KitSound BoomBar Universal Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Sound System Compatible : Making people jel

Im now the dude who has his amazing music blasting on the bus.

Then orded one for his friend.

Bought this for my 20 year old son who was dissatisfied with the bluetooth speaker he already had. He was delighted with the new speaker. It’s louder, and the sound quality is just fine. The mat finish and ease of use were definite advantages. It comes in a smart case which protects it from daily student wear and tear. It would be hard to be disappointed with this product. I’m now buying one for myself.

Very neat, nice carry case, quite good sound.

Excellent sound quality volume is great and vey compact unit.

KitSound BoomBar Universal Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Sound System Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Red : Just got this the other day and it is absolutely amazing.

Fantastic product – very happy.

I use an old laptop that’s lost its internal speakers. I needed something inexpensive, reliable, compact and with sound quality no better than the pc’s old speakers. Postage and came in its own sturdy case. I’d regretted buying other products that either didn’t work i. Drew too much power for the usb port or were far too big to fit snugly into my laptop case or sounded awful. This unit has great sound, lasts much longer than 20 hours at a comfortable listening volume after a full charge, looks great (in red at least) and feels good to the touch, charges quickly even while playing and connects quickly through bluetooth, faster still via the aux cable. It’s nothing like my rotel amplifier but even for the more usual price of £30 it’s worth every penny.

Simple to use and pretty impressive for the price, really clear sound too.

Brought to replace a much more expensive speak for my son which wouldnt charge. Sound quality is really good, and my sons fave colour, came very quickly, well packaged. Seller worthy of praise too.

Great, good quality sound arrived promptly x.

Awesome and the batt last for ages.

Great sound and value for money.

I like everything about it honestly . Nice case and extremely easy to use it great sound very happy.

Arrived promptly, very well packaged and amazing price. Love this speaker, purchased as a christmas present, tempted to buy another one for myself.

Kit kat is sound with baby boom bar being raised.

Bought as a present for 13 year old boy, very pleased.

The volume buttons don’t work.

Good product at a good price. Not in use for long so will have to wait to get fifth star.

It has transformed how i listen to my music. I am playing more music than i ever did and in so many differt places. I love it because i carry alot of songs on my iphone and once you connect your iphone to it through bluetooth, you are up and running. It will remember its connection and any other e. Myself and my girlfriend bought two different colours so we know who owns what. . A little gem to have if you like playing music as much as i do.

Whereas it took several weeks for delivery, this is an excellent little device with good build quality and excellent sound reproduction through both bluetooth and a wired connection.

Libratone One Click Wireless Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker – Graphite Grey : TOO – Portable, easy to use, good sound.

I have used this speaker for a number of weeks now (i own the cloudy grey one style option), and i really do love it. The rubber has a lovely soft feel to it, and the fabric seems very durable. Overall, it feels like a very high quality item. Also, it has a good weight, without being too heavy. The sound quality is excellent (i also really like the 360 degrees reflector meaning the sound comes from both sides of the speaker). I haven’t downloaded the libratone app yet (however, i will, as i want to keep the firmware updated), so i am literally plugging it into my phone and playing music at the moment, with no fiddling with the sound. It’s very easy to connect to devices via bluetooth (i use it with my samsung galaxy phone), but if you don’t have bluetooth enabled devices, you can also connect it via an aux cable. I do think the sound quality is very slightly better if you connect the speaker to your device via an aux cable rather than using bluetooth, but i believe this to be the case with any bluetooth speaker (i use the anker 3. 5mm premium auxiliary audio cable (4ft / 1.

I really like this item and in terms of quality of sound, portability and ease of set up, this is a five star item, however, compared to some of the competition, even allowing for the build quality and sound rendition, it could be a little more affordable. 00 as at 17th october 2016)i received the too variant in grey and it now sits on my bedside table. I generally use it for linking into my blackberry passport via bluetooth (so easy to set up) my new kindle fire 8′ or my ageing ipad 2; there is a libratone app for both android and apple appliances and i have tested both and they are easy to set up and use. Sound is the key element to consider i suppose and in this case, i found the sound rendition to be very good and well up to the standard of a similar product we have purchased from teveco, which is not as well made but is over £60. There is no question that the libratone is a better made item, but sound quality is very similar. What the libratone has in its favour is that you can actually link two items together, therefore you can have the playing back the same sounds in more than one room; whether that would be useful for most people i am not sure, particularly as this is a portable item. Part of the reason that i have deducted a star is that the too comes without a charger; it does have a cable with a micro usb cable and the instructions state that a ‘good’ 5v usb charger is required to charge the item. Whilst i don’t need yet another charger, i have numerous chargers which have an output of circa 5v, but they all have a different output.

Libratone are onto a winner bluetooth speaker here. It’s packaged extremely well. Reminiscent of unboxing a new iphone. This copies the entire experience down to the minimalist user manual. However the boxing isn’t the only place it shines. The unit itself is a lovely fashionable green colour. I’m not a bright colour person, but i would have no issues turning up with this device under my arm. The unit itself is covered front and back in a nice caribbean green cloth. The outsides are a thick scratch resistant rubber. There is a touch sensitive button on one side of the speaker that you can use for volume control and play/pause.

The design of this is fabulous – it looks classy and more expensive than it is. The build quality is solid and high-end. The packaging is apple style and it would make a terrific gift to an apple-style loving friend or relative. The sound is generally good in the higher end, and it really works well with a ipad (or any tablet but i tested it with the ipad) if you’re watching videos or catch up tv. Battery life is good, connection is a 2 second job. A couple of gripes one large and the others small. It doesn’t come with the charger it needs – it does come with a usb cable – but it states that it needs a specific 5v charger. It charged fine with my ipad charger but took ages longer than the specs suggest it would with the right charger. At over the £100 price point i feel it should have had the wall charger that they want you to use – it would only have cost a small amount to include it but costs far more to buy one separately and it’s very annoying and spoils the premium feel of it for me at least. The other small gripe, that may in fairness just be a personal preference is that it doesn’t do well in the lower bass registers so the sound on some films and all rock music is just.

What a beautiful and versatile little speaker. It is packaged beautifully – very much like an apple device, with everything neat, tidy and organised – with clean lines and beautiful design. It links seamlessly by bluetooth to your device, whether it be tablet or mobile and, thanks to its downloadable app, it plays your music wherever you are – or allows you to talk on the phone. I love that aspect of it as it allows hands-free conversation and you can hear everything clearly. It works really well with my phone and my ipad and it is great to be able to access your playlists wherever you are – and share your music with your friends. I am no expert on speakers but i find the sound excellent and very clear. The options for hanging your speaker up are great as well – from the top with a hook or handle. My only issue – and it is the reason for the missing stars – is the difficulty involved in removing the pads (on side or top) – and replacing them with the fittings for the handle and/or the hook. It is, to be honest, a complete nightmare. I was afraid i might damage the unit trying to get them out (which ended up happening) but in the end i had to dig them out with a (blunt) knife and had a monster of a job getting them back in again.

Libratone one style wireless bluetooth speaker – cloudy greyin the box. The speaker comes in very stylish packing. The speaker is one of the best builds (without spending silly money) i have seen for some time. It has a degree of style with its understated design. Nothing what so ever to fault here. The drive units are twined so you get the sound in 360 degrees. It has a usb charging socket and a jack line in. These are push button on the top of the unit these are on and off, forward and backwards for song selection. Libratone have gone for quality in the design, everything about this speaker is nice, it feels good, looks good and sounds good. It has both bluetooth and wi-fi connection and it is very easy to setup.

A straightforward, easy to connect bluetooth speaker. Sound is really good – fills my kitchen easily. I suppose it’s not cheap but it feels really solid and long-lasting.

Only states android and iphone on packaging, but works with my windows phone. Sound quality when playing music is epic. Sound quality when using interactive features over bluetooth (cortana) not so great. Sounds muffled and hard to understand. May just be the way the assistant works over bt but it loses a star for me. Was charged on opening, and lasted almost its full advertised time. And does feel rather light, so it really is ideal for travel usage.

This is just a beautiful product – seriously stunning looking. A huge amount of bass gets pumped out of this baby. While i’m not a bass ‘n’ beats kind of guy, it adds serious weight and gravitas to any style of music. The mids are very satisfying too (no mud) and there is enough sparkle in the top to make for a smooth, refined listen. Set up is super easy and you can tune the sound to your hearts design within the accompanying app, which is a nice enough feature. That rubber strap makes it easy to carry wherever you need your sounds and the splashproof design means i can listen to the radio in the bathroom very happily. In terms of design aesthetic, build and overall audio quality at least, i’d say sonos should be looking nervously over its shoulder. I have a few different wireless/bluetooth speakers (from sonos, sony, panasonic and bose) in the house and for the price, this beats all the rest of them hands down.

This is a well-made, sturdy speaker. It’s easy to use straight out of the box and the bluetooth feature means no messing around with wires. I find the battery life more than adequate and i like that you can connect it, via bluetooth, to other speakers to create a bigger sound. It’s a very bright colour so might not be for everyone, but i quite like it. I can also verify the splashproof status – i took it on holiday with me and it got wet by the pool (i’m not that annoying person. It was a private villa haha) yet still works just fine. All in all i’d definitely recommend it, although it is a tad on the pricey side in my opinion so loses a star for that.

For the sheer size of this unit it is very impressive. The bass is acceptable given its size but when you move away from it past a meter or so it’s fairly non bass music you’ll hear. It’s ideal to take anywhere with you and the battery is very long lasting, it came with 88% life in it and after 10 hours use required its first charge. Connecting the unit for the first time was a doddle via bluetooth and also easy using the libratone app for ios (even ios 10). Overall for the size this is very impressive, a bit more bass and this thing would be 5 stars.

