Q ACOUSTICS Q Acoustics 3000ST Speaker Stands – Good stands

Fantastic stands well made,arrived on time well packed,very easy to assemble i highly recommended these.

Bought a couple of packs of these to go with my 5. 1 q acoustics speakers (reviewed separately – very good) as i wanted speakers in each corner of the room. The base screws into the stand, the speaker place screws to the other end. It’s all very simple, with two sizes of speaker plate included depending on whether you are using these with the 3010i speakers or 3020i speakers. Carpet grip feet are included to screw into the base, with rubber caps that you can put over the end for wooden floors. The stands are hefty – made of metal and solid quality. The speaker plates are indented to match the rubber feet on the speakers so they sit nice and snug. In terms of cable management, the speaker cable runs up the inside of the tall part from underneath the base.

Here are the specifications for the Q ACOUSTICS Q Acoustics 3000ST Speaker Stands:

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  • Laser cut steel
  • Top plates for the 3010 and 3020 loudspeakers included
  • Cable managment
  • Acoustic wadding inserts within columns
  • Textured satin finish

Nice product and well-balanced when the speakers are in place, but the one stand was extremely difficult to put together because the bolts and holes didn’t quite align; it was ok after a bit of work to rectify the problem, but that really shouldn’t be necessary with an item actually designed to fit the speakers and sold by the speaker manufacturer.

Every thing about these speaker stands was great good paint finish and they support the speakers perfectly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great stands for Q Acoustic Speakers.
  • Good, but not for children
  • Excellent stands

Would recommend these stands to anyone that buys the q acoustic speakers.

Good quality, nice and sturdy.

Used with q acoustics 3020 speakers. Tubes have acoustic wadding inside. Look nice as tubes are not too thick.

These are excellent stands, made exactly for these brilliant speakers. Fit together easily in a few minutes and look good. Ensure you look carefully in the speaker box. The excellent secure fitting is dependant on ensuring the speakers have the rubber feet, they don’t bolt on. I initially didn’t fit mine until i bought the stands a few weeks later.

Specifically made for the 3010 and 3020 speakers, these stands are the correct height for your speakers to be at ear level for perfect listening. The bases are weighted to reduce the chances of toppling over should they be knocked. They are the perfect to accompany the 3020 speakers that i have on my system.

Brilliant, easy to put together and fit the speakers perfectly.

Perfect for q acoustics 3020 speakers.

Made a huge difference to my q3020 speakers. Bass more solid and defined and a more integrated and refined top end.

They really compliment the speakers and have made a big improvement to the bass. A couple of things that aren’t listed in the description:• they come with rubber domes that cover the spikes, perfect for use on wooden floor. • top plates have an indent where rubber feet on speakers sit. Very secure, no need for bolts or blu tac.

Q acoustic speakers are fitted with threaded sockets and i dont understand why the fixing plate supplied was not pre drilled and suitable bolts provided for secure fixing. It appears that the manufacturers expect the speakers just to be balanced on top of the plate?these speakers are heavy, and i think for £99,a fixing kit should be supplied – i had to drill out four holes and source appropriate bolts to ensure my speakers were mounted securely to the pedestal which was really annoying.

The stands feel a bit flimsy but for the satellite speaker however they do their job well.

These speaker stands are great.

Very happy with these paired with 3020 speakers sounds incredible.

I recently purchased a pair of acoustics 3020 speakers and was using them with heybrook stands. They sounded great but were not at ear height when listening from my sofa. These q3000st speaker stands did the job and even improved the bass response performance. If you already have or are considering buying a pair of the excellent acoustics 3020 speakers i urge you to spend the extra £100 on these stands.

Solid stands, well built , shame there nearly as dear as the speakers .

Decent speaker stands, works well with the q3010/3020 they’re supposed to be paired with. Could do with a little heavier wadding inside them; there’s plenty of wadding but it isn’t as dense as it could be. But pretty awesome for the price.

AIFMY B10 Portable Wireless Speaker : Great, light weight portable speaker

Fab little speaker, fantastic bass, really clear, connects really quickly to android. Does what it says on the tin really, great value for the price 😊.

I love this speaker, the sound quality is pretty good and the volume is impressive for such a speaker. The battery life is excellent and it was easy to pair with my phone. I also used it with an ipod with the included cable. If you want a tough and loud speaker for use in extreme conditions, i would highly recommend getting this one.

AIFMY B10 Portable Wireless Speaker,Built-In Dual Driver Bluetooth Speakers,HD Audio and Enhanced Bass, Built-in Mic, Outdoor Speakers for iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc

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  • 【High Quality Clear Sound】:Advanced DSP amplifier IC boost maximum volume enhance up to 80%. 5Wx2 high-end low- impedance speakers larger than normal 10W. Experience your music in full-bodied stereo realized through dual high- performance drivers and a unique spiral bass port.
  • 【Louder Volume and More Bass】: Built in bass chip, inner magnetic horn 55mm and bass diaphragm, As unique enhanced bass, the sound is loud and clear bass calm, You can just enjoy the wonderful music wherever you are without distortion even at highest volume. Up to 2X volume than most speaker in the market, but just half the price with the premium sound quality of JBL/Creative/Sony speakers.
  • 【Bluetooth 4.2 Technology】: Bluetooth 4.2 compatible with Android, IOS and Windows systems, instantly pair to your smartphone, tablet or to any Bluetooth compatible device and start streaming lossless CD-quality sound from up to 55 feet away.
  • 【15-Hour Battery Life 】: AIFMY B10 Built-in Li-Ion 3600mAH rechargeable battery guarantees up to 15 hours playtime in 75% volume. Recharge in just 3-4 hours with included micro USB cable, The size and weight make it portable and easy to carry. You can place it in your bag, and bring it when camping or doing some outdoor activities.
  • 【What You Get】:1 x AiFMY B10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x 3.5mm audio cable, 1 x User Manual , 1 xThanks card,2-year warranty quality guarantee, 24h friendly customer service and email support.

I bought this speaker for my son and he loves itacfually i’m loving it as well because was cheap but the sound quality is very goodthank you.

Very easy to set up, and surprisingly good reproduction.

I primarily use this in my office, linking to my iphone for music or podcasts. The speaker is still working beautifully. Quick charging by usb and the ability to connect to my pc via the ac is great. Extremely loud compared to other blue tooth speakers i’ve had. The speaker is very great for the price and size.

AIFMY B10 Portable Wireless Speaker,Built-In Dual Driver Bluetooth Speakers,HD Audio and Enhanced Bass, Built-in Mic, Outdoor Speakers for iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc :

LINGYI Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker | 18-Hour Playtime | 33-Foot Bluetooth Range | Built-in Mic | AUX Line & TF Card slot | HD Sound and Bass, speaker small with great siund

Very good wireless speakers,it use rechargeable battery,i can just charging it with a usb wire. The sound is very good,the connection to the phone is so easy.

