MINIRIG Subwoofer Portable Rechargeable Bass Speaker – 80 Hour Battery – Brushed Aluminium, Sub and minirig

Grate speaker just the job cheers.

This is a perfect accompanyment to minirigs , i was worried it would be a thumping boy racer sub , but instead it is like having a lovely warm audio hugbrilliant engineering and perfect tuning.

Absolutely one of the best purchase i have ever had. Sub and minirig are in another level.

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“Sub and minirig
, It makes a great speaker even better and I always recommend minirig to
, worth the wait

The subwoofer is beautifully made and looks and sounds great. The case that is comes in makes it perfect for travelling.

First review, that’s a big responsibility. When i bought my (standard) minirig two years ago, i couldn’t find anything to gripe about, apart from the poor bass response. Not really a surprise in a unit the size of a grapefruit. At the time there was talk of a sub, but i learned to love the rig as it was and it has been all over the place with me ever since. Still love it like the first day. Today i bought the subwoofer and fell in love all over again. Such depth and richness of sound, it complements the minirig perfectly. Surprisingly good on low-gain and at low volumes as well. I am not going to go on, everything that was said in the reviews of the standard minirig on here holds true for the new device. Plus it has an on/off switch, which (when the lead comes) will also turn the minirigs off too.

I bought one of these to take skiing and it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. Small enough to carry in a backpack and the sound is amazing. Battery seems to last very well, easily a full day on the mountain with heavy, loud use.

Definitely the best small audio speakers on the market.

Amazing sub that everyone with a minirig speaker should buy.

I purchased a minirig speaker back in february and absolutely loved it; so much so that i recently decided to purchase another as well as a sub so that i could make a full 2. I had always been impressed by the sound that the individual speaker produced, but having a full 2. 1 system just blows it out of the water. The bass that this tiny and lightweight sub can produce is just astounding and really compliments the speakers very well. While the speakers are very good as a stand alone, you simply don’t realise how much a little bass improves the sound. I listen to a range of music and the sub really works well with all types. It has the power and brunt for bass heavy music but it’s not overpowering when listening to less bass heavy music; it just provides a lovely warmth and fills in the gaps that the minirigs can’t quite reach. I purchased this set-up primarily as a portable system and due to its size/weight and vast battery life, it is more than capable of doing that. However, as a student i will be moving away from home to uni in september and so i was looking for a replacement for my current hifi as i won’t want to transport it every time i pop home.

Totally amazing piece of kit. . As if the minirig wasn’t already a dream in a small packet. Now the subwoofer which blows away any concept of small things not having great powermy son headed off with them in a back pack and was like a mobile dubstep concertthanks minirig.

Got the minirig speaker last year which is brilliant but this latest addition takes it to a whole new level. Build quality of the sub is brilliant, like all minirig products. Switch this baby on and play your favourite tracks, feel the deep bass as it rumbles into life. Can’t believe this sub is battery powered and portable. Even got a on/off switch disgusted as the led light on the front so you can switch it on then off and compare your tracks. Overall was apprehensive about spending £150 on the sub but it’s a brilliant buy, any other manufacturer would charge many times more for this quality product. Don’t fear you won’t be disappointed.

Excellent value for money and a great accompliment to any party.

Absolutely no regrets about buying this puppy. Compliments the minirig perfectly. Where the minirig sounded impressive on it’s own, adding the sub takes portable sound to the next level. Two rigs and a sub, the fabled 2.

I am considering buying another 2 minirigs and another subwoofer. Amazingly loud, really portable, great battery life.

If you liked minirigs you’ll love their sub. I can’t listen to my minirigs now without the sub. We have 2 of these bad boys and 5 of the minirigs – greedy i know, but every person we meet who hears them wants one. So we end up selling them on (at cost) – sharing the love of good tunes on good equipment. Keep up the good work mr minirig – we love it.

The sound quality is amazing with the sub would recommend this item looking forward to summer in the parks with my mini rigs.

I already own two minirigs so had been waiting for the sub for sometime, i have waited a while to review as i wanted to run the sub for a while before i decided how much i like it. I have used this sub & 2 x minirigs as a small system for my technics, the sound quality is excellent for such a small system and is loud enough to have a small party but not too loud to annoy your neighbours. I agree that it is quite expensive but you pay for what you get which is a british made piece of quality. I have to add pasce have fantastic customer service to as i had a problem with one of my minirigs & they fixed it & sent it back very quickly.

This is a classic edition to the minirig. If you like the quality of sound at power and portable you will not be disappointed.

Makes mini rig a whole new sound system. Needs another mini rig now to go with sub and mini rig.

Step 1: remember that we are talking about portable speakers that run off batteries. Step 2: try to avoid comparing this device to $$$$$$$ stationary audio equipment. Ok, so i’ve owned my first minirig for about 6 months and had nothing but good things to say about it. The sound quality is awesome, the battery life is unbelievable, and the build quality is superb and robust. If your objective is portable sound with no compromise (except wireless) then there is nothing out there that can compete. Now i have the sub (and a second minirig), and i can say that it is really a great combination. The sound is really full and rich, and the bass is exactly what i expected after reading the specs. No, with a 3′ woofer it will not break glass, but the bass is pretty damn good.

Great really adds a rich additional depth to the sound well worth the outlay. I was disappointed that they did not come with a stereo splitter for the additional minirig speaker i bought at the same time.

The difference this makes to 2 minirigs is amazing the bass is deep and smooth and compliments the minirigs very well. The only thing i would improve is when buying as a set ie 2 minirigs and a subwoofer i think the custom stereo splitter cable should be given as part of the package free of charge. As i was disposing of the packaging which consisted of the packing bag with a few other bags inside that were used as packing, a set of the splitter cables fell out of the packing. So the custom stereo splitter cable is supplied with the whole package. It could have just been more carefully packed to be made more obvious as it very nearly got put in the bin with waste packing. So on the whole im even more happier with the minirigs and the service supplied by minirig themselves.

Bought a minirig speaker for festivals and decided to buy the subwoofer about a year later. I didn’t realise how much bass my music was missing until i plugged the sub in. It makes a great speaker even better and i always recommend minirig to anyone asking about portable speakers. I have had it at 4 day festivals using it full blast and it still has plenty of charge.

The best portable soundsystem.Price is high for woofer but the quality is everything you want. Took me a couple days to notice i was putting cables in wrong & playing it in low power. Now i know to attached my ipod to the high gain first, then go out the subs low gain to the minirigs.

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MINIRIG Subwoofer Portable Rechargeable Bass Speaker - 80 Hour Battery - Brushed Aluminium
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