Motorola Sphere 2-in-1 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone Set, Good system

A good system which our 13 year old likes and uses. The sound is not top quality but it is not bad at all. The headphones are comfortable and it all seems to work smoothly together with the ability to dock the headphones onto the speaker.

Very interesting concept, the development of a charging unit for a headset that doubles as as a speaker it’s quite good looking and you can also use it as a hat stand if your hat gets damp in the rain. The speakers on the headphone look good and the sound is excellent. The other half, a former sound engineer is impressed. In fact i had to listen to a good half hour of ‘how amazing it is that you can get that excellence of sound out of one speaker and how difficult it used to be. ‘ as long as the speaker is plugged in it will charge the headphones when they are placed on the speaker. There is an auxiliary jack if you don’t want to use bluetooth. Connecting the speaker up to an android phone, an iphone and pc running windows was easy. What was less easy for me was keeping the connection when i took the headphones off whilst music was playing. It may be my phone (pixcel c and the everything is optimised for apple). Oh and if you are playing through the speaker and your phone rings your conversation is broadcast to whoever is in the room as well. It’s just like being on a speaker phone. The sound via the headphones is very good and the embedded microphone on the headset works well. It’s an excellent way of calling hands-free. The headphones are extremely comfortable.

Amazing speaker and sync perfectly with my iphone 7 mobile. But unfortunately it’s not syncing with my tv as they have different bluetooth versions that i couldn’t resolve .

Key specs for Motorola Sphere 2-in-1 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone Set White:

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  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology and headphones are IP54 water and dust resistant
  • Speaker base docks and charges the headphones and includes 2 x 8W speakers with bass porting
  • Speaker and headphones each have a built in mic for hands free calling
  • Integrated multipoint technology to connect two devices at once
  • Headphones are lightweight and foldable for traveling with up to a 40 foot range

Comments from buyers

“Great sound and easy connectivity
, Almost perfect bluetooth speaker system – shame about the speaker midrange
, Motorola Sphere+ Bluetooth Speaker + Headphones

I daily use those headphones on my daily commute to work and back home, and i must say i’m impressed. Firs of all, bluetooth pairing is simple and straight forward, once the headphones are unplugged from the usb charging cable (that is provided) they go into discoverable mode and my smartphone found them and connected instantly. Sound quality is excellent and the padding comfortable for prolonged use, so i ended up using them around the house for listening to podcasts and live radio from my device. Headphones can be charged directly from the speaker or connected via usb-c cable and the audio playback / phone can be turned on and off pressing the top end of the large round button covering right hand side of the ear cover. Battery charge lasts, for me at least, all day and several times when i forgot to charge them overnight, even a couple days. In terms of both sound quality, connectivity and reliability, i’m very pleased with those and would recommend them.

The box in which the sphere arrives in is a notch about the usual flimsy boxes. The inner top cover has a soft lining and the plastic holding the speaker is sturdy. Beneath the base plastic holder is a rectangular box containing the power supply, an eu and uk slot plug which the adapter clips into, a usb lead and a mini headphone jack lead. The sphere speaker is beautiful to hold. Along the top are the mute, pause/skip, and volume buttons. At the back of the unit are the power input and auxiliary in sockets. There is a rear speaker port which is something i didn’t expect to see – you usually see these on hi-fi speakers. Between the top buttons on the sphere are the led indicators.

I was expecting more from the motorolla sphere. First impressions were good as very nice design & like how the headphones sit on the sphere. When i was unpacking the sphere from the box it wasn’t very clear to me where the power lead & connection cables were. I thought they missing but these are in a black box at the very bottom of the box. There is a small sticker telling you but very easy to miss. Set up is very easy plug it in & away you go. The headphones need charging for a couple of hours before use but then all fine to use. Very easy to paid my iphone to the sphere & the headphones. The idea is to have a seamless link between the headphones & sphere so if listening on one it transfers the audio to the other device i. The sound is ok from the sphere speaker but nothing amazing. Will be fine for a low budget speaker system but if you are looking for bose like quality sound then this doesn’t come anywhere close & at this price i think the sphere should be competing against a bose system. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t awful but joe public would more than likely think the sound is great. Those with a keen ear might think differently though. Headphones were great to wear & comfortable & good sound, better than the speaker in my opinionyou can also use the sphere speaker to make & receive phone calls.

This speaker and headphone set is really good. I am enjoying using this set because it gives me the versatility to switch back and forth between headphones and speakers when i am listening to my music. I use it with my iphone and setting it up was a little bit fiddly the first time because the instructions for the quick set up are a bit lacking and not brilliantly well translated to english. However since the first use they are fine. The sound quality is good on both parts.

A great concept – once you have paired up your device with the system, you can easily switch between speaker mode to headphone mode and head out the door without a break in listening. I found it reasonably easy to setup out of the box, i did have to do some reading up online though as the instructions included weren’t great. It looks nice, and feels solidly built. The headphones also re-charge while docked on the speaker, i got a full day at work out of them no problems. I didn’t find them the most comfortable for long periods, but they aren’t bad by any means, it might be my glasses causing the discomfort. I’m no audio buff but have listened to various types of classical, pop and voice audio on these and they all sounded great to mei can’t decide who the target audience would be for these, i think they would make a great teenagers gift or a starter purchase for someone wanting both headphones and a speaker in one so if that’s what you are after i’d recommend these without hesitation.

cowin KY5000-2 Soundbar, Hissing sound when connected only on 3.5mm

Great sound, perfect amount of bass.

 considering it’s size it’s a very impressive piece of kit. The bass goes nice and low, it’s prominent and punchy even at low level. Mid/hi frequencies are nice and clear, not too tinny (like the average television)the bluetooth feature is very useful, i use it daily, it automatically connects to my phone when i change to bluetooth mode on the remote, all i need to do is find some music to play. Can’t think of a faster way of getting some music going. The remote provided is also very sophisticated, i now never use my original tv remote, i much prefer this one, does everything i need and more. Overall, really impressed with this. Very good product that did exactly what i wanted.

I got two of them, one for me and one for my girlfriend. I like that i can start an stop music an also answer the phone, no need to mess with my phone but to chang song. Works good on my tablet as well. I us tablet to watch movies and video’s. I seldom used it before cals it was hard to hear, i us it alften now. I have a friend who has one he played over $200. Its ok but his can’t got wet at all, don’t last haff as long on a charge.

Key specs for COWIN KY5000-2 Soundbar, TV Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Sound bar for Flat Screen TV, Home Theater Surround Sound (43-Inch 6 Speakers 4.1 BT Included Optical Cable and Remote Control):

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  • CLEAR SURROUND AND DEEP POWERFUL BASS: the KY5000 Soundbar houses six powerful speakers included unique Bass Extension, provide your home theater system with high quality full range audio your TV can’t. Experience pure, crystal clear sound with less 0.5% total harmonic distortion and great deep powerful bass
  • PERFECT TV SOUND BAR: 43-Inch 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound bar for flat screen TV, improve your TV sound, makes your home theater system with crystal clear sound and deep powerful bass. You can enjoy the better sound quality for watching movies, listening music and playing video games
  • UNIQUE DESIGN AND BEAUTIFUL SHAPE: Very attractive designs, the perfect balance between beauty and function, this sound bar features a slim beautiful design that complements your TV, which is so cool to set it under the television or mount it on the wall
  • WIRED/WIRELESS CONNECTIONS: 4.1 Bluetooth (effective distance:15 meters/49 feet)offers seamless streaming from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer, great long distance. Lose the wires or wired connections include 3.5mm, Optical, RCA AUX input
  • REMOTE OR BUTTON CONTROL: Dual operation modes for convenience offers high grade convenient one button control and a remote. Easily control TV, Bluetooth connections and more. Different colored LED lights display different modes. We provide 18-month warranty and quick response & friendly customer service.

Comments from buyers

“Hissing sound when connected only on 3.5mm
, Good soundbar
, It’s a nice looking soundbar.

