Mission Stancette Speaker Stand – : Great product. thank

The sound is impressive – clear treble and a deep well controlled bass. Need at least 100 hours to break in. Good match with marantz pm 6005. Very pleased with my purchase and recommend them highly.

Fabulous speakers,a real return to form. Superb sound with excellent bass and clear vocals. The speaker size is compact in height and width but is failrly deep. I have spent a good couple of months trying to decide wether to buy these or not,so glad that i did. For the price these missions are an absolute bargain.

Mission Stancette Speaker Stand – Black (Pair)

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  • Carbon steel construction
  • Can be sand loaded for added stability
  • Hardened spiked feet
  • Will accommodate smaller stand-mount loudspeakers
  • Dedicated speaker stands will prevent unwanted vibration

One top plate not flat, i had to shim slightly to level the speaker. However for the money they look fantastic and a great purchase.

I am using these as a stereo sound powered by my av receiver without the surround sound. I have removed the subwoofer as these two rocks. Looks the business and i like the magnet cover. Could not be happier and definitely recommended.

Very well made and sturdy stands for smaller speakers.

Very impressed with the sturdy construction and quality finish on these bookshelf speakers. My previous home theatre speakers were already good quality but these add a layer of depth and clarity to a soundtrack or film which the old system could not produce making the whole home cinema even more immersive.

Very nice piece of kit, extremely well packaged and very easy to put together, nice height and look great with my bronze 2’s on, well worth the dosh.

A quick note – this is for a pair of stands, not just one, despite the product descriptionbought to accommodate my q acoustics 3010s (the bespoke stands cost £100 compared to these, which cost £59 at time of purchase). They arrive packaged superbly – each component wrapped and sleeved individually in cardboard – and couldn’t be easier or more satisfying to put together. The plates and legs are solid, and the shiny metal floor spikes are beautifully engineered. The cable management is ok – personally i would prefer an exit hole through the base rather than leave a cable trailing across the plate – but aside from that, they are superb. The sound from the speakers is immediately, noticeably better, and of course positioning at ear level when sitting is perfect (they stand at about 60cm). Seriously impressed, glad i opted for these.

My son says they are excellent.

Excellent sound, well built, great heritage. Used to own missions growing up. Always second hand, thought i would treat myself to a new pair. Most sellers on ebay wanted collection only. For the price i think these speakers are excellent value. I have a 100 watt amp that powers these.

I would definitely recommend these speakers for the price the look and sound great.

Sold stands for my monitor audio bronze series bookshelf speakers. It’s unclear/impossible to fill the stands, as per the product description through.

I got these to sit my wharfdale diamond 220’s on. I got everything out and started to assemble the stands everything went smooth until i got to the floor spikes. One of the spikes would not thread onto its post i tried one of the other spikes and it threaded onto the post fine. I had a look at the threads on the spike that i could not screw down first few cuts were shallow and poor. I’m was lucky i own a tap and die set with the correct tap for the spike. I ran the tap down the spike and then i could thread it on no bothers. I would not normally knock off 2 stars for this but considering the price i would expect better.

This was a present and my son in law was very pleased with them.

Has transformed my surround sound – dialogue clear and crisp for the first time ever.

Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Assembly was easy and they look really fantastic. Solid, heavy metal material throughout with a really nice matt finish.

Very good speakers for the price. I can see why they came second in ‘what hifi’ 2017’s survey.

Exactly the sound i wanted, with the look and great build quality.

Good solid and compact speakers – links v well with my small denon player.

No improvement on my mx1 mission speakers. Disappointed, expected more. Bass not controlled as well and integration inferior. Not worth replacing, maybe need to spend more.

Can’t find anything better in this price range.

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Mission Stancette Speaker Stand - Black (Pair)
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