Onkyo SKSHT648 Home Cinema Speaker System – FANTASTIC SOUND BUT

Brill speakers,upgraded the cable to a ofc 14 gauge and a (loops) hq subwoofer lead because the supplied ones seemed a bit thin,incidently i got my speakers from amazon. De for 179 euro(179)) including shipping,thats right amazonites always check out the other amazon sites(links are at bottom of page i think)from inside euro zone=0% import duty,quality thru and thru,bass can be fine tuned to your own likes(my daughter likes it so the remote on the coffee table vibrates),the mids are pure and the highs are clean and crisp no distortion at the volumes i can take and without getting myself an asbo,piano black gloss looks ace,sub turns on and off automatically when needed without a noticable change ,clip connectors are good and tight,i was going to get some 2mm banana plugs but i managed to get the thicker wire in,anyway worth every penny,or should i say euro,lolfav films so far:topgun,saving private ryan,m-i-b,tv f1 and moto gp is cool,its pretty funny when theres a talk or comedy show on and you feel like the people are in the room,laughing and clapping around you(btw,these were on ‘the gadget show’ a few weeks back and came top in a blindfold test against some other well know brands incuding them 4 foot monster things you can buy,and the radio i have thru these is now like it should be,ect ect def 5/5 if not more,btw delivery took 4 days from germany. Have fun,hope this review helps,pps just to add you really need to visit onkyo page and see how these are made,there made with three different materials 2 wood(mahogany),1 resin, it is based on how they build musical instruments like guitars ect,2nd is to reinforce and give the inside strength,3rd is the resin coating for added strengh and finish,these weigh a ton(19kg) and i know the subwoofer says its only rated at 80 but it plenty loud enough unless you live in a mansion,its the way these are constructed that makes these so effective,btw this model has more tweeters than the set with a 150sub,just in case you were looking at both.

Great sound, neat small speakers ( apart from the sub which is a beast ). Lost 1 star, because in the uk we use 3 pin power plugs not 2 pin plugs, and there was no 2 to 3 pin converter provided in the box ( luckily i had a 2 pin adaptor but took me ages to find it and wipe the dust off it ) – i would highly recommend if the company are going to stick with the 2 pin plug they should include a 2 to 3 pin adaptor. Lost 1 star for connections on speakers. The push fit is a great idea, but i have fairly thick cable installed under the floor. This didn’t fit the connections properly so had a to mess about a lot to fit my cable. Please make the push fit holes a bit bigger in future products. Other than that, for the money these things are fab.


Onkyo SKSHT648 Home Cinema Speaker System