MX3 Pair of Floorstanding Hifi Speakers in – perfect hen night

Great sound once they have been run in and the port bungs are removed.

Very good service all round. Very pleased with performance of speakers with prompt delivery.

Excellent qualityas expected. I bought these speakers to replace my mission 33i speakers. I was not disappointed as they are very well built and have excellent sound all round.

  • Excellent qualityas expected!
  • Bigger brothers.
  • Very good service all round
  • perfect hen night

The speakers are for my hen night as i am having a small female get together. With good music, good food and company.

Got some mission 760i’s which i’ve had 15 years and they’ve always served me well. Wanted bigger front ends on a budget. Got these for £100 cheaper than anywhere else. Mission have had a few wilderness years, but i’m glad to say that they are back in town, in style. Ran van damme 2x4mm cable bi-amped to them. 5mm to 760i’s, (now the rears. If she’d been buried and not cremated, she’d be spinning like a whirling dervish.

Features of MX3 Pair of Floorstanding Hifi Speakers in Black

  • Floorstanding Design
  • – 25mm silk dome tweeter.
  • – Advanced cabinet construction.
  • – Bi-wire Terminals.