Mistral 307a valve / tube amplifier, Great amp, so-so speakers

Mistral 307a valve / tube amplifier with pyramid loudspeakers

  • We’ve thrown in a pair of stylish pyramid loudspeakers to get you going – to get the best out of the amp, upgrade to the fantastic 307s loudpeakers or maybe try the comparable What HiFi best buy Q Acoustics 2020i
  • Full warm valve sound
  • No Quibble, return within 21 days for full refund on product
  • 25w per channel
  • Mistral Pyramid loudspeakers

Mistral 307a valve / tube amplifier with pyramid loudspeakers :

One thought on “Mistral 307a valve / tube amplifier, Great amp, so-so speakers

  1. The mistral 307a is a diminuative amplifier that performs well above its weight. The unit takes around 15 seconds to ‘warm up’ upon switching on, but don’t worry as this is normal for valve based equipment. Finish is up to a good standard with chunky aluminium front and back panels that appear to double up as heat sinks in order to help cool down the 307a. Initially, i wired up this amp to the pyramid speakers that were supplied and wasn’t overly impressed; there was a lack of depth as well as poor imaging. Undeterred, i connected the 307a up to an ageing pair of tannoy mercurys in conjunction with a dab tuner (conected through the aux input at the rear of the unit) and the sound produced is a revelation – especially the deep, crisp bass notes rather than the usual bass boom one hears. Alright, the treble could be a little more prominant, but for a valve amplifier and speakers at under £180 one cannot expect perfection. It’s a real pity the pyramid speakers (stunningly finished in piano black, by the way) were sonically inferior to the 307a’s capabilities and it is also rather worrying that these speakers are rated at 20 watts each, whilst the 307a amp is rated at 25 watts per channel?. I have heard that mistral pyramid speakers are now discontinued and are being ‘bundled’ with the 307a in order to deplete the stock, but cannot say for sure?.5 stars for the amp then, but only 2 for the speakers.

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