I bought it for a long car journey to keep a child occupied. I played an audio book on it for 5 hours and it worked perfectly. Battery life was excellent, as was sound quality. It was easy to connect to my tablet.

Just received the speaker and what a surprisegreat sound for such a small uniteasily connected to phone bluetooth and also by the lead to mo3 playerused it in the garden yesterday and couldn’t believe the range it hashighly recommended for the price.

Comments from buyers

“Compact with Great Sound and Battery life
, Dont look any further – its the best
, this little speaker has a surprisingly rich sound.

An excellent little speaker. Well made, great value and sounds really good for such a tiny speaker. From my phone and it’s brilliant with a good rich sound. So a good sound output for a small speaker. Has an excellent tone and is super value for the price.

This bluetooth speaker helps friends who like to listen to music. The sound quality is very good and beautiful. It is beautifully designed to hang on any object and enjoy music.

This product is superb, with good healthy sound quality, quick and easy pairing and no crackles or other issues with the bluetooth reception.

Connection better than my old one. I play it everyday now, feel very happy when i hear the music.

Good little speaker with excellent sound quality. A word of warning though: this speaker will not work connected by 3. 5 jack only – ie: direct to an ipod. It also needs to be connected to a usb socket, so can only be used with a laptop etc.

These are great little speakers for the bedroom. Sound quality is pretty good, battery life is good and they’re so small and easily portable. That being said, they aren’t very loud?. So if you want to have a fiesta you should look at some slightly bigger versions.

Was a little sceptical at the price £19. Have left my phone in the house and had the speaker outside. Sounds better than my ‘proper’ stereo. My son has a beats speaker and has asked for one of these because the sound quality is much better.

Fab little speaker with much better sound quality than its size suggests. Very easy to use, pairs with my phone immediately.

What a great little speaker. Got it today (i am not very tec about blueutooth etc) but after some fiddling about (the directions are very little help) it worked with my ipod but had to use the supplied lead via the headphone socket to get it going and prove it worked ok. Then to the tec bit (for me) i set my ipod bluetooth up and put it on search and magic it found the speaker and played straight away. Was most impressed with the volume and quality. Its really neat and not much weight at all and looks very smart as well. Its refreshing to pay a very reasonable price only £10. 99 and get such a good quality product. Thanks for the next day deliver amazon – once again a happy customer.

Absolutely love this little speaker. Use him at work and at home when sitting in the garden. Lovely tone, was very surprised by how good it was, thought it would be tinny but not at all.

Very well made , compact bluetooth speaker. Quite good sound quality , with a decent range of connectivity from my phone.

Good value , easy to use if not that loud but fine if next to you. Feels good quality and not plasticy.

This bluetooth speaker is easy to connect via bluetooth. The sound is even better than i expected for the price. I used it in my car also to enjoy music. Small, portable, compact and light weight and perfect in everyway.

The little speaker is as described, exactly what i wanted. I like it have 18-hours playtime, compact and relatively lightweight this little speaker has a surprisingly rich sound. When we are camping, we will enjoy a high definition stereo sound.

I bought this to travel overseas for a business event and it did a great job – light weight, easy to connect up and the sound quality is pretty good considering size/price.

Bought it to listen music and using while watching drama, the sound is great. Easy to connect and lightweight. Would recommend for those who doesn’t want to spend a lot.

The sound is very impressive for such a small device,sound quality is fantastic,with a nice amount of base. Easy setup and connected to my phone. Over all i am very impressed and i will be recommending to my friends 。.

I bought it under a small price ,and it really more than my expect. Tiny size ,lightweight,easy carry ,charge quickly,and the sound is just perfect.

Not sure on battery life yet as using it whilst plugged in on charge but i love it, volume is excellent, to say it’s cheap i’m really happy with the product 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼.

This setting is very simple, bluetooth is very good, i can connect the phone. The sound is very clear, bass is solid for its size, it will become very loud. This bluetooth sound is very good, very small, easy to carry.

The sound’s mono, obviously, if you could buy two and have one channel a and the other b, that would be an improvement. But for what it said it does, it does do.

Yamaha Electronics Yamaha MusicCast WX010 Wireless Speaker – The sound quality is superb with good lows, impressive mids and excellent treble

This speaker works using an app, and is easy to set up. The sound quality is excellent – i have a bluetooth speaker, but it runs on a battery so its power is limited. This really packs a punch, and comes complete with pads to minimise the vibration for that exact reason.The speaker does need to be plugged into a power source wherever it sits. You can control volume on the speaker but it’s much easier to do it via the app. You can set different ‘rooms’ to optimise the sound (dining room, parlour) but being a serf with only normal rooms i didn’t do this. I was able to stream music to it using my phone – both bbc radio (online) and my own music on my phone/tablet but not spotify, because i don’t have a premium account, infuriatingly, and it’s important to know this before you invest. I’m going to have to stick to my little bluetooth speaker for my spotifying.

For the price it is fantastic.

An excellent piece to keep yourself energetic by feeling every bit of music. Easy to connect with loads of options. The piece is with loads of options which making me feel wow. Easy portable and can connect via wifi or bluetooth. Music cast app is extremely easy to operate, gives loads of option of controlling music at different rooms. Here are the specifications for the Yamaha Electronics Yamaha MusicCast WX010 Wireless Speaker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Incredible Sound quality from the world Largest Musical Instrument Manufacturer
  • Stream you entire Music Library, Spotify Qobuz & more streaming services plus Internet Radio
  • Bluetooth & Airplay as standard plus support for Hi-Res Audio
  • Compatible with all Yamaha Music Cast items so expand your system and fill your house with crystal clear sound
  • 2 year warranty as standard

This isn’t bad at all, a lovely looking speaker that takes up minimal space in your home. It can be wall-mounted or left free-standing, and being powered, there is no risk of the speaker cutting out halfway through an internet radio programme, for example. I’m not too bad with technology, although i’m not brilliant. I was slightly wary of the set-up, as i have used some wireless apps in the past that i had to re-install on my iphone 6s+ every time i used the device with which they are used. Sure enough, there were some issues. I had followed the instructions on the app, but connection for internet radio (what i really wanted this for) wasn’t happening. I installed mine before the other reviews highlighting connection issues appeared, which was just as well. I unstinstalled the app, re-installed it, and it worked really well from then on in. Connections were quickly made, and all appears to work well. I have no idea what the problem was initially.