I am not going to write a story here, so let’s keep it to the pointthe good:1-it’s long, beautiful, matches the tv length, blends into the room aesthetics2-fills the room with good volume3-has a lot of good connectivity options, auz, rca, optical(no sync capability, or at least i could do it), bluetooth, so good number of devices can be connected at the same time and played when neededthe bad:1-both higher end(tribble) of frequency spectrum and low(bass) are almost non-existent, it’s just a big readio playing with no clarity, my guess is that it covers somewhere from 400hz above to about 7-8khz band (mostly)2-the buttons on the remote have only 3 modes of sound- ‘music’, ‘movie’, ‘news’, and funny enough, don’t do anything aaaat alllllllllll, no change in sound quality when you switch from one to another3-has a non standard adaptor 18v, so if you lose it, the sound bar is more or less useless, unless you find a matching adaptor or make one if you know electronics4-for me that silver band in the middle is a bad design, without it the speaker would look much cooler but that’s a subjective opinionwhy i kept it ?because returning is tedious and my sister says that whatever the reason to hate, it’s already here let’s just keep it, it matches the tv and the glass table. So, no, sound quality was not the reason for keeping it.

Clear base and tone after it has been in use for a few weeks needs that time to ware in speakers. Don’t aspect great sound when you first use soundbar. Good for its class and price.

This cowin sound bar has some impressive features that are great for movies and even better for music. We sold our hi fi system a while back due to it just sitting in the living room and taking up space doing nothing. Then recently whilst watching a couple of horror movies on the new tv we realise that the sound from our tv was quite low. We didn’t get a sense of atmosphere or ambient. Looking through amazon for sound bars and then seeing a cowin sound bar and then remembering the e8 headphones i have with the rich sound and deep bass. So the 90% black appearance and cylindrical shape doesn’t stand out but that is something i actually prefer. It actually looks like it is apart of my tv when i am far away sitting on the couch. The sound bar is really long and it is just a bit longer than my tv which is a 46inch flat screen. Although long in length it is not heavy and can easily be placed on a shelf if your tv is mounted to the wall. In the box it comes with a remote and 4 sets of different cables to connect your sound bar to the tv, and even cable box if needed.

When it is connected to my computer on 3. 5mm cable, when the audio is paused, i’m hearing a terrible hissing sound after a min. But it goes off anyway when i play music. However it really annoys me to hear that terrible hissing sound, whenever i pause my audio. The piece has a dent at the back too and it is not mentioned in the listing. However i’m really please with the sound and bass. 5mm is really annoying and putting me off.

Very nice soundbar not to loud just 40w , my once in the bedroom its 5* from me.

I am not going to write a story here, so let’s keep it to the pointthe good:1-it’s long, beautiful, matches the tv length, blends into the room aesthetics2-fills the room with good volume3-has a lot of good connectivity options, auz, rca, optical(no sync capability, or at least i could do it), bluetooth, so good number of devices can be connected at the same time and played when neededthe bad:1-both higher end(tribble) of frequency spectrum and low(bass) are almost non-existent, it’s just a big radio playing with no clarity, my guess is that it covers somewhere from 400hz above to about 7-8khz band (mostly)2-the buttons on the remote have only 3 modes of sound- ‘music’, ‘movie’, ‘news’, and funny enough, don’t do anything aaaat aalll, no change in sound quality when you switch from one to another3-has a non standard adaptor 18v, so if you lose it, the sound bar is more or less useless, unless you find a matching adaptor or make one if you know electronics4-for me that silver band in the middle is a bad design, without it the speaker would look much cooler but that’s a subjective opinion5-i am not sure how the designers of this thing chose to put wall mount points right beside the connector panel so you can’t really mount it as the wires stick out from back and thus the gap between the wall and the speaker. Why i kept it ?because returning is tedious and my sister says that whatever the reason to hate, it’s already here let’s just keep it, it matches the tv and the glass table. So, no, sound quality was not the reason for keeping it.

Big improvement in the sound quality of our television using this.

Lava Bright Sounds 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker : really nice look / feel

These days batteries are smaller, electronics, as well and the speaker is only around 5w. Why is it so big?speaker is loud enough to hear it well in a quiet room. I would like it louder though. Not loud enough for me in the car if i let the window down. Lasted longer than expected. Maybe that’s why the extra weight.

Ok, so it isn’t bose quality sound but good enough for me. Ideal for using outside the motorhome of an evening using the light and audio and the powerbank is a bonus.

I bought this for my dad for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. I was impressed too so 8 bought one for myself. It’s wirelesswater proofhas a lightcan charge your phonebattery lasts for agesgood soundwhats not to like?don’t get me wrong, this is not bose quality sound but for the price i am more than impressed with it for chilling in the garden or for having garden parties. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a cheap but good garden speaker.

The handle feels good quality unlike previous reviews. The sound is outstanding and easy to connect to. The light is definitely the selling point, i bought this for my girlfriend who’s a complementary therapist, she uses it to create the right atmosphere and mood during the treatment. My only negative point would be the irreplaceable bulb but we’ll cross that bridge when it blows.

  • Lava Bright Sounds 2
  • Bought as a present. So impressed I bought myself one
  • Love this

Lava Bright Sounds 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Dimmer Controlled Lantern, Powerbank for Phone/Tablet Charging and Battery life up to 36 hours – Blue

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    by entering your model number.
  • Bluetooth streaming – listen to any music, podcasts or audiobooks from your phone, tablet or other smart devices simply and wirelessly with easy-pairing Bluetooth functionality
  • LED lantern – the whole bottom section of BrightSounds illuminates at the touch of a button and can be adjusted from warming hue to vivid glow; ideal for camping, caravans or long garden evenings
  • Power bank – It’s easy to charge your mobile phone or tablet from BrightSounds with the handy USB port, giving you a power boost when you’re out and about and need it most
  • Powerful rechargeable battery – the high capacity lithium-ion battery will deliver up to an incredible 36 hours of life between charges, depending on use
  • Designed in the UK – BrightSounds two is constructed from rugged polymer and offers IPX4 water resistance, so it’s ideally accustomed to a life with you in the ideal outdoors

Very loud, and amazingly long battery-life. I’ve bought others for friends & family in the past, and everybody loves this.

Wonderful little unit which is exactly loud enough for our busy kitchen and easy to move from room to room and it doesnt take up much space when put down. Also love the fact you can use it as a light and a powerbank.

Very good quality bluetooth speaker. Nice retro look to the speaker part and the dimmable light will give a nice glow under our awning on holiday. Decent sound, good bass depth with no discernable distortion at higher volume. Came fully charged and after 6 hours of use, still showing as 100% battery.

Great multi-function speaker. Ideal for easy-going camping, decent sound for the price, handy light and a backup charger for electronics.

Easy to connect, long lasting, loud. However quality is not perfect but then the price reflects that.

Got it at a reduced price, but even if i paid the full price, it would still be a great product. Good sound, range and battery endurance. The only annoying thing is the sound it makes when its being turned on. Don’t think too much, if you need a decent portable speaker, this is a good choice. (if you don’t need the integrated lamp, you might want to look for a smaller speaker.

Surprisingly good sound for such speaker. Won’t replace your hifi but fun to use.

Light and sound are excellent and the battery lasts a long time.

Now i’ve had a chance to use i’ve got the hang of it. I play it via my iphone and u can use your phones sounds eq setting to make it sound better.

This time my new lava lasted 8 monthsgot a replacement after 4, because it was not charging. 8 months later it is not charging again. . Really really really disappointing. It doesn’t even last 1 year, as the guarantee claims.

While it worked it sounded pretty good, sadly, after only 2 days it stopped working and started making “burping” noises. Returned for a refund and bought a cowin one instead, no lamp but sounds as good if not better and has lasted a couple of weeks, so far.

