Mission LX-3 2 Way Floorstand Speaker – Wood, Four Stars

It is for one speaker not a pair as advertised. It must be on its 5th or 6th return. Better to purchase from richer sounds instead.

I recently purchased a pair of these speakers from rs and fell in love with them i have them wired to a denon av amp [the 2018 version of denon avr 2500h which is a superb 5 start winer in the top audio mags. The speakers sound faultless i have them as part of a home theatre system the other speakers are a pair of wharfedale 9. 0 and a pair of ms ms 10 cheapish speakers but mixed in with the missions the sound is so much better than my bose 201 and wharfedale diamonds mk5 i had them wired to a technics sua 900 amp it sounded excellent but sadly it died in 2018 hence the denon . My advice make sure you have a decent quality amp and use decent speaker cable [generic thick cable will do you don’t have to pay stupid money for cable [ i speak as a retired electrician ] dont let anyone tell you different if you looking for a decent pair of floor standers you wont do much better that these [[one good tip is iis you have carpet in the room where the speakers are going then use granite chopping boards [£10 each at dunelm mill ] and use 2 sets of generic spikes and spike shoes this way you will avoid bass booming and the sound from the speaker is so much improved putting the extra bits on them its well worth it. I still have a pair of mission f74 floor standers i think that these speakers for sale are the newer version of my old f series because the layout of the speakers is the same as are the specifications [they are being used in another room ]. ]

We bought these as an update from the mx3 and they are just as good. You can always rely on mission to give good performances from their speakers. We play music from led zeppelin, enya, and the golden oldies like frank sinatra and dean martin and much more and everything sounds excellent.

Key specs for Mission LX-3 2 Way Floorstand Speaker – Black Wood (Pair):

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  • A TRULY MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Full frequence range for a clear and detailed sound
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN: 25mm Microfibre Dome Tweeter + 2x130mm advanced fibre bass driver + Linear Excursion Woofer + Proprietary Cone Material
  • REINFORCED CABINET FOR BRUTE STRENGTH: eliminates any unwanted resonances and vibrations
  • 2-way speakers with Bass reflex enclosure + 20-100W recommended amp power
  • Sensitivity 86.5dB (1w @ 1m)

Comments from buyers

“Excellent Speakers.
, Just Great
, Incredible sound quality.

It is advertised as a pair of speakers and i have only received one speaker .

This is an excellent speaker giving u full depth with sharp treble and solid bassthe only thing disappointing me is that amazon sent us twice a single speaker instead of pair. Would anyone buy a single sock?.

Having spent years listening to streamed music on smaller speakers the difference playing cds through an amp to these speakers was phenomenal. I’m mainly listening to classical music. With a good recording it’s like having a steinway playing in the room.

Love these speakers, best sounding speakers i have had, very clear, using them with a yamaha amp and the end result is just breathe taking. Good looking speaker too, slightly deeper than my last set and very well built.

Great sound, just remember to buy speaker cable as well if you don’t have any already.

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Mission LX-3 2 Way Floorstand Speaker - Black Wood (Pair)
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