The unit is powerful enough for a 20 sq. Sound quality is excellent, a little bass heavy to my ears as a default, but this is easily adjusted. The unit is very solid, and comes with a rubberised base and additional adhesive pads, so unwanted vibration shouldn’t be a problem. The musicmatch app is fairly easy to get on with, very quickly recognises any dlna servers you have set up, also has access to airplay, net radio, spotify, deezer et al, or can just be used as a bluetooth speaker. Remembers the last source used, so when you switch it on it’ll continue from wherever it was when you switched it off. I have 2 of these in different rooms and connecting them is straightforward, though i suspect the quality of the syncing will be very dependant on your wifi.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Recommended for anyone who can’t quite bear the cost of a Sonos setup
  • Excellent sound quality but dependant of good broadband/WiFi connection.
  • Good sounding small speaker

The speaker links seamlessly with my yamaha rxv681 av amp and yamaha wx030 speaker. The sound quality is superb with good lows,impressive mids and excellent treble. I would say that the slightly cheaper and smaller wx010 has a better sound than the wx030 but not by much (although thinking about it as i write it could be the acoustics of the room as i have never switched them around. )i have this speaker in the kitchen, the wx030 in the dining room and the av amp in the lounge. Its great to go from room to room with the same music playing throughout. No sync issues at all with yamaha musiccast its exceptional with an easy to use downloadable app. The build quality is excellent , the sound quality is superb and setup is childs play. If you really want to hear music throughout the house the yamaha musiccast system really is a great way to do it.

I wanted a ‘dumb’ speaker, not a talk-to one. Followed which advice that this sounds better and is cheaper than the sonos. Easy to use under airplay, bit more fiddly for spotify.

Better than sonos play 1 in terms of sound quality. Also in my opinion app interface is great, quality is amazing too as it should be from yamaha brand. I have bought both – sonos play 1 and wx010 – to setup and compare. Sonos went back 🙂 yamaha – stayed.Planning to extend my musiccast network soon. Also is almost twice cheaper than sonos.

Although it has bluetooth and airplay it is way behind a sonos play 1 in terms of build quality, sound, range of music services, app and stability. I owned one for 2 weeks before sending it back and has to power cycle several times. Also annoying if you like to sleep in a dark room, you can’t turn off the light. Of course can put something over it but that’s messy.

Best value for money of all competing speaker brands.

Downside is the lack of apple music so you’re forced to airplay. Spotify and musiccast app are superb. Simple access to streaming, digital stored music on my network and internet radio. Replaced our dab kitchen radio with something far more flexible.

A good quality wireless and bluetooth speaker. I purchased 2 together with a musiccast crxn470d system about 15 months ago. Until recently the speakers kept losing the wifi signal which really annoyed me. However after further losses of wifi signals it was discovered that openreach had wired my broadband connection wrongly, since which time the speakers which are situated in different locations in my home, have worked perfectly and reproduced the sounds of an excellent quality.

Very happy with this speaker.

Lovely crystal clear speaker , linked in with yamahas music cast so we can listen to the stereo in a different room .

Only used it with airplay from my computer so i haven’t tried it’s full range of features yet.

I have a wired bose system in the house, but is not suitable for modern technology. Which gave the yamaha a great review, 84% far higher than many brands citing four or five times as much. The app works well, and has it operates with airplay so you can go straight from apple phone/pad without using the app. Sound quality is excellent and will buy more for other rooms. 9th feb 2019 bought another it’s such a good product.

These speakers are truly amazing. They easily fill a large room with balanced full sound. Given their size the bass is astounding. We’re so pleased we bought another for the dining room. We listen to music stored on a nas dlna server & internet radio which auto connects with power on so easy to just switch on & listen without needing to fiddle with apps. The music cast system is brilliant.

I bought this wireless active speaker for use in connexion with the yamaha crx 470 n musiccast system. The sound quality and connectivity is very good. If you are looking for complete portability however look elsewhere as the speaker has no battery power it must be plugged into the mains. For my family the main object of buying the yamaha musiccast system was to listen to internet radio in virtually every room in the house. My wife is an avid listener of france inter. Before the french government, in their miserliness, decided to switch off the long wave transmission my wife had am radios stationed throughout the house. The musiccast system restores this functionality with the added benefit of better sound reproduction. The musiccast system is very flexible just like sonos. The crx 470 music centre will play music stored on a computer hard drive and usb drive.

Not sure i understand some of the other reviews on here. First, this is a powered speaker, so needs a power socket. It’s not meant to be a bluetooth speaker for your car or when you are out and about. Second, it connected first time for me via bluetooth, without the app. When i used the app and amazon music, it worked perfectly first time. Some other reviewers say you need spotify premium, so be aware if all your music is on spotify. I’m an android guy, and this works beautifully with my huawei p9 lite. So, as far as my experience is concerned, no problems at all. More than that: i find the sound deep and powerful.

I am amazed at the clarity and room filling quality of this small speaker. It has a great range from high treble to bass with that can be felt and heard. This speaker is used in a large double height room and is performing well. This is a smart looking, very unobtrusive speaker. I like the clean uncluttered, simple design, the lack of knobs and buttons in favour of very sensitive touch controls is very welcome. Set up was straightforward and instructions easy to follow. I use ipads to control the speaker and have no problems with the app which is simple and intuitive. The one letdown for this dedicated apple user is the inability to play from itunes, thus having to rely on spotify (free), digital radio and music collection.

At almost £120 you might think this a tad expensive for a speaker but this is a speaker and a half and, in my opinion, worth every pennyopening the box i have to say i was a tad disappointed; it didn’t look any different from my old speaker (more compact but then things have moved on since my speakers were bought)it may be obvious to you but i’d not appreciated the difference that a wireless speaker makes; i’ve put it exactly where i wanted it – including on my patio when friends were round. My kids gave me spotify for christmas and up to now o hadn’t really valued it (listening on my phone was ok but not great). Listening to my choice of music through this speaker was a revolutioni have to admit i’m a bit scared of new technology and waited for my son to come home and set it up. A doddle was how he described iti’m also loving the internet radio that it comes with. I can listen to my favourite french radio station whenever i want – marvellous (manifique)i really find nothing to fault with this.

Sony HTCT290 – Really Pleased

Its just great, lovely sound easy to use no syncing issues.

Its nice to have good quality. Look forward to more hours listening to my music.

A great piece of kit, and after spending a fortune on a new tv, wich i am very pleased with but the sound was pants as in these new thin tvs there is no room for really good speakers a sound bar is a must. This fitted the bill and is very good.

Not bad for the cheapest sony soundbar out there.

Works great, sounds great, great performance for the price and the wireless sub is great as can be moved. The only downside is there is only optical in and one hdmi. No analogue in, i got around this buy purchasing an analog to digital adapter.