A great portable bluetooth speaker. Looks nice & the handle is v handy. Gr8 sound quality 4 the size of it with the added bonus of an adjustable light as well it just gets better. Use it in the garden or when goin camping etc it really. Bought on special offer but is worth every penny of the asking price. Comes in a variety of colours.

Sound from such a small unit is really powerful. Charge seems to last forever.

Great product that has been used more than anticipated. Good battery life, handy functions and good range.

Great speaker, battery life is good, and led light is bright and clean illumination. I love the fact that you can use samsung chargers in the speaker too. The only drawback is the bluetooth, as it will suddenly lag halfway through a song and have to catch up, but this can be avoided using the aux lead.

This is great speacily for camping and would recomend.

Good materials and finishings, the colour matches the photo. This product is very light and easy to carry indoors / outdoors or even for a trip. As for sound quality, it’s good overall but there’s a slight noise that you can pick up specially when the volume is lower. Love the light option, the fact that’s waterproof and the handle makes this product very versatile and practical. The controls could be a bit better, not the best solution having the volume /forward/rewind combined in the same buttons. Price wise it’s a great deal.

We go camping and are outdoors a lot and this device is perfect for that. Not only does the battery last for ages when bluetoothing music to it but it doubles as a light/torch and charges your mobile when you’re away from home. Can also be used hands free as it is voice activated. Cant say enough good things about it.

Sony GTK-XB60 High Power One Box Music System, Great value

Bought for a house party, used with a few other smaller sony speakers. Used this to provide the base and the others to provide the sound. Took a while to work out how to link but once done very effective especially with the line out function still working.

Which pleased my 14 year old immenselyeasy to set up, brilliant light displays easy to control via phone or speaker1 very happy sonthank you.

I got a chance to try this speaker with its big brother, the xb90. The first thing to say is that linking them up wirelessly into a ‘party chain’ so that i streamed music through both speakers in separate rooms which was great. Perfect for a house party or to provide great sound in a larger venue. Though this is the little brother to the xb90 it still packs a powerful audio punch. The sound is great, even at high volume and the bass boost button adds even more to those lower tones. This has a built in battery that can last up to 14 rather than 16 hours but that still seems plenty to me. And the smaller size of it compared to the xb90 might make it a more practical (and considerably cheaper) option for many. It shares all the other great qualities of its sibling. Solid, rugged build quality. Horizontal or vertical standing.

Comments from buyers

“Loud x Portable, we love it
, Impressive

We bought this for my son and he is delighted, it is very loud and has great base, he carries it everywhere so it is portable x durable. One of it’s main jobs is to be played at full blast in the football teams changing room to rouse the team x scare the opposition, it’s perfect for that. One bit of advice if you were hosting a large party you might need 2 linked.

Great speaker, bought another so i can have one at each end of the room, would highly recommend.

Very loud and portable, marks very easily tho.

 sony’s ‘(gtk-xb60) high power one box music system’ is a bit of a mouthful, but i’ve certainly been quite surprised with this, straight out of the box. I’ve only had the unit up and running since friday, so i intend to return and update this review, once i’ve had more time with it). It’s a sizeable / substantial piece of kit, but not so big that you can’t actually do anything with it. ) 22′ / 56cm x 10′ / 26cm x 10-11′ / 27cm (measuring the front, width / height, then the depth), with a fair amount of weight to it. The most immediate advantage of the design is that it can be orientated either upright (‘portrait’) or on it’s side (‘landscape’), and with the lift / carry handles that are integrated into the case design, you’re never left to scrabble around when trying to move it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the unit was shipped / delivered with a charge in the battery, so the unit was up in running almost immediately from getting it unpacked (there’s the usual multi-lingual instructions, warranty information and uk power cable in the box). On powering up, the unit defaults to looking for a bluetooth source (it’ll appear as ‘gtk-xb60’) and paired immediately with my phone.

This is a large speaker, the size of r2d2, and it comes with a correspondingly huge sound. I’d recommend downloading the application as you can control the sound and do things like turn off the lights (which are a bit weak. ) pairing by bluetooth worked straight away, as expected, and the sound from an ipod was loud and clear. I also plugged it into a record player using the supplied leads and got a room filling sound. Design wise it’s not great, and the lights are pathetic, but it’s a great speaker for parties or setting up outside during summer.

Having bought this for our son for xmas, i didn’t have a clue on quality value for money ect. However, on recieving this speaker amd listening too the sound quality. The sound quality is amazing. With the added extra of the lights. The speaker is amazing and well worth the money.

Bought this for my eldest son for his birthday. He seems to be pleased with it.

This is hands down the best bluetooth speaker out there. A few imperfections, but very nearly perfect. Reminds me of the old megabass boomboxes of the 80’s. Note that there are two volume controls, bluetooth volume from your phone, and another from the speaker. When both are maxed out then it does get muddy, but honestly you’re not going to listen to it that loud as you’ll soon have a headache. You can plug into line-in, but that won’t be nearly as loud. Probably not, but that’s not the intended purpose. This is truly portable, and sounds great replaying phone quality music.

This was a gift for my son’s birthday. Looks and feels a substantial bit of kit.

99 on ‘deal of the day’ offer and for that much is worth every penny. Nice and solid build, heavy but easy to carry with handles both sides. Powerful and sound quality is ok for what you pay. I think is naive to compare the quality of the sound with bose (like some other guy did) – you get what you pay for. It is a descent speaker, perfect for garden parties and other small gatherings.

Great sound and great product.

Battery life is very good last for about 8 hours on a beach. Speaker design is very good also – don’t need to hide it in closed or under the bed. Bought it as a gift but now i want one.

Even though it seems to distort the sound in the high range and extra base but if you lower the volume just a little and believe me its still loud enough and the sound is very very good , i bought 2 and linked them and the sound is again very good , the light show is great and there are apps out there that can help you up the settings to your own preferences all in all i think they are real value for money at the bonus price well worth the try . I`l definitely be buying the grandkids a couple that im sure they will be delighted with , hope this helps you in a little way .

This is a great speaker for a party, however the sound quality and clarity compared to a bose sound dock is some way off. The bass is great and the light show from the speaker is a great added feature and went down a treat at my daughters 5th birthday and nye party. However for those that like their sound quality, rather than quantity this is not the speaker for you. . I have however party chain linked this to my bose sound dock and the two combined provide a great balance of bass and treble. Battery makes this very flexible and i suspect it will be venturing out into the garden over the summer (with the bose linked to it).

Review for sony gtk-xb60this is a fantastic speaker worthy of 6 stars (if i could). While it is hard to get excited about a speaker, i know, this one is worth it. The sound quality alone is so impressive from low volume to massively loud top end. The bass is punchy at high volumes (the extra bass) and literally hits you both hearing it and feeling it at your stomach while standing in front of it. There isn’t another speaker in the house that can achieve this. There is a button that mutes the beastly bass and tames it for any early morning or late evening listening pleasures, but generally i preferred it on. The overall sound quality is stunning and is uber clear but it does distort at the final top end volume, which is really really loud and not something you would probably have turned up often if at all. The sound manages to be both elegant and beastly depending what features you have set (extra bass) and i don’t have a speaker in the house that can compete. The closest is a quality wifi speaker which this speaker just bested with ease. When at near full volume it very much reminds me of nightclubs where the bass is enough to brutalise your ears.

Incredible sound with any style of music you decide to play. Apart from maybe a more easily said model name, there isn’t much negative feedback on this product.

Expensive for what’s out there, but yet again sony impress on me the value of paying for quality. Bass is deep and meaningful. Not just loud but picks up the subtle interlocking bass tones in most modern music. Tried out with xx, gorillaz, some hip-hop, 90s nu rock and some led zep. As good as listening on good quality headphones for really picking out the details in the bass performance. Not as good on the rest of the range (slightly limp guitar solos, unimpressed by reproduction of voices) but that’s allowable as it would be expected to be used in conjunction with other speakers for full range performance. Used with an app so your controller is your phone or tablet or aux lead. Aesthetically it’s a compromise. It’s not meant for the home as a party speaker meaning it’s more suited for smaller events with its built in lights. I would have preferred more classical stylish lines but it’s not in any way displeasing to look at you may get tired of the flashing lights on.

