Orbitsound M9 Wireless Soundbar – Excellent sound system

Sounds good but can’t use tv remote. I bought this for the size, looks and sound quality. However, i returned it because you can only use with the small remote you get with it. Other sound bars that are comparable with tv or sky remotes are much better. I was told in an electrical shop that via aux it would work the same way as my tv speakers, which was incorrect. I wouldn’t have bought this if i knew i would need 2 remotes all the time.

Connects and sets up so easily and the improvement in sound is brilliant. Setting the soundbar to standby also sets the bluetooth sub-woofer to standby and turning off the power means the settings are saved so no selecting the input and volume again. Remote is small but the buttons are positive and give control of volume, bass and treble. You can also turn up the sub-woofer volume independently on the unit itself if you want that cinema sound.

I am very pleased with the performance of this sound system. It produces very detailed, and adjustable sounds. I am lesspleased with the clicky remote, as orbitsound is aware. I would however recommend the m9to anyone who needs a compact soundbar.

Great sound from such a small device, fits perfect on my hanging shelf. Wished i bought it a lot sooner.

  • Good sound, compact but with a few flaws on Bluetooth and remote
  • Excellent sound system
  • A good buy for classical music
  • Does a great job
  • Recommended M9 Soundbar.
  • Sounds good but can’t use tv remote

Orbitsound M9 Wireless Soundbar with 6 integrated speakers powered by airSOUND Technology

  • 200W power amp with 6 speakers powered by airSOUND Technology – delivering a crystal-clear, natural, immersive sound from any seat in the room
  • High gloss, piano black, wooden cabinet – ensuring rich, high quality sound performance
  • Bluetooth music streaming – quickly and easily connects to any Bluetooth audio device
  • Fully adjustable, ultra-fast wireless, side-firing subwoofer – flexible placement and optimum bass performance
  • Designed and developed in Britain

Good sound, compact but with a few flaws on bluetooth and remote. I read a lot of reviews before getting this sound bar and was confident in it’s abilities. So like all of the other reviewers, this bar has a really nice round sound for such a small unit and great bass performance in its wireless sub. Its so much nicer than the tv sound and really enhances tv and film. If it was on those features alone i would give this unit 4 stars, maybe even 4. The reason i would not rate it 4 or 5 is because the bluetooth implementation is incredibly poor, literally if the device is more than 2 feet away from the bar it cuts out and breaks up. So the wireless nature is defeated by the fact the device has to be within a range that could be cabled anyway. Add to that the fact the remote is not great, has lots of useless buttons not compatible with this device, and worst of all will only work if used from directly in front and slightly above the bar (the sensor is on the top?) and its irritating when you want to change something. I tend to just use the buttons on top as its quicker.

A good buy for classical music. We bought this for enhancing the sound on opera recorded from tv and for classical music on dvd and cd. So far we have been delighted with our trials. We can hear instruments we didn’t realise we were missing. We haven’t detected any distortion, even with wagner on full blast.

Great compact soundbar, good sound, love it.

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  1. This review is from : Orbitsound M9 Wireless Soundbar with 6 integrated speakers powered by airSOUND Technology

    I’ve been looking for a decent “sound bar” to compliment my tv but most of them are too big to sit under my tv due to its angled position. Then my brother-in-law demonstrated his m9 and i was sold. The main unit is small and compact and links to my tv via an optical link for highest clarity and the sub-woofer sits on top of my hi-fi sub behind the sofa to deliver a true bass response. Certainly recommended as it was the easiest thing to set up and required no configuration.

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