MINIRIG Subwoofer Portable Rechargeable Bass Speaker – 80 Hour Battery – – Worth the wait

Speaker is great, supplied cable is flimsy and broke shortly after purchase.

You think that you don’t need that extra bass, until you hear it with the minirig speakers. Set up was very good before but really different league after. But inter-connecting cables could and should be of better quality with this quality sounding device.

A very good piece of kit, i hope that the little speaker can handle the suprising amount of bass that this produces, makes the minirigs shine.

Bought as a present for granddaughter who is delighted with it.

Got the sub so fast couldn’t believe it. This unit is so good it throughs all preconceptions out the window,i use the sub and 2 minirigs to play music in a hall which is approx 30×20 metres and they fill this hall my mates just can’t believe the sound this little battery component set produces its outstanding.

While not quite the revelation in high-end portable audio that the original minirig was, the sub-woofer definitely boosts the bass and rounds out the sound. I bought mine when a change of furniture in the bedroom displaced the nad amp and q audio bookshelf speakers that i formerly used when listening upstairs, and whilst it doesn’t match the overall quality of those components it certainly makes a pretty good go of it to the point where i haven’t missed them like i thought i would, which is pretty incredible considering the size and nature of the setup (originally one minirig plus sub, now expanded out to two minirigs plus sub-woofer). Unlike the minirig i can’t imagine myself lugging it far when hiking, but i am looking forward to packing it in the van for those occasions when i find myself camping nearby. Typically the power indicator moves from green to cyan on the sub-woofer a little while before it does on the minirig, indicating that it will probably need charging more often. However, i have yet to use either under circumstances where they drained completely so i may be pleasantly surprised to find i am wrong there. Overall a good buy if you are serious about portable audio and far from a mains plug or car battery.

  • There’s nothing else really like this on the market
  • Five Stars
  • Minirig Sub

Fantastic build quality and even more impressive sound, like the original minirig. It really does add another dimension of sub bass into the mix. Plus it’s portable and rugged enough to carry around with you.

Brings out amazing low end when i hook it up with my two minirig speakers. Minirigs redefine portable sound. Buy your rigs now and join an exclusive group because it isn’t long before amazon u. S gets a hold of them and they will be everywhere.

Nothing can compete for mobile sound.

Item packed very well and arrived extremely quickly. If you have a minirig speaker then you really must get the subwoofer, the sound is absolutely superb and of course both units are very portable.

As you’d expect this product is great with 2 minirigs and the stereo splitter cable.

Features of MINIRIG Subwoofer Portable Rechargeable Bass Speaker – 80 Hour Battery – Black

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  • Worlds first portable rechargeable dedicated SUBWOOFER
  • 3″ long throw woofer – 30W amplifier – Air flow optimised folded port
  • Add deep bass to your MINIRIG system
  • Rechargeable with up to 80 hours battery life
  • 3.5mm input/output – Works with any other speaker or music source

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

An excellent addition to the mini rig and you can certainly here the difference in the sound.

Would buy the set up again, but without worrying. Sounds a peach, haven’t heard anything better that’s portable. Worth every penny and more, would advise buying better quality leads, leads are the only downfall.

If you are reading this you probably already have a minirig speaker and want more bass as i did. Well, believe all the reviews, it really does transform the sound into a proper music system. It’s well built like the minirig and battery life is very long. It’s expensive but you won’t be disappointed. If i listen to my minirig without the sub now, it sounds tinny. Top tip – position in corner of a room for best bass results.

If you have a couple of minirig speakers then add this to your wishlist or just buy it nowamazingly powerful little sub that adds warmth and body to the music. If you buy one make sure you get one of the minirig 2. 1 cables that allows the sub to remotely power up/down the minirig speakers without having to unplug the cables. Uk/minirig-custom-stereo-splitter-cable/dp/b00i47lxma/ref=sr_1_10?ie=utf8&qid=1393065679&sr=8-10&keywords=minirigquality british design and manufactured product to be proud of.

The best thing i have ever bought. Unbelievable amount of bass for a portable system. Get this with a mini-rig and is good for parties and barbeques and everything really havn’t stopped using it since i got it.

Really good bit of kit, sounds great and looks smart.

Worlds first portable rechargeable dedicated SUBWOOFER

Another outstanding product from pasce.

I no longer use my hifi or other speakers as these sound superior. Buy the additional 4pole splitter cable and this has a power switch so you can stay connected all the time. Just dont forget to turn em off or you will need to recharge them again.

Its pricey but i was so damn curious to see it that i bought it. And i can confirm it does indeed provide an awesome bass for its size altough on this item i haven’t researched for hours on competition like i did on minirig speaker.

There’s nothing else really like this on the market. I crave bass for movies mostly while travelling. Benefits:most bass of any travel bluetooth speaker. Modular – you can add minirig’s and subwoofers for more sound. Decent output to 50hz in room. Minirig actually publish frequency response which matches up to expectations. Compared to the homepod:if you crave bass, the homepod is amazing. That tiny thing can get down to 35hz which is pretty insane. The minirig subwoofer doesn’t integrate as well as the homepod – you can clearly tell where the sound is coming from if have the left and right channels spaced far apart. I suspect this is because the cross over the homepod is a point source so has the advantage there.

Provides really good bass to tunes, adding more depth to the other minirigs connected to it. 1 cable gets released soon to provide proper stereo :).

Superb subwoofer – works great with other minirigs – mono or stereo.

3″ long throw woofer – 30W amplifier –

Quality service quality product.

Undoubtedly the best thing i’ve bought in the last year. If it’s in stock then buy it – you won’t regret it.

Add deep bass to your MINIRIG system

Rechargeable with up to 80 hours battery life

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MINIRIG Subwoofer Portable Rechargeable Bass Speaker - 80 Hour Battery - Black
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