MINIRIG MINI Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker – 30 Hour Battery – Premium Stereo Sound – : Hi-Fi in the palm of your hand.

On par with similarly priced bluetooth speakers, if not better. Has strong and deep bass, and a balanced hifi tuning. Battery life is long and allows for a full day of medium loudness listening. Easily pairs to multiple devices, and has an android app for additional eq tuning and quality of life tweaks. Customer support is second to none, the uk based firm responds quickly to customer issues and offers satisfactory resolutions. Would recommend as a good speaker with great support.

Wicked mini sound system, a crisp, clean and bassy sound, surprisingly very loud for its size. It would make a great gift for any music lover. Easy set up with bluetooth, cool colour.

Exceptional sound for the size, looks good and is compact.

This is the second minirig we have owned. The first was bought nearly four years ago and is still going strong after heavy use for most of that time. This model is a decent bit smaller but as with the previous model, sound quality and volume are both fantastic. Bluetooth capability and an on/off switch just make it even better.Hands down the best portable speakers i know of.

  • Most amazing product I bought in recent years
  • UK quality and service.
  • Amazing device!

MINIRIG MINI Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker – 30 Hour Battery – Premium Stereo Sound – Green

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  • With up to 30hrs of battery enough to keep you going all weekend, great for festivals and sunny days at the park
  • 15 watts of power with a custom 52mm speaker driver, serious amounts of power making it the loudest speaker for its size
  • Deep powerful bass, with crisp balanced sound, great for all types of music – unbelievable for its size
  • Pop it in your pocket and take the party with you wherever you plan to go, all within a perfect tube (84mm x 53mm)
  • Designed and built in Bristol, United Kingdom, hand built by a passionate team of music enthusiasts from DJ’s to bass guitar players

I would describe myself as someone who has tried a load of different wireless audio products. I was not sure what to expect with the minirig mini. I got two of the units and paired them up and immediately was astounded by the clarity and energetic sound these little units produce. I asked my wife what magic is this?.Even she took a double take listening to emilie sandie’s clown track. I am now flogging my apple homepod as it does not even match two of the minirigs in a pair. Wireless audio has finally matured.

I read some glowing reviews which made me convince to order one from uk and now that i have it it almost defies belief (and physics) what this speaker is capable of. A friend of mine visited me and together we tested it against several of our other speakers and couldn’t believe our ears. Yes, bigger speakers like a jbl flip 4 or bose soundlink revolve+ may get a tad louder but the soundstage the minirig mini produces is nothing short of amazing and deserves 10 stars. It’s soo much ahead of the competition that it even makes the similarly sized bose soundlink micro sound like a toy (which is still the second best ultra portable speaker on the market though and has other advantages like fully water resistant and a handy mount strap). I use the minirig mini for listening to audio books and quiet piano music when going to bed and will sure take it on my next holiday since it’s small but loud enough to fill an entire hotel room and should easily surpass any hotel tv in audio quality too (not sure if i should ever take it on the beach though since it’s only splashproof)there’s no ios app released yet and the android app has a few glitches (and still no documentation available either, what does “eq lock” do??) but in the few days since i got it a new version already fixed some bugs and i’m hopeful the company won’t sleep on their laurels and continue to improve on an already incredible product in the foreseeable future. I wish there was an option to switch off the superfluous led light althogether (i can check the battery level in the app anytime) because even when dimmed in the app settings it’s still annoying in an otherwise dark room.

Have bought other – cheaper – speakers of this sort. They sounded crap and fell to pieces. The minirig is the best pur hase i ever made. Built like a tank, and the sound is immense. My g/f (who usually pays no attention to such things) is amazed and says it sounds as good as, or better than, our hi-fi. I cannot recommend one of these too highly. Works great on bluetooth or with lead supplied. It will henceforth be my constant companion. If you love music and quality sound you will adore this.

Excellent product – very impressed with quality.

It was really well packaged and turned on straight away so i could use it – which is simple, you just connect via bluetooth. The unit itself is sturdy and solid but not heavy, and it’s the perfect size to take places with you. It’s even got packaging you can reuse to protect it. As for the really important part – the sound is fantastic, especially for such a small device. I know several people who’ve got one of these now and they all agree. Great to see a small bristol-based company making such high quality products.

Picked up a pair of minirig mini’s last week, after a solid week testing i wholeheartedly recommend these to anyone looking for superb quality (and loud) audio in a robust and portable package. I have the original minirigs also which when released were the best small speakers around – this latest version knocks them into a cocked hatthrilled to bits with them, well done minirigs, well doneget one now here: http://amzn.

Sound is probably the best for this size of portable speakers. Application is very usefull. Very nice sound at low volume levels. Full reach bass and trebles with mids. At higher volume less bass but still very loud and not distorted. Battery at low volume is cca few days of usage 1-2hrs play.

What an amazing little thing. I am a bit of a fan of portable music devices and was looking for something stronger than the already good but cheap device i used up to this point. I was skeptical because of the high price compared to the big advertised bose product, which is equally priced. But please bose, go homethe minirig is so much better in absolute every aspect. It starts off with high quality materials and an amazing design. It comes in a strong and save box. It immediately pairs to the bluetooth with absolutely no waiting time. The sound is so full and easily covers a whole room. The bass can be felt through the floor eventhough it’s such a small device. I really feel the urge to try out every single song on my playlist to compare my past sound experience to the minirig.

Hubby was delighted with this speaker and now uses it everytime we drove somewhere to play radio 6 through his phone.

Possibly the best bluetooth speaker on the market.

Pretty good sound for such a small speaker. Could do with an included case and definitely the proprietary lead is a very poor choice – should be usb c. App ui is child like in design.

Using the audio cable provided with the minirig, i connected it to an old personal cd player that i have had for years.

Sound is more than adequate for the size of this thing.

Great piece of kit, easy to set up, and the sound quality is glorious.

Great product, tip use the updater and beta apps for android.

I absolutely love this speaker. The sound is dynamic and exciting, which is something i’ve never experienced with a small portable speaker. It’s really clear, impressively full and very loud. The build quality is first class and i really like the simplicity – auto connecting to bluetooth for one thing is a great little detail. Battery life very impressive. All in all i’m totally happy with this speaker and will definitely be adding to the range.

The best sounding mini bt speaker out there. Astonishing sound for its size. Just took it away on an easyjet cabin luggage only flight. Perfect for the hotel room for 5 days. Still had charge when we returned. Much clearer and more portable than my cambridge audio minx go. Be aware though that the ios app is still being developed properly and at time of writing doesn’t work properly.

Great little speaker offering the same sound quality of the larger minirig, with just a bit less bass and maximum volume, but the mini still goes amazingly loud, then when you consider how much more portable the mini is, it really is impressive. I’ve just ordered a second one so i can run them in stereo. Now i just hope they make a matching mini sub.

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MINIRIG MINI Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker - 30 Hour Battery - Premium Stereo Sound - Green
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