Mission LX-2 Bookshelf Speaker – Sandex : Superb upgrade

I have a pair of atacama s e 24, i have had these for 20 years, they have 1/2 a tub of atabites in each stand. I needed another pair of stands, and these missions fitted the bill. These are not filled and they sound fine. They work well with wharfedale diamond 220, 10. 1, dali spector 2 and a pair of boston acoustic a26, i like to have swap around, i think they sound better with the smaller speakers. I personally i think they have enough bass, but other people may differ.

Really nice budget speakers. They replaced some 40 year old wharfedale xp2s in a small studio.

Mission quality, the best small bookshelf speaker that good ive just bought another pair in white sandex finish also.

Exactly the sound i wanted, with the look and great build quality.

Sounds great straight out of the box. Pleasantly surprised at how it fills a normal size room. Can’t comment on durability so soon after buying.

Wow,the sound quality of these speakers is truly superb,the amount of bass is mind blowing,the treble sounds so sweet. Best suited to use with decent floor stands,if placed on a shelf,use rubber isolating feet. For the money,you wont find better.

Looks the part and sounds the part, from thrash metal, death metal and classical.

I bought these as i was setting up a new stereo in a room. The amp and cd player are onkyo and i decided to pair these with them. They sound really, really good. The sound in bright and responsive with excellent tonality across the board. They handle rock, acoustic and classical equally well. I really enjoy listening to them and think they are excellent value for money.

These speakers are incredible. My old speakers were old sony bookshelfs from the 90s and these are a mind blowing upgrade. So much more bass, much better clarity across the range.

These speakers are better than twice the price speakers – i know as i’ve been there.

I have no dislikes for these speakers. They can’t match really expensive speakers, but for the price they are terrific. They have a clear , warm sound, they look well constructed, and are very neat on a bookshelf. They arrived extremely well packed, and before their due date.

Fabulous speakers,a real return to form. Superb sound with excellent bass and clear vocals. The speaker size is compact in height and width but is failrly deep. I have spent a good couple of months trying to decide wether to buy these or not,so glad that i did. For the price these missions are an absolute bargain.

The sound is impressive – clear treble and a deep well controlled bass. Need at least 100 hours to break in. Good match with marantz pm 6005. Very pleased with my purchase and recommend them highly.

Make a real difference now my speakers are at a sensible height (previously on the floor). Easy to assemble and all tools required included.

Had for a few months now can’t fault them very good value for money.

Very good speakers for the price. I can see why they came second in ‘what hifi’ 2017’s survey.

Great speakers , good bass, cohesive soundtop quality and look good in living room.

A quick note – this is for a pair of stands, not just one, despite the product descriptionbought to accommodate my q acoustics 3010s (the bespoke stands cost £100 compared to these, which cost £59 at time of purchase). They arrive packaged superbly – each component wrapped and sleeved individually in cardboard – and couldn’t be easier or more satisfying to put together. The plates and legs are solid, and the shiny metal floor spikes are beautifully engineered. The cable management is ok – personally i would prefer an exit hole through the base rather than leave a cable trailing across the plate – but aside from that, they are superb. The sound from the speakers is immediately, noticeably better, and of course positioning at ear level when sitting is perfect (they stand at about 60cm). Seriously impressed, glad i opted for these.

These small speakers sound fantastic. They are powered by an old nad 3120 amp and are used to stream high quality music. They sound great and have no problems when the volume is turned up high. The speakers sit on a pair of fisual dynamic uno speaker stands and look really great.

Very well made and sturdy stands for smaller speakers.

Sold stands for my monitor audio bronze series bookshelf speakers. It’s unclear/impossible to fill the stands, as per the product description through.

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Mission LX-2 Bookshelf Speaker - White Sandex (pair)
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