jumped at the chance.
    • This rather large and imposing looking piece of technology is the “panasonic all8 wireless speaker system”. It’s a wireless multiroom speaker with an output of 80w (via its five speakers) and claims that it is “capable of delivering high quality audio. ” the panasonic’s features include free standing or wall mountable design, no complex or resource hungry software, panasonic’s new lincsd-amplification to minimize audio distortions, easily configurable music playback from all music sources and the ability to control over your smartphone or tablet. Installation through your home network can seem a bit daunting and while it was time consuming, it did work first time being reasonably easy to set-up. In terms of sound quality it copes with every audio track thrown at it, delivering clear and loud music without any difficulty (i’m told this is down to the panasonic’s bamboo cones inside the unit). A few tracks do sound a bit heavier than they should when playing back but this could be down to the tracks themselves. Despite all the mention of spotify on the packaging and the product information, you do require the premium service for this speaker as the free version does not appear to work at all at this time. Personally if you have a large music collection it shouldn’t matter too much, if you don’t there are other options. Panasonic’s allplay app isn’t the best on the market and still has some distance to go.
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    Good bye to wires and rubbish (digital) sound. Listening to music on digital devices is too often an unsatisfying experience. If you’re like me you either stick some headphones into your laptop or plug in a series of wires to some weird looking and ultimately not very good speaker system (you know the type, with a strange bass speaker and two little tweeters). Worse still i often find myself listening to music just through a laptops built in speakers (just because i don’t want the hassle of all the leads etc). Well, that’s where this speaker system comes in handy. You can carry it around your home. It has a real punch to it, but also a great depth of sound.
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    Excellent sound, love allplay radio, but not as convenient as bluetooth speakers. . Set up required a bit of doing, including a firmware update and a factory reset but relatively straightforward if you follow all the instructions carefully including the extra note tucked in the box. It looks good and is quite big and solid – 22cm high by 37cm wide so you need decent shelf space for it. Also while wireless it does need a power source so you need it near a plug.The sides are sloped so you cannot position it any way other than horizontally as shown. You need the panasonic music stream app installed on a smartphone or tablet to connect the speaker to your wifi network (i used my ipod touch. Once that is done you can connect supported services to the app to enable play through the speaker. Supported services seem to be napster, spotify, aupeo. Personal radio and allplay radio. Unfortunately i use google play and that doesn’t seem to be supported.
  8. This review is from : Panasonic ALL8 Wireless Speaker System (White)

    The device itself looks really nice. I have the white one, and it looks like modern furniture rather than audio electronics: no obvious push buttons or dials, and sleek lines. It’s also surprisingly heavy (it weighs like a subwoofer if you pick it up: i. Quite dense and heavy) and a bit bigger than i expected: this is not a cheap bluetooth speaker. Its higher quality than that, requiring wifi, which allows it to stream higher quality audio. It also has a wired internet connection, or if you just want direct wired audio, a 3. Sound-wise, it’s powerful without being boy-racer style bass heavy, but doesn’t get as loud as 80w rms would suggest, and has limited sound options for the technophile (because it has no buttons, there is no way to change bass nor treble outside your streaming software). Is the sound worth the asking price?. I’m undecided on that one at the moment, as i’m sure i could get a better sounding dedicated hifi for the asking price, but perhaps that is not really the point. This is a lifestyle item for the connected living room, not an ugly slab of audio kit (bonus – the all8 looks good next to my phillips hue). Connection to your wifi is painless, but make sure you update the all8 firmware as soon as you get it (this sorts out all sorts of pain if you have an early revision as of this writing). Firmware update is equally painless, just press a couple of buttons and wait a few minutes, then restart.
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    This smart looking speaker is simple to set up and sounds. Working on your home wifi network, this smart looking speaker is simple to set up and sounds great. You can play music from a variety of devices (tablet, phone, ipod) although itunes has to be accessed through the panasonic app. Playing from spotify is done straight from the spotify app and so is a little simpler but i believe you have to have spotify premium (paid for). All in all a great piece of equipment if you want to stream music from a handheld device around the house.
    • A bit fussy to setup but works well when it is all done. . This 18inch long box acts as a wireless speaker. You download an ipad/iphone app and connect to it via wifi. It then has some setup to run through before it connects to your home wireless account. Then it downloads an update. All this takes a while but when done allows you to play music from your iphone through the speaker. It is a nice gadget and sound is very good but it is a shame it can’t do bluetooth as well because the app is not the best and i feel very reliant on it working with future tablets.
      • I’m happy – well done to panasonic. I think it’s a great speaker system and i’m glad i got it for several reasons. The most important thing is that it can be connected via wlan so you can play it wirelessly. Like everybody else, the back of my pc and tv are in chaos with all the cables, including my long speaker cables, but now the speaker is a few meters away from me on the middle shelf of the bookshelf and there’s no cable between it and my pc (although you still need a power cable). The sound quality is better than i thought. It’s getting very popular to use a bluetooth speaker, which can also work wirelessly and small and convenient, but the sound quality isn’t really convincing for me. I’m really happy for this one. It’s not too long like a soudbar, and it’s bass sound is good enough, setting up was easier than i thought, and nothing to criticise.
  10. In all honesty i didnt think i was going to like this. I have tried so many wireless speakers that there are few i rate. For many differnt reasons, sound, usability, controls. This one i liked due to its understanding that people now play back music differntly that they used to. Im not talking purists, but your general music user. They just want to play music across thier network of it based products, already in thier house. The box allows that to happen simply through a phone or tablet ( it is allegedly possible to do this via laptop but you need a certain windows version pat 7 i do beleive- i didnt try it ). Well this was simple to set up by entering teh code from my virgin wireless, and downloading the app from panasonic. Had it working in minutes, then turned it up full blast to see where it distorted which it did but only at seriously high levels which your not going near unless your deaf.
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    Looks good, but the sound is just not quite there. This is a great looking external speaker. It has that elusive / exclusive “apple” design quality about it. Its a nice solid heavy build too, all of which speak of quality. As a bit of a technophobe i had misgivings about how i would set up something which wasn’t actually bluetooth. (it dines off your home wireless network, so very different to the average speaker). In fact setup is dead easy, the unit broadcasts its ssid and you see it on your phone or ipad and make the connection. The whole thing is controlled by an app of which others have written exhaustively: the summary of which is that it’s not very special. I was interested in it as a way of getting a decent hi-fi sound off my computer, and so it was the sound quality that interested me most.
    • A frustrating product with the potential for greatness. This panasonic wireless speaker system is a high-quality product made from high-end materials that delivers excellent sound quality. Unfortunately, the method of operation via a smartphone app makes it a complete nightmare to operatewhile i am not a technological whizz by any stretch of the imagination, i would say that i am confident with using and getting to grips with new technology, including apps. That said, i felt it took an excessively long time to get the device set up and working properly, largely due to the app. The app isn’t very stable and is extremely temperamental. I have installed it on two separate devices and encountered the same problems on both. It should also be noted that the app does not support the most recent iphones, which may be show-stopping for some usersa little more work on the app would transform this from an average and frustrating product into a great one. At the moment, the temptation to simply plug the device in and operate it directly from the pc is too great (even though this defeats the object of it being wireless).

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