I love the sound quality, and my younger brother has been eyeing this up and saying how great it would be in his kitchen, so it isn’t just me. I think the price point is fair given the market and the quality of the sound. As another reviewer mentioned, it can be hard to get the bluetooth connection to work, but after some initial issues, this seems to have worked out just fine, but this is one of the reasons for 4 rather than 5 stars. Another slight issue, is that there is no carry case, apparently if you want to transport this safely you will need to do so in the original box, which isn’t massively bulky, i grant you, but still no the most efficient space-wise. Given the price point, and that other similar devices tend to come with a travel case, this does seem like an omission. But overall, very happy, and good value for money in my opinion.

Apart from the price there is little i can fault this portable bluetooth speaker forthe sound quality is amazing. It has 360 degree full sound built in and noise reduction. . I have used it with both my iphone and ipad and it is easy to use – the instructions on set-up are easy to understand and operate one you have downloaded the app for your device. It is a handy size of about 12′ x 4′ and is not too heavy to carry around with you in a bag. Each charge lasts about 12 hours of continuous play although i have managed 14 so far without recharging. It would be great it if came with a plug charger rather than just a usb cable. The packaging is really good a strong white box that i am using to transport it in – and the speaker is solid and well constructed. I do thing it is slightly overpriced compared to other on the market at over £100. And a plug charger would be nice.

If you can get past the ghastly colour (thankfully it is available in other colours), this is a good solid wireless bluetooth speaker. The sound is loud and very full, real hi-fi quality. It was also simple to set up; it paired immediately, and connected without a problem. It is an added bonus that the handle can be positioned in various ways; there are extra pieces in the package to assist in this. One slight drawback is that, unless you are using the hanndle to hang the speaker up, it needs to be balanced rather precariously on its side, to give the full benefit of the fine sound. Even the slightest knock or vibration is enough to topple the speaker, and block some of the sound source. However, on my third attempted use, none of my devices could find the speaker, even after re-booting the devices, and fully re-charging the speaker. I have tried again the next day, and still the speaker is totally invisible to all my other devices. I can see from other reviews that another reviewer has had the same problem.

Currently using it for my playstation via aux.

These speakers are ok – good sound quality, 10-12 hours of playback. . However, to describe it as ‘ultra portable’ is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, when you consider that anker have a couple of speakers that are smaller than this. Not to mention a lot, lot cheaper. In the box itself, you get the speaker, a strap and ‘padlock’ style loop (so you can hang the speaker on almost anything – see the promotional video) and a charging cable. Considering the cost of this though, i was expecting a charger too. Connecting directly via bluetooth was simple, and i did not have any issues connecting via the app; but the reviews in the google play store would suggest that most people have had issues using it. You can change the volume using the touch-sensitive pad on the speaker or via the app. The touch-pad reacts well, as does control via the app. But sound – features aside, that is what a speaker is really about.

This is quite simply a solidly built and impressively sounding speaker with a handle so you can carry it around. It arrived really nicely packaged in a padded oval box which contained the speaker itself and a small manual and charging cable. It is simple to set up, but works better with the app (available for both apple and android) which means you can have a few radio stations and a facility to tweak the sound to your own preference. The 360 sound works well, giving great clarity and bass from such a (relatively) small speaker. The speaker is water resistant to a point but not suitable for taking into the shower with you and it has a nifty carrying handle to give you a nostalgic ‘ghetto blaster’ feel. The speaker has both bluetooth and aux connectivity and both produce quality sound.

Ever since a friend of mine turned up on a group holiday with a bluetooth splash-proof speaker, i have been on the lookout for something portable that also gives a lot of volume. The libratone one is perfect for this: it’s small and light enough to pack in a suitcase or in a bag for a day at the park, but big enough to fit a 3′ woofer and 1′ tweeter. Set up was incredibly easy; my partner and i were able to connect our phones at the same time really quickly with the touch of a bluetooth button. You can also set up the libratone as a trusted device, keeping your phone unlocked whenever it is connected to the speaker, perfect for easy access to podcasts and music players. The libratone app is free to install on apple and android devices and adds extra features, but isn’t essential. With the app you can vary the type of sound, so adjusting the soundscape for spoken word, classical music, pop and so on. You can also connect two speakers together via the app, but one speaker is good enough for me, as the sound it gives is perfect for use at home or in the garden. Podcasts come through clearly and music sounds vibrant and clear. There is a setting on the app to deal with music that is heavily compressed (so, in lower-quality mp3s for example). The design of the speaker itself is very clean, with minimal detailing and hidden connections for a small analogue jack and for the usb port for charging.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this libratone one speaker as i have never heard of the company. But, i have wanted a speaker for my kitchen for a while and one that was portable to let me take out on family picnics etc. Whilst the weather has turned and the family days out will have to wait until next spring when the weather improves, this portable speaker was rather tempting so i gave it a go. I am not overly impressed with the colour but it isn’t so awful as to put me off. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all and in the end i was more interested in its audio performance. Out of the nicely designed box i switched on the unit and within 1 minute my ipod had found and paired with it. Suddenly it was producing music. I had the free app downloaded shortly after too, but was already listening to music at this point. I was taken aback by its performance. The bass is rich and deep and the units volume control (swipe with your finger to the right to increase volume, to the left to turn it down) was soon in use to see if i could sense any distortion.

Powerful for its size – the modern equivalent of walking round the park with a boom box (this shows my age). A strong clear sound and rounded tone. Walked several metres away and the bluetooth still connected.

The marketplace is crammed with bluetooth speakers, but this one is a little different, built specifically for music on the go. The libertone one arrived in a simple white and minimal box, which is very apple-esque, an impression which is amplified by the similarly minimal instructions. Luckily the speaker almost sets up itself. It’s charged when you get it, switch on the power button and my ipad found the speaker instantly, there’s a double beep from the speaker, the single control button lights up and off you go. Volume is covered by a swipe of the control button, you can pause the sound with a single press and other than that the only gripe is that it took me a while to realise that the handles could be attached by removing the speaker surround to attach them – no instructions for that. As for the sound, it comes from both sides, so you will be standing it on end or using those handles, otherwise you are losing one of the key features. Sound is excellent, and for such a small box the sound really is impressive, and well up to the standard of the sonos speakers we have -plenty of clarity and depth even if it might not satisfy those who are addicted to bass. At £140 or thereabouts this is a very impressive unit, that can be used almost anywhere, because it’s splashproof and this has very wide appeal – by the way, the green version will not be to everyones taste, but it is easy to see.

KitSound Flair Universal Rechargeable Wireless Portable Speaker – A Stylish Bluetooth speaker!

Having read some of the reviews i can’t understand why this unit has had poor reviews, sound quality is excellent with plenty of treble and deep bass. I can only say to the other reviewers that have left bad comments, that they might need to check their settings on their devices, by no means is this speaker bad. Kitsound make very good quality speakers in my opinion. Volume of 10 watts is pretty loud for such a small speaker and by no means dull or muted as one reviewer left.

The speaker comes in a small box, it’s made from a thick card and appears to offer plenty of protection for the product. As soon as you open the box and remove the speaker you can tell that this is a premium product. The box contains: ks flair bluetooth speaker, micro usb charging cable, aux audio cable. The speaker feels very solid and has some weight to it, the sides and back of the speaker have a nice soft touch finish (almost feels like rubber). The front of the speaker is made of a soft felt like material, it covers the whole front face and looks great. Due to its size and shape this is an ideal product to replace a kitchen radio/speaker. It takes up very little countertop space whilst still being able to produce a very clear and full sound. Due to the internal battery and rubberised carry handle this can easily be moved around your house or even taken outside. The back of the speaker has three ports, a micro usb port for charging, an aux in port and a headphone out port. These are all covered by a rubber flap to protect the connectors.

Absolutely fantastic value for money.

This is my second speaker from the kitsound range and i have to say i am yet again not disappointed – i wanted something to go in my lounge that was compact & stylish. This fits the bill perfectly. On opening the box, i was impressed with the look & feel of the speaker, the black plastic is that lovely tactile soft touch & the grey fabric on the front appears durable & looks good quality. The buttons are on the top panel and are really subtly done as to fit in with the speakers overall design. After a charge, i connected my iphone 6 with the speaker very easily and started playing my music – for a small speaker it packs a good punch. Excellent sound quality and goes to a good loud level without any distortion. Certainly just the ticket for what i needed for my lounge. Best of all with the 8 hours playback from the in built rechargeable batteries, 10m range and carry handle, it will be coming out in the garden & beach with me in the summer and most probably on my holidays. Highly recommended – 5 stars from me.

Considering this item was 89% off at the time of placing this order i am amazed. The sound quality is great as ive come to expect from previous kit sound products ive owned. I will be ordering more now that they are somehow 94% off.

Yet another great product from kitsound – really stylish, easy to use, well built and affordable. I was looking for a trendy speaker for my lounge – this fits the bill perfectly. Upon opening the box you are greeted with the speaker, charging cable and manual. You won’t be needing the manual as its really easy to set up. Straight away you can feel the quality of the speaker, the front is made up of a really nice fabric, that gives the speaker a real modern feel. The externals are rubberised and have a soft touch, it feels as though if you were to drop it on a hard floor, it wouldn’t obtain any damage – which is great for obvious reasons. The speaker comes partially pre-charged – i got about an hour or so out of it before it started beeping at me telling me to plug it in. Connect a device is really easy, simply turn it on, hold down the bluetooth button and allow your phone or tablet to connect. It works great with my iphone 5 and ipad pro – no issues whatsoever connecting them. The sound quality is great – its sufficient enough for smaller rooms, i would suggest getting a slightly lager speaker for larger rooms, but this is the same with any speaker.

  • sound quality is very nice max volume is very good if you are using
  • Good build quality
  • amazing

This is a good sturdy unit with relatively good sound quality unfortunately the bluetooth did not work on my unit hence the ratings.

Wanted something that was modern and would look nice in my living room so that’s the main reason i bought it, wasn’t really expecting it to sound so good too, nice punchy bass, would definitely recommend.

For the money this speaker is brilliant.