Q ACOUSTICS Q Acoustics 3090c Centre Speaker : amazing centre for the money, and fits perfectly in my tv cabinet

Bought to replace a faulty kef 2005 (also bought 3020’s at same time). Sound is clearer and deeper than kef’s.

Great centre speaker for the rest of the 3000 range.

Well built stylish speaker at a good price.

This central speaker as sharp, clear sound making the dialogues more audible. I’m using it together with the denon avr-x1300w and q acoustics 3010 bookshelf front speakers.

  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Excellent – thoroughly recommended!
  • The sound of music

Q Acoustics 3090c Centre Speaker (Graphite)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Case type: 2-way DSLR. Bass motor: 2 x 100 mm.
    Needle motor: 25 mm.
  • Frequency response: 75Hz – 22kHz.
    Nominal impedance: 6 ohm.
    Central 3090Ce: 89 dB.
  • Recommended power: 25 – 100w.
    Transition frequency: 2.7 kHz.
    Dimensions H/D/W (mm): 150 x 200 x 430.
  • Weight: 6 kg.
    Sold individually.

The speaker was in place in no time and the sound is superb.

Bought this with gift vouchers received at christmas. Lovely sound, used mainly for tv and speech radio with sound pushed through tuner/amp. Some current tv dramas seem to have very muffled sound but this gives clarity and a crisp edge to speech. Size is a lot deeper and taller than a sound bar so you’ll have to bear that in mind when thinking about placement – it’s not unobtrusive and is surprisingly heavy. It looks and sounds like a much more expensive speaker, excellent value. Overall, extremely pleased and will look at adding some more of their speakers later.

I bought this to accompany a set of 4 q acoustics 3020s, to have a matching set as part of a 5. Having used these speakers for a couple of months now, i can’t recommend them enough. I am no audiophile but the set sound excellent and they’re a treat to use. To anyone looking at a set to buy – consider this range, you won’t be disappointed.

I bought this as i have the 3020’s as part of my surround set up. I thought the tannoy had a nice sound, but the q acoustics sounds like i’ve taken some socks out of the speaker. The clarity is amazing for the price.

Absolutely brilliant centre speaker for my 5. It compliments my left and right q acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers perfectly. Great sound for films and music, and they look very smart too.

Amazing centre for the money, and fits perfectly in my tv cabinet.

Really nice sound couldn’t be happier with it, and at a very good price.

Bought to replace monitor audio radius 180.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker : Small size, Big sound

Great sound and easy set up. 1st one went faulty but replaced quickly and have had no issues with replacement.

Bang & olufsen beoplay p2the elaborate packaging was the sort where you can’t work out how to open it without destroying the box and contains the speaker measuring 5. 5 inches by 3 inches and for its size feels fairly solid. It appears to have no buttons and the absence of any printed instruction manual leaves you going to the website for information some of which seemed to be difficult to find in numerous languages and some wrong. Charging light is not flashing orange but red. I was somehow expecting a touch sensitive button to be on the top but instead a physical button is concealed under the logo and under the rubber base panel which also acts a non slip surface. This button is used for 0n/off/pairing. The device will also switch itself off if not being used after about 15 minutes. There’s a micro usb port on one end of the rounded panel, a built-in leather lanyard on the other, a tiny microphone slot on the bottom, and a status led inside the speaker grille. The charging lead is a very short micro usb- c to usb- a and a longer one would have been preferred. Tapping the top speaker grille plays or pauses music, shaking it skips to the next track, and double tapping pauses playback.

Amazing speaker for its size, the sound is absolutely brilliant although the functions like the tap to play and pause are a bit shaky and sometimes don’t work too well. Hopefully in the future tweaking the software will fix that.

  • Amazing when it actually plays
  • If the dog had speakers between its legs it’d have these!
  • Amazing sound but doesn’t work without app

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Microphone – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The portable P2 Bluetooth speaker provides quality audio when and where you want. This splash and dust-resistant speaker fits in the palm of your hand and slips into a pocket for easy transport.
  • This wireless speaker personalizes audio with smart features like snooze and voice activation, accessible with a shake or a tap. The Beoplay App even lets you match sound profiles to activities.
  • A mini speaker with big sound, P2 delivers Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound for a clear audio experience. This speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone for clear calling and voice activation.
  • The P2 looks and feels as good as it sounds. A smooth, pearl-blasted, anodized aluminum grill over a polymer frame offers durability, while a leather strap makes it easy to bring your music along.
  • Keep the music going with the powerful battery in this wireless speaker. The P2 offers up to 10 hours of playtime per charge, and an included USB-C cable ensures that you’ll always have back up.

Big things do come in small packages. I was a bit sceptical when i opened the box and saw the size of this – it’s not even as big as a paperback, and doesn’t weight much more than one. I needn’t have worried – it produces a deep, rich sound that fills a room, and belies its tiny size. It can get *loud* too, if you want that – and the long battery life means that you’ll get a few decent hours of high volume if you need it. Because of the size, it’s the perfect unit to use on the road – they make superb travel speakers for holidays, picnics and the like. The construction feels hardy and rugged, so it should take a few knocks and bangs, too. But equally, the quality is good enough to use it as your main bluetooth speaker in the home. It could make a great space saver in a small flat or room without compromising on quality. Pairing was very simple after installing the free beoplay app from the app store – after that, we enjoyed using it mainly with spotify and tunein radio to great effect. My only (very) minor niggle is the choice of usb-c for charging.

I took quite a while to buy this speaker and had a bit of a dilemma between the bose soundlink ii, the ue wonderboom and the p2. I’ve had the speaker an afternoon and tried to put it through a range of tests both outdoors and in, so i can give a decent review to help others. The thing is when you take it out of the box you do get a sense that someone gave a crap about the experience of opening it for the first time and how you feel. When you’ve got the p2 in your hand it does feel well made and good to touch. It does fit in your pocket and it does pitch up fully charged. The app is quite intuitive and also feels premium. . And to be honest i hope b&o are going to keep it feeling that way. I’ll not bore you what the app can do but it basically allows for personalisation and a cool equaliser. If you want a speaker that is going to give you great sound and uber portability with a good volume then the p2 is it. If you want loud and bass heavy then bose/wonderboom it is. I bought my sister a bose last year, she loves it and i’ve heard them alot, don’t get me wrong they are a great speaker (so good i was nearly buying one) but the quality of sound from the p2 is excellent. The sound is very clear, bright (without being tinny) and has a good level of bass. The bose can be turned up to 11 but it’s bigger, so you’ll need a bag of some description, if you’re a bloke then a man bag would be your weapon of choice, ladies have handbags so not a problem.

I use this primarily with my laptop, so i normally have it plugged in anyway. Nonetheless i was absolutely amazed what a difference it made to audio quality, having grown accustomed to my laptop’s built-in speakers. For such a little device, this speaker really is very impressive. The downside is its simplicity. There are hardly any controls on the device itself – just a concealed on/off switch and a little light (which seems to do several different colours the full significance of which i’ve yet to work out). I found that the sound output was such that i need to turn the volume down on my laptop/media player, which required adjusting several different things, and readjusting depending on whether i’m using the speaker or not. This is not a serious problem, but is a bit of a pain. More annoying is the fact that occasionally my laptop seems not to detect the speaker, even when it is physically connected. I don’t know what causes this but disconnecting it and reconnecting it usually works. Again, not a major issue, but just another little irritation.

I have android and it is very good. My friend has an iphone and it is superb. The only reason that it hasn’t got 5 stars is that i have had to return it as the button to switch it off doesn’t work. I read this on another review too. However, with amazon’s super returns policy, i am receiving a replacement within 1 day so i don’t have any complaints. My friend has this product too and is thrilled to bits with it. The sound quality is amazing and on the iphone – be prepared to turn it down – it’s really powerful. I thought that this would only play using android or iphone with a beoplay app.

