Magnat Monitor Supreme 2000 schwarz Hi-Fi Speaker : speakers- Hidden gem in the UK.

Magnat speakers- hidden gem in the uk. . Magnat are well know audiophile speakers in germany but relatively unknown in the uk. Although these are more from the value end of their range as opposed to the quantum line these are heavy cabinets at 23kg each with trusted componentry and a frequency response well beyond what similar money would buy in the uk from tannoy, mission etc. Also at 93db sensitivity they place an easy load on your amplifier, a consideration if you like your music and movies loud, these are large imposing speakers with good stereo separation and room filling sound which represent excellent value for money and can generate pretty impressive bass. I’d have no hesitation in buying again. Just note that you are buying a speaker not a pair.

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“Magnat speakers- Hidden gem in the UK.”