Microlab 7W 2, More Than Basic speakers !!!

Microlab 7W 2.0 RMS Speakers

  • Sturdy cabinet design for clearer sound and minimum distortion
  • Easy and quick to setup and use
  • Connects to media player with 3.5 mm stereo jack or plug
  • Full-range sound reproduction for wide range of music types
  • Quality 3″ mid-range speaker driver

Microlab 7W 2.0 RMS Speakers :

One thought on “Microlab 7W 2, More Than Basic speakers !!!

  1. Brief reviewas far as basic speakers these are more than decent, actually you cannot call it basic to be honest in my perspective, the reasons why is it’s size and performance factor, it does have bass and you may think 7 watts isn’t loud but try it out it’s loud for sure with bass integrated don’t forget it is plug powered speakers so that means even if it is low in watts rms power it will perform better than usb powered pair even if they are higher. Pros: power indicator on the side, good level of bass, no static or background noise/ no wifi interference, similar shape to creative a60 but this pair better shape. Cons: awful build of mains plug (be careful how you pull it out)agree or don’t agree .

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