Sound quality is very nice max volume is very good if you are using it inside like the kitchen or bedroom, however if using it outside like around a campsite at a festival (which is why i bought it) then max volume is surprisingly quiet in comparison. Battery life lasts about an hour and half on max volume.

I am really impressed with the kitsound flair. I’be been looking for a bluetooth speaker for ages but to be honest with so many on the market, i didn’t know where to start. I wanted to give a honest review so maybe i can help someone who was in a similar position. I’m not going to lie, the price was a big attraction with the flair. I googled around about because i’d never heard of the make and was a bit worried it would be one of those companies that only sells on amazon or ebay. (it’s not- they’re legit)i ordered it on mrmop’s prime account and it arrived the next day (cheers amazon)the box it arrives in is a nice sturdy thick box which makes it look like a quality product before you’ve even unboxed it. It comes with a usb charging lead (although you’ll need an iphone plug thing if you want to charge it from the mains) and a aux-in cable and a user manual. The speaker itself is a solid little thing, and feels well made. It’s got that nice soft plastic feel to the handle and operating buttons, and the coloured part (mine is blue because it was cheaper for some reason) is a nice fabric. It comes partially charged so you can have a play straight away but it recommends a full charge before proper use.

Features of KitSound Flair Universal Rechargeable Wireless Portable Speaker with Bluetooth and 3.5 mm Aux-In Cable – Grey

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  • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • Easily portable with handle
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

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Wired or wireless connectivity

Easily portable with handle

Built-in rechargeable battery

EasyAcc SoundX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable 10W Musikbox Loud Volume 20 Hours Playtime – Perfection

Hello this is my review of the “easyacc soundx 10w bluetooth csr 4. ”the speaker arrived in a well-packaged cardboard box, which ensured it was kept nice and secure. Opening up the box, you are met by the speaker, a 3. 5mm audio cable, a micro usb charging cable and a basic user manual. First impressions, the speaker felt really well made and definitely a premium and well constructed product. It is constructed from a high quality metal with a really nice brushed red finish. It has nice curves, which make the speaker look really unique and aesthetically pleasing. Setting up the speaker was super simple. Hold the power button down and the speaker will turn on, then select the device in bluetooth settings and everything is up and running.

Having used this for over a year i must say its close to being perfect. Most of you probably care about how loud it goes and how clear the bass is. The bass is perfect and the volume is perfect for use in parties and personal use. This sleek and professional design is a must have. The only reason i haven’t rated this item 5 stars is due to slight crackling at full volume. This isn’t a big problem as full volume can be heard throughout a full house. Easyacc soundx bluetooth speaker with 10w (dual 5w) total acoustic drivers with 20-hour playtime, includes microphone, 3. 5mm auxiliary port, micro sd card slot, black.

Sounds great , loud enough for most needs. I have purchased lots of easyacc products in the past and have always been happy. Here are the specifications for the EasyAcc SoundX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable 10W Musikbox Loud Volume 20 Hours Playtime:

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  • 【More than 20 Hours Playtime】: Built-in rechargeable high capacity 4000mAh Li-ion battery offers more than 20 Hours Playtime. Two powerful 5W drivers deliver quality sound that is crystal clear.
  • 【Textured appearance】: The unique polished Zinc alloy shell with high gloss plating finish makes it looks extremely fashionable and elegant, make you more attractive in the social platform. Easy to clean.
  • 【You can enjoy more features】: Support TF Card / SD Card to read and stored music files. Built-in mic lets you take hands-free calls at any time. The 3.5mm auxiliary port connects your non-Bluetooth devices.
  • 【Amazing connection range】: The Bluetooth 4.0 standard provides quick and stable connection. Backward compatible with all Bluetooth versions, and 66ft connection range.
  • 【What we offer】: 1 x Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x 3.5mm audio cable, 1 x User Manual , 18 months warranty, friendly and uncomplicated customer service.

 this item was kindly sent to me for testing and review. I hope you find the video helpful.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfection
  • Great speaker
  • Sounds great, loud enough for most needs

Great sound looks good and charge last a long time have changed the way i listen to music really pleased with it.

Absolutely brilliant just what i wanred.

A great little speaker which serves my requirements exactly.

Update:downgrading to 3 stars for terrible battery life. It seems to doesn’t have any sleep mode, so you have to re-charge the battery every 2 days. —-background: some time ago i’ve not quite positively reviewed the previous product of the same company, and the manufacturer contacted me and offered this new product free of charge in exchange for a honest review (this is my understanding of their email). I quite liked the fact that the company obviously cares about their products and is keen to improve quality, and this bluetooth speaker is quite an improvement over the first wireless speaker made by the same company that i own, to be honest. Anyways, the following is my opinion on this particular device:wireless interface said to be bluetooth version 4. The device appears in windows 10 pro as two devices – headphones (sic) and a hands-free head set. My other similar speaker (of the same manufacturer) looks like a speaker and a hands-free, but apart from different looking icon this fact doesn’t impact the functionality of any sort. Good:no problems with pairing whatsoever;sound quality is just very good.

This is a review of the easyacc soundx 10 watt speaker. The speaker arrived in an easy to open cardboard box along with a microusb to usb charging cable and a 3. 5mm aux cable but does not come with a carry holder pouch. First impressions is that its a well made speaker that looks like a premium device with a nice brushed red aluminium design. It feels sturdy to the touch and has a rubber pad on the base that keeps the speaker in place. The only let-down is the power on switch at the back. It doesn’t feel good to touch with an hard angular button and notchy on/off switch that seems slightly cheap. The speaker can play music over bluetooth, from a device connected via 3. 5mm aux input or loaded onto a micro sd card and inserted at the back. On the top there are four rubberised buttons; volumeup/skipforward, volumedown/skipbackwards, play/pause/answercall and mode selection.

✍ [updated 15 october 2016i have updated this review as easyacc customer services replaced the original speaker, as it was found to be faulty, with a battery that would not charge. Pleased to say that the 2nd device forwarded to me works fine, the battery charges. But, many of the issues i highlight in my original review still stands. My original rating was 2-star, i have now increased this to a 3-star product, as the product is “just ok” as it’s nothing special, its not even a true 10w speaker its 2x 5w speakers i strongly belive that my original comments still stand, i have [edited] comments accordingly to remove the issues with the battery, but i strongly believe that this easyacc product really does not show the same innovation as i have come to expect from their product range. The irony after writing my first review, is that now i use the speaker daily, as its a good enough general day usage speaker – but as i will keep on saying its nothing special, and there are better specficied speakers out there to choose from – so choose wisely. ✍ [note] where you see this symbol is where i have updated the original review. . The original review::you know what when you have reviewed over 400+ products on amazon, alongside being from time to time listed in the top 10,000 uk reviewers, you can find a product that surprises you from time to time. This easyacc product surprises me for all the wrong reasonsover the past 2 years, i have purchased a range of easyacc network products which i have found where great and have nearly all gained a 100% 5-star product rating from me. I have also purchased the easyacc mini portable bluetooth speaker, which for its size, price, and sound is an amazing piece of equipment which i highly recommend. But this easyacc device has been a big surprise, and this is a big but, i will in no way recommend this speaker which has been provided to me for an imho product review, i will be clear that this product i am finding it difficult to award a 2 to 3-star review, but then i read other reviewers reviews and cannot believe everyone is reviewing the same product that i have been sent?perhaps the unit is faulty, but anyway here are the problems i have found in using this device. ]

Skullcandy Air Raid Rugged Water and Drop Resistant Portable Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – : Interferes with our WiFi

As big as a brick and as heavy as one, this is, build wise, a serious bit of kit. Splash proof, made of heavy duty plastic and with a removable thick rubber shell, this bluetooth speaker is built for the great outdoors and to withstand knocks and drops. Sound wise, it’s good but nothing special. There is a depth to the sound but to my ears it’s lacking the finesse and subtlety expected from a speaker in this price range. Volume wise, it goes spectacularly loud but even at low volumes i can’t listen to it for more than a couple of hours before having to switch it off as listening becomes uncomfortable on the ear. It’s a bit like listening to an over compressed cd. It paired immediately with my ipad and android phone and the bluetooth range is good. The battery is seriously impressive with an average 12 hours of playback. It has volume buttons that you can also use to skip between tracks (except when streaming music i. When using the amazon music app. Other bluetooth speakers i’ve used costing much less allow you to do this). Despite its weight, this is a speaker made for taking camping or down to the beach, situations where finesse and subtlety are secondary considerations and loudness, along with battery life, is everything.

My husband is thrilled with this bluetooth speaker and has been raving about how good it is to me for days. I’m not really into electronics myself but i have to say from hubby showing me how it works etc that for such as small speaker it is certainly impressive and very powerful. My husbands words about this speaker – “this is what my phone has been waiting for”. According to the product description this is the loudest bluetooth speaker for it’s size (88db) and i can certainly believe it as it booms out the music. We have measured the speaker and it measures 18. 5cm excluding the handle by 6cm by 9cm and it weighs 821g out of the box. The product description advises that it is waterproof and drop proof and hubby has already accidentally dropped it so he has tested that theory accidentally and the speaker still works fine. I wouldn’t think it was submersible waterproof but more splash waterproof as the cover over the usb socket doesn’t look like it would keep out water if the speaker was fully submerged and to be honest i don’t want to test that theory in case it damages the speaker. The speaker has a sort of thick rubber case around it which doubles i think as the protective case and waterproof case as it also has a cover over the usb input socket. The speaker has two handles on it for carrying (one main handle and the other to attach to a strap of some sort such as a rucksack strap maybe).

