OTONE AUDIO Stilo 5 – Neutral rating, please read on

Neutral rating, please read on. I have owned the logitech x540 speakers since december 2006 (£45 brand new) and i have been using it with the creative zxr since february 2013. The sound quality on the x540 is amazing. Recently i was in the mood for an ‘upgrade’. I first saw the review of the otone stilo on youtube back in april 2013. It was some tech-head and he said the sound on the otone was great. I was impressed by the looks and style. It was nice, but i was not going to shell out £150 for it at the time (it has now gone up to £170). But 4 weeks ago, i saw it on amazon for £85 (new), directly from the seller.

  • Neutral rating, please read on
  • Wonderful Product

OTONE AUDIO Stilo 5.1 Wired Active

  • Infrared remote control, Full surround sound
  • Total RMS Power: 165W (5 x 20 + 65W)
  • Satellite Drivers: 2 x 2″ high-sensitivity twin drivers
  • Subwoofer: 5¼” long-excursion driver
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm six channel direct audio jacks, 3.5mm stereo jac