Panasonic ALL1 Network Audio Connector : Would recommend for Spotify users

Nice quality sound. A few hiccups setting up. The all1c is a wireless speaker system that you control via the app on your phone (android or ios). Its compact size means it won’t take up too much space. You connect the unit up to your amp or hifi via the aux sockets and connect up to your wifi and its as simple as that. In truth it didn’t work quite that simply for me and it took quite a bit of messing about before i even got it working on my wifi networkonce i did get in connected to my network (the panasonic website has some useful faqs and videos for connection) and downloaded the panasonic app and got it installed (with hindsight i should have downloaded the app before i set up the unit) i found it worked quite well and i was able to stream music from my phone and a networked nas storage drive without any hiccups. I also like the fact you can add additional speakers to the network. It can also be connected via ethernet cable to your router. Either way the sound quality is very impressive when compared to the bluetooth speaker i used previously. It should be its a lot more expensive. I didn’t find the pananasonic app particularly good a bit clunky to say the least, on reading other reviews i see some reviewers are using alternatives, i’ll have to look into those.

Interesting digital stream for hifi systems. This streaming device is a little bit odd. Firstly as most of the reviews point out it is not a speaker in its own right. Secondly the software provided by panasonic is absolutely rubbish. When you get the device you get a smallish, black box, a power cable and a lead to connect this to your stereo – its a straight phono red/white cable so if you want to connect to a 3. 5mm input you will need to buy a different cable. Once you have turned it on you must use a mobile device to connect to it and configure the wireless settings on the device itself – this was very simple, it has it’s own wifi ssid that you can connect to and then you simply configure it to point to your wifi router. The hardest bit was getting it to communicate with my windows based dnla server, i ended up simply having to allow all devices to communicate with it – it worked pretty much straight off with the linux based dlna server running on my router. The software that you can get from panasonic does allow you to play music, but it is a really poor piece of software – you can pretty much play individual tracks and add them to a play list. I am currently using both the qualcomm allplay jukebox and qualcomm allplay radio applications (both downloaded for free from google play store) which do a much better job of allowing me to choose my media and to play internet radio – i can finally listen to 5live sport extra on this systemthis device was ideal for me as i have a 20 year old kenwood hifi system that was pretty much redundant in my lounge, this has given it a new lease of life as i can now stream my music to it.

Good quality, but i don’t know who’d really need it. I’m not very tech minded, so the most important thing for me is that if something isn’t easy to take out of the box and quickly set up, i’ll lose patience and interest very quickly, so that was my source of frustration with this; don’t get me wrong, i did get it all set up and connected & i was enjoying my music library in the end, but getting solidly connected to our wi-fi took longer then it did with similar equipment i’ve tried. Plus downloading & navigating the needed panasonic app was awkward too. I wasn’t too sure what to rate this, as it does work and has good sound quality. But, for me personally, it is a pointless gimmick. I – like the majority of people – already have my cd collection on itunes anyway, so connecting everything to this network audio connecter seems largely pointless. After a few weeks of using this & my phone, i’ve already found myself reaching for my trusty ipod. So overall i’d class this as okay – the sound quality is good, but i don’t think this is something that people really need. For the amount of money that this costs i’d want and expect something better then ‘okay’, so i’d recommend avoiding this.

Key specs for Panasonic ALL1 Network Audio Connector:

  • The Panasonic Music Streaming App makes it easy to send music wirelessly from your portable device to your speakers. This free app for Android and IOS devices simply asks you to choose your music source, choose your speaker and away you go.
  • With WiFi built in, connect the All 1C to your existing hi fi equipment to make it part of a multi room system.
  • Gold coated terminals are used to ensure that that a high quality connection is established, meaning that audio signal quality is maintained.
  • The design of the All 1C allows for easy siting in either horizontal or vertical manner, to fit conveniently next to your existing hi fi system.

Comments from buyers

“Works Pretty Well Except For Pause Between Tracks, Good Bt Could Be Better., Good quality, but I don’t know who’d really need it, Simple and easy to set up, The hills are alive, Interesting digital stream for HiFi systems”

This networked audio streamer from panasonic is the sh-all1c. The sh-all1c is a networked audio bridge which packs its own dac (digital analogue converter) and will let you include a range of speakers (not included) in your new multi-room system as well as pulling in sounds from your networked devices. Like other systems the all1c can connect wirelessly to compatible speakers placed around your home. This gives you the option to push different music to different rooms or you can play them all in via `party mode’ which will have your home filled with the same music throughout. It’s typically well put together and just has enough to do the job. At the front there’s power, mode and wps indicator lights and that’s pretty much it. It does sit nicely with the other a/v equipment and doesn’t scream for attention. If you’re running short of real estate for your audio gadgets then you may be pleased to know that the all1c ships with a pair of stands so that you can sit the device upright. The all1c connects up to your existing hi-fi via conventional rca phono sockets.

However flawed the panasonic all system is (see my review of the all3 speaker), i have to say that this is really simple to set up, and took all of 5 minutes. It just plugs into your sound system, and sends the audio out to your speaker. Simple and effective, and a great solution if you hold a lot of music in non-digital format. And this is the rub (for me anyway)- this is a lot of money to just stream your non-digital music to your speaker. At £199, you can buy a lot of months on deezer or spotify instead. Anyway, a simple product, and is easy to set up.

The jury is out on this device and the results are mixed. The main problem with this device is what advantage does it have over its bigger brother which has an amplifier included within the unit and your music source that has bluetooth?looks very good and stylish. Basically you need a speaker to play but if you have a bluetooth speaker why not use your device direct and cut out this middle man so to speak?any half way decent smart phone/ipad/ipod will do a far better job with a speaker. What it does is allow you to transmit your music around your home from speaker to speaker- party mode that would be fine with all your music in each room but my own view is that the device is limited by not having an enclosed speaker which is what most people will use it for the majority of the time?if you want top play music in one room it is easy to take the music player device with you and connect to the speaker in that room. I can’t even comment on the sound because that will of course depend on the quality of your speakers. I’m older than most but if you listen on mp3 it will be just so so. As to instructions i would have loved a better manual to read and explain the intricacies in some detail. How i would use it would be to connect it to my jb7 via the cable then transmit so from that point of view it’s ok. Likewise with sky to use the radio stations.