Geat sound ,i thought a sound bar at first was a pub that was open all day,sadly no,this one is much better and does not give you a hang over .

  • Nice to look at, sounds great and cheap. What more do you want.
  • Sound quality that packs a punch for the price
  • No lip sync issues

Had bought it for £150 and am using it for more than 08 months with a splendid performance.

Purchased with only a little research, but very pleased with the speaker so far. Great size, fits perfectly where i wanted it and very easy to setup up. Just two wires, clutter free and wow does it pack a punch sound wise. I’ve been wanting a sound bar for a long time, how it looked was important but also the cost. I did not want to spend a fortune but also wanted some sound quality over the low end models. I’ve used the optical cable included to connect to the tv and bluetooth for my phone. I can’t tell what sound level it’s on but i find myself turning it down at times. The added sub woofer fits perfectly behind the tv and out of sight – just the power cable for this, perfect for wireless heaven. All in all, very pleased with it, sound is great and can’t wait to watch a movie that needs that cinema quality experience.

Been using this for about a year and it replaces my old samsung one. It looks smart, connects well to samsung and apple.

This is an excellent sound bar and sub woofer for the price. I didn’t want to go cheap but not too expensive just somewhere mid range and the review for this one caught my eye. I was really impressed with the sound quality especially listening to music at high volume where the sub really comes into its own.

The product is sleek and fits nicely on wall, the sound is great for movies but not that great for music lovers the sub woofer is really disappointing considering it from sony there basss is just about average.

Features of Sony HTCT290.CEK 300 W Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI and Wireless Subwoofer – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Immersive sound: Recreate that cinema feeling with Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround sound technology
  • Simple connectivity: one simple HDMI connection to TV and easy wireless link to your smartphone with Bluetooth
  • Slim design: designed for style and substance offering a slim elegant profile to blend any living environment
  • Interface : Input and Output Terminals – Opt. In, USB – 1 (USB-A), Bluetooth : Yes(A2DP (SINK), AVRCP)
  • Main Unit Size – Body Only (W x H x D) (cm) :5.2 x 90.0 x 8.6,Subwoofer Size (W x H x D) (cm):34.2 x 17.0 x 36.2

From the manufacturer

Your personal cinema setup

Be at the centre of your own entertainment universe with this 2.1 channel sound system. With a powerful 300W total output, a slim soundbar and versatile 2-way subwoofer, you can experience cinematic sound that revolves around you.

Product Features

300W total power output

Bring every song, show and movie to life in the volume and clarity it deserves, with a 300W rated power output.

2.1ch front surround sound

Drivers at each end of your sound bar deliver a clear mid and high range, while a wireless subwoofer fills in the rumbling lows.

Surround yourself with sound

S-Force PRO Front Surround technology puts you right at the heart of the movies you love by emulating cinema style surround sound.

More movies and music

Enjoy a stable, high-quality audio connection for everything you want to watch or listen to, with an array of wired connections, and Bluetooth.


The HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) lets you connect to your TV with a single cable.

USB port

Charge and access music files from multiple devices via the USB port.

A setup to suit you

A slim frame blends in seamlessly with the rest of your Home Cinema setup, perfect for wall-mounting or placing on a TV stand.

Optical input

Enjoy high quality surround sound from Blu-ray and DVD players with the optical input.

Product Features

Bluetooth wireless streaming

Stream all your favourite music wirelessly from your smartphone with Bluetooth.

Slot-in design

Get the maximum impact from every bassline with the wireless subwoofer. It has a 2-way design, and you can even place it in your TV cabinet or rack for perfect home theatre integration.

Sits upright or on its side

You can stand the wireless subwoofer up or slide it onto its side, to make the most of your living space.

HT-NT5 HT-CT800 HT-CT390 HT-CT290/1 HT-CT80
Channels 2.1ch amplifier 2.1ch Channels 2.1ch amplifier 2.1ch Channels 2.1ch amplifier
Power Output 400W 350W 300W 300W 80W
Sub-Woofer Type Wireless Sub-Woofer Wireless Sub-Woofer Wireless Sub-Woofer Wireless Sub-Woofer Wired Sub-Woofer
Speaker Type 3-way speaker / Sigma SW Full-range speaker with sound deflector Full-range speaker Full-range speaker 2-way speaker system
S-Force Pro Surround Yes Yes S-Force Front Surround Yes No
High Resolution Audio Yes No No Yes No
Wireless Multi-Room Yes Yes No No No
Chromecast Built-in & Spotify Connection Yes Yes No No No
LDAC Yes Yes No No No
4K HDR Pass-through Yes Yes No No No

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Great sound, just like being at the cinema.

I think i’ve read all there is to read online and in the product user guide, yet still i cannot get the audio and sony tv to sync satisfactory. Admittedly i am in the media profession so i suppose i’m sort of hyper critical but that said.

Amazing bass definitely recommend for a good home cinema set-up.

Replaced a samsung sound bar of lower quality. Great sound, and the bluetooth connected sub-wooofer can be positioned anywhere. As usual the sub-wooofer only adds a bass rumble but it comes into its own with action movies. Sound options are quite limited but the system puts out such a great sound why do you need to adjust it?.Very happy with my purchase.

Brilliant sound and wonderfully unobtrusive in room.

I could think a couple complaints but all in all for the price range this is an awesome product and you won’t get much better.

Immersive sound: Recreate that cinema feeling with Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround sound technology

Sounds is not what i was expecting, probably my living room is a big too big for it, maybe in a smaller room, it will perform better. It is ok, but not what i expected.

Great design, low footprint, easy to setup, good value for your money. Only wish i’d bought it sooner.

Easy to connect, sounds good, nice colour, whats not to like it’s sony.

Great sound and very easy to set up and operate.

Bought this soundbar because i was having difficulty in hearing the tv dialogue (i’m getting on a bit). Soundbar has been excellent, easy to install and operate and sound quality now vastly improved.

Ordered this from amazon warehouse so a bit dubious, especially about some of negative comments regarding lip sync. Up and running within 10 minutes (i did read manual carefully prior to set up). My tv is a sony bravia but 6 years old and i was also worried that the sound bar would block out tv remote signal. The sound bar is very compact in height and absolutely no problems with tv controls. Also it synced with my tv and the sky remote automatically – a breeze. The only negative is that the sub woofer is fairly sizeable, but it is tucked away discretely and again connected wirelessly with no problems. Also play music from my ipod/iphone which all connected easily through bluetooth.

Simple connectivity: one simple HDMI connection to TV and easy wireless link to your smartphone with Bluetooth

Liked improvement in tv sound (sony 4k bravia). No indication of sound level from remote. No problem with lip sync, press the voice button on the soundbar remote.

Use it for every day use and movies sounds great little frustrating setting up but once done it’s fine.