I am so pleased i got this little beauty. Having recently “upgraded” to a windows 8. 1 laptop i was keen to go the wireless speaker route but couldn’t decide on which until this popped up. It looked so chunky and cool compared to the other options i had looked at. In reality it does look and feel ace with a pleasingly tough and simple design to it. It charged to full very quickly from the usb supplied although i found a plug adapter i already had more convenient than plugging into the laptop itself. I soon found the laptop is classed as the cheaper specification (not cheap to me) so did not include integrated bluetooth thus needed to order a usb plug in adapter. While i waited for that to arrive (cheers prime) my kindle fire and old blackberry linked up easily. The aux direct input was trouble free as you would expect too. The usb solution was equally trouble free when it arrived.

The world of wireless speakers is booming (pardon the pun). From the expensive sonos range down to the average joe bloggs wireless offerings that cost about 4p. So to compete in the market, new speakers need to do something different or do the same but better than the rest. I myself have 2 jongo speakers and a pure speaker. After over a year i still use my jongo’s often, especially at bbq’s and get togethers, the pure speaker not so much. This offering doesn’t do anything really different from whats already out. What it does do though is pretty good, especially for a speaker on this size. It’s about the size of a brick and weighs just as much if not more. This is down to the design, it is a serious tough cookie, made from steel, plastic and thick rubber, so it can take a big battering from being tossed around by the heavy handed teen. Its also waterproof (don’t go diving with it) so you can spill a drink on it and carry on regardless.

  • Conclusive Review after use of SkullCandy Air Raid.
  • This is a very good speaker, a little harsh for my liking
  • Five Stars

Skullcandy Air Raid Rugged Water and Drop Resistant Portable Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • Loudest portable Bluetooth speaker for its size
  • Drop proof and water resistant, promises to go as hard as you do, regardless of the weather conditions
  • Quick and easy pairing to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Micro USB cable for rechargeable battery for up to 14 hours of music
  • Stay in control of your music directly from the speaker by using the track functionality feature

I’m not someone who normally goes in for small portable speakers. I’m a casual audiophile, i would generally rather not listen to music at all if i have to listen on a terrible set of speakers. I was surprised to find that the skullcandy air raid, while not an audio quality revelation, actually sounds a lot better than you might expect for the size of it (2x 2 inch 5w speakers). It’s a little “boxy”, which is hard to escape given its size and power, but it projects really well, with surprising clarity and lack of distortion at high levels. It can go pretty loud to boot, more than enough to fill a good sized room. Sound-quality wise, it’s about on a par with a good portable radio, maybe a little bit better. Bluetooth pairing works smoothly, it connects quickly with everything i’ve tried, and it remembers a couple of devices so it can re-pair as soon as you switch it on. I haven’t had any major glitches, except where the bluetooth dropped out on my phone once. I’ve been able to use the device all the way across my flat from the connected device, which is nice. Battery life has proven pretty strong thus far.

Wireless speakers have been around for a while now, so this one is entering a somewhat mature market. Typically, when a new product enters a mature market it has some form of usp or other, sadly for this one it is not the case. The best which can be said is it is easy to use and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  there are no real bells or whistles to these speakers, however i am not convinced that is a bad thing. This is a product which does exactly what it says on the tin and does it well, it is very easy to interface with other devices (1 click synch between the various android and wireless devices etc in the house) and, while these speakers are about the size of a brick, they have been reinforced to be about as tough as a brick too.  the sound quality is good as is the battery life. It is quite clear what each of the buttons, switches etc do and it is highly unlikely that you will ever loose or break the product. It does the basics of being a wireless speaker, but with premium rate sound quality. This combined with the straight forward nature of the controls and the fact that it has up to 14 hours battery life make it really worth taking a look at. Still a little pricey in my book but in general it’s a good product and if you can find it with a decent discount then it’s definitely worth a look, but i remain unconvinced that these speakers are worth the rrp.

I’m very impressed by the quality of sound and the actual product. I only had it for the past 2.

I’m not quite sure what i was expecting when i asked to review this product, however i was expecting something much bigger and not that heavy (might seem like a contradiction). What i actually received was a small black box, not much bigger than a 500g pack of butter, but certainly a lot heavier. I took the liberty of weighing it, and without any packaging or cables, it weighs 822g. It does come with a handle, but if you have largish fingers like me, it’s not the easiest to hold it in that way. It was very easy to connect to my phone (a nokia, but i imagine all other phones would present no great difficulty) as all i needed to do was turn on my bluetooth, and then ask my phone to connect with it. From then on, the speaker will automatically try to connect to any previously connected bluetooth device for up to 5 minutes after switch on. Of course, if you want to connect at any point after this, it’s still reasonably straightforward as you only need to single press the round button on the front of the speaker to re-initiate the search. Of course, if you have a non-bluetooth device, such as a legacy ipod for example, this can still be connected by was of an aux cable (not supplied). The sound quality is good even at very high volumes and does offer a good range between bass and treble and certainly haven’t noticed any distortion, except for when i’ve taken the speaker out of range of my phone. Even in this case, i would estimate that the speaker can be at least 10 metres away from the bluetooth device – i went upstairs and had no problems until i went to the other side of the house from where my phone was.

When you pick up the air raid for the first time you can easily believe that it is tough – it weighs close to a kilo. As advertised, it looks and feels up to anything. Take off the silicon boot and suddenly things are a lot lighter and the edges start to look a little fragile. “water resistant” basically means it would not survive a dunk in a swimming pool, but it can certainly shrug off being thoroughly splashed or rained onturn it on and the speaker plays a sound of a radio tuning in and then says “connected” once or twice depending on how many paired devices are in range. A similar radio sound plays when you turn it off. These effects quickly wear thin and when you’re trying to be discrete (like turning it on at night) it can blast out these noises at high volume. In short, they’re annoying as hell. As for the sound, when i felt the heft and solidity of the thing i had high hopes. To get good sound from a speaker the body needs to be as rigid as possible and the air raid feels like a lump of rock. Sadly, pumping some music through it at different volumes left me a little disappointed; things are a little underwhelming right across the frequency range, with the top end lacking clarity, the mid-range lacking in definition and the bass lacking thump.

Great speaker loud just what i needed would recommend this.

Brilliant good sounds all round.

I own a number of portable speakers of varying quality, so i was excited to try this one out by skullcandy. While the size is fine for portability, it is chunky (built like a brick). It claims to be waterproof, but that is questionable as there is just a rubber cover that goes around the outside. While i haven’t stuck it in water, i’d guess it is water resistant at best. It is extremely easy to pair to a device – i tried with a few different mobile phones (apple and android) and had no problem. For me, all of this is fine but the key is sound quality. I’d say it isn’t bad, but for this price, i wonder if it is worth it. I compare it to my bose soundlink. While that is double the price (259), the sound quality is far superior, and i’m not an audiophile. So as i said, you get what you pay for.

This is a very good speaker, a little harsh for my liking, but still , very well built, and has plenty of volume , little annoying on the “tuning in” sound as it turns on/off. , maybe for a younger person. For me the “tune in” sound kills it.

 first impressions: looks a bit like a toy, especially when the rubber cover is remove. It’s like a small brick, in that it’s denser than you might expect before picked it up. Then turned it on and used it for a few hours. Reaction: wow ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️i had mostly used it for voice and was really impressed. As advertised, it was loud and the battery lasted for ages. 📱paring was a doddle – as seen in the video. So, slam dunk?=============i then played a wide range of music and realised that the music reproduction quality was noticeably innacurate. I would value this if i went camping a lot. ❌ i found the tuning in sound grating and gimmicky. (a female voice says “connected”.

The skullcandy air raid is a great speaker to take along outside. The volume on it is enough to fill a fairly large room and would be enough to gather around outside to listen to music. As for the sound, i would never claim to be an audio professional however the sound lacks a smack of bass but is still extremely impressive for the price. (i paid £95)pros:-great overall sound-loud-compact and portable-haven’t tested but claims to be water resistant-feels durable and looks good. Cons:-the sound when it turns on is complained quite a lot here, i find it to be a bit annoying but after a while you get used to it, it has a retro sort of feel to it like a bit of static, which in fairness some may even like, but the sounds are only on for 3 seconds. -don’t feel like it has enough bass, but for the size i’m not massively complaining. Sound is still good for price. Overall i rate it 4 stars, losing half a star for lack of bass and half a star for the obnoxious sound when turning on and off.

Ah, the joys of an item displayed on a white background, i expected this to be bigger than it is. The air raid speaker is compact and rugged is a good description. It’s heavy, with a waterproof rubbery type of covering. Charged, reasonably quickly, through a usb cable, it’s mostly free of bulk. I wouldn’t have said it’s a pretty design, but it’s a good design. It will definitely be safe out and about. It easily pairs with your bluetooth devices, although if you don’t have any, a 3. 5mm male to male jack will also do the job. Starting it up makes a distorty sort of sound.

Happy with this purchase – provides good sound generally and very handy for travelling.

This speaker looks like a mini boom box, and thus my daughters thought it looked very cool. Its rugged looks are certainly noticeable and this item would certainly fare quite well if thrown into a rucksack for journeys (although it is quite heavy for its size so you’d notice that it was there). There is a metal ring on the side next to the on-off switch, so you could attach it to something – if you were on a boat perhaps. There is a removable rubberised cover, and the ports are also covered, so you would feel happy using tho item in places you wouldn’t take a less robust item. Pairing was quite easy – you just need to press the round button in the middle for about 5 seconds, and the lights flash blue and red to let you know that the speaker is in pairing mode. I’ve tried pairing a number of gadgets and they all connect well. The range of the bluetooth connection is about standard for this sort of device but move too far away and you will lose the connection. As soon as i’d made the connection successfully and started playing music, my next job was to figure out the volume controls because this is speaker is really loud for its size. Definitely enough to fill a room in most people’s houses. In fact, probably enough to fill the entire house.

I’ve never tried skullcandy products before. I do have a rechargeable wired speaker but it doesn’t offer much in terms of volume. When the opportunity presented itself to review the skullcandy air raid bluetooth speaker i couldn’t pass it up. First impressions are promising. The packaging is first rate but when you lift the box, it’s like lifting a brick and that’s a good sign. Taking the speaker out of the box, i was amazed by the sheer robustness of the speaker. You could really cause some serious damage wielding this around so be careful not to drop it on your foot or other delicate surface. Except for the front panel, the enclosure is covered in a hard wearing silicone skin. The usb charging socket and 3. 5mm aux input are concealed behind a flap that says ‘pry here’.