Small size, big soundgreat companion to go to the beach.

I saw a review on youtube, and i must say it’s really good. In an other video the reviewer mentioned stereo mode. Now i’m thinking about getting one more. Good quality, lasts more than 6 hours on 50‰volume.

Packs a huge punch for something so small.

I couldn’t believe how small this speaker was when it arrived. In terms of width and length, it is not much bigger than my iphone (6 plus) but is about an inch or so deep. So it is incredibly portable and when i am playing music from my iphone i tend to take the p2 with me, and they both fit together easily in my hand. It is housed in a smart matt black case. You download an app on your phone, and then pair your phone to the p2 via bluetooth. On a day-to-day basis, you reconnect to the p2 by pressing a small, smooth button underneath it, then find the p2 in your list of airplay options. Here lies my only criticism of the p2. If the p2 has been paired to another device (e. Sometimes my husband uses it on his phone) it will drop off the list of airplay options, and i have to go back into my iphone’s settings to re-pair it via bluetooth. It’s not enough of a problem to knock off a star but it would be better if i didn’t have to manually re-pair so often. But on to the most important part of this review: the sound quality. The quality and power of the sound which comes out of such a small little box is very, very impressive. It performs well across genres – voices on radio, opera, rock music, classical. The sound is rich, clear and crisp, and the p2 copes well at all volumes. It is a really good all-rounder. We have used it constantly for a couple of months now and are so pleased with it that we will be ordering another.

Slightly miffed as £10 cheaper a day later 😠.

I loved the sound that comes from this tiny speaker, even on maximum sound it almost doesn’t distort it. However had to return it as it operates only from the app. I want to have a speaker that i can easy use with different devises including other people devises without the need to installing an app. Got a bigger brother a1 that have a jack and even better sound.

Love this, sound is good considering size. Driving everyone mad at work as i carry it around. I had a bit of trouble setting it up but once i figured it out, no problem.

Great sound, well constructed, and perfect for ones pocket.

Really incredible sound coming from this wee speaker thats small enough to fit in your pocket yet it sounds so brilliant. I tried some reggae music and the bassline really thumps out, the music is clear overal and i can hear all the instruments so well. Its also very very loud, you can have a party with this and it wouldn’t let you down you dont need a hifi system, this speaker would challenge a room full of people with ease. Easy setup just go to settings after you switch it on and wait for the blue light. You just press the on button and keep it pressed till the blue light flashes and its ready for pairing, go in to phone settings and click on the blue tooth section and the device beoplay p2. Then its all system go and your ready to play.

This is a solidly built small and very portable small bluetooth speaker, it feels very robust and produces a great sound. Bass is boosted at low volume so the output is never ‘tinny’, but there’s no obvious distortion at high volume due to excessive bass. The speaker can be placed on any kind of surface and still sounds great (doesn’t cause too much rattle when on hollow objects for example). The speaker has some great control features – tapping the speaker twice either pauses or re-starts music, while shaking it sideways skips tracks. Bluetooth pairing to a samsung phone and huawei tablet was a very simple process in both cases. The speaker charges from a usb port using a cable provided (nicely, the speaker arrives charged so it can be used immediately from the box). There are some niggles, for example there is no way to control volume from the speaker which seems a glaring omission given so much other remote functionality is built in. As with many devices these days, few useful instructions come with the speaker, so internet trawling is required to find out how to use it.

Sounds so tight, it’s a really impressive little unit. I wish you could link 2 together.

Now i’m no technical geeky music sound guru but i’d like to think i know a good speaker when i hear one. I bought this for my other half who upon hearing it looked at me like she’d just heard the dog speak. It’s a wonderful speaker for the size.It rivals our sonos play which is bigger but not as much better as it is bigger. Now i find the button a bit confusing – it’s very sleek – press it quickly to do this, longer to do that. But that said i’m not usually the one switching it on. There’s an app for it too.

Small size big sound, fantastic build quality as expected by bang & olufsen.

This is a stylish bluetooth enabled mini speaker from b&o. The packaging it arrives in is unsurprisingly minimalist, though the lack of instructions was a surprise and a bit of a nuisance. I’m not a tech novice, but i still had to search online to get a guide on how to install the necessary companion app to my android phone then and then get the speaker synced up so that i could use it. The fact that the device has no buttons and is controlled by touching the surface and shaking the speaker might be a nice feature once you know how to operate it, but not so much for that first time you want to connect it. However, once done – this is a joy to use, the booming bass and rich sounds coming from such a small unit really impressed me. I’ve probably not spent enough time tinkering with the profile settings in the app to perfect the sound coming out of my speaker, but the feature is there should i need it.

ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – since it arrived and so far it seems really good. It’s really loud without loosing the quality and

Bought as a gift for my daughter, for the shower and festival camping. Works very well with her iphone.

Excellent sound, bass, midds and highs.

Great product, really robust, easy to use and sounds excellent. Really superb customer service too. Here are the specifications for the ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • INCLUDES A FREE PREMIUM MOUNT UNLIKE ANY OTHER OFFER which gives the ultimate attachment for the shower/bath and car windscreen. You now have the best quality product for both the bathroom and to take out, walking, to your sports, the pool, beach, BBQ, camping, travel, garden or just indoors at home
  • SUPERIOR SOUND, BASS AND POWER IMPORTANT TO YOU? You are in the right place as this is DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA by music lovers you can trust. You won’t believe the clarity and loudness that comes from this 5W, small and light 9.5oz product – perfect for you and loud enough for parties
  • KEEP YOUR MUSIC PLAYING FOR HOURS – an incredible 12 hours long of playtime at 80% volume and fully rechargeable in only 3 hours. A longer playing time, faster recharge and lighter than other manufacturers. Oh no! You need to work? Never mind – plug into your laptop / PC as speakers or use as a speakerphone – great for conference calls
  • SUPER EASY UNIVERSAL CONNECTIVITY – comes with 4.1 connectivity unlike most of the competition. This means easy pairing with all devices such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads, tablets and longer battery life for your smartphone
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE AND BACKED UP BY A 12 MONTH WARRANTY – designed to withstand accidental full immersion water, certified as dust tight – so the beach or anywhere is no problem – sandproof, weatherproof and enclosed inside a tough, rugged impact resistant green casing. We want the music with you always from relaxed to your most challenging pursuits! All protected by a guaranteed 12 month, no questions asked warranty!

Very well built, easy to fix to the suction attachment and intuitive controls. But more importantly it has a fanstastic sound for a speaker of its size. A very welcome replacement for a cheaper product that didn’t come close to this excellent product.

I never bother writing reviews so this must have impressed me. Great sound for the price, easy to connect. Haven’t tried the waterproofness yet; bought for the garden so living in britain it won’t take long 😉.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic speaker for a great price!
  • You won’t be disappointed.
  • I’ve always taken audio quite seriously and like to think I’ve got half an idea of what

Good speaker, we take it with us in our hiking trips, we listen to music in the living room, bathroom, it’s super handy, and it looks very resistant.

Excellent product and a very good after care service.

Great sound and sucker works very well. I previously had a less expensive shower speaker but the sound was tinny and it kept falling off. This is well worth the extra tenner.

Bought for my daughter so that she can enjoy her music anywhere (and stop her stealing my boombottle+). Speaker is very easy to connect to and give a fair quality of sound. It doesn’t have the range and depth of sound when compared to high end similar units but for 20% of the cost it is more than acceptable for what is required of it. I would also note that it is a fair bit lighter than my boombottle. Pro’s – light cheap easy to use good sound for pricecon’s struggling to think of any for the costs.

It was great for about 10 months – used constantly on a boat but then the charging connection failed. Currently trying to find a way to claim a replacement under the guarantee.

