My Doodles KitSound Universal Child Friendly Character Dock : Love, love, love this dock

I was kindly supplied this item free of charge to test and evaluate. In exchange, i agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. What an amazing product, i was so impressed from the moment i got this. Firstly the packaging looked amazing, it’s so fun, playful and colour. It has a fun design and a great little touch on the side with a spot the difference, which my little boy thought was brilliantso i have to be honest here- i somehow lost the instructions so was a little concerned about how i was going to set this up. It was so simple- even for me and i’m rubbish with anything technical, it’s so straight forward and it paired with my tablet first time. I just plugged it in, paired it up and it was ready to go, even my little one can do it. We are using the docking station at the moment for film and movies and the sound is very impressive. The design it really cute and get quality. It’s pretty solid so it wouldn’t break easily which is great if you have a little one like mine.

I absolutely love this product. My 5 year old boy and i opened it together and within minutes we had it all set up, after barely looking at the instructions, it was so simpleit’s really quick and easy to set up too, i only had to show my little one once and now he does it all by himself. He only needs to push a couple of buttons and he’s off. The design is fun and is a big hit with my 10 month old too. She loves the monkey face and is always trying to push the buttons much to her brothers annoyance. What impressed me the most about this product is the sound quality. Considering this was aimed at children the sound is pretty awesome and wouldn’t be out of place on any adult products on the market at present. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone thinking of getting this for their little ones – it’s perfect.

I knew the excellent reputation of kitsound products for ‘grown ups’, but still this fantastically designed speaker dock completely exceeded the expectations we had for it. From the moment my two kids saw the fun, colourful packaging they were intrigued and excitement levels were off the chart. After opening the box and explaining what it was, my eldest immediately called it the rock and roll monkey – a name which has stuck for several months now. The build quality is excellent and obviously a lot of thought has gone into making the design appealing to children, safe and easy to use. Setup was simple and we quickly paired a phone via bluetooth to have a listen to some music. Well, with the kids immediately dancing around we were all surprised just how good that sound was coming from the unit which was more powerful and full bodied than some other speaker docks i have heard at higher prices. After listening to music, we set up with an ipad which is the real reason we wanted it. My kids have access to an old, original ipad which doesn’t have the best battery life any more, is always getting knocked over and of course has poor, tinny, quiet sound. After the initial pairing process, all they have to do is switch the power on rock and roll monkey and it will connect, immediately transforming the sound. They figured out all the controls quickly and easily.

I could not be any more happier with this product. The simplicity of the bluetooth pairing, the quality of the audio matching if not exceeding that of the sony ipod doc it has replaced. The general easy of use that allowed both my kids to quickly get their devices blasting out their tunes, thankfully not to the level of distortion or that would upset the neighbours (too much). I love the fact it has two usb charging ports with bluetooth and a jack auxiliary audio input, rather than locking you down to the bespoke ipod connections, which if you have young kids you know those new lightning connectors will not last very long. The build quality would handle a good amount of rough handling from younger tech users, and is sturdy enough that its not going to be knock over easily. Simply put this is seriously fun, quality audio product and i still cant believe its price is so low.

  • Love, love, love this dock
  • 100% recommend this to anyone.
  • Superb audio quality, great build and a lot of fun!

KitSound My Doodles Universal Child Friendly Character Dock with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and 3.5mm Jack for iPhone, iPod, iPad and any Bluetooth Enabled Device – Owl

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  • Dual charging ports means no more drained battery
  • High-quality wireless streaming with aptX technology
  • Track controls make skipping through songs easy

As soon as i received my mydoodles monkey dock i couldn’t wait to open it. The box is great with a carry handle so you can carry your dock around in the box when you need to, the box also has games on like spot the difference which is perfect to keep kids entertained, especially if you are giving this dock as a gift. The dock is suprisingly light for its size, so can be easily put shelves in the bedroom. The dock has 4 padded feet so its secure when you are using it. The face of the monkey is slightly padded, so as well as looking great it is a good support for when you have your tablet placed in the ridge at the front of the dock, the ridge also has a non slip rubber mat i place. A mains charger with a reasonably long lead is included with the dock for easy power. I managed to connect my ipad mini using the bluetooth fucntion to the dock in seconds, the sound quality is amazing for what you may expect from a childrens dock. There is also an aux in function if you want to use a device that doesnt have bluetooth. Ive used this dock with an iphone, ipad and ipod touch and they have all worked easily. The function buttons on the front of the dock are easy to use for younger children.

I brought the owl docking station for my little one for her birthday. It has been so well loved that i went on to buy 2 more for family members as christmas gifts. There are a number of useful features that this kid’s dock has but undoubtedly, the most useful, is that kids can rest their tablets on it and use it to watch films or go on the internet. With the dock being a speaker, it amplifies the sound in comparison with the sound that comes from a tablet or phone. The audio is exceptional and i don’t believe that you should compromise on quality just because this is a perceived as a children’s product. As the sound quality is so impressive, i have even used this docking station myself. Although this is perhaps more than i would spend normally on a child’s tech product, i know it is built to last, charges and keeps her tablets safe, keeps her entertained and therefore it pays for itself.

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KitSound My Doodles Universal Child Friendly Character Dock with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and 3.5mm Jack for iPhone, iPod, iPad and any Bluetooth Enabled Device - Owl
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