Excellent speaker solid well built and loud with a great sound .

Ok, whilst other people have tested this to a certain degree around the house, having read the adventurous side of things within the description, i put it to the test on a bit of a trek. That is to have it playing as i marched up scarfel pike (which from home is about a 3 hour drive. ) so having charged it overnight and having sorted out the connection to my phone, (along with a few snacks and drinks) began my trek up the fell. The first thing i found was that the speaker in itself is a bit on the heavy side, although with a backpack that did make it a lot easier. So strapping it to the top, i started out playing the music on a low to mid level so i wouldn’t disturb other trekers, began the ascent. The sound quality was very good and whilst i wasn’t expecting great quality (due to previously owned speakers), i was surprised at how good it was. The music was clear, had a good sound to it and all round made the journey enjoyable and whilst i do worry at the price of these things, i have found that the quality of the speaker is dependent upon the amount of money you spend. All round, upon reaching the top, i had a track of victory, took in the view and then came back down. It took the journey very well, (even surviving me slipping and falling over) and all round is going to be my take out item whenever i go back up there. So much so that next summer i’m planning a few day trups up with my other half and a picnic or two.

AZATOM® AZATOM Droid – Powerful Bluetooth 4, Good quality, not very loud

Bought this azatom speaker a few weeks ago, and wanted to listen to it over a couple of weeks before reviewing. Wow, it’s absolutely great, was not expecting the kind of sound that it gives. Not even slightly tinny, good amount of bass and very clear mid range. Connects very easily to bluetooth without any hiccups, the volume is more than loud enough, in a large ‘through’ lounge, it is too loud on maximum volume. Won’t replace your hi-fi system, but it isn’t meant to. I have a lot of music on my phone, and this is the perfect way of listening to it. Looking forward to using it in the garden in the summer (if we get one ).

Do not be fooled by it’s size. This little beauty packs a punch. Bought for my 12 yr old son as a little christmas stocking filler to play in his room, but after hearing it i’m having one myself. Fits in the palm of your hand but the quality of sound is superb. What a fantastic buy my son loves it :).

Terrific neat and smart looking speaker, getting good sound out of it and it’s so easy to use and well priced (now reduced). Note it’s a bit more of an upside down teacup shape that the main photo shows, rather than a straight cylinder.

Key specs for AZATOM Droid – Powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker – Dual 5W driver and Woofer – Deep Powerful Bass – Designed In the UK – Auto reconnect – 16 Hours of Music – Quick charge battery – Pink:

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    by entering your model number.
  • AZATOM SOUND: Play your music in High fidelity CD quality with Rich tones and deep bass from its 5W / Dual full-range driver, Bass Passive Woofer and Twin Bass ports.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0: Instantly pair and auto reconnect to the last connected device, enabling fast one step streaming. Enjoy your Music library – Perfect for Music streaming services: Spotify – Apple music – Deezer – Tune-in – Tidal and others.
  • INNOVATIVE BATTERY LIFE: 16 hour continuous playtime from its Built in CoreEnegy long life Li-ion battery and quick charging.
  • GREATER DISTANCE: Connection range of up to 70 feet. Reliable pairing and solid connection with your mobile devices over even greater distances.
  • AZATOM WARRANTY: UK Call line technical support with 1 Year warranty. Product Dimensions: 75mm x 90mm x 65mm – Weight: 230g. Package content: Droid Speaker, Mains power charger, 3.5mm AUX cable, User manual, Colourful gift box.

Comments from buyers

“Equal to the Anker Soundcore Mini
, 10/10 quality. Unclear volume.
, Great little sound box

Superb bit of kit, 12 yr old daughter loves it, she wanted something to pop in her bag to increase the volume of her phone on the walk to work, she chose this, if she keeps making decisions like this might get her to make a few for me 😉 nice, clear and plenty of bass, it has a punchy sound i have never heard on a speaker of this size. Aesthetically very nice too, the chrome really sets it off, only this morning said to her that i would love to hear these speakers in a stereo configuration, with separate channels, now that would sound very nice.

I bought this little beaut last year for on holiday. Its well crafted,enineered and designed. I have a very wide range in music from classical to punk to pop to rock ( and the girlfriends r & b ) and my little cracker handles it all flawlessly. As for watching the walking dead in bed with the girlfriend on the kindle well try it and see lol.

This is just an ok item, volume does not climb to a very high level, if you are a listening to easy music such as pop & classical this is fine. However i like my trance music & with the bass on this system the audio is terrible. Not good for any form of dance music. I do however use this to listen to all other music to which it does an ok job. If i had choice, i would look elsewhere & purchase a speaker more suitable to my needs. However with all that being said, for the money spent this is ok, but hey, you can make your own decision :).

A few other reviews mentioned that the speaker isn’t very loud so i wasnt expecting much in terms of volume, however i was disappointed, i have an iphone se and the speaker was barely louder than my phone is. The overall quality of the music/bass is quite good. I bought this product on sale and definitely wouldn’t pay full price for it. To summarise, this speaker is good for personal use (in an already quiet setting) but not a lot else.

Connects without any issues to both my phone (samsung s4 mini) and kindle fire, via bluetooth. Battery is also extremely good – haven’t had to charge it since its first charge a week ago, and it has been in use a lot.For the price you pay it is definitely worth it, you even get an aux cable (many of the other speakers i looked at didn’t include this). Does not come with a plug socket to charge the device, just the usb cable. However, most phones and devices have a usb socket that you can use as an alternative to charging on the laptop/computer (i’ve used it on my kindle fire socket) so it really shouldn’t be an issue for most peoplehighly recommend.

The wireless capability worked first time and works perfectly. Able to control the volume and pause/stop the track on the droid. Additionally, can also control the next/last track from the sender unit (phone/laptop etc). Gives a good rich sound with adequate bass end – good enough for my disco/soul/r&b tracks. For its size (not much bigger than my fist) it produces a good level of sound (stated as 5w). A slight downside i can envisage is that there is no way to check the battery level – i assume it will stop working without warning. So far it appears to have a good battery life. 99 (less than half price) and with the free uk delivery made it excellent value.

This isn’t bad, especially at the price. Took a bit of working out to how to link the bluetooth as it didn’t immediately link as the instructions indicated (or didn’t very clearly) and it is a bit fiddly to do. It’s not the best sound i’ve ever heard, but for the size (very neat, so very portable) and price, and the fact i didn’t buy it to have a party sound, just for my husband to enhance the sound of music from his ipad, it does the job it was bought for.

Had this for a while now and i’m delighted with it. The sound quality really is quite unbelievable for such a small speaker, especially the bass response. Good battery life too – in fact i’ve never run out of battery during a listening session it just seems to go on and on. I also like the fact that you can pause the music from the speaker. A really great bit of kit,worth every penny.

We need to be clear, this is not a speaker for audiophiles, it’s the size of a child’s fist and if you know anything about acoustics you’d know that for audio purity you’d need a much larger device like a b&w zepplin costing £££’s, try dropping one of those in your laptop bag. So let me list the main points with this speaker. Bad points:- you can’t connect a pair for stereo sound- if you use public transport those unruly youths with their tinny mobile phone speakers are about to get a lot loudergood points:- power, it has it in buckets, after reading reviews stating the power it still managed to surprise me. – ease of use, bluetooth or cable simple quick efficient. – power adapter, micro usb, who hasn’t got at least 3 of these adapters lying around now that they are the cell phone standard. Internal battery really does last 10 hours, quite remarkable. – aesthetics, good looking design even comes with microfiber cloth to keep the black shiny, thoughtful. – size, very compact and portable. – audio quality, struggles at full volume with some feeds mainly in the high frequency band but like i said it is loud so turning it down to 90%-95% (still loud) keeps the speaker within it’s limits which is why i am not classifying this a negative just something to be aware of, i have only found this to be an issue on a couple of tracks with very pitched female vocals everything else plays fine at 100% volume. – build quality, looks solid, feels solid.

I read the reviews which promised spectacular results from this tiny speaker. Ease of set-up and reasonable output were my two main criteria and all reviews were very positive in both respects. It was all borne out and mine was operating within about three minutes of receipt, part of which included opening the boxnone of the reviews exaggerated in any way and i was very impressed, as have been two friends. Speaker technology is amazing nowadays but this must be at the top end for a unit of its type. I’ve heard much worse from larger and more expensive products. Sound quality is really very good with no rattles, even at top volume, from which you need to reduce it in an enclosed space. I run mine at about half volume at which it is excellent. The claimed battery life seems to be a little pessimistic. I used mine for several hours (at least four) on day one and it then continued for a further eight hours on day two before the battery finally threw in the towel. Connection to the charger immediately brought it back to life and, within a couple of hours or so (didn’t time it – sorry) the battery was fully charged and it could be used in standalone mode again.

I read lots of reviews for this little speaker both good and bad and decided to buy it. It was so cheap i thought it would be no big loss if it turned out to be as bad as the negative reviews said it would. After all what do you expect for hardly any money bose?. Turns out i was more than pleasantly surprised, this is a great little speaker and sounds even better if you place it somewhere enclosed. I have mine on the shelf that is under my coffee table, it seems to enhance the base sound. Wether it’s mozart or moby i love this little thing.

I recently bought the home hub by the same company and loved it so much i treated my husband to the droid. Suitably ‘darth vader’ looking for my sci-fi mad spouse, the droid did not disappoint. If you have trouble pairing it, keep your finger on the button after switching on bt. The instructions make it seem like you should release the button and then re-press to pair. Sound is impressive from such a small device. Not something if you are a real audiophile, but perfectly acceptable for use in the bathroom or kitchen. I look forward to seeing what azatom come up with next.