I’ve stuck mine onto my shower and i can now belt out music from my iphone. It’s a little bigger and bulkier than i expected but it seems secure attached to the shower cubicle. The sound quality is good and the power lasts longer than i expected, so overall i’m satisfied. It does feels a little clumsy to pair up devices and i don’t quit understand the array of bleeps when switching on/off – hence 3 stars.

Excellent sound quality for the price.

More than loud enough and the sound quality is good too. Don’t have your paired device too far away though as it breaks up.

There are several good things about this speaker, it is as hard-wearing as advertised, easy to set up, has excellent battery life and is value for money. However, i purchased this speaker so i could listen to podcasts/audiobooks but cannot because it pops at any type of recording that is just speech without backing music, meaning you lose every other word. You can get around this by playing background music/sounds (rain sounds turned down low works) but this is very frustrating. The product is mostly waterproof, if the actual speaker itself gets waterlogged the sound becomes muffled and pops but absolutely works for shower use. I don’t think i would purchase this product again, but am not rushing out to replace it either.

An excellent speaker in every respect – i have tried several shower speakers over the years and this is easily the best.

Bought as a present for my husband. The sounds quality is really good.

So far so good, looks nice sounds great, lets see if the ip 65 stands up.

They replied on my complaint after a couple of hours. They posted a replacement which i received maybe 2 days after. So i could give 5 stars plus. But even the replacement part ( suction cup) broke on first attempt. Not the 1st time ever i used one. So , this is a bit annoying. Other than that i m happy for sound quality and power. No idea about waterproof etc but i couldn’t continue the post without rate it.

Quite a loud start up noise. Had a problem with it but the supplying company were great and replaced it no problem.

Strong powerful bass nice crispy sound doesnt cracks when p[lay high volumes.

Really like this item, great sound on it and we use it all the time in the shower/bath now. It fell of the wall a couple of times and there’s not a mark on it.

Sony HT-RT4 600W 5 – Nice product for a closed room. The speakers come to life volume set to just 20% of max vol

 easy, took around 15 minutes to get everything unpacked and set up and another few minutes to get acquainted with the remote and controls. However if you wanted you could probably spend a few hours tuning the system to your exact needs. Thankfully however, the default sound settings (music, movies, gaming) seem to do the job.  fine tuning the different settings can be cumbersome as you only have the small window (2 inches) on the front of the sub-woofer. However the manual itself is quite detailed and after a short read you understand how to use the system.  bluetoothsetting up the bluetooth was easy as a flick of a button to the bluetooth setting. The phone had no bother connecting. However i will say that the range compared to other bluetooth devices i’ve used isn’t the best and it seems to drop out at about 2 meters. When within that range the music’s sharp, and sounds great.

Absolutely fantastic piece of kit the sound quality is excellent easy to set up.

The overall quality of this system exceeded my expectations. Having not seen it in person before buying, i wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the units are very well manufactured as you would expect from sony, and the hard wire mesh is a nice touch. Very clean, simple, and elegant. The sound quality is fantastic, so can’t fault them on that, although there appears to be a lot of reliance on the sub-woofer which you are able to adjust the sound level of this and turn it off if it’s not to your liking. The system is perfectly adequate for your average british living room, and you will probably not want to crank it up further than 3/5 of the way for fear of aggravating your neighbours, although at full crank it is enough to vibrate the walls. However, i do have a few reservations regarding some design choices by the designers of this set, which i will explain below:first of all, i found the proprietary cable connectors to be very cheap quality, and completely unnecessary. I understand that sony has done it this way to make the set-up effortless for people who may be of low intelligence, but i personally find it patronising. I would have preferred to have just had the usual bare wire set-up. The touch-panel on top of the sub-woofer is awkwardly placed, and easily brushed over. Anyone with pets can probably understand the frustration when they breeze past the unit.

Great addition to my sony tv easy to set up looks great and sounds good 5 stars recommended.

Pretty good, but not quite bassy enough.

Very easy to set up and connect. Sound is fantastic, user friendly, i would definitely recommend this system.

  • Mostly for the brand name
  • Recommend
  • Nice product for a closed room. The speakers come to life volume set to just 20% of max vol

Delivery was not as prime expected but arrived n looked brilliant and sounds superb.

Excellent product with reasonabl price.

This mid range setup was a gift from my wife this christmas. We were previously using the built in speakers of our flatscreen tv. The speakers are not wireless. The sound is reasonably full but at low to mid volume the bass is not very deep. As you crank up the volume the bass fills the space well and the sound is enjoyable. It’s good as a plug and go system and took about 30 minutes for me to set up. It gives a good enough cinema sound for the money and given the recent drop in price it’s very good value. More bass would get it the extra star, but that’s personal taste.

Good sound bar surround system. Setup takes about 20 minutes, it’s mostly unpacking that takes the time up. Everything slots together and the speaker connections are colour coded. I recommend getting a decent optical cable as it comes with a little piddly one. The sub is touch sensitive so you can change input channel or volume. Sound from the speakers is very clear and crisp and the bass from the subwoofer is ok, not a thumping boom which for me is perfect. Comes with remote control too.

Super, ordered friday, advised delivery of wednesday, arrived next dayeasy set up and now watching (and listening) to star wars :-).

Features of Sony HT-RT4 600W 5.1 CH Soundbar System with Tall Rear Speakers – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Real surround sound: Experience 600W of 5.1ch real surround sound from a compact set-up for the ultimate movie night. Power Consumption : 85 W
  • Easy set-up: Remove the clutter of the traditional Home Cinema system with this 4 compact components solution
  • Simple connectivity: one easy HDMI connection to TV and instant wireless link to your smartphone with Bluetooth and NFC.
  • S-Master digital amplifier for refined, clear sound quality. USB audio playback. Bluetooth- AAC, SBC. Sound Mode-ClearAudio+, GAME, Movie, Music, SPORTS, Standard. 2.1W(Bluetooth) / 2.1W(all terminals and networks connected)
  • HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) lets you connect to your TV with a single cable, for easier control and fewer cables.

From the manufacturer

Big power. Real cinema.

Bring home authentic room-filling sound. Tall-boy rear speakers immerse you deeper in the movies you love with real surround sound, while a 600W total power output delivers dynamic cinema sound.

600W total power output

Feel the action burst into life around you with a 600W power output, for movies, music and games with more impact.

5.1ch real surround sound

Five speakers and a subwoofer work together to deliver big, full-frequency sound.

NFC and BLUETOOTH connectivity

Make an instant Bluetooth connection to compatible smartphones with NFC One-touch.

Big power. Real cinema.

Bring home authentic room-filling sound. Tall-boy rear speakers immerse you deeper in the movies you love with real surround sound, while a 600W total power output delivers dynamic cinema sound.

DTS format support

Bring movies and music to life in dynamic surround sound with the DTS format.

Dolby Digital

Enjoy dramatic, high-quality surround sound from 5.1 separate audio channels with Dolby Digital.


HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) lets you connect to compatible TVs with a single cable, for easier control and fewer cables.

Optical input

Enjoy high quality sound for movies and more when you connect to the optical input, for TVs not compatible with HDMI ARC.

USB port

Connect to more music via thumb drive. You can control playback on-screen via HDMI, or from your phone with the Sony | Music Center app.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Would have been 5 star if i could have played cd music through it without having to have the tv on needs another hdmi in but still sounds good.

This product is absolutely fantastic. The sound is brilliantly clear.

Everything works as described. Surround sound quality is good if there is dolby sound for the video your are watching. Base performance is not too bad as some reviews says. Soundbar needs improvement, you cannot easily identify most of the times, the sounds from the left and right channels separately whenever happening. You feel like it is coming from the centre or whole of the soundbar. Closer assessment would prove the channels are working separately, but that is not doing any good while you watch a movie sitting 7 feet behind the tv. Even though wired, they can be easily hidden under the mats or sides of the room. Rear tall speaker stands are not heavy as it seems, it can fall easily by a knock (chair, hands in the air, pets, kids etc).

