Marware UpSurge Rechargeable Mini Speaker – Excellent

This sound device amazed us, because when it arrived the package was so small and the speaker even smaller. After charging it up and plugging it into the kindle i put it on maximum volume and the sound was amazing. When you use the speaker make sure you twist it open and pull gently but not too far, then switch the speaker on after connecting otherwise you will get a crackling sound through the speaker. Pros : small and easy to usecons: cables could be longer.

Great little speaker, good sound for the money, charged battery life is very good at the moment. I wanted the speaker for my kindle fire as the built in sound has gone dreadfully wrong. This review is for my replacement speaker as the first one wouldn’t charge. If you get a good one i think you’ll be impressed.

Fabulous sound for such a tiny speaker. Easy to plug into my kindle fire, even with the case in place. Enjoyed music on my last two holidays and would highly recommend to anyone considering buying. Charges quickly on the laptop and lasts for five hour’s once charged.

I have just received the marware upsurge mini speaker and, despite all the negative comments on here, i am delighted with them. The product comes with two cables; kindle to speaker and speaker to laptop for charging. It took about 10 minutes to fully charge and the difference the speaker makes is astounding. I listen to music and audiobooks on my kindle but without headphones the sound is tinny and subdued. This speaker brings it all together and now music sounds just as good as on a dvd player and audiobooks sounds like the narrator is in the room. This is going to be a huge bonus for my long regular drives as buying audio cds is too expensive and listening through headphones whilst driving is illegal. Those of you having problems should contact amazon who have always been extremely helpful to me.

Decent sound from something so small. However i had to enlarge the hole in my kindle’s cover to allow the jack plug to pass through into the kindle. Also once set up and playing, the speaker does not like to be moved about – i don’t think that there is a good connect between the jack plug and the speaker.

What a great product such great sounds from such a small speaker, the only downside to this product is there is no mains charger. I did not take my laptop on holiday so would not have been able to charge it up if the lads at the apartments had not charged it on their computer.

  • Quality design, Mediocre audio. Good buy for £10.
  • May be useful to some It was a novelty to me not having had a mini-speaker before, but the hum completely detracted.
  • Rather Dissapointing

Bought this for my kindle fire to allow me to listen to my music without the need for headsets. Arrived on time and well packed so no damage (i am overseas so this was a concern). Charged it up using the fast charger again no issues. A little stiff to open first time ok after that and very easy to plug in and use. Sound quality is very surprising, better than some of the larger speakers i have had previously. Volume adjusted by the controls on the kindle. Great speaker doesn’t take up too much room and provides good sound quality.

Must admit pleasantly surprised by the sound quality from such a compact speaker, the only down side is the jack plug that connects it to the kindle does not fit fit into the kindle if u are using a kindle armour case as the hole in the case is to small to let the male end far enough into the jack port have to take the kindle out of case.

The speaker is good and a really nice, good sound and didn’t take forever to charge up first time. However, the lead that comes with it to connect to my kindle fire, in my case is terrible. Too small and wouldn’t straighten and created all sorts of crackling noises on the speaker, if it actually let sound through. Once i swapped the lead for one from old speaker, the improvement was straight away and you can see why people rate this speaker. If they made it with a better lead, unless mine was just a duff one, then it would have been 5 stars.

It worked but was not a significant improvement over the sound out of my kindle or the even better sound from my xperia z1c phone. A bit louder to be fair but not much. The opening/bellows effect which i imagine has a purpose didn’t seem to affect the reproduction: just a novelty. In all, for the small price, there was nothing wrong with it or the finish but i actually have no use for it. After more use: furthermore it emits a mains hum or something like it while on charge and playing. If it was actually 240v into the device i would say there is an earth fault and hazardous to use, outdoors or in the bathroom for example. It can’t be that but it seriously detracts.

Went down well for nephew who is a boarding school got five stars from him he thinks its great. Shame it did not come in a cover of some sort to keep it from getting scratched.

Features of Marware UpSurge Rechargeable Mini Speaker, Pink

  • The perfect portable, rechargeable solution for enjoying your Fire Tablet content when on the go
  • Speaker also works with virtually any media-playing device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack – perfect for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable gaming devices and MP3 players
  • Vacuum bass expansion system and digital amplifier enhance sound quality
  • Weighs 144 g (5.1 oz)/DC 5 V charge/Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (3.7 V 500 mA)
  • Running time: 5 hours

The perfect portable, rechargeable solution for enjoying your Fire Tablet content when on the go

Really impressed by these speaker i have bought four of them and i use two of them for my kindle and my partner has two for her kindle its really good listening to music on the kindle and on the lab top computer and my mp3 player i love them, they are good sounding good bass i use my kindle charging plug to help recharge these speakers or you can use the usb connection.

This is a great little speaker. Works with my kindle hd fire and my samsung phone. Great for me to use at work. The only reason i didn’t give it five stars was it was supposed to be next day delivery but got it a day later which isn’t bad but as i have paid for prime for the year i expected it on time.

Purchased this to take on our holidays for use with ipad/iphone/ipod. What a great little piece of kit. If i had one critisism about this product it would only be to say it should come with a little pouch of somesort to keep everything toghether.

