Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!

The best thing about it ,it takes no room up under the tv very unobtrusive yet delivers great sound.

A brilliant bit of kit, i can’t fault it, sounds great wherever i am in the room. A perfect size too and really packs a punch when i want to share my music with the neighbours. I have it linked to my blue-ray player for films, tv for watching programs, iphone for music and ps3 when gaming – its brilliant whatever i’m using it for.

So glad i bought the orbitsound t9 sound bar, it is so easy to set up, & the sound is superb. When i got my panasonic flat screen tv, i was very pleased with the picture quality but , the sound was awfulr especially when it came to movies, constantly turning the volume up & down. After reading several reviews i finally took the plunge & went for the t9, with its compact size & stylish design it looks & sounds awesome.

  • Extremely impressed
  • Brilliant Product
  • probably the best budget soundbar money can buy.
  • Quality and Value!
  • Save up and buy the T12
  • Good bit of Sound Enhancement

I was dubious about purchasing a soundbar as i thought my tv provided all the sound quality i would need, but a friend recommended this and i haven’t looked back. I had not realised how ‘tinny’ the sound on my flatscreen tv until i set up my t9. The sound is crystal clear, the bass thuds like a heart beat without being overpoweringand best of all it is small and stylish – it has been complemented on by visitors to my house.The orbitsound takes all of 3 minutes to set up and plugs straight into the tv. Highly recommended, great price, great sound, great product.

I spent a long time deliberating over what external sound system to attach to my led tv (although the flat panel looks very nice, the speakers were extremely poor). I was torn between the idea of getting a full 5. 1 system for my pc and decided in the interest of wires to opt for the sound bar. The system had to provide good volume and capable virtual surround sound. I spent a long time researching various products and finally stumbled upon this. Don’t let the size fool you (the sub is actually bigger than the sound bar), the volume (and quality i may add) is unreal. In fact i would go as far to say that this system does a better job of filling my room with sound than my physical 5. 1 kit (volume wise anyway, it provides a very full sound. The surround sound is great, i found it easy to determine when shots were coming from behind me, or to the left or right, while playing games such as bf3 and halo 4 (pc and xbox 360 respectively). You don’t have to place the system in front of your tv, just ensure there is roughly 20cm of space either side of the device for the stereo technology to work (and it really does, the sound seems to adapt to your position in the room). The system is extremely easy to set up and comes with clear instructions.

Features of Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

  • Spatial stereo technology allows audio to travel through any space without interference creating and infinite listening ‘sweet spot’.
  • The T9’s cabinet is made from laquered wood for a more natural, resonance free tone. Not only does this cut down on buzz, it also delivers clearer instrumentals and vocals at high or low volumes.
  • The T9 features an integrated charger so you can power-up your iPhone or iPod while watching TV or listening to music.
  • A remote control gives users access to the full iMenu, as well as control over the T9’s volume, bass and treble settings.
  • Comes with a range of cables, including: optical, AUX, speaker, AUX in and VID out phono. Connect MP3 players, stream from you iPhone with video out and more.

For such a small sound bar one gets an amazing difference in sound,easy to install. What i like to is the way it is connected 2 wires and thats it. The sound affect is very good with it coming straight at you,other things you hear is whats going on in the background while watching the action. Overall i am very happy and would recommend it, if your not sure just google the reviews for this item as i did and you wont be sorry.

Great sound from such a small device. Great sound from such a small device. Only problem is that on the remote you have to change every little thing to get a decent sound out of it, then when you watch a different film you have to change it all again. Just wish there was a few presets and the option to fiddle with the settings.

One thought on “Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!

  1. Read some other reviews and didn’t think it could be as good as people were saying. Wow, read some other reviews and didn’t think it could be as good as people were saying. I think it sounds better than my sony surround sound system.
    • Good bit of sound enhancement. Received ahead of advised date and updated by carrier. Easily set up with the various options available and all provided. Neat clean looking box which has really improved sound output from sony 50inch tv. Like all these latest models sound is terrible from on board speakers. One gripe:remote would not work without purchasing new batteries. Not the world,but not good enough.
  2. This review is from : Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

    Very pleased with the product. But why is the remote black whenthe sound bar is whitealso had to change the battery as it wasnt working. As i said before nothing but praise for orbit soundbarit was also delivered earlier than stated.
  3. This review is from : Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

    Excellent product delivered on time. We did have a problem with the remote, but this was replaced immediately.
    • The depth of the sound is so impressive, it sounds like a larger system. It is ideal for restricted spaces, like the corner of rooms such as kitchens.
  4. This review is from : Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

    Really helps add some depth to normal tv and enhances. Really helps add some depth to normal tv and enhances movies especially with simple set up and remote (albeit a bit basic and cheap). Ipod dock on top and can plug apple tv or similar in to send music wirelessly to it. Packs a punch for a small package.
    • Voice clarlty is good for my old ears. Big improvement over the tv speakers. Voice clarlty is good for my old ears.
  5. This review is from : Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

    Sounds strange no real balance of sound but works well in my bedroom.
  6. This review is from : Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

    The remote control didnt work on the first one they sent me but they were extrememly responsive and sent a brand new one out to replace it the next day. Very good customer service and good product.
    • Gives an excellent added dimension to the rather ‘tinny’ sound from the television and particularly rich tone to music.
  7. This review is from : Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

    Only had this since yesterday and i love it. It took minutes to set up, the item is very well made and the sound is fabulous. One tiny niggle is i’d gave loved the sub woofer to be wireless. Mine came with a bluetooth adapter. Again quick and easy to pair.
  8. This review is from : Orbitsound T9 Soundbar – Black

    Did a lot of homework and decided on this for our flat. Has transformed the sound from the flat screen tv which was becoming very annoying.
    • This is a seriously good piece of kit. I had tried a bush soundbar that sounded virtually no better than the tv speakers, so that was promptly returned for a refund. I then decided to go for it and order this instead. That was a very good move, as the sound difference is really good. The soundbar is only about 300mm long so it can fit very easily anywhere near the tv. The position is not too important as the design allows an even spread of sound all round the room. The sub woofer is also not too big and can easily stand behind the tv or anywhere either in the unit or behind it or beside it. A good selection of cables is also included with the system as well. I have used the optical in straight from the tv as recommended in the manual and there are no sync issues with the picture.

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