I found this product very easy to set up. Sound quality is perfect for my living room. Some commented that it lacked bass. Just stick it on movie mode and boom.My only criticism would be that it is a bit over priced.

The setup of this soundbar system was very easy and didn’t present any issues – we had it up and running in very little time. The remote control that comes with it is simple and easy to use although we now use our logitech harmony 650 remote control. Having different sound settings for film and gaming use works very effectively and the xbox sounds especially good through it. I’ve used the optical port because i didn’t have a free hdmi socket – it’s nice to have the option of either optical or hdmi arc. I find it a bit of a shame that all the components have to be cabled together. The sub is the wiring hub and the cable between the soundbar and the sub is only around 3m long which means that you’re somewhat restricted as to where you can place the rather bulky sub and generally it’s going to have to be near the front of the room. On the other sony soundbar that i have had, the sub was connected via bluetooth and could therefore be moved around the room as desired. Overall, though, this system provides very good, room-filling sound. In our house it’s mainly used for gaming and it performs this task admirably and really adds to the gaming experience.

Real surround sound: Experience 600W of 5.1ch real surround sound from a compact set-up for the ultimate movie night.

Perfect bass and very clear. Takes about 30 minutes to set up.

Very difficult to fault at this price. The only issue i can come up with is the sub woofer could do with being louder. If your room was reasonably large then this would be an issue. I bought it due to the combination of the sound bar and the rear speakers which works very well for me.

This is my first experience of a soundbar and speaker system that’s as high-tech as this. From the pictures on the box i thought, ‘it’s wireless, great, no trailing wires, we’ve got a rat’s nest of those here as it is. The speakers are wired, not wireless. Which wasn’t such good news for me, as i am a) disabled and b) clumsy. They can be wall-mounted, but they are also of a size that doesn’t look right mounted on the wall if yours isn’t a particularly modern house. Most of my house has paintings on the walls, with little room for speakers. They have had to take their chance amongst the wires on the floor. The cables do run to the subwoofer, but that still involved a lot of fiddling, tugging and placing. Mine is a fairly cramped space and this isn’t a system for cramped spaces.

Good product, soundbar has lots of power and really great sound for movies and tv shows. Good bass aswell from subwoofer for playing music, however the tall speakers lack any power and are overpowered by the soundbar and the cables are only 10m long.

It’s very well packed, so i almost took the wire as fixing cable and cut it. Set up is not difficult, just wire it up. However, the sound is not good at all if you do not carefully tune the position and download the sony music centre app to tune the volume/distance. That said, the first-day experience is not amazing. However, after two days of setting with the app, the sound becomes excellent. Definitely worthy to use as a home cinema system. Cons: 1) the bass is not as amazing as you would expect; 2) the price is still bit higher than similar products, so cost effective wise, not that outstanding. Conclusion: carefully chose this one if you have high requirements on bass or sound. Quite all right overall as a around 200 pounds product.

Great sound for music via bluetooth or films on tv or via prime etc. Only reason for 4 stars is the fan in subwoofer can be heard slightly when no sound playing.

Easy set-up: Remove the clutter of the traditional Home Cinema system with this 4 compact components solution

Like other reviewers i found the bass a little poor. The rear speakers are excellent as being on stands takes the speakers to the right listening level.

I’m absolutely delighted for anyone who struggles with sound from the rear you need to download the app and adjust the distance it is from you i done it and it took about 5 mins they are absolutely brilliant my chair shakes because of the deep bass and action movies and i use it for ps4 for gaming its just brill.

This is the fourth system i’ve installed during the last year, and this package fell right into the mid-range of the pricing options, so i was keen to see what sony provided at this price point. Installationsetup and installation is a breeze. The rear speakers come with 10m of flat cable, so its suitable for large rooms, and will also fit tidily under the carpet. The speaker wire threads through a hole in the base of each speaker – therefore, providing you were prepared to make a small hole in your carpet, the rear speakers could actually look wireless (the surround speakers are passive, so there’s no power lead). Don’t let the sony marketing pictures deceive you – the surround speakers are not wireless. Also, the bases aren’t particularly wide, and a gentle knock would topple the speaker (careful therefore if you have children). However, sony have also provided wall-mount holes in the back, so all the speakers can be wall-mounted. The sub can be connected to your media device (usually tv, but that doesn’t have to be the case) via hdmi (supported both arc and non-arc tv’s). Alternatively, there’s digital optical and analogue, plus bluetooth for music (see below). Bluetooththe bluetooth setup really is effortless.

Shame it doesn’t come with the hdmi lead.

The product is good and the sound is clear. We enjoy connecting our amazon alexa to them and play music. The bass could have been better2. A wireless connectivity to the two standing speaks would have been fantastic even though they have provided long wires to connect them to the woofer.

So i don’t have the room for the rear speakers, so i have set up the sub-woofer and the tv sound bar. As i am only using the sub/soundbar for sound out of the tv, a simple optical cable is all thats needed, from the tv to the sub-woofer. The sound bar is connected with a cable from the sub-woofer. Switch off the speaker from the tv, and job done. The sub is fantastic for movies, really good bass. It can also be connected using bluetooth from your phone/laptop, so also can be used for music streaming. Thats all i have done so far, but great, easy system.

The functions are very well designed so it integrates well with my tv and bluetooth devices. However the audio performance is quite disappointing, not really better than the non-brand-names. The stereo speakers are sitting right next to the central front, not separated enough to generate noticeable stereo effects. Its stereo effects are worse than my 65-in sony tv, which it actually serves for. This problem is very frustrating. The effect of its subwoofer is very modest, even at its maximum level of 12. The difference between the minimum level, 0, and the maximum, 12, is not obvious with a normal volume that you normally have at home. You feel the difference only when you tune it up to an uncomfortable level.

Simple connectivity: one easy HDMI connection to TV and instant wireless link to your smartphone with Bluetooth and NFC.

S-Master digital amplifier for refined, clear sound quality. USB audio playback. Bluetooth- AAC, SBC. Sound Mode-ClearAudio+, GAME, Movie, Music, SPORTS, Standard.

Betron JRS40 Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable 40mm Speaker For Iphone, Lightweight speaker

Perfect for holidays , nights away because of its compact size but more importantly the sound quality is very good for such a small speaker. Would recommend this speaker,excellent value for the price.

No complaints, small, lightweight, loud enough to fill a small room. Seems to last two days on standby without needing a charge. Can be used whilst plugged in to mains. Using it with a raspberry pi alexa setup.

Can’t recommend this little speaker enough. Took this small speaker on holiday and we were able to enjoy our music.

Comments from buyers

“Tiny speaker-big sound
, Small price. big sound!
, Small enough to fit in hand luggage and good sound as well

Bought these after being given betron headphones for my birthday. Took them on holiday & enjoyed listening to my music on the beach.

A little miracle really, great gift, transforms anywhere with a phone and a spotify account into a party. Excellent value, appears to work seamlessly.

This truly is a superb speaker for the ridiculously low priceyou can’t go wrong at this cost.

How small do you think this speaker is?. Great now half that size and double your expectations. This thing packs a punch considering its price, great for travelling or general use.

Needed a new travel speaker when on holiday, this unit fits the bill. Small enough to fit in hand luggage and good sound as well. Found that you had to make sure i-pod had volume turned up high to get benefit of volume control on speaker, kindle fire had a problem until went into settings and allowed the volume to be increased, once this was done it worked well.

Good sound, which is surprising for the size.

As a therapist, i was looking for something portable to play my music to my clients, instead of carrying my larger, more cumbersome cd player. This is perfect to just pop into my bag along with my ipod. Although it’s not mega loud, it suits my purpose and i’m very happy with it. It would be great to take on holiday, hotel rooms and such. Delivery was quick and i would recommend the product.

Very pleased with this little speaker.

