Ortofon 2M Stylus – Adds Space and Air.

Definate improvement in sound quality over red.

Excellent upgrade from ortofon red stylus. Fits original red cartridge perfectly.

I bought this to replace the ortofon red stylus that came with my proect debut carbon esprit. Its definitely an upgrade from the already decent previous stylus, giving the turntable a more detailed, open sound that’s very enjoyable and easy to listen to. I found that the difference was much more noticeable when paired with a good quality phono stage (i use the rega fono mk2).

As has been said the 2m red cartridge and stylus is an excellent starting point. The 2m blue is a good upgrade which adds a bit more detail, space and air, and cleaner top end to the already competent 2m red, though the 2m red is still initially more exciting and impressive. The blue is well worth considering – but twice the price?.

  • Fantastic stylus
  • Adds Space and Air.
  • Good upgrade from Red

Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus

  • Replacement stylus for 2M Blue
  • 2M Blue has a nude elliptical diamond
  • Moving magnet cartridges