Sound from the sound bar is very tinney. Changed hdmi and ungraded optical cable. Very disappointed in this product, sounded great in store. Subwoofer is good but needs volume up to high to really appreciate it.

Easy to set up, excellent sound, the sub woofer really supplements the overall sound, providing a subtle base when listening or watching something with a deep base sound, otherwise its just the bar you can detect. Make sure you pair the sub woofer speaker whilst its reasonably close to the bar, once paired, you can stand it where you like, there’s a good 8ft, distance from bar to sub woofer in my set up. Usual sony quality, which transforms the sound completely.

It works wonders just with the bluetooth connection. Using it on a desktop pc with a bluetooth receiver is just great. Not a lot of cable management and the quality is just out of this world.

I got this item so i could mainly listen to must from my phone or computer in the living room. Obviously its also made to use connected to the tv, so i have done this too. As a tv sound bar:i have the bar connected to the tv via optical cable and have not tried the rest. So any results i receive may differ if another form of connectivity is used. The sound produced from films is amazing. Does well at producing base and does not seem to struggle with anything i have thrown at it so far. The sub has its own volume if you want more or less, so it will not take over the experience. Voices are clear and explosions are full and surround the room. The soundtrack to a move is as clear as any talking throughout. As a bluetooth music player:after listening to a movie or two i was not surprised how it sounded when i listened to music through it.

. And brilliant sound, am very happy with it.

Slim design: designed for style and substance offering a slim elegant profile to blend any living environment

Easy to follow quick set up guide. Let down by not as clear instruction manual. Adding to a different brand tv with hdmi arc required switching back and forth between different pages of the manual. Having said that, once set up it works well with excellent sound quality and the hdmi arc allows on/off and volume control using the sky q remote for the t.

Interface : Input and Output Terminals – Opt. In, USB –

Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2, Superb product and service.

Good sound for a little machine.

Protected by apple warranty for two years. Had a slight issue with charging, which may have been my fault, although brought on amazon, took it into apple store, they replaced there and then. Just showed them my order history on here.

I absolutely love my pill, the best speaker around, it produces great doing for the size of it. Also doubles as a phone charger which is cool.

Key specs for Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Blue:

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  • Small but loud ultra-portable sound system
  • Quick and easy pairing to any Bluetooth device or other Pill
  • Amplify or Stereo your music by tapping two Pills together
  • Built- in mic for hands-free calls and conference calling
  • 7-hour rechargeable battery
  • Product should be fully charged before using.

Comments from buyers

“Top quality speaker, easy to pair, it charges fast, the charge lasts a very long time. Beautiful object.
, Powerful bit of kit
, but the device when working is great.

Good sound, works as expected. I’ve only had my speaker about a month and only used it three times so haven’t needed to charge it yet.

I bought this for my grand son for christmas last year and he likes it very much. However he has now told me that the device no longer charges and even buying a new charging cable did not help. It still does not charge and it is therefore not working. I am hoping it can be replaced or repaired under warranty, but the device when working is great.

Love this 😍 best speaker i’ve ever had.

I love this little device, easy to set and sounds amazing. After reading some of the reviews i wasn’t sure how good it would be, but im glad i ignored the negative reviews as its perfect for what i want.

I think my bose speakers are better if i’m honest, similar price range too.

This speaker is now a well established design item because it looks so cool and contemporary. I purchased it over 2 years ago and it still works absolutely perfect. Even the packaging box looks really good. As an object, it is beautiful to look at, it hardly takes any space at all and the finishing is perfect – i can’t find any flaw with it. I got the dark blue colour which is looks a bit like a slightly metallic navy. It charges very fast and the charge lasts a very long time. It is incredibly easy to pair with audio devices. I use it for music by pairing it to the ipod or iphone. The sound quality is excellent and it can go to a very loud setting if that’s what you need. It is very portable because of its size, long charge and robustness.

In the words of my daughter. Amplifies the sound better than any other bluetooth device. Fully charges quickly and can be used as a hands free phone too.

Amazing product i would recommend this product to everyone loud,looks nice, connection good, there is loads of amazing things best product i have bought.

Have had this product for over a year and still works great. I would say that i think it holds a charge slightly less, but none the less.

Excellent present for my 14 year old grandson he loves it and more importantly his friends do too.

Tiny bit damage but good item as we had it cheap.

Brilliant product great service.

Arrived quickly, look fantastic – hope son likes them as much as we do.

Beats brilliant but it said next day delivery but not. Had to email and phone too get it two weeks later.

Bought this as a present for my husband and he is very happy with it. The sound is great, it’s small so you can use it everywhere. Definitely would recommend it to anyone.

My daughter was over the moon with the speaker. The sound is first class and no distortion what so ever to the music when played to the extreme. A highly recommended speaker to any teenager.

Bought this as a present and the quality is brilliant.

Great for playing music from mobile phone or tablet via bluetooth connection.

Jackery Boom Premium Bluetooth Speaker : Nice speaker, no bike mount included

I was really surprised at the quality of this wee speaker given the price i thought it would be mediocre. I was wrong 👍🏻 it’s brilliant and loud enough for what i bought it for which is mainly camping. Sound quality is crisp and clear and it connects quickly with my device. It is as others have described though as being a bit heavy on the base but apart from that i cannot fault it.

It is loud enough to hear outdoors,and when you are moving about, for example cycling. It has a long battery life, is very easy to set up and use, and so far at least appears to be unaffected by the rain it has been in which is good. It doesn’t look very waterproof but it must be.

Great sound which is the obvious priority of any speaker, but it is also packs a fair punch (volume) and is pretty robust. It is ideal for listening to out doors and in the bathroom as it is water resistant (not waterproof). I really like the jackery boom but unfortunately so does my son, so another purchase is very much on the cards.

Once you get over the little tune it plays loudly on connection, it is a great bit of kit. I can use it throughout the house and its popular with the kids. The sound is reasonably good – plenty of depth if not as crisp as the more expensive models. I have only had to charge it up once in over a month.

  • Amazing, 4.5
  • Great for outdoors

Jackery Boom Premium Bluetooth Speaker, Stereo, Super Bass with Dual 5W Drivers, Wireless, Waterproof (IP65) and Portable Speaker with 2000mAh Battery Built-in Mic (Black/Orange)

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  • Jackery Bluetooth Speaker: Jackery Boom with IP65 rating is perfect for your outdoor and indoor lifestyle, waterproof splash and dustproof bring your music when cycling, biking, hiking, camping, BBQ, beach going and poolside partying, fishing, shower or jogging etc.
  • Clear Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 enabled speaker allows you to be connected to all bluetooth compatible mobile devices, such as iphone 7 plus, iphone 7, iphone 6, iphone 6s, samsung galaxy etc.
  • Powerful Boomin Sound: SoundAlive with 10W acoustic drivers and enhanced passive radiator, it’s optimized to deliver distortion-free stereo sound that is powerful, crisp and let you enjoy clear audio with impressive volume.
  • Long-Lasting Play Time: Built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery boosts over 8 hours of playback on a single charge, ensuring your music is always ready whenever you need it.
  • Portable & Warranty: The speaker size is 7.91*4.4*2.36 inches and weight is only 19.75 ounces, you can carry it easily at anytime and anywhere. 30 day money-back guarantee and 18-Month product warranty and 7×24 friendly customer service.

