Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System : Easy to set up, perfect for purpose.

Works wonderfully with a spotify top quality account – fantastic sound. Does not do the job with spotify totally free. . The speaker is quite solid and the sound is fantastic. I downloaded the advisable panasonic app to go with it and which is where by all the slickness ends. It truly is just not extremely nice or intuitive to use. I can play new music right from my ipad simply enough and when i initial started off making use of it all the audio on my separate server was noticeable far too. The interface is a bit clunky and you won’t be able to shuffle songs or something. A week later on the application are unable to appear to be to entry the songs on my server, even though my spouse is employing it fantastic. I experienced a spotify quality demo when i started off working with it and so strike the button on the app to get this likely but it just opens the spotify application so an pointless stage definitely. The speaker and a premium spotify account go collectively beautifully, the moment i last but not least labored out that you have to faucet the speaker button on the spotify application and find exactly where you want the tunes to perform.

Panasonic all3 wireless speaker review. I resolved to invest in this merchandise as required to listen to diverse audio throughout the household. When it arrived i experienced it setup and functioning in a lot less than a handful of minutes. It was quite effortless to join to the wi-fi and once connected, i could stream my playlists on spotify and also pay attention to my stored songs on my computer. The application is very simple to use and navigate. I couldn’t imagine the seem high-quality from this kind of a compact speaker, it was terrific. I appreciate the end as well, feels and look’s really quality. Would undoubtedly propose for any individual looking for multi-room speakers.

Warrants almost all the stars. Six very long several hours it took to get this established up and i was just about at the stage of throwing things at the wall. Now that it is (eventually) operating and i’ve experienced a likelihood to play about with it the rage has faded and i am starting off to create a fondness for the speaker. I really like it a lot, but oh my goodness what a carry on to get it operating. When the tunes at some point started off coming out of it i had a hallelujah momentout of the box it is really a genuinely sizeable unit. My working experience with transportable speakers up to now has been with mainly bluetooth, pocket sized ones at fifty quid and underneath and nothing at all near to the quality of this a person. It appears to be like great, in an understated sort of way, nothing fancy really but i like how it seems to be. Immediately after examining the one particular web page set up sheet i anticipated a 10 moment occupation at most as it’s seriously clear-cut but it just would not co-run. My phone to begin with recognised the device as a wifi spot but by the time i experienced upgraded the firmware it experienced dropped out and nothing at all would convince the cellular phone to come across it all over again.

Key specs for Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System (Black):

  • The Panasonic Music Streaming App makes it easy to send music wirelessly from your portable device to your speakers. This free app for Android and IOS devices simply asks you to choose your music source, choose your speaker and away you go.
  • The 4 speaker system within the ALL 3, uses 2 x bass drivers and 2 x tweeters. This means that from a small spaeker unit, the audio signal is divided into acoustic ranges extending from bass to treble so providing the richest, purest possible sound from a spaeker of its size.
  • The ALL 3 allows you to access music subscription services( including Spotify), your iTunes library or Internet radio stations via the system App, when connected to a wifi router. This means the user has access to millions of muscic tracks 24 hours a day.
  • The ALL 3 speaker systems lets listeners easily configure music play over multiple rooms from multiple digital music sources, all over an existing Wi-Fi network. This is controlled wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet so that different music can be enjoyed in any room of the houseor the same song can be simultaneously played over multiple speakers.

Comments from buyers

“Great alternative to the Sonos Play 3, High Resolution Audio, but poor bundled app and some absent services., Really good, just make sure you know what you’re buying!, Nice speaker let down by poor app, Brilliant sounding wireless speaker, Much more powerful than bluetooth, and lots of fun.”

