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  1. This review is from : Monitor Audio ASB-2 AirStream SoundBar

    Took 20 mins to set up and the audio quality for movies and music is great.
  2. This review is from : Monitor Audio ASB-2 AirStream SoundBar

    Great sound, easy to use, beautifully stylish, but no surround sound. . I have been using a £4000 full surround sound system for many years but now need a very neat and tidy solution. The good news is that the abs-2 is a single unit system that actually sounds better than my old system, even without a sub-woofer, and if you want something with real style then the abs-2 is also a winner. The down -side is that even with all the clever 3d surround processing there is very little surround sound effect. With direct music sources the sound quality is good but the sound is not projected beyond the speakers so it always sounds like it’s coming straight out of the bar. Having said this the sound is so impressive that big block buster movies are still fantastic. So, if you need a minimalist, great sounding and extremely stylish solution then i would recommend it, but also audition the yamaha ysp and philips htl product ranges because they offer a better surround sound solution although to my ears they don’t sound as good. Update: after many hours of use i am now detecting some surround sound. It may be that the speakers take some time to, ‘bed in’ and it is also very reliant on the individual programs. When it appears it is quiet effective creating a wide surround sound effect that extends to somewhere around the extent of normal peripheral vision but there is no rear surround sound effects.

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