Neet Cables Neet B-BOX – Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – High Quality HD Audio – 12w total power : A great product, it seems well built and is small

A great product, it seems well built and is small enough to go unnoticed in my kitchen. The aux in is great as i have it attached to a chromecast audio, and the micro usb port to keep it charged is handy as i have about 100 charging cables. The speaker is more than loud enough to hear over the hoover and seems to have a solid sound with no crackling.

Neet B-BOX – Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – High Quality HD Audio – 12w total power with passive subwoofer for Deep Bass – NFC – Speakerphone + SIRI – Up to 10 hour Playtime

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  • *** NOTE : SPECIAL INTRO PRICE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY *** Neet B-BOX – Portable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth speaker – Delivers exceptional sound for its size with clear, wide range audio and deep controlled bass. 2x 6w 40mm drivers + 100 x 40mm passive, ported subwoofer
  • High quality, tough silicon wrapped construction. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery offers up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge
  • NFC technology allows for for easy ” tap to pair” instant connection (If your bluetooth audio device has NFC function). Speaker phone with built in mic… also supports SIRI function.
  • 3.5mm Audio LINE IN for wired connection if you have no Bluetooth. The NS-808 also has 3.5mm Aux OUT that allows you to connect the speaker to other speakers with Audio IN.
  • This Neet® speaker has amazing sound for music, movies, games & gatherings all wrapped up in a super portable size package.

This is a great portable speaker with excellent sound quality. The pairing to devices is easy and it feels like a well made product. At the current price (apparently a limited time, introductory offer) it offers fantastic value for money. I’m looking forward to music in the garden this summer.

Very happy with my neet b-box. It has a lovely sound and you can certainly hear the bass. If you have it on a high setting, it will vibrate and jump around due to the bass, so you do need to be careful where it is placed.

I bought this speaker at christmas for my workspace but decided it was too nice to hide away and am using at home. It’s got a great compact design with a lovely use of materials, there’s a soft rubber casing around the metal. It sits discretely in the corner of the room looking good but taking up very little space and with no wires to mess up the place. It sounds amazing for such a small piece of kit, giving a good ambient sound. It was easy to set up and pair with my iphone and was good to go within a few minutes of unpacking. I have already bought another one for a present and would recommend this as a great gift. . Now need one for the office.

Neet B-BOX – Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – High Quality HD Audio – 12w total power with passive subwoofer for Deep Bass – NFC – Speakerphone + SIRI – Up to 10 hour Playtime : Great little piece of kit, just one small quibble when pairing it always seems to come on loud. Having said that it has good sound quality.

Ordered as my previous bolse one developed a fault. Simple to connect, easy to use and excellent sound. Connected to my phone straight away.

This is without a doubt the best little portable speaker i have had to date, this is my third. The other two, made by household names, just packed up, or worse, sounded terrible after something inside went pop. I think the negative reviews are for faulty product, which is highly irritating i agree, but it is no reason to give the speaker a 1 or 2 star review. You got to test a working one, it stands to reason. That aside, this is a lovely sounding speaker for the very little money it costs in comparison to speakers i have personally owned but is far superior. This feels very solid indeed, and the silicon just feels so nice to the hand (i like stuff that feels nice). Proof of the pudding on it’s build quality is the fact i have, being somewhat clumsy, dropped the thing from pocket height (precisely 980mm, i am sad enough to have just measured it) not once, not twice, but three times. Not only that, it actually tried to jump to it’s death, on account i had not heeded the warning that it could do exactly that if not placed on a surface where the powerful bass would not make the whole thing hop. Admittedly that was with leftfield rhythm and stealth playing, the ultimate test of bass, and it passed, apart from trying to self destruct by falling off the table onto concrete. So for bass and resistance to being dropped, and hardly showing any signs of any damage, and still sounding as great as it did first out the box, it passes with flying colours.

I truly love this speaker – so neet . I expect to be ordering a mate for it soon. Fantastic sound, construction, feel and quality. Really good value and great service. Sorry can’t find supplier address just now.

Love this and recommended to family.

Fantastic piece of equipment. Ideal for holidays or garden during the summer nights.

Great value for the money, excellent sound, highly recommend.

Has awesome bass and easy to connect with bluetooth and automatic once connected for 1st time.

Quality sound: 9power: 7 (good for a room but maybe not enough for a backyard party, is not a boombox guys)i use to work with professional audio (akg, adam, dynaudio. ) and it was a big surprise for me how good this tiny speaker sounds. How can this small speaker have such good bass??. In addition, it is well balanced: mid and treble sounds clear even without any eq. It is absolutely cheap for the performance, it should cost 50 bucks at least.

One of the best & loudest across all price ranges. I have bought scores of portable speakers: megaboom, creative roar, jam heavy metal,divoom,altec etc. But this one beats them all hands down when comes to bang for your buck. This has 12 watts rms (2 x 6 watt loud top & mid units) with a big twin ported horizontally opposed passive bass radiator in backsuch big sound deliverance if you leave on glass or glossed surface it will bounce & vibrate off. I place speaker on fone wit silicon case which stops spoons in cups vibrating to the beats booming outta this unit. cannot rate it enough 6 stars. also has line out to link another speaker (for even more volume) making this the master & the additional the slave,beastly speaker.

Have this paired to my laptop my mobile phone and my ipad air 2 and wow what a difference this makes to them all, so clear and so long lasting on batter i have had over 13 hours from the battery so far no worries and still no loss of sound.

Great little speaker, a lot of bass what the size.

No messy wiring from one room to another. Best thing since sliced bread.

Connects easily to his phone with one touch. Couldn’t believe quality of sound from such a small speaker. I personally like the bluetooth no wires trailing is bliss.

Very good value for money, but its output is not a stereo system. Its just one little box, but it is great for a mobile phone or tablet.

What a great little bluetooth portable speaker that’s well worth the money a little heavier and sturdier than others with good build quality the additional bass woofer makes a difference giving a deeper,richer and less tinny sound power is good too font know how they get that much volume out of such a small machine highly recommended.

Ordered this speaker not knowing what to expect because most speakers sound like mobile phone speakers unless your’re going for the high end price bracket. I bought it to take on holiday for my room and the beach and for the price, the speaker was fantastic. It had the big bass that i need in a speaker with the general mid and treble. Volume wasn’t too loud, it is just right and with all the controls on top you can control the play & volume.

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Neet B-BOX - Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - High Quality HD Audio - 12w total power with passive subwoofer for Deep Bass - NFC - Speakerphone + SIRI - Up to 10 hour Playtime
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