MusicMan MA loud speaker – Pretty good for the price

Great little device with sharp. Great little device with sharp, clear sound. The only drawback was it came pre-set to german, but it was easy enough to set to english.

Very surprised at the level and quality of. Very surprised at the level and quality of sound from this small gadget.The instructions were in tiny print, but they are available online and easier to read. First thing you need to do is change the language settings in the menu as it’s in german when first turned on. Follow the menu and sub menu instructions to set it up. If you are using a flash drive, number the tracks from one to however many and set it to “repeat all” and it will play your tracks in sequence. Its default setting is “random” so you need to change that.

Excellent sound for the size. I mainly use the speaker plugged in to mysamsung galaxy s3 and is perfect for listening to music.

Impressive piece of kit, a lot of sound from a small device. As you’d expect the bass is very thin but doesn’t spoil it.

  • Musicman loud speaker
  • This is amazing! Very surprised at the level and quality of
  • Excellent sound and file choosing options but no charger supplied
  • it’s perfect for my bedside and looks the part
  • Pretty good for the price
  • Amazing Sound, Amazing Speaker

MusicMan MA loud speaker (MP3-Player, Soundstation & Radio, USB, Line-In) black

  • USB flash drive and TF MicroSD card (up to 32GB)
  • Playing time ~6 hrs. / Charging time ~4 hrs
  • built-in stereo radio FM + Line-in/AUX (3.5mm/analog)
  • Power supply: Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery 600mAh (playing time ~6 hours, charging time ~ 4 hours) PC-USB
  • FM antenna 3.5mm plug (use the audio cable as FM Antenna
  • DC-5V: Input power (0.4-1.0 A) from USB or AC adapter (*not included)

Wonderful mp3 sound from such a small device. Bees knees,wonderful mp3 sound from such a small device, quite amazing. Sceen langauge can be switched to english (from german) very easily. Very happy about the sound quality.

Excellent little machine at a reasonable price it is good value. I have tried others and for the price to get an lcd screen is fantastic and very useful as it much better to see which tune you are going to play rather than having play each tune until you find the one you want.

Brilliant music box – loud, light and completely easy to use in a class situation. . I use this for my tai chi class in a large high ceilinged hall. It is loud enough for my hard of hearing students to hear from the bottom of the room. It is ultra light after lugging around a conventional boom box. The use of a flash drive means i don’t even have to carry around a selection of cds. This is one of the best electronic purchases i’ve made.

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  1. This review is from : MusicMan MA loud speaker (MP3-Player, Soundstation & Radio, USB, Line-In) black

    What a great little speaker. It was a present and my son loves it. The sound is great and the volume is amazing. He pipes music allover the house now.
      • Very handy and quite loud for a tiny device. Light weight and handy for small parties and ideal for travelling.
  2. As other reviewers have noted: internal battery life could be better, and navigating through your music folders via the fiddly buttons can be a bit of a job but, don’t let this deter you. Just listen to the quality of the bass from this little unit.
    • Plays playlists on flash drive, and sd card. An evening’s music without having to change anything.
      • And with amazing clarity, considering it`s (almost) pocket size. A nifty little gadget that i`ve been looking for, for quite some time. All standard mp3 players need headphones. It will play all your audio standalone, with it`s own stereo speakers, and with amazing clarity, considering it`s (almost) pocket size. Just upload your audio on to a usb flash drive or a micro sd card, plug in and play. You can of course, use headphones if you wish. It plays audio in the order that it is recorded on the memory stick or card. Made in germany – not china.

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