Make no mistake i love my hifi when i have the time, and dare i say, permission. But when away from my beloved tanoys, traveling or just in a different part of the house it’s useful to have some sort of substitute. Step foward the azatom droid. This device is hugely impressive, possessing a surprisingly wide frequency range. The bass has to be heard to be believed. Indeed friends have not believed that such a small device is responsible for what they are hearing. Of course they do have some limitations, and corner placement can improve the low extension further. It’s strength lies in the purity of the sound, even at relatively high volume. Finally the icing on the cake is the battery duration, charging being a very infrequent requirement, measured in weeks to months.

Works very well and is a great little companion. Definitely recommend to music lovers everywhere.

This is a really good product, and very reasonably priced. It’s a good little size to take it away with you but volume wise, it’s pretty loudthe quality of sound is also very good considering how small the speaker it. It’s very easy to use and very straight forward to connect to it. Once connected, the rang is good too, i used mine recently for a family bbq and had no issues with leaving the speaker in the house and taking my phone outside. The only problem i had was that the speaker cut out a couple of times and i had to turn it off and on again an reconnect. I’m not sure if this is due to signal or the fact it needed charging but it was a little frustrating after the third time. Regardless of this, it’s a great product and i would definitely recommend.

I have used a number of bluetooth speakers over the years and i must say that this is easily the best that i have purchased for the following reasons. Volume is outstanding and an increase of at least three times each units stand alone volume. The clarity of the speaker is crystal clear. Paired to my samsung tablet 10. 1, my samsung gt-19300 mobile phone and even my panasonic 50′ tv within seconds. Delivery was very prompt and item was well packaged. Instruction manual included is very simple to follow. Don’t hesitate to buy this as you will not be disappointed.

I have bought a lot of bluetooth speakers in the past, but when i discovered azatom they just blew the others away. Build quility is really nice, they look and feel great and the sound is fantastic. Nice deep bass for such small speakers and the battery lasts well too. I have 3 droids and a storm (the bigger one), all are superb.

Solid weight with excellent sound. Ideal for phone, tablet or laptop. I like it so much that over time, i now have 3. For the size and price, excellent value.

I replaced a cheaper unit with this and the difference is vast. The older unit had a continuous buzz, only paired intermittently and was cheap and tinny sounding (but did only cost £8) it proved the concept that a bt speaker was useful to me but sounded dreadful. This unit is still quite small so doesn’t exactly full the room nor does it have a deep bass. But it does have a clear sound that lets me hear the lyrics clearly and no background buzzing. It paired easily and more importantly maintained the connection even when i went into other rooms. The battery seems to last a long time – about 4 or 5 days of intermittent use so far.

I’m learning to write reviews after a few weeks of usage as things often change. I’m happy to report that after quite a lot of use, this small speaker is doing well. There a a couple of other similar sized and priced speakers in my house and i think this has the better sound. Looks smart, holds the charge really well (better than the others) and so far (touch wood) i have had no problems at all. If i do i will return and amend this review.

Totally brilliant better then my lingyi speaker. The bag i brought for it looks great aswell. The sound is very clear even at high volume definatly will be buying another. Just to add the pink is a lovely girly colour loving it really pleased.

MindKoo Wireless IPX5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth 4, Excellent value at £5.99

Speaker found to be very good value for the price, sound is good, battery is good, no problems easy to link up.

I bought speaker so i could listen to music while i was doing up the house we bought and i’m glad i did. The bluetooth range is great and the sound is amazing. It is so simple to use and the battery life lasts longer than i expected. With doing up the house i have gotten paint and other stuff on it but that has not been an issue as it is easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a portable speaker.

If you are expecting a top of the range speaker you will be disappointed. If you believe all the hype you will be disappointed. 99 speaker (the price i paid), i consider this exceptionally good value.I believe the original recommended price was about £30. It seems solid and well made. The sound is clear (but restricted in view of it size).

Key specs for MindKoo Wireless IPX5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, (30-Hour Playtime):

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  • 【High Quality Stereo Sound】Built-in dual high-performance drivers for excellent crystal clear sound and enhanced bass that distance it from the competitors
  • 【 Incredible Battery Life & Built in Mic】High capacity rechargeable battery enables 30 hours of non-stop music time for beach, pool, cycling, camping, boating and more. Built-in microphone to support hands-free call
  • 【IPX5 Waterproof & Dustproof】Silicone case and seamless interface design ensure the speaker can resist gentle water spray & splash but can not be partially or fully submerged
  • 【Wireless & Wired Connection】Bluetooth V4.2 Technology provide the most stable and seamless connection with most of Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet away or connected to devices with 3.5mm audio cable (included)
  • 【Ultra Durable & Stylish Design】Featuring a smooth rubber exterior to protect the speaker from scratching and impact. Impressive power and volume buttons design to personalize music simply

Comments from buyers

“Excellent value at £5.99
, Brilliant and simple. I 100% recommend
, Superb!!!

I was a bit surprised that it produced good sound quality even if it’s small. It came with a charging cord and a an aux cord si you don’t need to always use the bluetooth. Has a few hours of battery life too. Used it for the past few days and i’ve only charged it once when it first came.

Amazed at the quality of sound that came out of this robust little speaker.

One of the best purchases i have had so far. Comes in a rubberized shock resistant case. Waterproof so great for having out in the garden with you. Very easy to use, great sound quality irrespective of volume and easy to connect to your bluetooth device.

Bought this speaker to use for days out, but i literally have not stopped using this everyday. Me and family have taken this out on bike rides, to the beach and use in house and in garden. I could not be more happy with this product. Arrived quickly and well packaged. So simple with awesome resultsonce on and using it produces such quality sound and bass. I have friends asking about this so think they will be purchasing it themselves.

Loved the sound of the speaker when i connected with bluetooth was amazed how clear it sounded. Also didnt realise that you can also use it automacally as a speaker phone too. Took it in the shower with me and worked completely without fails even when i splashed on it will buy this again for a present to one of my friends too.

This is a great, very portable but powerful speaker. I bought this for work and it is amazing. Can hear it perfectly well around the office but it’s small and portable so can be moved anywhere. Would recommend this speaker to anyone.

Excellent product for the money with brilliant sound. Also appears well made and solid.

I was going to give a more positive review i’ve had the speaker a month and been well pleased. Now one of the speakers on the bluetooth is making buzzing/vibrating noise which spoils the quality.

Good speaker with a good sound, volume buttons stopped working after a couple of months, it only plays loud, nieghbours are starting to complain.

VENSTAR Cycling Wireless Speaker – Amazing love it.

– feels very good in hand, good materials used- very good battery- great sound- very good price.

I bought it as a christmas gift for my son who is a keen cyclist.

Well packaged easy use,very good value.

Great speaker for my bike plenty of volume. The phone hands free is good. The best function is the horn, it clears the path ahead when they don’t listen to the bell.

Great product, battery last long and sound is very loud. I would love to have indicators for the battery, it would be helpful.

Been using it for 60 minutes. Nothing wow about this speaker,. I brought this speaker because of the ability to add a micro sd card, which is a great idea. Here’s the problem, there is no volume button on the speaker. Why on earth design it to take a sd card and forget the volume button?by the way a volume button would be useful for streaming via bluetooth i. Update: excellent seller, you can change the volume on the speaker. The seller responded to my initial review comment. Note the buttons on the speaker are big and well spaced out. Which is very nice, as a few speakers i had in the past it was difficult to press the correct button. Will update review when i have tried all the features.

  • Good quality product, easy Bluetooth connection.
  • An Excellent Speaker for the Price.
  • Great sound quality with very nice base as well

Amazing little speaker would never have believed the sound could be so crisp and clear from something so small. I have tried it in all the modes and it works equally well in all. Would recommend this speaker to anyone love it.

Before i start my review i bought this speaker for £25 on sale from £99 but have seen else where for £23 on sale from £45 but not sold as a venstar speaker but another brand but never the less for £25 i can not complain. I bought this to take with me travelling through south east asia, i was a bit worried about the sound at first due to price and thought it wouldn’t be very loud. I have never been so wrong in my life. If you are looking for a low price speaker but with good sound get this speaker. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music such as house dnb and grime and this handels it well, you will not be dissapointed.

This is my first portable speaker. Does a lot of noise for a small speaker.

Absolutely amazing speaker and price. Well worth the money and well liked by the family too, buying one for my mum she likes it that much. Great speaker to take out with friends and would definitely recommend.

I’ve been after a portable speaker for a while now and saw this item and the positive reviews it had received from other customers. It arrived promptly and extremely well packaged. The actual box it arrived in makes the product appear alot more expensive than it actually is. The speaker itself is very well made and very easy to setup and begin using. It was connected to my phone (samsung s6) in under ten seconds. Now all of that may sound alright but like anyone buying a speaker the real test is in the sound and let me assure you this does not disappoint at all. The bass in particular is amazing. I’ve played several genres of music through it to test the playback sound and it hasn’t failed once. For the price you cannot go wrong.

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by entering your model number.

I used it for a 24hr mountain bike race and it had so many grateful comments. The only downside is the volume is a little fiddly but nothing major.

Venstar® waterproof wireless speakers, 7w, bluetooth 4. 0, portable stereo shower speakers with bass enhance, 12 hour playtime, 3. 5 mm audio jack, support tf card/micro sd card (black)ـ الصوت ستيريو رائع وواضح جدا بسماعتين على الجوانبـ أبتعدت أكثر من عشرة أمتار عن التلفون ولم أواجه تقطع في الصوت ـ وقت التشغيل طويل والسعر مناسب والجودة عالية + سرعة في التوصيلـ أنصح بأقتناءهstereo sound very cool come clear from booth sides. I moved away more than ten meters away from the phone and did not face break-in audio. Long time operating and price is suitable. . High-quality product + speed in deliveryi would advise to buy it.

Good sounds from such a small speaker.

