One thought on “MB Quart QM-165 BMW E46, Pretty good, but not for the rear of a convertible

  1. Pretty good, but not for the rear of a convertible. I bought these to replace the standard door speakers in a 2001 bmw 320 convertible. The standard speakers were pretty terrible, with a really painful tweeter sound when turned up, while still giving very little bass. I originally thought this was down to the original pitiful radio/cassette + 6-cd autochanger setup, but i replaced this with a dynavin satnav/mp3/i-pod unit and there was virtually no improvement. So i went for these speakers. On the plus side, these new speakers definitely have a much better sound quality than the stock speakers. The magnets on the main speakers are larger diameter, the frame is metal instead of plastic and the sound is much less tinny. The new tweeter is much larger than the original which probably accounts for some of the improvement. So in the end they are a good buy. In fact i ordered a second set for the rear panels (but see update below).

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