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  1. This review is from : Mission Mx1 Speakers (pair) (walnut)

    Fantastic speakers, i have loved mission speakers for years. Fantastic speakers, i have loved mission speakers for years and these did not let me done. Delivered the next for free,great service in my opinion.
    • Sourced which speaker reviews , to match denon df 109 amp & cd ,it was mission or wharfdalesmx1’s had glowing reviews , with what i wanted, warn punchy tone , fills a large lounge easy, best when driven ,. Not a background , low volume speaker. Can easily be bi- wired for even better separation of treble & bass. Look better than in the photo.
      • Brilliant – exceptional value for money. Reasearch what hi-fi site for reccommendations and these speakers got 5 stars. They arrived 1 day early and packaging was excellent for such delicate hifi kit. Therefore arr in perfect condition. Clear and straight forward instructions. Bought speaker wire from wilkinsons very cheap and good quality. Connected speakers to dennon hi fi system and sound quality superb, from rock to classical.
  2. This review is from : Mission Mx1 Speakers (pair) (walnut)

    Not bad but i found much better (for my ears). I spend some time comparing the mx1’s with the dali zensor 1 and i am afraid mission is not the same as use to be or this particular model (mx1 although pleasent and “bassy”) won’t have the same brightness and clarity as the dali model. Mission its cheaper though so for anyone cannot afford the extra £38 pounds is good solution. Also if you dont have particular sensitivities – lets say with jazz or classic – then you shouldn’t worry too much as the mx1 will deliver high quality sound and slightly more enhanced on the lower frequences. I found the more i grow older -39 this year- the more i need the high frequences more than the base therefore i would go for the dali’s. Apart from that mission is a brand that i will always trust.
  3. This review is from : Mission Mx1 Speakers (pair) (walnut)

    I bought these to replace my aging mx71 and i am not disappointed. They are smaller, look better and sound incredible. And a bargain at that price.

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