Looks good and i like that it is water proof, but the sound is equivalent the price.

I’m very happy with my purchase. Sound is very clear, very easy to connect the bluetooth, bass i fantastic, overall powerful speaker for the size it is.

This is a very good speaker. For only 21 quid you get a good sound with decent base and reasonably loud too due to two 5w speakers compared to only one speaker that others offer for about the same price.

Excellent sound quality, easy to charge & simple to use. Delighted with this purchase.

Saw this and thought it was well priced. When it arrived i took outside into the backyard and paired it up to my ipad a distance of around 13 meters. It had no problem connecting and played my music with no interference. Really pleased with this bluetooth speaker. Designed very well, stirdy and easy to use also water proof.

Great battery life, loud and clear.

Fantastic robust good volume great value for money.

I was going to buy another but out of stock.

I bought this product over a year ago and it still competes well with budget speakers of todayhas come in handy on many occasions. Sound quality and bass are both of reasonably high quality. Has served me well on numerous outdoor expeditions in wet and mud, and perfect for uplifting spiritsonly limitiations are inability to connect two speakers together and relatively poor range of (clear) bluetooth connection (4-5m ish) but best kept as close as possible. Would highly reccomend and great value for money.

Had this for 3 years now still going strong, battery life is still good.

I love this little 4v1 bluetooth speaker – in fact i’ve bought three of them. It’s always a gamble buying bluetooth speakers on amazon because you can’t try before you buy, and, in the end it comes down to your own personal view. I love my music and i’m extremely fussy on what i play it on, i can’t stand cheap sounding devices. The sound this small bt box produces is excellent for what it is, it’s very detailed, the middle and treble cut through and there’s tons of bass. I’ve just set up a synology ds216+ii nas as my central music server and now use flac files instead of mp3s as they sound a lot better because they hold more information, but obviously are about four times the size, hence the nas. There’s also plenty of volume, in fact i’ve had to turn it down on some occasions. I’ve had absolutely no problems whatsoever connecting to other devices with whatever version of bluetooth those devices are using, old or new, it connects every time. I hope it lasts longer than the last one i bought, which was not waterproof and survived just a few months of very light use before falling apart. If it doesn’t, i will be back to update this review. I’ve only found a couple of small problems so far.

It’s good for the price it’s been bought for my teenage daughter who is heavy handed with anything electronic and it’s yet to brake only time can tell but it’s a great little speaker.

So far so good, speaker looks good, although the manual say keep away from humid or damp area is questionable.

Very good sound and bass easy to connect battery life is very good all in all very good purchase.

I am really impressed by this marvel piece of industrial art. I have read lots and lots of reviews of other brands for portable external bluetooth speakers before i bumped into these. Anker was on the top of my list but jackery boom appeared on my radar because of their discounted price. It is an amazing sound quality and ultimately, sound quality is what sells these devices. Yes it does have some features which i wish i could control, such as switching off the redial of last number in long press feature, and switching off the bluetooth connect ringing. But again, sound quality is amazing for this price range (£20), including low range. Also, i want to thank all the product reviewers here on amazon for assisting me to close such a good deal. Update: i have decreased my rating from 4. 5, after some experience with the product. I would like to see the following features and improvements incorporated into such a product before it can get to 5*:- i want the possibility to switch off and/or to control the sound volume of the switch-on and other alerts (e. Bluetooth connection, battery power level warning, max volume reached, etc)- i want a software control panel on the connecting device to automatically activate and run upon connecting to control the various aspects of the device (bt connection and pairing, volume, battery level warning, etc)- i want the possibility to switch off the redialing of the last called phone number upon long-pressing the button on the device- i want the possibility to use the speakers in passive mode. Currently, it only works in active mode: it is always using the battery and so the battery should always be kept charged otherwise the device is dead.

Reading through the other reviews here, i would say much the same. A nice little device for a nice little price.

Great speaker, louder than i thought it would be for such a small box, easily able to fill our garden with enough music for a good party.

I wasn’t expecting much for the price i paid but i was very surprised when i opened the box. It’s a weighty item but in the sense that it’s well made, far from flimsy. I charged it until the indicator told me it was fully charged and then i pushed the ‘on’ button. There are only four buttons and they’re clearly marked. It made a sound to tell me it was switched on and pairing was simple – i switched on the bluetooth facility on my mobile phone and the scan picked the speaker up within seconds to pair the two devices. So long as the bluetooth on my phone is on, all i have to do is press the ‘on’ button on the speaker and it plays automatically, no need to pair the devices again. I was expecting pitchy and tinny and crackly sounds but this is as good as any speaker on a decent sound system. Deep, rich tones with great clarity.

iHome Alexa Compatible Bedside Clock – solidly built and great sound

This little extra for echo dot is great for the morning alarm and gives great sound to echo dot.

The sound is ok only just better than the dot itself. The clock doesn’t keep good time. The speaker/ clock is not synced with the dot in any way except as a speaker. A bit disapointing if i’m honest 🙁 this could be better.

I bought this as i liked the idea of having the speaker a part of the dot and not connected via bluetooth but a physical connection via the aux port. On first opening the box and feel the weight of the device it struck me that it was solidly made. I removed all the packaging and was happy to that there was batteries already provided for the back up – just needed to removed the pull strip to active it. The controls are not complex, there is a touch strip on the front to lighten or darken the clock on the front and the controls underneath let you set the time. Attaching the dot is simple enough and having an extra usb port for charging phones is a great idea. There is one draw back on the extra usb port, my phone reported it was not charging fully so i’m assuming its a low power usb port. Its fine if you charging your phone over-night but not if you need a quick boostpretty much thats where the wow factor ends, all it really is, is a speaker for the dot with a clock face on the front with optional phone charger. Is it worth the £67 i paid. . I’m not sure i’d buy one at that price for anyone elseedit: since i wrote this, i found that this does charge my phone perfectly, just be careful of the usb cable as not all cables are the same.

Easy to use and i find the phone charging facility great too. Improves the sound quality of the dot and the alarm clock is easy to set and use.

