MEGACRA Soundbar : Excellent sound for the price

Very pleased with the sound bar. Sound quality is good with good range of connection options.

The sound from this soundbar is very good. Eventually, i got it set up and working with the optical cable from the tv set, and the sound was good and roomy, i tried the sky box and it was fine, same with the blu-ray and ps3, but when i switched onto the amazon fire tv box it went silent, i couldn’t understand since the optical cable was connected directly into the tv itself. So i connected the aux cable from the soundbar to the headphone socket on the tv, everything worked fine through it, so i’m still at a loss why the amazon box wouldn’t work the first time???. As another reviewer has said, the sound quality does drop when you switch over to the aux cable, but its not a problem, just a case of turning the volume up, and increasing the bass a bit, after that it sounds fine, the way it should. I gave it 4 stars purely for not playing the fire tv box, otherwise its great and deserves 5 stars. If anyone else has had the same problem and managed to solve it (with the optical cable) let me know thanks.

As most people will know the better and thinner the current tvs are, the worse the sound they produce. Soundbars are, therefore, almost obligatory. Good sound – the different settings produce clearly different outputs – and easy to programme once its set up. You might need to alter your tv settings if you are using an optical cable – and almost certainly if you have an amazon connection – but once you’ve sorted this you should be fine. Sound is far better than through the tv and is loud enough to fill most rooms – unless you live in a castle or a barn. There are better soundbars on the market, for sure (b&o – duh), but i doubt if there are any at this price.

I particularly like the controls, bass and treble + and – buttons plus three pre-set buttons and a bass on/off button. Bluetooth optical or other connections.

  • Excellent sound for the price
  • The sound from this soundbar is very good
  • First class

Soundbar, MEGACRA Sound Bar with Built in Bass Reflex Ports 3 Audio Mode 6 Speaker Drivers 80 Watt 38 Inch Bass and Adjustable Home Surround Sound System TV Speaker

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  • 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Audio Soundbar: It has 6 high quality speakers and 2 bass reflex tubes, delivers incredible room-filling sound for all your movies, television shows, video games and musics
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connection: Seamless streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices to deliver exceptional sound quality, up to 33 feet
  • Bass and Treble Adjustbale: Low bass? press “Bass+” button, too much bass? press “Bass-” button. DSP Technology: With integrated DSP ( movie/music/news ) technology for amazing clarity and precision, it brings you an upgrading fantastic experience
  • Easy Connect with Your Flat TV/Tablet/Computer: Including optical, coaxial, RCA(white & red), USB input, easy placement, simple operation, mount on a wall or place it on cabinet in a few minutes
  • Best Service: worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service, life time technical support.

This really delivers first class sound and for the first time ever i have listened to televised prom concerts with real enjoyment. The sound quality this box produces – and as a professional musician i am fussy about sound quality – is comparable to the much more expensive speakers i use with my hi-fi set up. My only criticism is that the default setting is for music, which means changing to the speech (“news”) setting every time you switch on to a normal programme. But that’s a small niggle and for the price it really is incredible value.

Wow for a thin smallish item it’s quite impressive. The sound it can throw out is on par with my panasonic sc ua3. Because that’s what i was using before i bought this beauty. My ua3 is quoted at 300 watts rms. With good bass this unit has surprised me with the level of bass it can generate. What attracted me was a the price and b the speaker configuration. But what really sealed the deal was independent tone control. At under £100 you don’t get many units with independent bass or treble control. Usually all you get is presets. Why is separate tone control important. In the good old days you only had treble and bass buttons on your amp because that’s all you needed with a quality amplifier.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from this sound bar but the soundbar is solid construction and quality of the sound is amazing given the price. I tried a bluetoothing a few tracks from my phone and, once paired, it worked seamlessly. Attaching it via optical to my samsung smart tv was a bit trickier, but this was down to the tv, not the sound bar. In order to get the sound to work through the optical i needed to set the sound to pcm in the audio menu. Once this was sorted the set up worked perfectly. Mounting the soundbar on the wall was simply done with two bracket plates provided and all of the required screws and pitting. Helpfully, a cardboard template is provided for marking the correct placing of screws and distance apart of the mounting plates. It took me 5 minutes max to have the soundbar fitted to the wall. It’s early days, but so far i’ve very impressed.

It’s a excellent soundbar for the money. Great highs bass is ok nothing special overall i’m really happy with it. If u want a soundbar for under 60 quid then buy this.

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Soundbar, MEGACRA Sound Bar with Built in Bass Reflex Ports 3 Audio Mode 6 Speaker Drivers 80 Watt 38 Inch Bass and Adjustable Home Surround Sound System TV Speaker
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