Microlab H50BT 2 : Fantastic sounding speakers

I’m going to save you two months of speaker searching right here. . All i wanted was a set of decent bluetooth speakers for under £100. They had to sound great when throwing out deep bass notes, and they had to look good whilst doing it. I’ve spent the last two months trawling through amazon, looking at every single speaker option available. Here’s my advice to you: if you’ve got the same sort of criteria as i had, end your search here and buy these. Looks:if you think they look good in the picture, wait until you see them outside of the box. You can’t really see in the picture, but the top cone and the feet are made from chrome – they look spot on. I’m a (very) hard one to please, and i’m just in love with these. Setup:this was incredibly easy (once i realised i had to actually snip the plastic off the interconnect cable, rather than just slipping the protector off)bluetooth is already on, so just find ‘h50 bt’ on your bluetooth device, and it connects instantly.

These are fantastic especially for the price you pay. I wanted bluetooth speakers with a 40w output under £100 and boy do they deliver. They look great and fairly simple to set up. Bear in mind for anyone who has never bought speakers you’ll need a wire cutter or a pen knife to expose the wires; although i used the blade from a pair of scissors. Could easily give this 5* but on a few occasions the sound goes static; not sure if it’s due to my phone or speakers bluetooth but it can get annoying when it does happen. Happens rarely though may i add.

Good quality, easy-to-use bluetooth speakers. Good quality speakers – impressed with how easy they were to connect to your computer, or pretty much any android phone where you just connect it as bluetooth headphones. Very good sound quality as well, though they did need wearing in (done by just playing a variety of music for a few hours)haven’t tried out the nfc function because my phones too rubbishtip: to turn on bluetooth on newer laptops you have to press ctrl + f12 (this wasn’t very intuitive to me)four stars because at higher volumes there’s a vibrating noise from the right speaker that i can’t get rid of. Here are the specifications for the Microlab H50BT 2:

  • Bluetooth wireless music transfer lets you play from your mobile and any Bluetooth from your mobile and any Bluetooth product with Bluetooth Headset protocol
  • NFC standards to quickly connect the speakers to NFC Enabled wireless devices
  • Powerful wooden stereo speakers with minimum distortion
  • Bluetooth stereo audio using A2DP for Wireless music streaming
  • Quality Bookshelf stereo system with depth and full range audio performances

Amazing speakers for the price.

I don’t normally write reviews but felt i had too with these speakers. Without doubt for the money they are excellent the build quality is good and the sound is superb, in fact excellent for bluetooth speakers i would be surprised to hear better at this price range.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I’m going to save you two months of speaker searching right here.
  • Fantastic sounding speakers
  • Good quality, easy-to-use bluetooth speakers
  • Excellent speaker 5*

Fantastic sounding speakers. I was looking for a pair of good quality speakers to use with my desktop pc. I didn’t fancy running speaker cable round the room, so i decided on these because of the bluetooth. My desktop pc found and connected to these speakers within about 10secs, really fast & the sound quality is brilliant. Really nice rich and deep bass response, even with just the slightest turning of the controls. The volume, treble & bass controls respond really well. Iv’e got these in a small box room, and the volume level fills the room, not even on half way. They are very well made and really heavy, good quality terminals and speaker cable is provided. I also found that they looked even nicer in person, than in the picture.