The clock was very easy to set up with my dot , so far no problem.

Very fast delivery, easy setup and a good sound considering it is only for bedroom use.

  • Generally good but occasionally needs powering down
  • Easy to use and worthwhile having
  • echo dot extra

Fantastic makes the dot perfect.

I have bought two of these (for different rooms) and generally speaking they do everything they are supposed to and the sound quality is very good. However occasionally you hear a quiet ‘hum’ coming from the speaker, at which point it is absolutely imperative that you disconnect and reconnect the power supply before asking alexa a question. If you don’t, she bellows at you like an angry dalek (i. Full volume and high distortion). It’s the same problem with both units (and it’s not enough to just disconnect the echo dot, it needs the power removing from the ihome unit) so it must be some common glitch with these. It’s not a major problem as it only happens every couple of weeks – but it’s enough to knock it down from five stars to four.

Features of iHome Alexa Compatible Bedside Clock, Amazon Dot Docking Station & Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Specially designed for the Amazon Echo Dot (works with both 1st & 2nd Gen)
  • Large negative backlit clock display & 1 A USB charging for mobile devices
  • Docking Solution – dedicated aux-in and Micro USB cable connections to power & play Echo Dot audio
  • Let Alexa control your home from the bedside. Amazon Echo Dot works with iHome Smart Plugs (sold separately) and many more smart home solutions
  • Display dimmer with 8 levels of capacitive touch for bright-ness control

From the manufacturer

iHome iAVS1

The first integrated stereo speaker and clock solution designed for the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s enhanced audio sound, glanceable clock display, USB phone charging and beautiful modern aesthetic lets you create the perfect bedside solution.

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The Spot for your Dot

Unleash the power of Alexa and the Amazon Echo Dot with the perfect bedside solution. Simply place your Dot into the top of the iAVS1, plug in internal connectors and your good to go.

Dot sold separately.

Turn the Dot into an amazing alarm clock

‘Alexa, play hits on iHeartRadio’.

‘Alexa, set sleep timer for 45 minutes’.

‘Alexa, set an alarm for 7am’.

Deliver an enhanced Echo Dot bedside experience with a dedicated clock display, 360 degree stereo sound and convenient USB charging for your mobile devices.

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Docking Solution

Specially designed to power and connect your Amazon Echo Dot.

Stereo Sound

Enjoy room-filling music with Alexa and Reson8 speaker chamber technology for enhanced bass.

Recharge Your Devices

1A USB charging for convenient phone and mobile device charging while you sleep.

Clock Display Dimmer

Control Dimmer control for clock display with adjustable brightness levels (no need to ask Alexa the time at night).

Make sure this fits
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Specially designed for the Amazon Echo Dot (works with both 1st & 2nd Gen)

Large negative backlit clock display & 1 A USB charging for mobile devices

Docking Solution –

Let Alexa control your home from the bedside.

AILINA Bluetooth Speakers Mini Portable Touch Screen Rechargeable Speaker Built-in Microphone : this a couple of days but so far so good. Really pleased with the sound

I loved this speaker at first. Easy to use, good battery life and nice sound quality. However, it broke very quickly when the speaker panel started to come loose which made the sound very sketchy. I contacted the company directly for refund as instructed but they ignored me. Luckily, amazon let me return it under full money back guarantee.

Lovely really nice and it’s so good that i got it on sale as it was 90 pounds and i got mine for 16 pounds the sounds is really good love it amazing.

AILINA Bluetooth Speakers Mini Portable Touch Screen Rechargeable Speaker Built-in Microphone for MP3 Players, Smart Phones, Pads, Laptops & Other Devices – (Sliver)

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  • With HANDFREE TALK Function, you can receive call through this speaker even when you are listening music. Connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away- Skip songs & forward/back/pause/play; Plus enjoy HANDS FREE CALLS with the built in microphone – perfect for phone calls or Skype/Whatsapp
  • SPECIAL TOUCH – This speaker it with simple and easy to operate key design, trough to touch test, wear non-slip, temperature, long service life. The touch key is with blue led light, very fashion. A8 also built-in resonance radiator device, equipped with high-effeciency power amplifier
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PLAYS UP TO 10 HOURS: Built-in 1000mAH rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 10 hours of playback and can be easily recharged. Actual playtime may vary according to sound volume and audio content. also support TF Card mode, enjoy your favorite music from your TF Card
  • ELEGANT PORTABLE DESIGN : Our portable Bluetooth speakers have versatile portable design with aluminum out case and sturdy body, so you can place it in a variety of locations and can easily take it from one place to the next
  • HIFI SPEAKER – Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides high-fidelity stereo music works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini, iPad Air 4/3/2, iTouch, Blackberry, Nexus, Samsung, Other Smart Phones, Mp3 Players, and Computers Laptop or Desktop with 3.5mm aux port

Great little speaker contact by bluetooth to my ipad, used in the kitchen while i am cooking, sounds great would recommend it to anyone, i be brought more as christmas fillers as they are so good for the money, but look expensive comes with a nice pouch to keep in clean and stratch free charger.

I have only had them for a few days so let’s see how they last.

I love it, for the price i think it’s great, the sound quality is fine for my needs as i listen to a lot of audio books much better than my mobile phone speaker. My only slight irritant is a blue flashing light while in use, not sure if it’s a warning light for the battery (instructions didn’t say) but if i’m listening in bed in the dark with a timer, the flashing light is annoying.

AILINA Bluetooth Speakers Mini Portable Touch Screen Rechargeable Speaker Built-in Microphone for MP3 Players, Smart Phones, Pads, Laptops & Other Devices – (Sliver) : . Cannot switch it off, power off button not doing its job. . And trying to find out what to do is like finding a needle in a haystack. Cheap does not mean that the device should pack up after 5 months.

Excellent after sales service. The first item didn’t work in that the microphone wouldn’t transmit. I emailed the seller and got very speedy assistance. A fully functional replacement followed at no extra cost. The speaker itself works perfectly adequately and is good value for money.

I like this speaker a lot and it’s definitely a bit of a bargain. Only issue i have with it is the speakers are on the same side that it’s supposed to sit on?. I don’t see the practicality of that at all as it muffles the sound slightly, but i always just put it on it’s side. I’d say the weird voice is an issue, but it makes me and my friends laugh every time we hear it.

Great sound to listen too, easy to set up.

Good product and quality of sound.

Bought this as a gift, my friend loves it, sound quality is good, it’s easily portable and the base makes it non slippy so great for any surface. A good buy particularly for the price (on sale at time of purchase).

Bought this in july, speaker very good but charger will not now charge. So useless now and cannot use. No contact details for the supplier as would have been prepared to buy another charger. Not a good buy,mladting only 4 monthsupdate – eventually managed to contact the supplier who replaced the faulty equipment.