It’s a very well made little speaker with impressive solid rubberized construction. Great sound quality with very nice base as well. The volume can be adjusted really loud without any distortion. I’m using it with 16gb micro sd card to play my favourite tracks when exercising. I didn’t have to even charge it yet after few days of using. I didn’t test the bluetooth mode yet but it’s there ready for pairing.

Initially, very impressed with this speaker, the volume, ease of set up and clarity of sound all good. I’ve now had it a few weeks and the bluetooth keeps dropping on it, so having to reset while cycling defeats the object of it, need to find out why or it’ll have to go back.

Out riding my electric fat bike.

TRAIL TESTED – Rugged Outdoor Sports Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

I love this on my bike the sound is really good, not tried it yet as a mp3 player but the bluetooth works well with my iphone and is quick to set up. Works with my laptop and again sound is good. Also use when walking the dog and attach it to my belt or bag. Used the horn button ☺ while walking when some cyclist just ride past you with out warning you 😅.

The best little speaker i have ever come across, beautiful sound clarity and base. Beats any other budget speaker and punches (like the bass) well above its category.

I purchased this speaker for fitting to my bike and overall it is a good product with easy to set up features. The speaker is quite bulky to be fitted to handlebars however it does come with a connection to fit to your frame if you have the connection bolts for a water bottle on your frame. The speaker would also fit into a standard water bottle holder, however the controls can be quite fiddly & this would be more difficult if the speaker was not in easy reach. The speaker also comes with a removable karabiner type clip if you wanted to hang it from your backpack for walking etc. The sound quality is good for the size of the speaker and is loud enough for the daily commute.

A++absolutely top class customer service. After reviewing the device as not being completely 100% happy, the customer service team couldn’t help me enough. They offered me a full refund and any further assistance i may have needed. Would happily recommend them to anyone and i will also be shopping with them again. So in short if you have any doubts about ordering this item or anything else from this company then don’t because no matter how small your problem is they will help you. Best customer care on amazon bar none.

Sound quality is superb, and battery life is really good too. Doesn’t take to long at all for a full charge.

For me ,this is brilliant -practical ,lightweight and a nice sound to boot.

ESSENTIAL GEAR – Bluetooth 4.0 technology and BAS? audio technology from 2x 3W speakers deliver stable, HD audio. Built-in digital FM radio with auto scan presets.

This is a loud and versatile little speaker. I have tried it with a mini sd card and it works well so long as the files are mp3. I have also plugged my ipod nano into it and it plays an audio book without skipping (an issue i found with another speaker). I have an issue with the volume control which is awkward as it is the same control as the ‘next’ button so if you press too briefly it jumps to the next song.

Great product worth every pennygreat services and helpful.

Works well, pretty good sound. Noise on switching on blue tooth mode is too loud and annoying and cannot be turned down or off as far as i can tell. The actual volume control for the speaker is a bit awkward to use. Easier to use control on phone.

Most say, i was impressed by sound of it. For this money, on offer around £18, looks like worth the money i paid. It is after one day of usage review.

Use it in the bathroom as it is splash proof.

I left it out overnight in rain by mistake. Great for when riding on your bike, plenty loud enough. I also use it around the garden or at bbq’s etc for a bit of background music. Going to take on holiday too.

Great base and sound coming from such a small speaker. Fits on the handlebars of my mountain bike, only downside was that i caught myself singing along which raised a few eyebrows as i passed people lol. The bell (two tone horn really) is loud and clear too.

TOUGH ENOUGH – Outer shell made of durable, high quality, rubberised plastic. Water resistant (IPX5 rated), compact and versatile with grippy exterior and secure mounted fitting.

Good sound and easy to connect. The micro sd slot is a great added bonus.

Bought this for my boat as it was waterproof and yeaterday i was in very heavy wind, rain and waves crashing over the boat and over the speaker. It doesn’t appear to be in any way effected and there was no dip in quality. Very good battery life between charges. The only slight criticism would be the fm radio. Its not great for searching different radio stations and the reception possibly relies on being amplified by a metal object such as the bike frame is was intended for.

I’ve been using this in my workshop where i create a lot of fine wood dust. It has a good sound and survives the knocks and scrapes it receives and is easy to blow off the wood dust from it. It does travel around a bit though (bounces to the music), which has caused it to fall on occasion. However, having said that it has survived, so it is also strong. Good charge time and battery life and pairs with your device with ease via bluetooth. Overall, a very good speaker and i would highly recommend.

Excellent sound with no distortion in top volume.

I must have looked at hundreds of different portable speakers and can say with 100% certainty i picked the best. This sturdy hard wearing little speaker has good base and a decent volume. I have taken it away on 3 holidays and have had many comments where i got it. Easy to pair with blue tooth and with the carabiner is great for hooking up. You wont be disappointed and at such a great price.

This is an excellent product and the quality is obvious right from the cardboard box that the item arrives in. The venstar speaker is solidly built with simple press button controls and the sound is amazingly rich for such a small unit. After a full charge the battery life is excellent after leaving the venstar speaker running over night at a reasonable volume the unit was still only down to 50% battery power. In my opinion what make this bluetooth speaker stand out from the competition is the micro sd card slot, which means that the unit can be easily used in a stand-alone mode with all your favourite music loaded onto the sd memory card. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase speaker especially at an amazingly low price.

GET OUT MORE – Bicycle mount installs to your frame or handle and doubles as bottle holder. I-Free drive-by-wire system makes operation on-terrain easy and safe via remote control. Use speaker as bike bell.

Excellent product, radio, sd card slot. Synchronises to your iphone to play music. Has horn and bell functions.

Not bad for a small compact twin speaker unit.

Just as a bluetooth speaker it’s powerful and has good sound quality. I had a small other speaker the size of a satsuma and it’s not as loud as the speaker on my iphone. So i was pleased that this is massively louder. Easy to fit to bike, with remote control. Lots of functions and controls. Some a little difficult to figure out. But it’s difficult to think of how all the functions could be incorporated better into a few buttons. Great that you can insert a micro sd card and save your bluetooth. One improvement could be the location of volume control, maybe could be i there remote.

I ride my bike a great deal and like being able to listen to audio books, safely. The venstar means i can do so, whilst still being aware of traffic around me. I was sufficiently impressed, that i bought one for my brother, for his birthday present. Confession: i have not yet worked out how to use the fm radio.

For it’s size, it produces a fair amount of volume and appears very well made. The best feature of this bluetooth speaker is the sd card slot, which i use more than the bluetooth when using this speaker in the bathroom.

This is great, really loud and conte at so easily.

Product is excellent glad i purchased it. Just a shame on the delivery.

Samsung Wireless Bluetooth LED Bottle Speaker – Grey, High quality product.

Looks nice and is aesthetically pleasing, but the sound isn’t good enough i have a £30 bolse speaker and it wipes the floor with this one.

Yes i was totally happy with my purchase thanks.

Great bit of tech, doesnt seem to quick charge though.

Key specs for Samsung Wireless Bluetooth LED Bottle Speaker – Grey:

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  • Dazzling 16M-color LED Lighting – Use the Bottle design as an eye-catching light stand. Its beautiful 16M-color LED lighting unit accentuates your indoor settings.
  • Lux Manager APP – Use the Lux Manager app for more detailed LED colour setting control. Choose from a range of colour themes and customize settings to your heart’s content.
  • 360° Surround Sound Speaker – Equipped with an innovative 360° surround sound speaker unit, the Wireless Speaker Bottle design allows you to enjoy a rich audio experience no matter where you use it.
  • Wireless Charging – The Bottle design is compatible with both wireless and cable charging. For a wireless charge, simply place your speaker on the wireless charger.
  • Dapper Design, Easy Control – A unique, bottle-shaped design makes this speaker a cool interior item and an instant conversation piece. Its practical knob and build makes it easy to carry.

Comments from buyers

“Nice bit if kit.
, Fantastic product!
, Five Stars

Very loud for the size and looks really nice.

Perfect for my bedroom, light effects are cool too.

Small but great sound much better than the sound bar i have.

Absolutely love it , it’s perfect. My granddaughter takes it to bed turns the lights on and listens to audiobooks. I use it in the garden at night with lights on music playing.

As a gift so not used it myself – but a hit with the teenager i gave it to.

Great sound considering its size. Only minor issues such as the lack of display. The only way to know your battery is running out is via your phone or an annoying audible warning.

Samsung wireless bluetooth led bottle speaker – greyi’ve been wanting to buy a little wireless speaker for around the house, and this bottle speaker fits the bill perfectly. The sound quality is excellent – not quite top quality hi-fi standard, but it’s portable, so totally understandable. It’s so easy to use – before playing music for the first time, you charge it up with either the usb/micro-usb cable that comes packaged with the bottle, or you can stand it onto a wireless charger, and charge it that way. I’m using a non-samsung branded wireless charger, and it works just fine. Pairing with your phone is really easy, and to turn the bottle speaker on, you press and hold down the power button on the bottle, and you can hear when it’s on, as it makes a little sound. (it does the same when you press the power button to turn the bottle speaker off. ) the white part of the bottle speaker also lights up, which is where the fun starts. You need to get an app called lux manager (available through the android play store), and once you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to let your bottle ‘shine’there are various different options you can choose for your lighting – have the light ‘dance’ to the beat of the music, or have it on the ‘breathe’ option. There’s a huge colour spectrum to play with, with specific colour tones to relax you or perk you up. There is also a really handy shut down feature, whereby you set how long you want the bottle speaker to glow and/or play music, and then when the timer runs out, the bottle speaker turns itself off, and stops playing your music – great if you love falling asleep to music.

Works great, however sound could be better.

I love this bluetooth bottle speaker. I bought it specifically for my massage business and it’s absolutely lovely and the sound is great.

