Mission LX-2 Bookshelf Speaker – Walnut Pearl : Five Stars

Sounds great straight out of the box. Pleasantly surprised at how it fills a normal size room. Can’t comment on durability so soon after buying.

I tried these at the same time as the diamond 9. 1s and have to say there is no contest. The deep warm bass is amazing.

Very nice piece of kit, extremely well packaged and very easy to put together, nice height and look great with my bronze 2’s on, well worth the dosh.

My son says they are excellent.

Easy to assemble and a set of mx-1s sit perfectly on them. Great height for rear speakers in a surround set up.

Had for a few months now can’t fault them very good value for money.

Has transformed my surround sound – dialogue clear and crisp for the first time ever.

Can’t find anything better in this price range.

A quick note – this is for a pair of stands, not just one, despite the product descriptionbought to accommodate my q acoustics 3010s (the bespoke stands cost £100 compared to these, which cost £59 at time of purchase). They arrive packaged superbly – each component wrapped and sleeved individually in cardboard – and couldn’t be easier or more satisfying to put together. The plates and legs are solid, and the shiny metal floor spikes are beautifully engineered. The cable management is ok – personally i would prefer an exit hole through the base rather than leave a cable trailing across the plate – but aside from that, they are superb. The sound from the speakers is immediately, noticeably better, and of course positioning at ear level when sitting is perfect (they stand at about 60cm). Seriously impressed, glad i opted for these.

Excellent product, these are easy to assemble and look very nice. Note the price is for 2 stands, while it was not clear from the product description. I bought 2 pairs, while thinking i’m only buying 1 pair, yet liked them so decided not to return the extra ones.

Mission quality, the best small bookshelf speaker that good ive just bought another pair in white sandex finish also.

I would definitely recommend these speakers for the price the look and sound great.

A cracking pair of speakers at the lower end of the price range. I put them into my conservatory serviced by a 55w p/c technics su7300 amplifier. Great bass and good mids for the physical size, although top end lacking slightly. Performance does improve over a couple of weeks as the speakers bed in. Great value for money speaker.

Looks the part and sounds the part, from thrash metal, death metal and classical.

Pleased with purchase- thanks.

These sound fantastic, i only have a small room and set them up yesterday, so far i would say i am very very pleased, records sound so much better, they look good, easy to connect, and work great with my old pioneer amp sa540, i almost bought the wharfdale diamond speakers but changed my mind at the last minute, these were cheaper and i like the design more.

These small speakers sound fantastic. They are powered by an old nad 3120 amp and are used to stream high quality music. They sound great and have no problems when the volume is turned up high. The speakers sit on a pair of fisual dynamic uno speaker stands and look really great.

I bought these for my son – i have audiophile quality ones in our loft – the quality of them is amazing highs and mids are excellent. Slightly subdued bass but £ for buck these are amazing – high quality for low cost.

Exactly the sound i wanted, with the look and great build quality.

Good build quality, great sound and compliments the rest of our setup.

Good solid and compact speakers – links v well with my small denon player.

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Mission LX-2 Bookshelf Speaker - Walnut Pearl (pair)
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