Significantly a lot more potent than bluetooth, and heaps of fun. . I visualize a person of the initial questions you may have on studying some of the assessments in this article is ‘ok, everyone looks to like it, but what is it?’. This detail can be considered of as a ‘smart speaker’, equivalent to a clever television. You hook up to it with your cellphone or pill, and hear to music. Right, so it is really a bluetooth speaker. It performs above wifi, and so you can access all that music you have on your laptop upstairs, or on your residence network, or where ever it is. So if you have a big audio collection on that previous desktop computer upstairs, that you by no means listen to for the reason that its locked into that computer system, you can join to it with this, and perform that songs anywhere in the property you take place to be. You use your mobile phone as a distant management.

Badly permit down by the panasonic app. The all3 is a new wifi speaker, component of the panasonic all sequence wireless hifi system and with the present bogof provide on with amazon right until the finish of april, it gives a tempting way to create a multi-room speaker system. However panasonic would do perfectly to set some effort and hard work into strengthening their app which goes with the all sequence wifi speakers. It is a extremely aged fashioned and clunky little bit of computer software, which refuses to participate in some tracks for no obvious motive, on a regular basis crashes or pauses (perhaps bandwidth?) and typically will make you feel like they should really try tougher. The allplay jukebox is slightly greater, but actually pretty essential. Well really worth downloading bubble upnp, which after a bit of fiddling did get to the issue of letting me to stream from google engage in (at first bought a concept that my cell phone experienced inadequate memory to obtain the album / artist / playlist from google). Set up of the speaker was fairly uncomplicated for me (not for all it looks), greatest tip is to make certain that you get your mobile phone to disconnect (and temporarily forget about) your standard community (soon after downloading the panasonic application), so that it can then connect with the speaker all through established up. Then you can then get back on your standard community, input the password and so on. Mine did not surface to obtain the improve for the speaker – but it was performing in a couple minutes, so i guess it have to not have necessary it. I only experienced the one speaker when i very first tried out this – so i was not capable to check out the selection to break up the stereo sign between two speakers.

You now have a pretty large selection of wireless speaker programs to select from, quite possibly the crown belongs to sonos – in conditions of integration, sound good quality and style and design. Personally, i obtain the sonos models rather clunky to look at but the sound quality is pretty high and the sonos app is fantastic integrating a large variety of audio sources. That stated, we are inclined to uncover listed here that we feed our sonos quite much solely spotify. The panasonic all3 also relies very intensely on spotify as a most important on line streaming resource nevertheless it is also probable to get it to do the job with google songs and a variety of other folks. It can be also capable of streaming from household servers but the interface for that is pretty uncomfortable. That is a bit of a theme by the panasonic and qualcomm applications, equally of which serve as interfaces for the speaker system. Panasonic updated their app this week (april twenty eighth 2015), it appears a tiny nicer and has a load of tutorials developed in and quickly obtainable but it is still some distance off sonos excellent. In both equally the panasonic and sonos conditions, you will require spotify quality, which isn’t really affordable but definitely the extra options and accessibility to increased high quality streams signify good benefit even without having the wireless speaker system hook up. So, seem excellent – i like the smooth, crisp sonos audio really a lot and i wasn’t expecting a lot from the panasonic rival.