This product is absolutely amazing, wow for the money, it is one of a kind it really is,i recommend too you all out there, love it love it love it, sound quality amazing, quality of product the closesest you are going to get too an apple product.

I bought this for my v old car so i could listen to my spotify playlist from my phone via bluetooth. It’s fantastic, basic yes but i just wanted a speaker to increase the volume and move between tracks. I love it, exactly what i wanted. It’s small as well so can be put in my mug holders. 1 down-side is the very annoying ‘voice’ telling you it’s paired/on/off etc.

Using this little speaker to listen to the radio in the garden. Sound is good, and is loud enough.

I bought 1 of these 18 months ago to connect to my alexa for to boost the sound. Brilliant little speaker which, when charged i can move into the garden and still listen. I have now bought 2 more, 1 to connect to my 2nd dot, and one to connect to my smart phone. Excellent price for a lovely looking little gold circle. Added benefit us that it’s easily to transport when travelling. Easy to pair, didn’t even need the instructions.

It cant have a sound very loud. However i stay disappointed because de speaker seat under the advice. So the sound goes to where you have it.

I love how portable it is and you dont have to be near your devise to use it which means i can even use it outside in the garden.

Good sound and easy to take out and about. My teenage daughter loves it.

For the price it’s fine but with just a bit more money you can have much better.

This is a very good little speaker. Quickly charged, easy to set up and its performance belies its size. Very impressed and definitely recommend.

Harman Kardon Harman/Kardon Esquire 2 Thin Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System – Good looking speaker

Long battery life, great connectivity responses via bluetooth and super light weight. A great device at a good price. Some tracks can sound a bit thin and tinny when you crank the volume up but apart from that, it was a good purchase and highly recommended.

Excellent unit protection, could do with some entries for charging.

The sound is amazing for such a thin and compact speaker. I heard it in a shop overseas and decided immediately i was buying back in england. It’s so handy for those people that travel a lot and there is stylish and strong protective carry case you can buy. Worth it as you don’t wan to damage this speaker. If you read the reviews they get quite technical about details; you can get really caught up in it and i just went for it as my ears were the deciding factor. It’s extremely clear, loud and the bass is fine. Great sound and you wont be disappointed. Here are the specifications for the Harman Kardon Harman/Kardon Esquire 2 Thin Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System:

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  • Premium Bluetooth speaker with built-in conference phone system
  • Engineered with 4 drivers & a passive radiator to deliver impeccable audio
  • Built-in quad-microphone conference system delivers impressive clarity at 360 degrees
  • Wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing rich, high-end music
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of continious audio

Great for travelling or just using on my fairly cluttered home office desk.

I feel that this speaker is better for some types of music than it is for others. One of the types of music that this is bad for is rap music or any music that has a lot of bass. For any music as long as you don’t exceed 3/4 volume sounds good on this, but when 3/4 volume is exceeded, then it starts to cut out the music and sound like a darlic​.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • the sound is amazing for such a thin and compact speaker
  • Great speaker
  • Impressive speaker

Very portable and easy to use.

I hold a lot of conference calls from home, esquire mini is a brilliant piece of kit, makes the job so much easier, very clear and great microphone, very easy to use and lasts all day plus on a charge.

Excellent product however too pricey for what you get.

Well yes of course it doesn’t have much bass – it’s tiny so what do you expect?. But the clarity and punch of the sound more than compensate. And it fits easily in your pocket. I tried the speakerphone option and it wasn’t great though. Sound rather muddy but reception was clear as a bell. So provided you want it for music and you don’t want gut wrenching bass i then this is highly recommended.

Beautifully made and good sound also.

As sales consultant once said to me – if apple was going to make a speaker, it probably would not look too different to this. It is a very nice piece of sculpture. It has a clean finish that looks minimalist – it looks great for itto use, it is very intuitive to use. It has a power, blue tooth, and phone button (as you can use this to hold conference calls via your phone) – its easy to operate straight out of the box. I would give it 5 out of 5 for design innovation and use. For its ability to reproduce excellent quality sounds, it is limited by its physical design (being only 2 cm deep) to allow it produce mid to high range frequencies well, however, it is low frequency/bass reproduction is limited. Based on its small size, excellent physical design, weight and its ability to produce music crisp mid to high frequency – i would recommend this speaker as rucksack travel companion. This was my reason for purchasing this speaker from harmon kardon website at £90 refurbished (with a discount voucher), with free delivery and 2 year warranty. Update 24 april 2015i bought a cheap ds lite game case (brand speedlink) that the harman kardon esquire mini fits perfectly to provide protection when transporting in the ruck sack – see photographs.

Great piece of kit, especially in conference speaker mode.

The great: elegant design, premium feel and amazing sound quality for its size (about the same size of an iphone 6/6s, apart from being a bit thicker)the surprise: siri activation (long press and hold call button), the call button can also answer/reject calls, play/pause/skip songs. The not so good: coming from bose bluetooth speakers and headphones i have found the esquire mini is not as fast as bose soundlink mini 2 from powering on the device to establishing a connection. As soon as i power on my bose speaker/headphone the bluetooth connection is established immediately (1-2 seconds) however this can take the esquire mini 3-5 seconds. Also when i connect my iphone to the bose speakers there is a battery indicator next to the bluetooth icon showing how much battery left on the speaker and that is not the case with the esquire mini. Hopefully harman kardon will roll out a new firmware address this issue. Esquire mini vs bose soundlink mini 2 sound quality: the esquire mini isn’t going to have as big of a sound as the soundlink mini 2, but it has better clarity, and the vocals are great. There is no other speaker out there this size, so it can’t really be compared to any other speaker, except maybe the jambox mini, which sounds good but has no volume. The esquire mini gets louder then the jambox mini, looks better, sounds better, and is truly the size of a smart phone, the esquire also charges your phone too. Just remember this speaker is the size of a phone, and is very thin, so their isn’t much cabinet room for deep bass, but the sonic performance, and the clarity are great for a speaker this size .No one else (including bose) has been able to make a speaker this small and thin, and this is the first of this size .

Amazing sound from something so small.

This speaker is pretty impressive for its size, really pleased with it.

Bought it mainly for travel, for which it is perfect because it’s small, has easy to pack shape, built in stand, sounds great.

Best portable speaker on the market, small, neat and great quality sound. Beats other competitors into the ground. Most attractive speaker i have come across with should quality to match.

Excellent product and it fitted the contents perfectly.

Fits perfectly with the ports exposed for charging, etc.

It works great and i enjoy the music.

Not only does this speaker look great, but the build quality is really good too, and the sound is fantasticall in all, totally happy with my purchase – would recommend.