Monitor Audio S300 Wireless Music System : Good looking + impressive sound

Remarkable, space-filling, in depth audio. But, until you have a kick-ass wifi connection, these usually are not seriously a wifi speaker. Airplay direct (i imagine it is really named) knocks out your iphone’s messaging and internet link (significant bummer if you’re streaming music). Normal airplay falls absent if your wifi will get in a undesirable temper. It can be maddening that monitor have not yet brought out a bluetooth model. The s200 is all very very well (and i will in all probability give them a go upcoming) but they you should not declare the identical electrical power.

Good sound at a low cost price tag from a compact box.

Very good on the lookout + spectacular seem. I needed something with decent sound to go in the kitchen area. After thinking of ws100 speakers, i then approximately went for the cambridge audio minx air 200 but in the conclude i went for this due to the fact it is only about 15cm high and would match nicely on leading of my fridge, and seems gorgeous. Peter tyson proposed it, but i could not uncover any evaluations anyplace on the web, so was a bit nervous whether or not it would basically seem decent and be truly worth the income. So significantly i am not disappointed – it kicks a actual punch, fills the room, and even appears fantastic despite being on prime of the fridge (at the second. It truly is extremely hefty and looks very well designed, extremely sleek. It was quite simple to set up – just plugged my apple iphone in for a couple of seconds, unplugged it and it was equipped to stream via airplay appropriate away. Distant control is wonderful as properly. So considerably, no regrets – it’s the greatest wanting wireless speaker, and appears fantastic.

Key specs for Monitor Audio S300 Wireless Music System – Black:

  • Stream your music wirelessly via Apple Airplay
  • USB and 3.5mm audio inputs
  • Airplay Direct mode to stream music without internet connection
  • Compact design with powerful 140w output
  • Wall mount option with MASM wall bracket

Comments from buyers

“Monitor Audio S300 Air Play Dock, Good looking + impressive sound, Excellent Product, Great sound and some silence, Superb build and sound quality: highly recommended at the price, Beats the bose!!”

I was wanting to change my logitech pure-fi elite (70w) and opted for the s300 (140w) at comparable proportions. I selected this in excess of the sonos engage in:5 in the close. Why?execs: device dimension belies its power. Disadvantages: setting up was tricky. Are unable to work out how to improve batteries on remote.

Acquired for £349 right after viewing all the 5 star opinions in hifi magazines. Amazing seem and so straightforward to set up – have it wirelessly participating in music from an ipad and with the contact of a button it is a exceptional soundbar for my television.

This is wonderful, easy to established up, and seems much better than a sonos that expenditures nearly twice as a great deal. Right after listening to it i’m heading to acquire yet another for the kitchen. It also goes plenty loud sufficient.

One thought on “Monitor Audio S300 Wireless Music System : Good looking + impressive sound

  1. Great sound and some silence. The sound on this unit is awesomely good. So why 4 stars?occasional network drops to silence. At random times for random duration. Usually no longer than 4-5 seconds. But that can really off-putting to listening. If persistent then they can be solved by powering off at the wall then switching back on. And most of these network speakers suffer from some type of wireless drop out so this isn’t a reason not to go with this highly rated speaker.
  2. This review is from : Monitor Audio S300 Wireless Music System – Black

    Great sound for a compact speaker system. . This is our kitchen speaker. I use it with my mp3 player or phone – using the 3. My son has also used this as a soundbar when having a wii u games party.
    • I bought these two days back from a store. I have used monitor’s other speakers and believe me these are probably best sounding wireless speakers out there. Extremely clear, rich and powerful sound. Reproduces almost everything on the tracks quite beautifully. Love it, i was a bit hesitant in beginning before going for a expensive wireless unit but it is worth every pence.
      • Monitor audio s300 air play dock. Having listened to a number of quality bluetooth speakers including bose and the nad viso 1 which i have to say sounds amazing although far to big for my kitchen corner , i decided to order the monitor audio having read the great reviews & speaking to richer sounds. The build quality & size of the s300 are superb idea for locating in a kitchen corner and i was blown away with the sound of this speaker especially having upgraded spotify to premium which made a huge difference. Having bed the speaker in for a number of hours the sound is truly outstanding , even compared to my reference kef speakers it really is something special for a single unit design. Grab a bargain while it’s still available on amazon – it really is that good.
  3. This is brilliant easy to set up and the quality of the music is really second to none. True sterio with quality base lines. If you don’t know the real quality of monitor audio then trust this review and i have no doubt you will buy more of their products. Forget the rivals as they fall into insignificance when tested against this speaker. You can turn it up to maximum and you will not notice any distortion to quality. It is so easy to set up initially and so easy to use. You will not regret buying one of these speakersa couple of months ago these were selling at £350.
  4. This review is from : Monitor Audio S300 Wireless Music System – Black

    Good looking + impressive sound. I needed something with decent sound to go in the kitchen. After considering ws100 speakers, i then nearly went for the cambridge audio minx air 200 but in the end i went for this because it’s only about 15cm high and would fit nicely on top of my fridge, and looks beautiful. Peter tyson recommended it, but i couldn’t find any reviews anywhere on the internet, so was a bit nervous whether it would actually sound decent and be worth the money. So far i’m not disappointed – it kicks a real punch, fills the room, and even sounds good despite being on top of the fridge (at the moment. It’s very heavy and seems well built, very sleek. It was very easy to set up – just plugged my iphone in for a few seconds, unplugged it and it was able to stream via airplay right away. Remote control is great as well. So far, no regrets – it’s the best looking wireless speaker, and sounds great.

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