Worked ok on all my devices apart from my kindle fire which is what i’d bought it for. I don’t have the latest kindle fire so may work on the newer ones. I returned it and money was refunded immediately.

I love this little speaker that is so original and has such a great sounnd. I bought it for my new fire hd which already has good speakers but this little inkpot lookylike is good for your ipod too and other devices. It is so light and easy to carry about once charged, and so enhances the sound which makes for a much better listening experience altogether. Nice for films and music and i suspect audiobooks. It comes with a usb charger which doesnt take too long, but have yet to find out how long a charge lasts for if its turned off after use?i agree with the reviewer that mentioned about the plastic packaging you have to cut off, its awfull. Someone should invent something new to take its place. Otherwise, no problem at all (as they say).

It proved to be quite useful to maximize sound quality on guided meditations and music, among others. Many thanks for such beautiful and colourful appliance.

Speaker also works with virtually any media-playing device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack –

At christmas when we had a power cut we wanted to watch the news liveon iplayer but the volume on my notebook is so tinny and weak. . Then january i’ve bought this mini speaker – brilliant.

For such a compact design, the output is surprising in both volume and clarity. I purchased one for each of my teenage daughters and they both love them. The are designed primarily for use with kindle/fire but will work with most gadgets as they connect via the headphone socket. I recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a compact mobile speaker – it wont disappoint.

Fantastic sounding speaker for a great price. Good range and no distortion of sound. Easier to pack and carry for away trips. Not going to give you a party atmosphere speaker but if you want music whilst on holiday, will definitely do the trick.

Considering it say’s that it has got batteries that can be re-charged i expected that i could charge the speaker & then plug it into my kindle or other mobile device letting me listen to my music wherever i went with my kindle. This is not the case , unless i have got one with dud batteries then the speaker always has to be plugged into a usb power point. So i need to have it plugged into my laptop just to listen to music downloaded onto my kindle. All rather pointless when i could just be listening to my music through the laptop. The only plus side is that it does provide a decent quality of sound when cranked up compared to the laptop or kindle.

I was very surprised and pleased to see how neat and small the speakers were i tried them and was delighted but as they were a christmas present my husband took them off me looking forward to using them at christmas.

Well,after reading some reviews i had my doubts. However,i must have touched lucky because the item arrived in a couple of days and could not have been any easier to use. The item is simplicity itself,screw the top open,connect the lead into the kindle fire and away you go,lovely tone. The item is compact,easy to move around with and sits next to my kindle anywhere i care to listen to the music. I would definitely recommend this product.

Vacuum bass expansion system and digital amplifier enhance sound quality

First set i ordered stopped working after a short amount of time, but amazon, being the great retailer they are, dispatched me a replacement before waiting for me to return the faulty goods. New set works wonderfully, lovely in pink and gives out a great sound.

Excellent sound for such a small speaker-have used it with kindle and mp3 player and am really happy with it. Great to be able to listen to mp3 without headphones.

I can now listen to audio on my kindle while i work .

I’m always dubious about buying small speakers because the sound usually isn’t that good. I certainly can’t say that about this mini speaker. I was amazed that such as small object could pack such a punch. You can hear bass through it and it’s sound is clear. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product. It also came well within the time specified and was well protected.

Small and neat, this does the trick. It sits on my desktop attached to my kindle fire hd and enables me to listen to the radio / music while i work. When the phone rings, i simply switch off the mini speaker. It is perfect for my needs and delivers a good external source of sound. It works straight out of the box. Only slight problem i found was that, if you have your kindle plugged into the mains and the mini speaker into your pc to charge, you get electrical interference when the speaker and kindle are attached. Since the mini speaker runs for ages without having to be charged constantly, this isn’t a problem and certainly doesn’t affect performance.

Now this is really great ~ bought for use with my kindles but have successfully used it in a large hall with my laptop to play a promotional dvd. Clear sound and tiny so no bulky heavy speakers to carry round to functions to gain external volume.

It would have got five stars but the base not as good as it could be. It does the job i bought it for, listening to my music in the kitchen. The jack plug does not fit into my kindle fire hd because i have a leather cover on it, but i got round that by buying an extension. I would recommend this speaker for general use,but not if you want it really loud ( party etc).

Weighs 144 g (5.1 oz)/DC 5 V charge/Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (3.7 V 500 mA)

. It does work ok for my acer laptop, when plugged into a usb port and nearby microphone jack. A bit of a wheeze as background noise, though.

Solid feel to this small and compact speaker. It looks and feels like a quality item. It works with my samsung galaxy s5 as well as my kindle fire. It would work with any item that has a standard microphone hole, as that’s the cord it comes with. I assume, if you have a different audio outlet on your device, it would work fine with it as long as you could source the appropriate cord. That’s speculation, however. Just saying it doesn’t seem terribly high maintenance where its requirements are concernedwhile it may look and feel quality, i fear that is where the impression ends. As a speaker, it is decidedly low quality sound. There’s a marked lack of clarity (chiffy sounding audio on any level of volume), and base/treble are very wonky- for my ear, at least. I’ve seen some reviews here saying it’s high on bass, but i feel mine is actually very lacking in bass.

Running time: 5 hours

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