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    Really good, just make sure you know what you’re buying. Before buying something like this, it’s important to: – understand the difference between wireless (connects to your home wifi) and bluetooth (connects to your mobile phone) speakers – check that your favourite music application or service is compatiblethe same goes for similar products, such as those from sonos. I knew what i was buying when i bought this, therefore knew what to expect. The all3 is a wireless (“wifi”) speaker. It is not a bluetooth speaker (like a bose soundlink). Panasonic do offer one that does both – the all2 – this one, however, does not. When i use the term ‘wireless’, i’m not simply referring to the fact that you don’t need to connect a physical cable (which would be an accurate description of bluetooth or wireless), i mean “wifi”. That’s crucial to note, because whilst bluetooth acts just like a cabled connection; wireless does not. Think of bluetooth as direct, a one-to-one connection between source (e.
    • Great sound, but a pain to use. . It can be stood vertically and horizontally or even wall mounted. There are very few buttons, so it looks simple to operate. However, after much head scratching and wondering why it was not just picking up my bluetooth i went back to the instructions on the amazon site and realised that i needed to download a special panasonic app to use it. The app downloaded easily enough but was not itself easy to use. It is clunky and not at all intuitive. I just about figured it out by trial and error. When i had finally managed to begin playing an album from my iphone i was very impressed with the quality of sound, especially for a small speaker. However, the software doesn’t allow continuous play between the tracks on an album, as it kept pausing between songs, which i found very annoying.
  2. Great sound – very reliable connection. A little fiddly to set up. . The setup was easy but not quick. Instructions easy to follow though. My only gripe is that you can’t create custom groups for speakers. For example, you can have “kitchen” or “kitchen & living room” but not just “living room”, unless you delete the group “kitchen & living room” in the allshare app. Sound is really good – better than my 5. 1 onkyo surround system, which seems amazing for the price and size of the speakers. They look and sound great and power down onto standby by themselves with no buzz and no crackle or boom on power up.
    • Great sound and easy setup. . This speaker is so easy to set up, as long as you have a modern smart phone. The sound is great, this is especially true at high volumes. I have tried many types of music from modern pop, rock to jazz and classical. Spotify premium is the perfect partner to these and in my opinion they look better than the lg, samsung and even the sonos options. I now have two all8’s and two all3’s setup around the house and recently bought a new vdsl modem/router to replace my talktalk/bt setup and it was just as easy to reconfigure all the speakers to work on my new 5ghz wireless network.
      • Good sound, but problems connecting to existing wifi network. First things first, the priority for a speaker is of course sound quality – i was impressed by the sound from this device, both its quality and volume; it was enough to fill my admittedly small living room with reasonable sound. It’s not going to deafen you or shake your walls with bass at a party, but it’s more than enough for use in the kitchen or out in the garden, say; the volume and bass level for a small unit is impressive – the bass port at the rear does expel a fair amount of air when it’s cranked up. No distortion at higher volumes was noticed – i backed off before annoying the neighbours before reaching the limit of the speaker. It has an aux input to which you can plug any device using a standard 3. 5mm audio cable, which is trouble-free and easy to use. However, the appeal of the speaker is the networking abilities, to allow you to play music to it wirelessly from a phone/tablet etc, and to take part in a multi-room audio setup (a feature i wasn’t able to test, as i have no other allplay compatible devices). The main way to do this is using panasonic’s music stream app, which i tested out on my android phone – it allows you to stream music from a variety of sources to one or more speakers – including media on the phone itself, from a media server/nas via dlna, and spotify/somafm/rhapsody and others. Connecting to my existing network via ethernet just worked – plugged the device in, it got an ip via dhcp and was then reachable by my phone which was on the network via wifi just fine. To connect via wifi, the device creates an open wifi network automatically, no security by default – so you can find the network named, for instance, “allplay 4db847_aj” and connect to it, then you can control it – but of course whilst your phone is connected in this way, you have no internet access.
  3. This review is from : Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System (Black)

    So wireless things need to be nice and easy for me to get on well with. I’m not particularly tech-savvy, so wireless things need to be nice and easy for me to get on well with them. Unfortunately, this speaker system isn’t all that friendly to folk like me – it looks as though it should be simple enough, plug it in, connect to your wifi, name the speaker and put in your router password. I got stuck at this first hurdle – my iphone couldn’t find the speaker at all. After some jiggery-pokery, and downloading the update for the speaker, it did connect, i named the speaker, downloaded the app, got it connected and it started playing music, and this is where it earns its stars. The sound quality is very good indeed, lovely rich sound with good bass and plenty of volume. . Or at least it was until i went off to do something, came back and decided to listen to some music again. I had to go through the entire process again, find the speaker, put in wireless password, try to get the app to actually connect. This happened every time i switched it off and on again, and a fair amount of the time it just flat refused to register as being there to connect to at all.

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