meidong Sound bar, Good for the price.

This works well for such a cheap price. Wanted to try a sound bar and this does the job. Next time i would buy one with an hdmi connection but this does ok in the meantime.

Pretty good, a lot better than the speakers on my lg smart tv. At first was not too impressed but i didn’t know speakers need time to be ‘run in’. So they got better after a couple of weeks.

The sound from my tv is as good. Guess it’s worth 85 quid though but returned anyway.

Comments from buyers

“Visually stunning, but the wooly, muffled audio lets it down.
, Enhances sound quality
, Good for the price.

Good sound and comes with all cables to meet any requirement used optical cable with my tv also bluetooth works well to listen to music would recommend great for the price paid.

Lovely looking, sturdy, well made, and surprised by how heavy this sound bar is. I like the different colour led light which changes colour from red to blue, green, violet and indigo depending on which function you select. Remote is a good size, sturdy, easy to navigate, takes 2 aaa batteries which were not supplied. The sound is acceptable, nothing special to be honest. It sounds a bit boxy and all mid-range, with no punchy bass and no crisp top notes. It has a sort of muffled, emptyness sound to it, as if the equalizer has been messed around with and not set up properly. It’s got vague elements of richness, threats of stomping bass and just a glance of crisp, punchy top notes, but it all gets warbled, wooly and confused just when you think your ears are going to get a treat. I was going to send it back for a refund, but a friend with poor hearing really liked the look of it and he thinks the sound is acceptable to his hearing range. Paid just £26ish for this from amazon warehouse, and my mate now has it for £25 and owes me a bag of chipsit really is not hifi, nowhere near it, but it’s so cool to look at.

Arrived very promptly, so easy to set up, looks good and the sound is excellent. Came with optical lead for tv and audio lead for the dvd player, auxiliary lead for ipod etc. Bluetooth connectivity is simple, can play music from my android phone and the sound is very good.

Good quality soundbar with more than ample volume, also very easy to set up with easy to follow instructions. Only thing i would comment on there seems to be no individual control over bass and treble output but perhaps someone can correct me on this?. Which otherwise would have made it perfect. Everything else about it is good and really enhances the puny sound from the micro speakers in the tv.

Optical didn’t work well, with the supplied cable or another purchased separately. The sound was clipped, too bassy and there was clicking noises. Rca connection, on the other hand, works fine. Well-defined sound, plenty of power and a good looking piece of kit.

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Sound bar, Meidong 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar for TV 40 Watt 37-Inch With Remote Control, Wall Mountable, Support Optical/AUX/RCA Cable
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