. Bought so i could play ipod when not at home. Neat and fairly good sound for size.

Great little speaker & perfect for putting in your handbag or pocket. Even has it’s only little bag. Sound is good & volume goes quite high. Just the job when away from home & wishing to share music with friends.

Good sound, nice, compact and good value for money. Bought as a gift for someone who loves music and person is very happy using it with her kindle every day.

Compact and easily portable, it delivers great sound.

Having bought two wifi speakers in the past that cost substantially more than this and when they worked they were good but to be honest this is as just as good. Compact, cheap and functional it is not bose, but worked fine. I often give presentations and this worked really well in a room of 25 of older people and just lent it to a friend who wants me now to get one for them one as well, so guess that says it all.

I should have got the bluetooth version.

Nice little bag for storage. Can be charged easily using ovine charger or computer. Bought a silver one for son to use with his ipod shuffle and a pink one for daughter to use with phone. Great size, son loves small items he can shove in pockets. Sound quality pretty good given size and price. Easily loud enough for most house rooms and ideal for popping in a coat pocket or bag.

Expected this to have poor sound but it is good quality sound (although i confess i’m not a music geek). I needed to turn it down so i didn’t disturb those nearby. Arrived very quickly in time for my holiday a few days later.

Second one of these we have bought. Brilliant little gadget already got friends asking where to get one.

Good product for its purpose and good price too.

Great wee speaker, does a good job for its size, you could carry it in your pocket.

Sturdy with a pretty decent sound. Easy to use as there’s no bluetooth connection. You just plug in the jack and switch it on.

Not usually into tecky stuff so took a punt. I couldn’t believe how small it is. Makes a great difference when used with phone or tablet. Its not bose, but fantastic value for a great little gadget.

EC Technology Bluetooth 4 – WOW! Bang for your buck! Great sound

Size is great and battery life very good sound is awesome especially for its price better then more expensive ones.

I paid just over £14 for this and was amazed with what i got. This little speaker is loud while maintaining great bass and sound clarity. You wouldn’t usually expect to hear sound like this from such a small speaker except when it is from one of the high end brands like bose or sonos. To say i was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.Great build quality too in an aluminium with some good weight in it which is essential for sound quality. I’m very fussy about sound quality but i would highly recommend this little beauty.

I was given this product to give a fair and unbiased review. Summary: great sounding speakers with punchy bass, aimed towards someone who wants some bass but not overpowering that cant hear rest of the music. Packaging: 4/5comes in a simple white cardboard box and when opened can see that the speakers are well protected by two foam guards to prevent any damage while shipping. Accessories 5/5comes with usb power cable and 3. 5mm cable which is a nice touch as previous bluetooth speakers i owned did not include this. 5/5the first time i held this i was impressed it had a nice weight to it. It has a nice metallic body cool to the touch and soft rubbery sides. The controls are on the right side and are easy to use. Unlike anker soundcore bluetooth speaker these didn’t need a lot of pressure to push. Simply push power button to turn on, bluetooth button to connect to your device and when done long press power to close. My only gripe with these speakers is the lack of waterproofing as i would love to use these speakers outdoors without the worry of rain. Sound quality 4/5for the price these speakers are great having owned the anker soundcore and jbl flip 3, i can gadly say that the sound quality is imo better than anker and surprisingly not too far to jbl flip 3, though ec is the quietest of the bunch but this is plenty enough to fill small to medium room. Listening to,1) chris stapleton either way; the guitar sounds great and his voice is not distorted at his higher notes. Here are the specifications for the EC Technology Bluetooth 4:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • LOUD BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH SUBWOOFER: Enjoy your music in 10W full-bodied bass stereo realized through dual full-range drivers and inner magnetic horns to create a rich deep and clarity surround sound. Bulit-in silicone diaphragms make the bass effect more prominent and you’ll hear incomparable bass performance not found in other normal 10 watts speakers.
  • FASHION ALUMINUM EXTERIOR WIRELESS SPEAKER: High quality Aluminium alloy offers durability and elegance as a great artwork at home. Perfect size can be suitable for both active outdoor and indoor use and you can easily pick up and put in your bag.
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH 4.1 SPEAKER: Using the latest Bluetooth technology to ensure lossless CD-quality audio streaming and maximize device compatibility and pairing speed. And non-Bluetooth devices using included 3.5mm audio cable connected to the AUX-IN jack.
  • HANDSFREE CALLING: Equipped with microphone enables you can talk to the speaker directly when a call coming. Let you be free from annoyance of reconnect devices again and again at any time. So much better for travel and hiking, superlight and easy to fit in your backpack, baggage.
  • EASY CONNECTIING AND EASY LISTENING : Wide buttons for bluetooth connection, volume control and track selection are easy to identify and press. Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion 2200mAh battery guarantees up to 12 hours of playtime, even up to 24 hours at normal volume!

A very good speaker, solid build, not too big, not too small, and there is a balance between the bass and the other sound frequencies. The bass is balanced with the rest of the sounds, so there is not too much, or too little bass.

I use it in my car with my phone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Surprising value for money.
  • WOW! Bang for your buck! Great sound
  • Feels and Sounds Expensive

Was apprehensive due to low price but very pleased with the purchase. Feels like good quality and the sound is excellent. Maybe the buttons could be clearer but doesn’t spoil it once you’re used to it.

Great sound for a decent sized, loud and clear without any distortions.

I’ve had the previous model also and am just as happy with this one too. Just can’t skip a few seconds of a song anymore like i used too with the previous model.

Easy to use and great quality.

I own many bluetooth speakers but always have room for more. I found it hard to believe that for such a tiny price this speakers delivers good quality sound, some bass and good definition with the higher frequencies. Connectivity is simple and the durability is great so far. Well pleased with this one, especially at the price which frankly these days is a couple of drinks.

Excellent little speaker and easy to carry anywhere. Easily syncs via bluetooth or plug in.

Great for a casual music listener or having as a spare for downstairs / whilst you work etc. 100% recommending this product.

This is the best speaker i have ever bought, and for the price you cannot go wrong. I have not long come back off my hols, and i spoke to ppl about this speaker/s, and they recommended this item to me, so am defo taking this with me next time am on my hols.

Great product,great service.

I got this little speaker for my birthday and i am genuinely impressed. My wife has a jbl flip 2 so it gave me a good reference point. They are both bluetooth enabled. The ec technologies speaker has a lovely industrial grill front and the speaker in encased in metal – it feels, weighs and looks the part so what about the sound?.I wasn’t expecting much but boy was i wrong. I paired both of them up to my phone in seconds. The sound from this speaker came across as a lot more ‘open and grander’ – a wide range of treble and bass than the jbl speaker. The jbl speaker has a 4 hour battery life whereas the ec technologies claims a massive 10 hour life though i have yet to use it for that long. I also like the fact the the ec technologies unit has a triangular profile with non slip rubber feet so it stays put whereas the jbl having a circular profile does roll around – especially when we have used it whilst camping – but it is a minor detail. The only thing i wish the ec speaker had was a decent carry case like the lovely jbl flip.

Very disappointed with this speaker – i wanted sth a little more powerful than my previous ec mini speaker (https://www. Uk/gp/product/b00kkf6gps/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=utf8&psc=1) which was a sweet 5w yet powerful-for-its-size little speaker. This one being 2x10w, i expected the sound to be able to fill a large church hall twice (well 4 times, really) better than my older mini ec 5w speaker. Unfortunately, the 5w (and now 4 y. ) speaker outperforms this newer one. This 2x10w speaker saturates really fast (tin-like echoing sounds at high volume) and without ever being able to reach the volume the little one did.

Excellent product with fantastic sound.

Amazing sound – great battery life – really robust.

Very decent sound and loud enough for my small bedroom and light enough to carry around. Compliments watching movies on my smart phone.

Very good bluetooth speaker, battery backup is very good, sound quality is good, base is good.

Incredible little speakers deep bass and really loud.