I bought the samsung scoop speaker after my last portable speaker got damp in the rain and stopped working. So far i have been really impressed with the sound quality, loudness and build quality of the samsung scoop. It has a drilled metal grille over the speaker with a plastic ring around the outside that contains the play/pause button (also activates bluetooth pairing mode) and also volume up and down buttons. The sides are made of a solid feeling plastic with a power button and a rubber seal that hides the power and aux in slots. The base is a brown rubber material that has the sturdy pu strap attached to it. One of the key selling points for me was the fact that the scoop is splash proof, i love listening to music when out in the garden or in the park and thanks to the british weather i quite often get caught in the rain so not having to worry about another speaker getting wet is a huge relief. The scoop also has a microphone built in which means that i can receive calls without having to get my phone out when in the garden or worry about that getting wet either. The scoop came in a well designed compact box, with plenty of protection thanks to a stuck down plastic moulding. The speaker was also wrapped in protective plastic, which gave it a really premium feel and also helped to protect it from scratches and damage when initially using it. Pairing the scoop with my phone couldn’t be easier, i simply turned it on and pressed the bluetooth button on the front and it immediately appeared on my phones list of available bluetooth devices.

Good little speaker, not loud enough though, still very loud but just not loud enough.

Good sound quality, not the most powerful, but really good price for the product.

I bought this as a present for my mum and she loves it. It’s so small and cute and the design fits in nicely in her flat, it’s very clean and simple and unobtrusive. The colour and design looks more like an ornament and people have commented thinking it was a vase or candle holder at first so that’s good. Mum’s not really a tech person so really didn’t want a huge ugly speaker taking over her living room or wherever she puts it. And it is so small she can carry it around the house with her, and i don’t have to worry about her taking with her into the bathroom either as it’s splash resistant. The sound is pretty great considering it’s size, and actually one thing i worried about was mum remembering to charge it, but as it has a 9 hour battery life so that doesn’t have to be her priority which is great. The little manual that comes with it is pretty great, i mean it was easy to teach mum how to use it as it is a very simple gadget with not a long of buttons, but this was good as mum isn’t so good with tech and at least she has a manual just in case. Also the buttons are on the top of the speaker and fairly large so good to access but maybe the symbols are quite hard to read as mum wears glasses, but she’ll soon learn where the buttons are so no big deal. She loves it and uses it every day. It definitely paired easily with my phone and apparently with mums too.

Love samsung great speaker lights are great for parties.

Bought my 10 year old daughter this for xmas for music and to double up as a night light. She loves it and still uses it often. Slightly expensive at the time. Could have a lil more punch but good for what it is.

Convenient size, attractive design and sounds good. Really impressed with this little unit. Obviously something so small can’t provide deep bass, but the sound is clear, with a nice tone and it’s quite loud enough for my needs. Exactly what i wanted in a portable wireless speaker.

When looking for a portable speaker nowadays, there’s a seemingly endless choice of models from a multitude of brands, but this one stood out to me due to the quirky bottle design and handle. The packaging was well designed, as you’d expect from samsung and made it look very professional and high quality. I ended up getting the wireless charger to complement it, and was glad i did as alongside the charger, it sits nicely on the sideboard, ready to be collected and taken outside or around the house. The quality of the speaker is top notch as expected with a samsung product, and like most bluetooth speakers, it’s very straightforward to get up and running with my phone (iphone 6s). The sound is pretty decent for the size of it and certainly a significant improvement on the phone’s speakers (which was the intention for the acquisition). The additional bottle speaker app from samsung is well designed and allows you to play with the light features incorporated into the top of the speaker. It’s a fun addition that could certainly work well in a party setting or with kids, but it’s nothing i’ve used regularly (works exactly as promised though). Overall, i’m very happy with this speaker and will be no doubt using it on a regular basis due to its portability.

I got this in a bundle from vodafone for free, it is fantastic. Looks stylish, sounds great and i love the simplicity of the user interface.

Love it 😁 very expensive but well worth it, keep and read the instructions also download the app and it’s amazing, looks amazing too great design fantastic battery life and surprisingly loud top volume if required.

Samesay Soundbar Wireless Wired Bluetooth Sound Bar – This is a great sound system that produces great sound

Amazing sound very happy with purchase.

I bought this sounbar was really nice price. Considering it’s size it’s very impressive piece of kit. The bass goes nice and low level. Mid/hi frequencies are nice and clear,not.

No matter if it is appearance or sound, it will reach its own expectations. Surround music is beautiful, and listening to music with this speaker is a real enjoyment.

Received this soundbar and installed already, very easy install,fantastic sound and a very reasonable price. 5 model play you can choose any one, i wasn’t expecting it to have good bass for a small sound bar either but it’s got some good lows when playing music. Everything about this is great, very good product, thanks.

This is a great sound system that produces great sound. This system will give your tv that movie theater surround sound while allowing you to keep your moines in your pocket. This is a easy to install system that has wireless connect. I recommend this system, if you are looking for something that can compete with the more know brands while putting out big sound but is affordable, this is your system of choice.

The main interesting thing is that it has wireless music streaming. Because i don’t have tv,but soundbar still can connect to my phone or tablets. So when friends come,we can share music lovely. Specially it has good sound quality.

  • Wireless
  • A great bargain!
  • Sleek.

The sound is absolutely amazing. It’s very easy to contact, easy to control.

Excellent – great sound and features, easy to install. Fast delivery and very well packaged. Fully recommend this product.

A stereo with good quality and volume. Connected to the tv in the living room, let me watch tv program, more have the hearing pleasure.

Sound quality is very good, like in a movie theater, watching tv feels superb,the price is appropriate。.

Solid build and great sound quality, looking good with my bedroom tv. The bluetooth function also comes handy. All in all, a great bargain for the price.

Features of Soundbar Wireless Wired Bluetooth Sound Bar, Samesay TV Speaker 30W 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Audio Wall Mounted, AUX In, Optical with Remote Control, 32 Inch

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  • Wireless music streaming: Bluetooth technology support you enjoy your favorite music directly from your phone, tablet or or other compatible device.
  • Powerful Stereo Audio: 32-Inch 2.0-channel audio soundbar, built-in 4 high full range high quality speakers deliver clear excellent stereo sound. Enjoy excellent sound quality and distortion-free at maximum volume, share your private cinema with friends and family.
  • BUTTON OR REMOTE CONTROL: Dual operation modes for convenience that feature key controls on soundbar or a remote control to adjust basic playback settings including play/pause, volume switch mode, and track selection, enjoy your music, news,movies freely.
  • WIRE OR WIRELESS CONNECT:Modern and traditional devices can work with the speaker thanks to Bluetooth or wired connections that include Optical input / Line in input / RCA AUX. Easy Connect with Your Flat TV/Tablet/Computer/Phone for a immersive surround sound experience
  • EASY TO OPERATE:High-sensitivity IR remote control displays the different play modes by means of 5 differently colored LED lights.

Samesay Soundbar Wireless & Wired Bluetooth TV Speaker Sound Bar 30W 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Audio Wall Mounted, AUX In, Optical with Remote Control, 32 Inch

Samesay 32 Inch 2.0-channel Audio Soundbar TV Sound Bar

Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Home Theater Audio Speaker Wall Mounted, Optical, AUX In,and Line In with Remote Control. Enjoy excellent sound quality and distortion-free at maximum volume with family and friends.

Bluetooth V4.0 Connectivity

Wirelessly stream audio from Bluetooth-equipped devices delivers exceptional sound quality, stable wireless streaming connection. You can play your favorite wireless music through the Sound bar. Stylish and beautifully compact package.

Wall Home Entertainment System

Set it under the television or mount it on the wall for a convenient and elegant set up. A lightweight, intuitive remote control is included, Which makes it easy to switch the mode. The soundbar will show green light if you switch Aux/RCA button on side. Blue light for Bluetooth connection.

3 ways to connect your TV: Optical-In / 3.5mm Aux-In / RCA Aux-In

If your TV has Optical interface, you could use the Optical conversion cable (included )to connect.If your TV has RCA interface, you could use the audio RCA conversion cable (included )to connect.If your TV was normal type one and do not have RCA audio or Optical output function, you will need use 3.5mm audio cable (included) to connect. Outputpower: 15W X 2 Speaker driver:220-240V-50/60HZ Speakerfrequency: 50HZ- 15KHZ Bluetooth version: 4.0 + EDR,A2DP,AVRCP

Superior Sound Quality

Included in the packaging -Soundbar -Remote control -AC adapter -RCA cable -User manual – Line in cable -Optical cable Weight: 1.6kg Dimensions: 855 x 60 x 60 mm

Ultra Slim, Sleek Sound Bar

Elongated construction blends in perfectly with your home theater setup by matching the slim profile of your TV. Whether you set it on the furniture below the screen or mount it onto the wall, the soundbar will match your TV’s design and amplify its audio.

About the Startup

Wilson Chen




Describe your products in 3 words.

Creative, Professional, Competitive

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Enjoy excellent sound quality and distortion-free at maximum volume with family and friends.

What makes your product special?

Superior Sound Quality

What has been the best part of your experience?

We are a young team and love hearing from each of our customers. Always keeping rigorous & professional attitude in every process from design, production, testing to development.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought this to replace a 60w 2. 1 soundbar which was actually too powerful for my needs. This is a much sleeker, less obtrusive piece of kit, which actually works more smoothly. Very pleased with the purchase so far.

Wireless music streaming: Bluetooth technology support you enjoy your favorite music directly from your phone, tablet or or other compatible device.

Powerful Stereo Audio: 32-Inch 2.0-channel audio soundbar, built-in 4 high full range high quality speakers deliver clear excellent stereo sound.

BUTTON OR REMOTE CONTROL: Dual operation modes for convenience that feature key controls on soundbar or a remote control to adjust basic playback settings including play/pause, volume switch mode, and track selection, enjoy your music, news,movies freely.

WIRE OR WIRELESS CONNECT:Modern and traditional devices can work with the speaker thanks to Bluetooth or wired connections that include Optical input / Line in input / RCA AUX.